Sunday, January 18, 2015

Indian Red Lentil Soup~And Dorie's Double Chocolate Marble Cake~

Josée Di Stasios Indian Red Lentil Soup~
We watched her one evening..and when the show was done ..both Jacques and I wanted to try each soup she made.
I started with this red lentil one and it really is very good..
In our continuing minus 0's F temps here in QC..soup is de rigueur~down to -20 F one night..

I made Lady and the Pups fraudulent sourdough bread again but added 1/3 cup flaxseeds and 1/3 cup unsalted sunflower seeds..I make this one w/ my KA stand mixer.
It was perfect for this soup..and for the Chili we had another evening..
Baking wise I made the excellent Double Chocolate Marble cake..and was happy to see it printed out here..  from Baking Chez Moi.I have 3 of her books and each one is a favorite..I can't say that about every cookbook.
Beacuse my blog background is black,,I can't copy and font has to be white..:(
Also I am truly a terrible typist..:)
Hate making mistakes in transcribing a recipe..
This cake is like a pound cake..dense..but not crumbly and dry..The taste is divine.
I used a Hershey Dark chocolate husband seems to collect lovely dark chocolate bars of all kinds..and Callebaut white chocoltae.
You just cannot go wrong with a Dorie recipe..never has one not been grand.
This hits the spot with

I've watched some good movies lately ..I only watch TV at night..8-10 usually.
My fave shows..Downton..Call The Midwife..Parenthood..(I cry every episode)..The Affair is done for now..Spiral is not back on yet..House Of Cards..also done for now..Happy Valley..The Knick..Homeland..The Killing..Orange Is The New Black..Mr Selfridge..Suits..
My tastes run eclectic:)

So we do a lot of Netlix movies and HBO.

Finally saw August:Osage County..Brilliantly acted by Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.Dark but very good.
Also on the dark side..Olive Kitteridge..Frances McDormand ,Richard Jenkins, Bill Murray,Zoe Kazan...Frances is fabulous.When I was polishing my mom's silver this week..I had  a flash  of Frances cleaning her fridge..and decided to polish..gently and with love:)Being mindful of every stroke:)
Oy..she is something in that movie..The last scene though..felt good to us for some reason.

Was happy to see Anna win a Golden Globe ♥

Was unhappy to see many actresses faces don't move anymore:(
We really fear looking older..why is it that in some countries..aging is to be revered?
Just a passing thought..I just feel some look like caricatures of themselves now.

Not Frances McDormand:)

I loved the artists workspaces in Italy..from well worn   and loved palettes to new ones..I could have spent the day just observing their spaces..their work..their habits.
If ever I go back I will.
And I will come back with some of their artwork.
I played too..sketching then painting my favorite chair ..10 minutes..again..should take way longer and do much better.
My 2014 Susan Branch Calendar is finished..they are never really finished though:) I can look at her pages and try and learn by trying to ..well you know...
My little art photos I took with a mini Ipad..they sure do a lot.
They let you read books..tell the time..gicve you messages..make you learn..tke photos..listen to music.
Tablets are a treat.

La recette~

By the just put everything in a pot and simmer for ap 1 hour:)no sautéing etc..
It works!

1 can..28 ozs,,Italian tomatoes chopped
1/2 cup dry red lentils
1 cup roughly chopped white onions
3 cups of veggie or chicken stock
2 tsps ground coriander
1/4 tsp turmeric
1 tbsp grated ginger
1 good handful fresh coriander
salt and pepper to taste..

Place everything in a pot..bring to a boil..simmer 1 hr half covered.
Let cool a bit..  use your hand blender and make it come to your desired consistency.

You may notice that I have parsley for mine..which makes it way less Indian..But Jacques is not crazy about coriander..I can get away with a bit of ground coriander..but the handful of fresh would have not pleased him.
My kids on the other hand would love it the original way.
You can garnish this w/ a dollop of whipped crem that you have added curry powder to for a lovely effect and tatse.For some reason the small amount of cream I chose to use ..did not whip:)

I found a site ..forget where..before Christmas..that had beautiful words..I printed them up..they are..
they roll of your tongue..hoping I can remember many..
The first..
Ailurophile: A cat lover:) I know a few ..:)

PS..Donna..  has lost her reading list with Blogger..I know I have lost it on my has been months..on my other pc and Ipad I still have it..but it has disappeared and come back..
Anyone have any hints for Donna (See below in comments) to get her reading list back?
No fun..been there done that..


