Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lattice Sugar Cookies~

As I type the snow is falling like in movies..huge numerous beautiful snowflakes..
Not pretty for travelers..or commuters..but it sure is pretty out there and a balmy 20 F!:)
Most of us have watched Sunday is the season finale..
I don't want to give anything away here..but if I have to worry about Anna until next year..:(

I cried 3 times.
It was a wonderful episode.

Ever since I saw these lattice cookies..many many places..just do a Google Search..I have been enamoured with their look:)
I wanted to make some at Christmas..too many cookies had been made..Valentines? Too many desserts had been in the plans because it was a combined festivity of more than one thing..
So one  snowy February day..I made some..
Next time I will be more precise..with my strips..
But how sweet are they?
Invite a friend for tea or just for you..or the both of you..A little sugar cookie on a cup of tea never hurt anyone..
I thought even some boys in this family would like this little treat..Lucas and Noah are the most adventurous eatser so far in the boys.
I love having fresh cookies for them.
I have the time..and it is not every day that I see them to offer cookies..
But Lucas comes over after school sometimes  now..for a game of chess.. geography..dictée..Not for long.. just a recap sort of and then a game..
That's when I love to have something warm out of the oven the best♥
This week he and a friend..Tyler made a movie Tyler's mom filmed..all about No Bullying~
It was sent to me and my eyes filled with well done!
They wore pink t shirts..had posters..  their sweet faces..
I hope every school teaches no bullying.
We saw a sad sad reportage about France..  it's here.. there..and .. everywhere.
It must stop.
Schools must be on the lookout and there should be no tolerance whatsoever.
Poor little souls..

I made the same Sprinkle Bakes sugar cookie in her book ..because..well..Lucas loved the Valentine's ones..Not all sugar cookies meet his expectations..he liked them so much after eating one Hello Kitty cookie and the Je t'aime heart..he said..:"Nanan..(yes he calls me that now♥) can you make like Spiderman or Dinosaur ones next time?"
I have to get w/the boy program:) Little frilly hearts taste good..but..please bring on the more manly treats:)

Anyway..make your fave sugar cookie recipe.. or Sprinkle Bakes one recipe  below..

I rolled out 2 circles of I slit many strips w/ a pizza cutter..and I did the same w/ the other..Then I took one from the left circle and latticed into the right..and so on and so on..then you take a cookie cutter ..the shape you want..I measured the tops of the cups I would be using..and bake..
A soft sprinkle of icing sugar and there you are..

Sugar cookie recipe..Courtesy of Sprinkle Bakes.

La Recette~

2 sticks of butter or 1/2 pound softened
1 cup plus 2 tbsps granulated sugar
1 egg lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups all purpose flour  more for rolling.

Mix butter and sugar until just incororated in your stand mixer.Do not overmix now or they may spread.
Add egg and vanilla extract...mix on low and scrape down.
Add flour and salt.Mix on low until there are no streaks of butter left.The dough will clump around the paddle..that's when you know the dough is perfect.
WRap the dough and refrigerate 1 hour.
Roll out dough to 1/4 inch..(I think I need those rings everyone raves about)
Cut out shapes,place on parchment paper.Refrigerate the cutouts 30 minues.
Preheat oven to 350..
Bake 15-20 minutes until edges are golden.
Let cool and decorate..

Obviously for the lattice cookies I just rolled out and cut into strips:)

Years ago.. maybe 30 years work..we had gift exchanges..we each picked a name and at our Christmas party..we each had a gift unwrap..w/ no name as the sender.
I was a realtor for over 28 years..
This was my gift all those years ago..and I found out it was from Brenda..who had been thrilled to find this for me she said.
It is very vintage..even has an ink stain on the red polka dot lining..and a very pretty tag from the Co..  all says..
I used it and am wondering now if it was me that her pen leaked:)
I have been eyeing it and because of the embroidery..I would like to try my hand at making one..Confused as to how to make the fabric..turn to make the handles..Also need to get to a fabric few and far between ..  a rarity now.
Except for downtown..and Fabricville on the WI.
Isn't it absolutely adorable?
I love vintage things:)Vintage people too♥


  1. Ces biscuits délicatement posés sur la tasse de thé... Que cela donne envie de douceur !

  2. The cookies and bag are adorable. I am sad Downton has only one episode left. It didn't seem to be on that long. There really isn't anything on quite like it and I do so love it. I have been taping all the Grantchester episodes and need to start watching them.

