Thursday, July 26, 2018

Last week of July~

Lots of heaven..compared to winter..bounty..


Perennial Spinach

Max and Oli came for a playdate..I follow m.k.pickle54 on Ig and she was making ice cream.
I am not proud to say I have not used my lovely Cuisinart Ice Cream machine in years.
I took it out and made a basic vanilla  ice cream..w/ vanilla bean paste added..
It was so good!

Made them little sundaes and they were so appreciative~

I also made oatcakes and ohmygosh my kind of munchie..I love oatmeal bars..oatmeal cookies but had never made oatcakes..for some reason I had to fiddle with it..I halved it but it shouldn't have changed you may have to fiddle..a bit..I can tell now w/ baking and cookies..if it will work or not..I had to add some oatmeal and flour.

I think I had better let you find your own..mine originated from Cape Breton .I LOVE them.

Try oatcakes:)

When we had the boys..2 of them was hot and sunny out and seeing them..I had a flashback of my girls..

Probably because they were sitting on a chair beside me..
I had taken a few the one above..different angles..I think they were 5 and 3 here..♥
I asked the boys if they would try and get their pic taken like their mom had..and here you have the difference between boys and girls..I got   my foldable beach hats.Which Oli liked to wear this way or as a dog collar.


These boys..make me smile.:) Great sports to let me actually take pics of them with hats♥

Went to my market  Saturday..I wanted to give 2 vintage hats..not the ones above lol.. to a vendor who had given me this..the week before..I grew up learning how to write in these..what memories it brought back!

There were designated Catholic schools back then..and we could not eat meat on Fridays..we had to fast 3 hrs before communion..and had to go to church every Sunday.I went with my mom..

We had learn by heart..and we learned cursive writing from the get go..
The exercise book to the left..the one he gave me..and my primary school report cards on the rght.I am so thrilled to have these.

At the back of the écriture practice books ..there were math tables.
This was grade 5.I loved that teacher.I was at a different school board then.
My mom was so happy w/ my notes..90's.It was important to her.
She was brilliant and cutivated.
Me..not so much but I loved primary school.I wanted to play school  after

I remember scents from back then.I remember loving my teachers..even my ugly pleated tunic.You dont pit top to bottom box pleats w/ a belt on a chubby girl.My English catholic friends had V~ neck a line tunics.And gold blouses.. mine were white.

How neat to have found one of the little books and that the vendor said: "Take one or two".

And while favoritest artist was there w/ her hats..and quilts and paintings and signs..You know..

those signs I love so much.. IPad photo..I just cannot take a good pic w/ an Ipad:)
THis is part of her set up there..she also has tables and such w/ her other things..

One of her signs in my garden.

Have a lovely weekend and always~

As I  finish typing this..the skies are falling..a long lavish rain..♥


  1. Your garden is doing lovely. The boys are so handsome!

  2. Yes, garden is perfect. You've been getting rain. Oat cakes, I'm there. The boys are sweethearts to pose in those hats. My boy would never pose for me without a frown. Even little Penny now say no picture. They get ornery fast. Little Carson always has a smile for Nonna. Have a good one.

    1. LOL ornery.I love that word!!I laughed so much w/ these two.Oli has no filter.Still that beautiful innocence.As you can plainly see:)

  3. The boys are precious. I’m not sure that Katherine and Lillian would be doing the same thing. Maybe it is the times. I had those report cards too (catholic school). Jerry had a nun look at his report card and said about his penmanship “I gave you that grade?” She crossed it out and lowered it! They both thought it was funny. We too have an ice cream maker that does not get used. I should talk jerry into making the ice cream again. I love Scottish oatcakes and they are so simple to do. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

    1. I get such warm feelings looking at old things.I catch myself smiling on my own..of course my memories are mostly good..:)Mostly.
      Try w/ the girls:) Would love to see:)Lucas would not do this;)

    2. I will try, and Frankie would not participate either I am sure. When I see Lillian and Katherine in photos and real life it is like looking back in time at Gerarda and Beth.

    3. I can't say the same LOL..even though I try..although Max's face is his mom's:)Have fun this w/e!!:) Did the relish turn out? news lol;)

    4. Yes I made it and it turned out well, just not as golden as yours (unless you photographed with more light catching the color). It was an almost all day affair and all I thought was how did people can massive amounts of veggies to get them through the winter? And no air conditioning? The party is next weekend. Today I went to gentle yoga and the music and relaxing period at the end reminded me of holding Lillian with her bedtime music to settle her down at night.


    5. Maybe the turmeric is different?I found that's what makes the color.All day? Ohmygoodness!!
      I miss yoga ..I did it in college..and through the years..I should really set my mind to just doing it.
      I miss those setttling down holding grandchildren days so much.

  4. J'adore your painting of the signs. How cute to get the boys to pose. They are obviously having a fun time. An afternoon of rain sounds so refreshing. And so does the ice cream! Enjoy these littles. The time will pass all too quickly.