  1. Quelles belles réalisations qui me donnent envie de dîner, maintenant.
    Je serais par ailleurs curieuse de savoir ce que vous peignez ~ Quel talent vous avez ~

    J'étais tellement contente qu'elle reçoive l'award, elle le mérite tellement !

  2. Absolutely lovely soups, plus the bread and cake. It all looks so good. I want to try some of your recipes soon. We are on that crazy diet again, so all of this yummy food will have top wait. The weather is mild here, but not warm enough to go swimming.

    1. Still grateful..for what you did. is ice fishing season here..our lake is peppered with little fishing houses..people saw a hole in the ice and fish...
      Nowhere near warm enough to see water here:)

  3. Your red lentil soup sounds more my type, throw it all in the pot them cook for an hour. Most of the lentil soup recipes seem to faffy for me.
    I'll get some red lentils tomorrow, and use Greek yogurt with the curry powder swirled on top.Trying to keep off cakes for a while but the dble choc. cake sounds very tempting with a cup of tea in the afternoon. Does it keep well ? Loved seeing your palette and sketches.

    1. I made it late yesterday ..Jacques sliced a piece warm in the silicone:)I tasted at 11.30 this AM w/ un café au lait..very good..but that's not even 24 hours..I have wrapped it in foli..sous cloche.
      Our kitchens aren't 70 degrees here in winter so things keep well:) And no fruit flies..too coldfor the small beasts:)
      Yes one pot wonder ..and immersion blender!

  4. It got down in the single digits while I was gone last week and I fear I lost everything in my greenhouse when the propane heater went out. All the plants I've collected and babied for years. Guess that's the primary reason I hate winter. But, I'd love to eat that meal. And your little paintings. I just bought an app on my iphone called waterlogue. You must try it. Pretty incredible the things it can do. My blog is still messed up and I still have no reading list. I've tried everything to fix it to no avail.

    1. That kills me..You need your list..I wish Blogger could just answer you and fix it.?
      Anyone here have any idea?
      That would break my heart..the blog..(But I do think it will work again..)..and the plants..when I lose's like part of me ..Only the pointsettia do I have no trouble letting go..she seems to be here for a purpose and after that..then it's in her hands..
      But I lost my lavender topiary last year and this year my 4 foot lemon geranium..

      I think I will ask in my post what people have done to get their list back..just in case..going to add.

    2. Donna, when I click on your name it says blogger error. Did they delete you? You may have to recreate..... :(

    3. Just like Gail ..if I click on your name to go to you it says Blogger error..if I Google Donna..Gather..I get to your blog..
      Hopefully this will be fixed soon!
      I have is a great app.
      I want to paint like Waterlogue:)

  5. Que bueno, tiene que estar delicioso. Preciosas las acuarelas y como siempre muy bonitas fotos.

  6. That is such a vivid soup --- and I love the bowl :)

    1. That bowl is getting very old ..years and years..!

  7. Everything looks sooooooooo good! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh Monique, you have done it again. My mouth is watering for both the soup and that cake. I need to pick up another block of Callebaut white.

    1. That little pound cake is not bad all:)
      I had my daughter's sour cream choc.chip one tonight..and boy did that taste good too..

      I have no idea what's up w/ me.

  9. I love the chair painting. ♥

    The show "Breaking Bad" is brilliant. It isn't one I'd have thought I'd like or connect with, and I ended up loving it. It's brilliant--the writing, the plot, the characters. I find myself thinking about the characters all the time.

    1. I have a thing for big comfy chairs..or wingbacks with loads of personality:)
      I daughter got me hooked on BB..
      It's over now..But it was good while it was on..The opposite of all things pretty that I like..I think it's the voyeur in me that likes to see the dark side sometimes..
      And feel lucky to crawl into my fluffy bed with a chintz comforter:)

  10. Grrr! Typed an entire comment on my iPad, tried to post and needed to sign in. Lost the whole thing :(

    I do love lentil soup. It is so comforting and filling. The bread looks absolutely wonderful. I could live on bread and soup and probably even bread alone :) The sweet bread is right up my chocoholic alley! I had to smile that Jacques collects chocolate bars. Does he like my favorite - Ghiradelli 60% Cocoa Bar? I eat one square as a treat after lunch. I also agree with J on cilantro/coriander. A little goes a long way and I'd rather have good Italian parsley. Frozen faces - LOL. For the actresses, it's all about being marketable $$$. I hope the general population is aging gracefully :) ILove your watercolor sketches - beautiful pics - as always!

    1. Bread alone..YES! me too now..I deprived myself of bread until I started making it I think..would eat it when we went out..
      I am still careful..but mon Dieu do I seem to favor carbs:)
      I am sure J likes your fave..
      Me ? Not so much dark chocolate until I tasted TJ's Extravaganza..Nest Christmas I had better NOT stock up;)

      I pad can be quirky:) Thay all can..