    1. I wonder if you will be smitten with Sidney as I am:)
      The season of DA flew by..So next..House Of Cards..Friday..Mr.Selfridge ..Call The Midwife..and Game of Thrones..
      The latter is my least favorite now.

  3. Lovely! Paris tea is one of my favorites and that cookie warming on top of a cup would be heaven. I so agree about the bullying. It is terrible!
    I also agree that I don't want the Anna situation to be a cliff hanger!! I was quite happy that Lord Grantham did not make a big issue over sweet Marigold. He is back in my good graces for now.


    1. Oh me too! He is way back in my good graces..2 kind acts and he had me back:)♥
      And in front of the constables!

  4. These are the prettiest sugar cookies I've ever seen Monique and your Aix blue and white pottery is charming. You have a knack for finding the most adorable props. You must look forward to Lucas' afternoon visits. Bulling is the worst thing that can happen to children I think. I really hate to see Downtown Abbey end this season. And I'm always worried this might be the last series. Hope it's not a cliff hanger, but chances are good that it will be. It seems that keeping us wanting for more is all the series motto.

  5. Hi Sam..Do you know Fifi?

    I fell in love with her blog a number of years ago..and had the opportunity of meeting her quite a few years ago..while we were vacationing in Florida..
    She sent me that set years ago..
    I treasure it:)
    I also went back to see her at a book signing in a Pottery Barn in FL.. she is a much published author:)
    And you would LOVE her.

    I am besotted with all 4 grandsosns..I never had a son..I had only brothers so wished for wish came true..
    But now I see how very very sweet and tender boys can be.

    Great gifts to us at this chapter in our lives.

  6. Me encantan, las he visto en algún blog y las tengo pendientes de hacer. Como siempre te han quedado genial.

  7. Rosa..I feel the same way when I visit you..I think:) Some words I can make out..and the rest is wishful thinking:)

  8. Adorable cookies and they would be great to serve to a guest or two with a cup of tea. Like I have said before, I admire your baking skills..

    1. You could make these in a heartbeat..
      And I yearn for your computer..table setting skills!

  9. Smiling about your "vintage people." Guess I qualify there! :-)

    The cookies are just lovely! Sprinkle Bakes is actually from where I live.

    Surely we won't have to wait until next season to have Anna out among us again!

    This is a truly beautiful post, Monique!

    1. Ahh..have you met each other?
      I am vintage too..
      Thank you Nellie.

  10. Beautiful post. I hate that DA Season Finale is coming Sunday. I feel it should come on every week. It seems this year they only put shows on for about 8 to 10 weeks and then they go off for awhile and then I forget about them.
    The cookies are to die for - I think I could eat about a dozen. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Have a wonderful weekend coming up.

    1. Thanks Mary..I wish DA lasted twicw as long at least:) You too have a lovely upcoming weekend..

  11. Someone has been so busy this week! The cookies look great. I'd have mine with coffee. So cute that Lucas requested more guyish cookies. I try to do some cookies that suit Frankie as opposed to a 2 year old little girl. But they both love their treats. It s so nice to have the time now to do this for them, right? Such a shame that fabric stores are hard to find. If you wanted to make the handles like that couldn't you sew two narrow strips of fabric (on the bias like you would to make a pillow binding) and then braid the two pieces together? By the way we enjoyed your Queen Victoria Sponge cake recipe. And making minis is the best idea!

    1. I could..that's a great idea Terry..
      I am now over the moon about not working.
      It is a privilege to make things for these little are so right.

  12. These adorable cookies are perfect for a tea party- elegant and fun all at the same time! I wish my grandchildren lived close by- What I wouldn't give to have my sweet grandson stop by after school for a cookie. :)

    1. I understand..and I think of others who are not so lucky in this respect.
      It is indeed our greatest joy.The day is just smilier for us both when 1 or all of our grandsons are there.
      I wish it for you.:)

  13. Sugar cookies always look so well, sugary. And sparkly and crumbly and so damn good! I would take a spiderman or a superman or even a butterfly. And those boys are very gorgeous, too!

  14. Sugar cookies are my very favorite... These are so pretty. I, too, am concerned for Anna.. That was totally unexpected. Sunday.....