    1. Sarah I feel the time slipping by already:( Oli is the only one who is almost still oblivious to what the outside world thinks..He just is..w/out thought.I love that! I cannot even remember being like that.
      Merci et bonne soirée!!

  5. I was thinking in this : last week of July. But still I feel like I was in June !

    What beautiful is your garden this times is the best for garden. Here in winter still all look a little down but I know in spring will be different!
    Lobe your little house in the garden. and yours boys are lovely xo

    1. I cannot wait for Spring for you:)It wll be a Godsend:)

  6. The boys in the hats, That is too hilarious! LOL! They look like they're having fun posing for Nana. Your girls were so precious. I loved those years. I've never had an oat cake but I do love all things oatey, if that's a word! How wonderful that you still have your grade school report cards and how sweet of that vendor to give you a penmanship book. Those signs at your favorite vendor just make me smile. And your painting of her stall is wonderful. How I love picking fresh herbs right out my back door. Wish it would last all year!

    1. Somehow..I think part of this post was in sympatico avec toi and your boys.. they would so do this..and our 2 daughters♥
      I used to make a lot of their clothes at this age..not these..I know I didn't..:)I don't think I could have ever made Peter Pan collars and puffy sleeves. are right.
      And you are so right for our backdoor herbs!!!!

  7. Dearest Monique,
    Well, you were schooled exactly the same way as I was.
    Catechism indeed we had to know by heart and we had to go to Mass before school and it got mentioned in the report book. We had not cards but a book for the entire 6 years in sequence.
    This is a treasure find for you and fun to go back to those days; good days!
    Love your photo shoot with the boys but they did not show much of their faces for memories later on. The girls' photo is precious!
    Yes, the last week of July is shrinking already.
    Sending you hugs and summer joy!

    1. I bet our parents found their times wre simpler and better:) Every generation just thinks that way..But we are right:) No Ipads....I am gratful these boys don't spend their days on Ipads..they are sociable and play and have fun.They don't love school though;0 I did..I think Lucas loves school more than he used to in high school.
      Have a nice day Mariette.

  8. Love, love your delicate watercolor at the end!!
    You convinced me...girls are better for hats and tea parties
    Please make more ICE CREAM ! Yum

    1. Thank you:) Ok..I will..I still remember Jacques being in line @Berthillon.
      I still have so much left..we may appear to be big eaters..not.

  9. Your garden is doing well. Oli made me laugh out loud. Such handsome young men and great sports. Loved the sweet picture of your girls.

    Have a super weekend


    1. Thank you too..I am only showing you the good parts..every day I walk them and think how pitiful this year the gardens:(
      I watched a movie last night..gruesome..Oslo Norway..snow scenes ..I actually thought snow looked great:) Usually I can wait ;)

  10. Ooooh! That watercolor!! Oooh, those playful & creative guys, very funny!! Ooooh, Bounty. You live in a life of Bounty, I think, no matter what the season! Oooh, those old report cards, and in French!! And memories of your cultivated mother.
    How do you get that cursive handwriting on top of your photos? I am so into cursive handwriting and fountain pens these days...

    1. That is done with..

      wait..first of all thank you for the kind comment re the watercolor as I truly thought it was off:) So tank you:)
      Now back to the cursive..that's w/ Photoshop..You can add text to things with Photoshop and I just have been favoring this one more than others the last couple of yrs I least 1:)
      It's called Shorelines Script Bold.
      I love writing too!:)As I mentioned lol and will continue to mention as I have a habit of repeating myself;) Bon weekend.
      PS..Only showing the bounty..lots of no bounty going on....ohh this harsh summer for gardens!

  11. Your garden looks so well! And the boys pics are so fun! Your girls are really sweet!
    Have a nice weekend, dear Nana.

  12. Oh Monique, your boys! They are precious and such fun and yes, very good sports! What great memories and how joyful to make new ones with them.

    I dearly loved seeing your reports and writing bits from way back when! What a find. And your oatcakes really do look good. What's not to love with those? Your sweet painting of the signs... oh, I so admire your style and freedom and the joy you bring to the page! Biggest sigh!

    1. Jeanie they light up my life..My face changes when I see our boys❤️They are nice and funny and color my world.Thank you!You have 2 now..2 baby changes..but it is still wondrous.I am happy for you!
      Thrilled I kept the report cards..wish I had so much more..when my mom died..I had to kind of organize for my dad..I was 19 ..Too much was given..sold..c'est la vie.I would love to have all your photographs and memories!!Have a lovely lovely weekend!!

  13. Your boys make ME smile! They are still young enough to be very amusing! I'd love to hear more about your daughters. Maybe a link to a previous post?

    How cool that you kept your report cards and grades. I actually have my High School grade cards buried somewhere in the basement. I'm sure my husband will feel a little humiliated when he sees I had straight A's and was accepted at Boston College (although I didn't go--long story).