  11. Your soup looks wonderful. I have to watch my liquid intake and limit it so a bowl of soup would be too much. The bread and cake look great too but after all the cookies and holiday treats I am trying to be careful. Have to gear up for Valentine's Day. It must be nice to paint during the winter months. I bet it speeds the days along.

    1. I have to watch it too..For some strange who could walk away from all liking a little scone..muffin..slice of pound cake w/ coffee..and it shows..snug clothes..

      Any hobby speeds the days..But both Jacques and I find the days fly by..Never ever bored..Thank goodness..And I don't miss work anymore at all..Not one iota.
      Thank goodness for that too.
      I thought I would miss the people..the activity..the business.
      I don't:) Alleluia.

  12. The soup sounds wonderful Monique! Downton is one of my favorites too!

    1. I never want it to end!
      Like tonight..I' s not finished already is it?
      It flies by!

  13. I love your water colors. The photos are such fun. Yes, hurray for our Anna! I haven't seen The affair, but been hearing good reviews, so may have to watch on demand.

    1. It's racy...but I like it..quite racy..
      It's not Downton..although..Hmmmm..Lady Mary....:)...The watercolors need work..a lot..I am going to redo the chair again and again to see if practice will help..

  14. Love all that you share here today Monique. The soup, the bread . . . that marbeled cake, but most of all your watercolours. You are a treasure. I love Downton as you know. Did you know that Joanna Frogget (Mrs Bates) started out on Coronation Street playing a character called Zoe? It was years ago and she was only a teen. I love her character on Downton. Well, I love all the character, even Thomas. Love and hugs to you! Almost Canadian cold here today. It got down to -7 last night! Brrr... xoxo

    1. I didn't know..I know girls in my office years ago watched Coronation St..I really never have watched it..I should have..You are always one season ahead of us..
      I love Thomas too..Miss Bunting not so sure yet but I love how she is encouraging Daisy..Miss Patmore had another great line last night..have to remember it..about turnips I think:)
      That is cold for you!

  15. Absolutely stunning soup and so is the bread. Now I know how you survive the cold - cook comforting soups, bake gorgeous breads and paint beautiful pictures, which is probably the only way I could survive. We love Downtown, but record them to see later, so we've only seen the premier. Must catch up quickly...

    Stay warm Monique,

    1. I must stop talking about it then..would hate to spoil anything for you!
      Doing things in the house is necessary in winter..
      Beacuse it's never a winter that you can snowshoe every day or skate.
      Noah ..yesterday had his xcountry ski lesson..and outing ..came home for lunch..then went skating and then tubing.And he was again the life of the party at dinner yesterday..He is his mother's son for sure:)

  16. Who is Anna?
    Donna: Sometimes they just want you to reset yr password if it is Blogger. It's happened many times with claims that someone is messing with my blog etc.
    Love all your paintboxes Monique and especially the little Duomo? watercolor. I cab't imagine the temps you are having...mon dieu!

  17. The Duomo is an artist in Italy:)
    Anna is a character on Downton Abby..
    Thanks Carol..I am going to suggest that to Donna..

  18. I did not know you could paint. That is a lovely talent to have.

    1. I can't Esme..I play and try:)It is being small again:)

  19. What a lovely soup to start the New Year - though without cilantro, thank you very much:) I am always reminded of Julia Child when cilantro comes up in a recipe - she apparently said "Cilantro, I throw it to the ground and stamp on it". A woman of passion:)
    I just love your pale yellow chair! It looks very comfortable and cozy - and I'm all about cozy in January. And watching Anna on Sunday nights is always a pleasure, she was so sweet getting that award....

    1. I once fell in love with Montauk chairs..they were too dear..ikea is so comfortable to read in.
      Love Julia..funny how our kids love cilantro and we don't..
      Anna is so real life too it seems.

  20. Your posts are such a treat to me. That bread looks amazing, our taste in shows is so similar. I haven't watched House of Cards - I suppose I need to. So happy Downton is back. Love, love, love your artwork!

    1. I thought I would hate House of Cards..I am not very politically inclined..but I love Kevin Spacey and gave it a chance.
      It grew and grew on me..season finale was a real situation.That's all I will say.
      There really is no one very nice in the show though..Watch it Pam..I don't know anyone who did't like it really..
      And he won a GG too.
      I find he is an amazing actor.
      Got goosebumps at his acceptance speech...