    1. I don't know why..I told Jacques before it was going to happen..Maybe I read it somewhere because I certainly am not clairvoyant:)

  15. Lattice and dough go so well together in your kitchen ;o) I have the Sprinkle Bakes cookbook, isn't it full of fun ideas? Will mark the sugar cookie recipe in the book since your grands have given it a thumbs up. So cute that Lucas requested dinosaur cookies. We have three sons, so I do get that. LOL Too bad that fabric stores are hard to find. We live walking distance from Joann's Fabrics, so I'm feeling very spoiled. Great vintage bag

    1. I really like that store..Jacques usually waits outside..There is one in Florida too..Now THEY have fabric!
      I must admit Hobby Lobby ..perhaps it was new..but it looked fantatsic.Next time I will paln on a longer visit!
      That's true 3 boys like Caroline!

  16. My grandson's love dinosaur ANYTHING; so, I am sure they would love these "approved" sugar cookies in that shape, too. Though I am quite enamored with the lattice ones! ... with tea. They are just beautiful.

    I was a realtor for six years... after 25 years of nursing. I still miss seeing the new houses on the market every week. ;) blessings ~ tanna

    1. Many nurses went into real estate..Their nurturing..caring ways often made them top agents.
      It was a great job.I loved 95% of my clients in 28 years.
      The ideas you can glean while visiting homes..that was fun.. -F weather..not so much..
      I had a little dog chew the bottom of my dress off once while I was seated at my clinets table discussing their offer:) I thought he was just playing:)
      I was very unpresentable leaving..

      A cute!

  17. Reading your posts early in the morning is such a happy way to start the day, Monique. I know I'll always find something wonderful here. I have never seen your lattice cookies before They have such a sweet old-fashioned look to them. The little tea set on the tea tin is precious.

    1. They look like a quilt:) Or a basket:)
      I think you would enjoy making these cathy..just be more precise than I was..:)

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  19. I had to smile at your afternoon visitors, the movie (so true!), the request for dinosaurs or Spidermen (so like a boy!) :-) You are so lucky to have three of your grandsons so close that they can stop in for a visit. I wish! My mother had that - my sister lived close to her so her children would stop on their way home from school and I'm sure she always had a treat for them ;)

    Your cookies are adorable and fit so perfectly perched on the tea cup just like the top on a pie! Tea and cookies - my kind of treat. I love the itsy-bitsy tea service on your Paris tin :)

    We finally caught up on our missed Downton episodes. I, too, will hate it if we have to wait until next year to find out what happens to Anna. Rose's nasty mother! Marigold ♥

    I know you could make that tote bag and your personal needlework would be charming! We are so spoiled with craft and hobby shops here with JoAnn and a new Hobby Lobby. I have my crochet hook in my hand most evenings ;)

    1. You are spoiled!
      I loved the few minutes I got to spend in Hobby Lobby..and love my visits to Joanne..s

      Haooy we got a Michales about 2 tears ago,I hope it never closes..
      Caroline and Frédérick are talking about finishing the basement:) That means no immediate plans to go anywhere else yet.
      You have no idea..but a few times in the past years.. they have come over and said they had news..And I look at them..I am sure like a sick puppy and say:"You're not moving are you?..
      Needy much? LOL.
      Rose's not fit to be a mother.Her dad on the other hand..Shrimpie as they call him..♥ a gem.
      I am glad you get to spend so much time with your real life dolls too♥

  20. The cookies are so lovely! I know, I am all about girly things so I had to set up a boy's garden since the girls and boys loved the fairy garden. It is an old castle toy and I just bought replacements for my inside castle - dragons and horses and knights and kings and replacements for my Robin Hood's Forest. I just don't think in their direction enough. What a darling boy - dinosaurs, etc! The bag is beautiful too. What a treasure.
    Enjoy the snow. We have been snow free this winter except for Christmas Eve so we will probably be in trouble this summer with no snow pack from the mountains for our reservoirs. But I have enjoyed it!

    1. You are a nana extraordinaire with every thoughtful thing you do and make for your ever growing family.
      They have to worship you:)

  21. First of all, I want that cup and saucer. So just hand them over and nobody gets hurt. ;-) Second, I love the cookies. I have seen this lattice cut out done before with pie dough, but I like the cookie idea so much better and will be trying it once I get over this very annoying winter cold. The purse is wonderful. It makes me miss the times that I used to embroider and make purses with my mother.

