Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty Bags~

What a trying experience blogging is when you have been away for months and Blogger changes it's routine. I am a terrible creature of habit..and routine..Fly by the seat of my pants is not my middle name ..Blogger is different..Picnik went away. Nothing stays the same. I enjoy learning new things..when the time is right.. I must discipline myself and get this. Since I retired.. (to coin a phrase.. it really wasn't "retirement")as in age or benefits.. younger than the age and no benefits..~ ..I have needed be still.. I enjoy making these once in a while and decided on a beach bag..It's not waterproof.. not washable w/ the trinkets I added.. fabric,flowers,shark's teeth from my favorite beach(meaning familiar and beautiful and populated by 2 handfuls..+ of wonderful people)..a pocket for my beach friendly read in the sun's glare while protected from the sun..Kindle:)..a crown and birds from a lovely envelope I received housing a very pretty card..a fabric covered button.. shells from said beach.. French monogrammed initials:) The Graphic's Fairy Ephemera as the heart~I still cannot add a apologies~
These bags are fun to make..this is my 4th I think.. I know I will enjoy having it by my side at the beach..sand and all~
The initials were found on Etsy..more than one yr ago,I still have a few..I like them so much..They remind me of Brocantes in France~I felt lucky when I found them~
If the mood w/ purses and add making a collage almost..PS Where have all the fabric stores gone? :( Treading softly..entering Spring and Golf Season for Jacques..More time on my hands~


  1. What a great idea for a Mother's Day gift, my daughter in law would absolutely love this. Everything you do is fabulous! Glad to see you back! :)

  2. How pretty they are, Monique! I see your pause has been well spent. I'm sure the recipients will love them with all the little treasures on them. I haven't seen any changes in blogging but then I did not opt to go to the new format. Maybe one day I'll be forced to go there! These things keep our minds alert :)

    Always fun to see a new post from you!

  3. The bags are so pretty and the collage also.
    Good to have you back and I haven't got used to the changes in blogger yet either.
    Take care,

  4. Good to see you again! I just love the bag. It is so beautiful. I will have to give one a try! Your details are so fun. I know I would have to make a ton too.

  5. Recevoir un tel joli sac de plage ne pourrait que m'enchanter... Il est vraiment beau et raffiné...
    je suis ravie de te retrouver ma chère Nana... Moi aussi je suis partie souvent...
    Gros bisous à toi et joyeux premier mai.

  6. What a lovely bag. I have never tried making a bag...of late I have been working on table runners and pillows.
    The new Blogger will become routine...I know I struggled for a few weeks, but it happened!

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  8. Monique, It is sooooooo beautiful!! You are so talented. I have missed you while you have been on your hiatis. It was so nice to see this newest post of yours. Welcome Back with hugs!!!

  9. You are are really sweet..I hope to participate more....
    I do~

  10. Monique, Lovely Monique, It is so nice to see you posting again. Your purse is beautiful - everything you do is special.

    Miss you ~ Ann

  11. What a great project... I never seem to have time for them. You do it proud.

    I feel the same way you do about the new blogger... it took some getting used to and they had terrible bugs for the first few weeks. Seems they are sorting them out.

    Life is change, isn't it?

  12. Karen (Back Road Journal)May 1, 2012 at 12:40 PM

    Nice to see you back and with something so pretty. You bag will be the envy of everyone that sees it. Almost to pretty to use.

  13. As gorgeous as ever!
    So please to see a post from you :)

    Try out
    ex-employees from Picnic and easy as pie.

    I'm house-sitting for 2 wks only in Paris..still
    Love these pretty bags of yours.
    Who wouldn't?

  14. Oh the bags are gorgeous! Everything you make is! You are so talented thrilled to see you post!

  15. Oh the bags are gorgeous! Everything you make is! You are so talented thrilled to see you post!

  16. Such beautiful bags Monique...what a treat when I decided I'd just check if there's been another post from I've missed them.
    You are just so,so talented....if only I had the patience to try!
    Thrilled to have you back...and hope to see another post soon!
    Love Shel xx

  17. It's a struggle to learn new things on the computer and so frustrating when I finally learn and then it changes. It's a shame that good fabric stores are slowly disappearing. It becomes more and more a challenge to find supplies for special projects. Your bag is beautiful, Monique, with all its very special touches. It's wonderful to see you blogging again.

  18. Love your beautiful bags. So creative and original. Loved hearing from you again. Missed you...


  19. Lovely bag. You are so talented! Like you, I'm adjusting to the new Blogger system. Always something new to learn. I do love that it allows me to post extra large images. ~ Sarah

  20. I love these; you are so creative Monique. I have your house must be filled with pretty things.

  21. Oh lala..not everything is pretty:)
    With logger I am having difficulty inserting links to my posts to other lovely blogs:( and changing paragraphs..

    they all meld..

    Cathy..I am so glad you agree that fabric stores are disappearing..maybe some will resurrect:)
    Shel.the wedding was beautiful~
    Carol thanks for PM:)I had just spotted it..your timing is perfect~
    Life change..thank goodness..there are upswings sometimes..right?

    Take care..I read you all even when I am invisible:)and appreciate you all:)