  21. Great soup, Monique! It looks and sounds delicious and so does the bread. Yes, I was happy for Anna and love the show!!! But, I really miss The Affair, loved it too. I read Olive Kitteridge and want to see the movie, but I've never watched Parenthood and will check it out. Osage County was so good, watched it 3 times. Your painting is wonderful and makes me envious. Have a good week!

    1. Great television!
      Oh France's is soo great in the movie..if you can..see it..sometimes the book is better though..will be curious to know..have not read the book.
      Meryl..and wonder you watched it 3 times..
      Pity Sam Shepard wasn't in it very long..
      Try that bread if you can..forget the nuts the first time..grilled ..yum!

  22. Parenthood is one of the BEST shows EVER!!! I get teary eyed just thinking the show is ending.

    1. I will miss that show so much too!
      Every character is endearing.
      Our whole family loves it!

  23. Oh my goodness, your recipes look amazing. Your marble cake reminds me of one I have not made for years. I love your photographs and have put a link to your blog on my post. I feel like sharing 'YOU' with my readers. :) Deb

  24. Came over from Deb's....Love her blog♥️
    What a lovely place you have here....
    I also LOVED House Of Cards....a The Knick..( although a wee bit naughty)...and we just finished Homeland!
    Great recipes....awesome photography....and an artist to boot!
    Would love you to visit me....
    Linda :o)

  25. I did just now..we seem to love a lot of the same thinks.Your Viv is a doll.
    You capture her expressions so well!

  26. Visiting from Deb's. You have such a beautiful way with images and words... All reflects the way you see life I believe. We just finished watching ALL the past seasons of Suits. Addicted. I love your eclectic blend of interests; I'll be back. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Suits..great!Looking forward to more:)
      Did you knit the little ones' hat? So nice!

  27. i love your watercolor paintings, the chair and cabinet are perfect, i love it when you show something you've painted :) I also liked reading the shows you watch and i saw August osage county too, really good acting in that but boy was it emotional and depressing.
    soup and bread sounds just perfect right now and i just love the photo of the bread you made i feel like i can smell and taste it :)

  28. It was dark..very dark..even the house was dark I found..
    I felt very sorry for the sister..was it Ivy?that loved her brother.
    The little tender piano scene was so sweet.
    I like misfits.
    Everyone is a misfit in a way..I wanted them to be together..
    Then again..I prefer happy endings..
    Soup again happy to be eating a bit lighter..mind you it' French Onion Soup..but that is it.:)

  29. Hello Monique,
    Your bread looks perfect, I never have baked sourdough bread, but looking at yours I would love to try! Flax seeds are great addition.



    1. Thanks Yelena..I actually preferred this bread w/out the seeds for some reason?
      Jacques liked w/ the seeds.

  30. I swear I could eat a bowlful of homemade soup and bread every single day. And a slice of homemade cake would make it perfect. Your watercolors are little treasures, Monique. You are a very talented lady.

  31. I would are too kind..
    Me too..soup..bread and a wee slice of cake..I really do fancy this little pound like cake:)

  32. Je suis bien d'accord avec tout ce que tu dis ... Les livres de Dorie Greenspan, d'abord, qui sont juste terribles ... J'essaierai ce marbré ... sans les jolies tablettes Hersheys mais on a du très bon chocolat ici ...
    Sur toutes ces séries addictives, aussi ... Et je ne savais pas qu'"Anna" avait eu un Golden Globe, tu vois ... ;o)) J'adore tes jolies aquarelles et à chaque fois que je passe par ici, je me dis que je devrais ressortir ma peinture ... Sur les figures figées des actrices vieillissantes ... ça fait peur, c'est sûr ... Et puis sur l'Italie ... C'est sûr que tu y retourneras ... Moi aussi, pas plus tard que la semaine prochaine ... où je retournerai voir mes deux expos loupées à Gênes ... Mais je veux revoir Rome très vite ... Peut-être aux beaux jours ? Bon, je termine avec ta soupe et ton pain, toujours appétissants ... Il faudrait que je vois un jour un des shows de Josée di Stasio ... Je la connais de nom mais c'est tout. Cela m'ouvrirait encore sans doute d'autres horizons. Et ça, j'adore ! ;o)
    Des bises en te souhaitant une belle journée

    1. Tu aimerais beaucoup Josée..:)

      J'apprends telllement de toi..:) Merci pour tout Hélène..

  33. aww Monique all look beautiful, georgeous! and Im sure delicious!
    Love the bred, the soup and the cake,
    Je aime beaucoup, Monique, belle, belle!!