    1. You made me smile!

      I was quite enchanted when Fifi gave the set to me.
      She has so many wonderful things..
      You would love her home..
      I immediately felt like a little girl at that moment in a magical wonderful place.
      And I have seen a lot of houses!:)
      Colds are always annoying..The good news is..they go away.
      Hope your husband is recuperating wonderfully~

  22. I think your lattices are just fine as is. Forget precision.
    Adorable idea. Love the mini cups too.

  23. Those are adorable lattice cookies, Monique. I've seen them too, am so pleased you made them and they turned out beautifully! I screw up lattice pie crusts with regularity...wonder if I could pull these cookies off? These aren't quite as forgiving as a pie crust.
    Yes, the last Downton was sad....but I have a sneaky feeling they may leave us hanging. I hope not.

    I hate to admit my age, but I don't remember any bullying when I was in school. (Of course that was back in the 40's!) And also don't remember any of my three kids mentioning it either. (That would be in the 60's) Were we just lucky? Or if there was bullying, it was so minor as to have been easily handled with that old sticks and stones saying. Is this something that appeared in the past generation or two?

    1. They are smaller than pies:) Her dough was malleable enough..

      even if it bends a tiny bit..they bake into their bends.
      I don't have any left but would like to always have some of her dough in the freezer..
      Alas..if that is still a word..I was born in 54.. moved to the suburbs in the age of 10.
      Never at school was I that suburb.
      I was relentlessy bullied.
      Just palin mean to tell you the truth..My weigh was an issue at that time..and they were merciless..
      My poor mother.
      Anyways things took a turn around..
      But one thing that does?
      You always fight for the underdog the rest of your life.
      Just glad that part is over..:) Done.

  24. These cookies are delightful addition to any tea party. I also saw them many times, but never got a right time to bake them. Seems very complicated to me-))) But I definitely ail try one day!

    Thank you Monique for sharing!



    1. You will see summer before I will;)
      I think you would enjoy these:)

  25. I was pouring tears at the end of Isis, not nearly as much for the humans! My bad I know. I still can't get into the story with Edith. For some reason she irritates me. On the other hand, Lord Grantham is being a prince, isn't he? What he did for Mrs Padmore was perfect.

    That said. perfect cookies. so gorgeous with the strips -- they look charmingly imperfect -- don't worry about exactness.

    1. Carol told me the same thing:)
      Loved what he did ..:)
      He is charming again..for a while there..I was on the proverbial fence:)

  26. Hi Monique, I so love Downton Abbey with all the little plots and twists.;....... My grandsons would love these cookies. They are so adorable.

  27. Hi Monique...
    Your description of the snow, sounds very romantic!
    Love that wee tea set....and the cookies look heavenly!
    I cried at Downton as well....poor Anna....why oh why? Who is doing this?
    Love that bag....embroidery would be a snap for you!
    Linda :o)

    1. It's still bitter cold here..Coldest winter I can remember..enjoy your little piece of paradise:)

  28. Monique, as I read your description of the snow, little white flakes were falling from my cursor and it was as if I was there too! How very lovely. Oh, those cookies, your presentation of them, impeccable. So lovely. Love, LOVE the bag! It's so sweet. I wish the Bates could just find happily ever after with no more drama for them. I want them to be happy and have a child or two or three themselves. They so deserve it. Finally bullying. It has to stop. I was bullied at school. I am so grateful that we did not have social media and cell phones etc. back then, or I may have been a statistic because there were certainly times when I did not want to go on. I feel so for the children of today who cannot even get away from the terrorization, even at home where they should feel safe and loved and accepted. Not even a whiff of this behaviour should be tolerated in the least. STAMP IT OUT! Love and hugs. xoxo

    1. I agree..I am so grateful I am past those years!
      Yes can you imagine being bullied on FB etc?
      Thse poor lost souls..
      Where and when do kids become bullies?

  29. These cookies are so sweet, Monique! Just darling. And bag! and the snow! What a beautiful post.
    I'm now following you on bloglovin' so I won't miss anything :-)

  30. Love the French Blue! It is cold and dreary - a perfect day for baking. We don"t have the beautiful snow that you have - just ice. Tea and cookies would make for a cozy afternoon:-)

    1. Anxious to read about you:) And your recent adventures..I hope everything is working out perfectly for you!

  31. I just discovered Harney tea about three years ago. It seems I am the last to know.. Love your cookies, they are so sweet.


    1. Me too just about that time Madonna..My friend Nancy:)

  32. La vaisselle est superbe , tout comme ces gâteaux que je découvre !

  33. Love those cookies and their blue china holders. That bag is gorgeous too!

  34. Lovely cookies!!! And they look delicious.
    The photos are also awesome.