    All four of our children went to private Catholic schools. Once in High School, they were separated by girls only, and boys only schools, although on the same campus. I loved that---no distractions. No need to primp, flirt or try to impress anyone. In fact, the school my daughters attended do not allow makeup or jewelry other than something of a religious nature. Abigail just graduated nine years ago so it wasn't the dark ages! I think they are happy with the way we guided their educations. They are all happy and successful in their careers.

    Your baking has me envious. I so love to do it, but with many, many pounds to lose, I simply can't have sweets in the house. :((

    Sending love across the miles!


    1. Hi Jane..Hope you are in for a nice weekend..yes the boys make us laugh..4 and they are all different. We will have Lucas for the day on his bday for lunch out and shopping..The high school he attends is the one his mom(our daughter) went to and his dad.It's also a private high school but mixed boys and girls..years was not co ed..but when my girls were there it was.
      I think many of us have long stories in our pasts:) Life has a way of..well..sometimes changing your course.Destiny?

      All in the big plan?
      Who knows.

      Our girls ..are 43 and 41..Mylène is a French teacher in an English school..and Caroline works for an energy company.Both graduated University..but I am not so sure that's the golden key anymore..The degree you pick..may be a certain key..but so many other things enter into play.
      I know 2 of my grandsons at the ripe old age of 11 and 9 want to be pro football players..
      So w/out telling them the chances are so suggest they try and come up w/ other ideas ..just in case:)Just in case..So different isn't it..when they are our grandchildren:) Anything goes♥

  14. What a lovely week you've had with your gardens, children, and homemade ice cream. Love the photos of all the signs and all of your beautiful surroundings!

    1. Thank you! Things are getting back in shape..some rain has been very beneficial!:)Have a nice Sunday!

  15. I can't believe we are at the end of July already. Summer is slipping away far too quickly. Love all that you shared with us, the beautiful garden photos, your bakes, your icecream, the painting, your lovely schoolbooks and report cards (are we twins? Loved all the same things! and, yes, I played school when I wasn't at school and loved writing lessons!)Most of all I love the sweet photo of your girls and then your grandsons. Boys and girls are so very different for sure! Me, three boys and two girls, as different as chalk and cheese! All fun and amazing in their own unique ways. Funny, I used to wish that I could wear a school uniform. No uniforms at all when I went to school, except for gym and I hated that uniform, lol. I don't think I was alone in that. Blue bloomers with a belted middle. YUCK. It never fit right! I was chubby at 13/14 too. Not fun. Thanks so much for all you share dear friend. I always enjoy every word, jot, photo, etc. PS -Can't wait to get my paws on baby. xoxo

  16. Gym..I forgot to mention that was heck on earth for me..almost as bad as a bathing suit.and weigh ins..Ohmy why on earth weigh ins:(My shool wasn't private..and I can't believe my mom let me walk there..blocks!!:) But maybe I am remembering wrong..we lived in Cote Des Neiges /Snowdon area..but my school had Hampstead etc..children..the wealthier parts.One of my frinds lived there and she had a house of her own,,we lived in a duplex..I thought she was a princess;) Forget her name..we left Mtl when I was 10.Lots of sweet memories..many wiped out..You my dear have the best memory for your youth!

    I am very happy for you and that baby:) Hope they ask you to babysit..that is heaven on earth♥

  17. Love those boys! What good sports they are...they ♥️Love♥️Their beautiful Nana!
    I have my report cards...apparently “Linda likes to disturb her neighbours”😂😂😂
    Loved Art high school, I got marks for my handwriting!
    I went to Branksome Hall in Rosedale...near Toronto. A very exclusive girls school....
    My mom had graduated from there...she was a Prefect, and went on to study nursing at Wellesley Hospital. I went there in gr 4&5...took me hours to get there everyday...before the Bloor St Subway in Toronto....buses and streetcar all the way! After 2 years...I begged my parents to let me go to the neighbourhood public fun having no friends, cause you’re in the transit system all day!
    Loved public school....and especially Hone Ec, where I learned to sew. Best thing I ever did....
    Ok...I have blabbed on far too long...your pictures are beautiful...and I want an Oat Bar with homemade ice cream!
    Have a great week Monique....
    Linda :o)

    1. PS....
      I wore a kilt...beige shirt and Oxford shoes...and a green blazer!😩

    2. How fun to get to know more☺️I agree travel is a waste of precious time!!!You know what I mean..commute time..glad you were able to change...we never had home ec. I would have known back then that that was an intrinsic part of me🙂Branksome Hall sounds very preppy☺️You too..have a great week🌟

    3. Forgot to mention your sweet daughters💚

  18. Cute pics! And I love the notebooks... Your oatcakes look delicious, I will have to find a recipe to try... xo

    1. The recipe I used is from this gorgeous blog..
      I had to adjust..maybe you won't have to:)

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