  34. There's a sneaky thing you can do when you are in blogger, you can go to edit and his "paste and match style" it will change black into white for you.

    As always, everything looks divine and your watercolors are just dreamy. I have an ancient old watercolor box but have gotten snazzy in my old age and buy watercolor in tubes... paint a bit more saturated.

    1. I am always just paying..and redid the chair..second time better:)
      I took a few classes..not enough..2 I think with a wonderful artist Helmut Gerth..and of course he used tubes always..I do have some tubes..but more often than not I use a water brush and a small palette.
      I should take the time to set up better.
      Would love to see your art:)
      Deana..thank you so much for that tip..I will try..always a bit freaked that I will mess up something.
      Humble as it is..I would hate to lose my blog.
      899 posts.
      I can't believe it.

  35. Lovely, mouthwatering photos! The cake sounds wonderful. Your weather sounds awful! It is always a bad month for a birthday - worst weather of the year and not much to look forward to.
    Your paintings are always so wonderful. You do so much and make it all so elegant!
    Yes, I have noticed that - faces that don't move and big duck lips! I know they think it doesn't make them look old but they still look old, just old and funny looking!

    1. Exactly!
      Just be..I can understand help for valid reasons..but for the sake of trying to keep an unlined face or the lips God gave us..not so much..
      January is brutal here..cold wise..But still pretty..
      Now I coud definitely go for your Cabo view:)

  36. Oh my, that soup looks wonderful, Monique, the sourdough bread coming in a close second. I agree, I could live on bread. Trying so hard not to each much of it right now!
    Love your chair....I've never had one iota of talent in that department, so am extra appreciative when I see your work. There's a lovely charm about it.
    (I messed up last year and accidentally lost more than half of my past blog photos. My fault entirely and no way to retrieve. But....I did save every photo on disk, so slowly but surely, I am replacing them. One thing...when we ask our blog friends for help, they are so generous and smart. I also Google questions and am amazed at the number of people having the same problem.)

    1. I agree bloggers are so so helpful!
      I love the look of Wordpress..but am grateful to what Blogger did for my little well being and hope to always stay:)

  37. Your soup looks lovely Monique. Makes me want to dig right in. Love your art work too. I grew up in a home redolent of linseed oil. My Mother was a very talented painter and she favored oil paints. Another thing I love about your blog is the links that you provide. I end up spending so much time here because I always have to check out your links. Love it. Think I will make the sourdough bread.

    1. Penny ..with everything you have going nice to see you:)
      My mom was a REAL artist too..
      And my friend that moved away..
      I know several talented ones through blogging also..And.. I bet my mom's quarters were lindseed oil redolent too..another beautiful word..
      Do make the sourdough..leave out the seeds for the first time!

  38. The Red Lentil Soup is beautiful....we love lentils and will be giving this a try. Soup is perfect in this weather! As usual your art makes me smile.

    1. :) Me too but not in a good way yet:)
      I did repaint this chair and like it a bit better..Hope you like the soup:)

  39. Oh, Monique, your photos are lovely, as always, and the food you make makes me wish I lived next door. The soup, the bread, the marble cake all make my mouth water. I love that you always try something new. You've inspired me to go through my cookbooks and make something I haven't made before. Have a nice weekend.

    1. It would be fun!We certainly like very similar things..Even the look of wool in photos:)

  40. A magical post. Your artwork is beautiful! I found a bag of French lentils in my pantry...I wonder if they would work with this recipe? And the bread....swooning.

    1. I Pinned your Oreo ganache tart pretty..

  41. Love, love, love this soup! Just throw everything in a pot? That's makes it even better! Your bread looks perfect, I want some right now!!

    1. Guess what I re made today for the umpteenth time?
      Your Asian sesame salad dressing..such a keeper...
      Pour la vie.

  42. I LOVE seeing your little paintings & drawings, I hope you will keep sharing them with us. Who made that bowl? I just LOVE it!!! I love watching movies on DVD in winter, under my soft comforter. When I'm feeling better, I'm going to try to make soup (Je ne suis pas douée pour la cuisine, mais, je vais en essayer...) Grace à toi et ton blog...

  43. The bowl is maybe 20 yrs old..15 at least..a set of 6 I think or 4..I will check the I am under my I type..
    I am sure you can make any soup you like..I could go for Paillard right now!
    I hope you are not feeling poorly..

  44. I have been making this soup for so many years now, we eat it a lot. I freeze it in small container and even bring this soup when we go camping. I want to ask you in what size of pot did you bake your bread. I want to try this recipe with yogurt. I featured this post this week in my weekend links talking about your cake from Baking chez Moi.

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