Friday, February 14, 2014


On this day..just want to say..Happy Valentine's Day to you..en Amitié Friendship.

It's been very cold....we spent part of the weekend at a sleepover with 3 of the alphabet boys and we had a ball.
They were so good..

We played..baked..watched Olympics..did crafts.. laughed..

Max had made us a picture of us skating:) Granted ..we are not Olympians..but he even got my blue skates♥
The weekend of the 22nd..Noah sleeps here:)

It's been even a bit too busy to concentrate on Valentime's Day..This weekend we celebrate our youngest daughter's birthday she will be 37~
But I was in love with Chris'  little I made soome this week for fun and will take them to my daughter's..
I suggest you go see hers to really fall in love..her photos..  the color of hers..

BUT I did learn the rosettes..bought a 2 D tip..and learned to swirl with color!
All because of Chris' post..
So go see..I think you wil be tempted too..Now tell me does my stripey swirl look rose petal color?
Not at all:(
I expected a soft pink like the Wilton lid showed..:(

And I have been wanting to try making Coeurs à la Crè in Jan or Dec even.. I ordered 2 small molds from Amazon..
Decided on Dorie's recipe from Around My French Table that I have on Kindle..
But added a few layers of baked brick dusted w/ icing sugar.. and  some little decorations..
and a pipette filled with the couils  as I didn't want the pastry soaking in a puddle:)  But love the taste of the coulis.
The recipe is on so many websites and blogs..simply do a Google Search..:)

Or you can try Ina's by making Sam's beautiful heart..
Lots of inspiration out there in many talented talented Valentine bakers..I have a bord..on Pinterest..just for all of them~

Bon Weekend~


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, dear friend!

  2. I am so pleased that you liked my Ina's Coeur a la Creme. I have seen Ina use the mold at other times during the year and decorate the coeur with long candles as a birthday cake. I've been thinking it's another way to justify molds for just one occasion.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jacques and your adorable family.

  3. ♥...Happy Valentine's Day ....♥...Love / Liefs♥♥♥ !!!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones!


  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Jacques and the Alphabet Boys! I think it is so wonderful that you get to spend so much quality time with the boys., They are fortunate young men!

  6. Just beautiful Monique!!! Happy Valentine's day!!!xxxxx

  7. Happy valentine's day Monique. I made heart shaped linzer cookies for Jerry and the family. Too much snow here and more on the way. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Here too..I left in a snow squalli t seemed this morning..then it stopped..home now and it's started snowing again..
    Love Linzers!
    Kate's me that is fortunate:) Truly!

  9. What a wonderful post Monique. I have made so many of Chris' recipes - all delicious. She has been a great inspiration to me. Your little ones are gorgeous. I somehow missed the alphabet boys reference - have you mentioned L,M,N,O before? What a darling thing to do.

    I just love your photos - always.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


    1. I can't take credit for the "Alphabet Boys" a friend coined the expressioned..and I loved it from day one..and always refer to them as that..
      They came in that order too:)
      Thanks Madonna.

  10. Love the way you have presented your 'Coeur à la Crème'
    enjoy your time with your lovely alphabet boys. Happy Valentines Day to you & all your loved ones.
    Mr France has just baked us a delicous ' Fougas' which we will have with a good bottle of red wine with lots of different tapas,

  11. Everything looks perfect Monique! I love the meringues! Your coeur is perfect! Really perfect!
    Mine will not be as beautiful as yours...i think I will copy the chocolate xo's right now!
    Love the brick hearts....
    And your tulips! Happy Valentines Day dear friend...hope you get all the love you deserve!
    Kisses to the boys!

    1. Yours was a sbeautiful..It was fun to think of this together!

  12. Happy Valentine's Day, Monique! ♥

    Sadly, I did not have time to make anything special or sweet for the day but I love your rosettes and would love to try them. I know my decorating skills are in definite need of some work :) Your coeur is beautiful also with the chocolate XO's! Sweet post from a sweet person :)

    Enjoy your weekend and everything ahead ;)

  13. Monique, I have been busy this week with entertaining - cooking, setting tables, enjoying friends. I took some photos, but no time to edit and post just yet. You are busier than me, and so much more organized. Love these sweet meringues! I will definitely try these. The red swirl looks yummy to me. Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Sarah

  14. Happy Valentine's Day my friend!
    Everything looks lovely! Just lovely!
    I love the meringues.
    You are so talented!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  15. I LOVE the idea of the striped meringues! I was unable to make the stamp cookies :-(, but I have been in the mood for meringues... and yours are so lovely (even though your pink is darker than you may have hoped it would be, you still ended up with a batch of beauties!)

    I have a Coeur a la Crème mold... it has been waiting to be used for quite some time. Yours turned out so pretty.

    Everything is lovely, as always!


    1. me and let's figure out what's not working?
      I miss your blog:( I hope you had a nice day~

  16. Oh, how nice! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. I'm envious of all your gang!

  17. Right colour or not, I think they are beautiful. I think all you do is beautiful. Your fun with the alphabet boys always sounds wonderful. I wish . . .
    Sounds you have had a lovely week all round. Life is made of such simple joys and pleasures. Thanks for all you share with us sweet friend. You make our lives richer for it. xxoo

  18. So sweet! Glad you had fun with the boys! I did bake, made doily cookies, easier than our Brigette! :) But, we are having our 3rd storm this week, so the kids won't get here this weekend. What will I do with all these sweets!
    Spring is coming, we have to wait. The deer ate my beautiful bush next to my front steps last night. I think I will have to have venison soon! :)

    1. Coming to see you..I saw just the beginning as we were leaving..:)

  19. What a wonderful time you had!! The Alphabet Boys, that is too cute! I'd love to see Max's picture of you skating. Glad you had une Joyeuse Saint-Valentin. En amitié, R.

    1. I'll put it in my next post Rita..and I got the book:)

  20. Monique, I LOVE your meringues, they are gorgeous. It's so funny because I never really like the color of mine. I was wanting them to look more like yours! We never seem to be satisfied, do we :) Anyways, thanks so much for your kind words and the link. I always love hearing about your darling boys, you seem to have so much fun with them! Love your Coeurs à la Crème, it looks amazing, that may have to be my challenge next Valentine's. :)

    1. I really do have you to thank for many recipes Chris and now this 2D tip..I found it at Michaels' last one..I am sure they will get more.

  21. What marvelous Valentine goodies, Monique! I much prefer the brighter red in your meringues. Wish I could make them more often down here...Florida and meringues like this don't go together because of the have to eat them immediately. I've made Ina's Coeur à la Crème; it's divine. Have you made her savory coeur? I'd love to try it.

    1. I am almost sure I Pinned it! I know I pinned a savory one..We should do it in tandem one day..when I know there will be more than just J and I:)
      I know humidity can play havoc!~

  22. Me, I love the swirly meringues!

  23. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day. Thank you as always for sharing your wonderful projects with us.

  24. Merveilleux post, la Saint Valentin c'est aussi la fête de l'amité !magnifiqes photos...j'adore!
    Bonne semaine à toi- bises Cath.

  25. I have missed so many beautiful posts Monique!
    Happy Valentines and Happy Happy :-) to you for today!
    Just love you posts...
    Shel xx

  26. Lovely pictures! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.



  27. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. We had more snow and no school for kids-)))