Friday, September 25, 2015

Warmer Colors~Warmer Words~

The first beets my daughter gave us from her husbands' veggie garden were lovely..delicious..and cute:)Above..
But the last batch..they were the size of small grapefruits..those are the ones I used for my roasted beet quinoa salad~
So good..
I am definitely growing his beets next summer..his;)
The recipe is a cinch..cook your quinoa perfectly..add some diced roasted beets..garlic that roasted with your beets....spring green onions...chopped fresh chives..chopped red peppers..feta..parsley..the juice of the roasted beets..s and p..  some EVOO..and white balsamic vinegar..Top with larger beautiful chunks of those roasted beets..

This is a complete meal for me.
It's a side for Jacques;)

You know the smallest things are the greatest gifts.
My daughters and I email always..we are not phone people..and one lives across the street kittie corner..
as soon as  I stopped working I bid the phone adieu..I HATE the phone.

They work..they can sneak an email in here and there..before bed..anecdotes..all kinds of STUFF.
slews of emails.I adore
Wednesday morning this was one of my emails from Caroline;

Last night, im lying in bed with Max, and I sing my nightly awesome rendition of
You are my sunshine..
He says ok, mom two questions,
1. Who was the first man on earth..
2. Who invented the song ‘you are my sunshine’… I say…I don’t know…he says I think Nana did.
How CUTE!!!!!!

Well that just fills me up.
They are the grace in my life.
And I am so very grateful for them.
The light is so different ..the mornings are cool,dappled heavy shade everywhere,the trees across the street are turning,they seem to turn where the East sun hits them first..taking photos.. the sun is so harsh..everything is still too green and brown ..that old look..
I've started afternoon tea again even though it is so mild and sunny,fall makes me do that..and the music is not being played as much outdoors..
it's mostly I type this entry..Rod Stewart is singing...I can only give you love that lasts forever..I still enjoy his songs and music..
...and a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall..

All time favorite fall song..Nat King Cole..Autumn mom's favorite.
Fall is very nostalgic for me,I think it's beauty just brings out every emotion we have.Stunning splendour.Gorgeousness .

I started preparing my Garlic planting..see the gloves? Raffia?Stakes?Shears?
I had bought a gift a few years back for an occasion that was canceled..a pale yellow metal bucket  filled with even knee pads..and an apron..the occasion never happened..and I kept it..all shrink wrapped from Chapters/Indigo thinking maybe another occasion would happen and the gift would again be never happened.
I unwrapped it.
My garden is shocked to see new things.
Usually I find clippers and scissors and shears and hand rakes and trowels all old and worn..lost in a bed here or there.
Why was I saving it?
We have also been relentlessly dropping our everyday utensils(for years!!) on the floors  clearing the table..they are bottom heavy and just slide off the plates.
I was saving the bees..for what?
No more.
The others are gone..and the bees are out.
See ..fall is the new year..a new leaf;)

André Gagnon is  a QC artist..AMAZING..all instrumental..a client.. maybe 30 yrs ago got me hooked..Greg.
André Gagnon has many CDs ..over the years I think we have picked up 5.Love them all..

Henri Salvador, a client who also became a friend me hooked..all French..OMgosh the songs are just so pretty.Henri also..we have a few of his CD's..

Richard Séguin is also a QC talent..I went to a show of his..and bought the CD which he autographed.. 

Stacey Kent..adorable..again from Robert..she is from here too..
So nice to find music you love.. fall.

Bon weekend~


  1. I love roasted beets. Your salad looks wonderful. Glad you finally opened that package!

  2. Oh, roasted beets, beet salads ...... they are my favorites!
    You are sunshine, Monique! You make me smile with each new post. Just the thought of your beautiful garden, delightful art, and delicious art from your kitchen makes me smile. Yes, I agree, I think you wrote that song. '-)
    Happy Autumn! It's in the 70s this morning. Love this time of year.

    1. Max's words have replayed in my head many times now..:) Thank you Sarah:)
      It's 40F and sunny..soup's on the stove for lunch..maybe a new Pad Thai for dinner..and new cookbook always inspires..:)

  3. I love your post...Autumn leaves..makes me tearful ..I used to play it on the piano so many moons ago..
    My folks loved me playing all those old songs to them..
    Love the beets and how you write with so much love about your "kidlets"
    Bon weekend beautiful lady
    Shel x

    1. I can just picture you Michelle..
      I can see the scene in my head♥

  4. I am a fellow phone hater, my daughters and I skype. And I also agree that the beets could be a meal, every day for a week!

  5. Replies
    1. Beets are so darn photogenic Gloria..little and big divas.

  6. Those beets - so beautiful. It's funny, red beets are okay to me but the golden ones are wonderful!
    Yes, fall is in the air and I love it too.
    So sweet that Max thought you wrote the song. I have a feeling he probably thinks you wrote the song about lots of things!
    I'm with you about the phone, we do the same thing with texts - I love that you can send just a picture or a few words but keep communications open.

