Monday, November 17, 2014

Ode to CSF~ not CSI:)Pain Du Jour~et plus.

A few things I wanted to share with you~

First of all CSF  stands for  The Cafe Sucre Farine~
If you have not landed on that go see..
The photographs are "formidables" and the recipes are their own too..
They have super cute grandchildren that appear sometimes..(much to my delight..)
And I learn a lot there..
First thing I wanted to share was their 5 minute Artisan Bread Tutorial~
I have been making it and many versions for a few years now..
I LOVE my bread machine and making the doughs in there and  then shaping etc..nothing is EASIER and I am always pleased with the results..never ever baked IN the machine.Except for 1 gluten free one.
But when you are away..there is no bread machine..(I cook and bake when we go away.I love it that much.)
Or once in a while you want to switch it up a bit..
Chris..made the whole 5 minute bread..really really easy in this tutorial..and I had to try.
It's a piece of cake and no overnight waiting etc..
You can have your bread and eat it too..soon.
I was super happy with the results and ordered a proper my claybakers but I do like using pots too and my precious Staub was starting to discolor..
So this new pot /free with points..will be the bread vessel.
The Cusinart 3 QT pot that I received works like a little charm for bread.
Really go see how they did a super beautiful ,helpful tutorial.
We never buy bread...Unless we need sliced for the boys or last minute burger buns etc..

The other thing I recently fell in love with at their this sesame asian salad dressing~
It is a keeper of a recipe and makes quite everything taste divine.
I sometimes add a bit of water to dilute it a touch for certain things..It keeps beautifully in the fridge..and just seems to get better:)
The last time we had it..I mixed up some mesclun..added loads of blueberries and fresh figs..nothing else is required..simply add the dressing and magic happens♥
We seem to be eating so many many figs and I won't complain.
We both love them so.

I also made their meatballs to go with the meat spaguetti sauce I always make..

This is the only photo I took!
My sauce was simmering..(made a ton as you can see..)and I was just waiting to add the meatballs..the light was so pretty..I just clicked.
You will have to believe me that the meatballs ..added to any sauce..makes it even more delicious.
I doubled the recipe..and did add a bit of milk to the mixture..I always do w/ meatballs since Marcella Hazan..and her polpetone..and Ina adds some to certain meatballs too..(like her Italian Wedding Soup)..we had some of that too this week but I switched the chicken for pork and beef..
It is just a habit I am into,,breadcrumbs..add a bit of milk..
Thanks Chris for my inspiration when I made my sauce.
It was delicious!
I find they have a blog that makes me want to make things:)

Next on the share list ..see the cute tag?
You can get them here..Thank you for these cute tags DB~
Perfect to add to home baked goodies..or even just a regular gift..Black and white is always nice~


  1. Chris has a fantastic blog and her husband Scott takes incredible photos. They are a fabulous pair. I'm so glad you endorse the 5 minute bread and the Asian dressing. I love finding new dressings for salads as we eat a lot of salads and yours is so gorgeous with the blueberries & figs. If that's your kitchen, I am seriously very envious...

  2. I agree what a fabulous you and Meakin:)
    It's a neat twist on the Artisan Bread..There are so many of those bread recipes I favor..even Steamy Kitchen no knead that her 4 yr old son makes:)
    It is our kitchen Sam..thank you...I spend more time in there ..than anywhere else I think!

  3. I'm on the run right now--preparing to feed my Muse book group for this evening's book discussion. I'll be back to fully check all out. Love your kitchen. Oh my!!


  4. Monique, the bread looks just divine and I love, love, your stove space. Can we have more pictures of your beautiful kitchen?



  5. So beautiful pictures !
    A very nice bread like in my boulangerie in Brittany !

  6. Ummm! Love that loaf of bread! I will be checking out the blog soon. Have a good week!

  7. Every recipe looks wonderful and now I'm hungry :) I need to sign up for their emails as I'm missing so much deliciousness there. Thank you for sharing them! Your bread turned out beautifully. The salad looks amazing and I'd love to know what pasta sauce you make for those meatballs in your gorgeous kitchen.

    1. My sauce is a MX of my mom' twist on it and my daughters twist on's never exactly the same!
      But always so good!
      There is lean beef..tomatoes..tomato pass at a..lots of chili wine..etc
      I bet yours is delicious too..
      This is one of my fave dinners..
      Thanks Susan:-)

  8. I am so going to make this bread! I can't wait! I love your kitchen! So full of light!

  9. I could live on bread alone. I don't have a bread machine, but will look on the site for recipes without the machine. I rarely can find any bread worth eating at the stores around here. On the other hand, if I make delicious bread for myself, I'm afraid I would blow up like a balloon. Have you ever tried goat butter? It is so good with bread.

  10. Monique the bread is beautiful looking. We have the cookbook the 5 minuete artesian bread. Jerry is the bread maker. If I start adding breads to my line up, we will need to be rolled out the front door. I do like that this makes only one bread. I LOVE you your kitchen too. No wonder you love to lend so much time there.

    1. :) I like that it makes 1 too..That is a great book.. I have it too..Susan recommended to me I think..

  11. Your bread is gorgeous Monique! I need to do more dough making in the breadmaker and no baking. Just shape and bake by hand. I have a bread in five minutes book I need to dig out and try. Loving the tags and all that you share, but that glimpse into your kitchen is so breathtakingly beautiful! What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing. If I had a kitchen that lovely I would never leave it! I think I would move my bed in! Love you! xxoo

    1. I love your kitchen Marie..And look what comes out of it..
      It always amazed me when I was a realtor for so long.. all the wonderful kitchens that literally went unused.
      More and more people I meet do not like to cook..
      I promise you our kitchen is used to the hitl:)

      This bread is so machine no nothing!

  12. Hello, Monique. I've been occupied with my work, so not in the blog world too often. And we never made it to Quebec because of weather (snow in the Maine mountains makes for tough driving). The bread looks so delicious & healthy. And your kitchen!!! What a beautiful delight! PS: Do you know the book La grammaire est une chanson douce? Glad you are still "doing your thing" here!

    1. The weather this year is frightful!

      Snow so early..

      Perhaps in Spring you can go back to QC:) When weather is more temperate..

  13. HI Monique, such a bright and sunny kitchen, it's beautiful. Looks like your bread turned out perfectly, will have to try my hand, love Chris's blog.

    1. Do give it a try's pretty easy..and very good..I know we all have many no knead recipes..and use different ones for different things..but I think this has been quite an easy one to make for beginners..or seasoned bread bakers..
      Another I love is Steamy Kitchen's no knead..her 4 year old makes it on her site..It is one I make often when we are away.

  14. I left a comment earlier but my internet is quite sketching where we are right now. Anyway, just disregard this if I'm repeating myself but you are so sweet Monique! I really appreciate your kind words and the links. We just won't tell them that you're my PR person, haha - I wish :) Love your kitchen, it's so... pretty, your bread looks amazing and that lettuce pic has me captivated and ready to mkae salad!!

    1. Thanks Chris!
      Everything I have made from you has been wonderful..and you do have a great,professional site with a friendly,human content:)..and contact!

  15. I should buy the Cuisinart 3 QT, I don't have that size for my bread. I have been making the 5 minute Artisan bread for a long time now. It's so good. What flour do you like to use in yours?

    1. Try the SteamyKitchen one too!
      I use the Costco flour..
      When vacationing..I

      use Trader Joes unbleached all purpose or white whole wheat..

  16. Thanks for all the helpful tips. I went over to the Cafe's website and fell in love. I look forward to trying many of their delicious recipes.

    1. You will have many to chose from..:)
      I felt lucky when I found their blog:)
      Sometimes it's just luck!

  17. I follow Chris's blog and totally agree with you about how good her recipes are…and oh, what lovely photos Scott takes.

    1. She researches.. develops and keeps trying till they both think it's a great recipe..A lot of time..and talent involved with both of them:)

  18. Wonderful kitchen... Another great blog recommendation. I think the last time I made bread was probably in the early '80s. Y I K E S. If anyone can inspire me, it is you!

    1. Last night I had Oli and Max prepare a bread..the one on Steamy Kitchen..They put the 3 cups of flour..1/4 tsp of yeast..tsp of salt and 1 1/2 cups of lukewarm water in a bowl and stirred until it was all combined..we put a plastic bag over the bowl.. and this morning it has been turned out and shaped on a parchment for about 2 hrs..I'll plop bread and parchment in a Corning ware dish that has preheated in a 450 degree oven..Bake covered for 30 mins..then uncovered until brown..ap 10 minutes..
      SO EASY..The boys love no knead bread!
      I think you and H would enjoy either version:)

  19. Beautiful bread and salad! Your kitchen is dreamlike and welcoming.



  20. Mon I got you your F&D in French, they had ran out last week, but were back again today~

  21. your food photography is always so gorgeous ~ AND your kitchen ... so lovely & welcoming ♥


  22. Have a lovely weekend everyone..
    Enjoy Chris' blog..
    I remember when I found it..I just kept looking..trying to catch up on what I had missed!
    Thank you.

  23. What a beautiful kitchen! Love your creativity. Truly inspiring!

  24. I love the bread and the salad and your cuisine is beautiful Monique:)

  25. Oh my goodness - I swear I commented on this beautiful post, and now, I see I must have been addled. Sigh - this seems to happen often lately:) I especially would love to try that dressing, which sounds like something I would love, as a change from the usual. And that stunning lettuce photo, and that fig and blueberry salade! The colors in your photographs, the composition -so sharp and pleasing. You are a remarkable photographer, and always such a pleasure to see a new post from you, dear Nana.

  26. I love that blog and have made that bread. Delicious! Super photo, BTW.
    Is that your kitchen Monique? So bright and pretty. It must be a joy to cook there!

    1. It is a joy..and I never not feel grateful to be able to spend time in it.
      Our home brings me such comfort and peace. My nest.Sounds funny but it is.