    1. A phone is a waste to email ..a text..on our own time..and on their time.. :)
      I favor the yelow beets too..and Chioggas:)

  7. Monique, Happy Friday!! I love beets too!! It's so rewarding to pick something that you're growing in your vegetable garden and make a meal with it. You're so lucky to have your girls close. With our kids we usually text back and forth together, we also Snapchat a lot. That way we can see something that they're working on or they love cooking they just take a video of it. It lasts ten seconds and then it's deleted. Our family loves it. Always love your photos and inspiration. I guess it is that time again to plant garlic. Where did this year go...Happy Planting!

    1. You could open your own market Jodi! Not as rewarding here..
      I am going to look into Snapchat..sounds fun..I like neat new things to try.
      I just love learning..Thanks for the tip.The a blur now:(

  8. That would be a meal for me too and I would LOVE it! Roasted beets are like candy to me. I can't wait to see how you to growing beets! Not sure if I'll get garlic in, so many other things need to be done in the yard and garden first. We'll see - fingers crossed. Oh my gosh, that email! I love hearing what our boys say too. John and I talk about them all the time - the things they say :) We are not phone people either. Both girls work, so emails are easier for them also. Many texts too with photos ♥ I started drinking afternoon tea about two weeks ago during a cool favorite Twinings Lemon Tea. Refreshing and so good. We have a Rod Stewart station on Pandora and listen to him often. Love your music collection!. So true about the color at this time of year. 5:45 here and the sun is so low!

    1. So funny..when we are married..all we do is talk about the kids as they are growing..then as grandparents all we talk about ..the Littles..

      not all..of course..but mostly and the best.

      These things like Sonza and Spotify..are great for checking out..listening to music..I don't have Pandora here:(
      Try..the garlic..pleeeeeeassssssse?:)

  9. Hello, Monique. Oh, your quinoa salad with beets and goat cheese sounds wonderful. Definitely a meal for me.
    Ah, autumn. We are experiencing a bit of it here in NY but I'm waiting for it to come forth in all its magnificent glory.

    1. Color makes everything so your market bounty!

  10. Quelles belles photos, on se sent pleinement en automne !
    Ces beaux ustensiles de jardinage vous conviennent parfaitement :)
    Votre jardin est un réel havre de paix.

    1. Le travail d'automne débute sous peu.
      Peine perdue des outils avec moi.Pas dans la cuisine..mais dehors..un moment de'outil est disparu.

  11. I, too, love roasted beets. Roasting just brings out their natural sweetness. Those colours, I can almost forgive you of the quinoa, lol (You know how I love it!) Grandbabies, so sweet. I wish my children would share more of these types of things with me. Life is what it is alas. I need to figure out where I am going to put our garlic. I so want to try growing it this year. I think Rod Stewarts American Song Book Albums are my favourite of all he has done. I could listen to them for hours and I often do! Love and hugs and Bonne Weekend! xoxo

    1. I thought maybe ..just maybe..quinoa was looking better to you;)

      I am sure you can make this with something equaly healthy but appealing to your tastebuds..I cannot handle a raw oyster so I get you..not abig tartare fan..nor foie gras..
      I agree re Rod Stewartthey are my fave collection too of his..4? Are there 4?
      can't wait to see your garlic:)
      Do you have an old crate? I wonder if that could work in your climate?

    2. I'll have to see. I think there are four albums in the series. Love, love them! Quinoa, will never be a fan, I don't think! xoxo

  12. That is so cute, sunshine. My daughter and I sing that to each other from time to time. Its such a sweet song out of the mouth of a child.

    I am so trying your beet salad as I have everything I need to make it. I usually have my roasted beets with oranges and red onion with a nice vinaigrette over top. Dee-licious.

  13. Aw, Nana invented you are my sunshine. How adorable and you know to him it is so true. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't like to talk on the phone. I just thought it was me!

    Your beet salad is absolutely gorgeous Monique. My husband loves beets and I'm ashamed to say I forget to fix them for him. Thanks to you that is about to change.
    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. You have NOTHING to be ashamed're so and M:)
      I am sure we're not alone w/ the phone thing..if it rings I do answer...we don't have that thing that let's you see who calls either..
      Jacques doesn't have a cell phone..I have my antique from when I worked.It does nothing..and people look at it it is so outdated.It's never on.
      Emerg only.

      I have to laugh..when Jacques worked he had one. that was 18 years was the size of a big brick lol..w/ a thick leather case and an antennae that could reach the cool;)

  14. It looks like you are getting back to vegetable gardening these days. There are so many pretty beets to grow, and roasted they are heaven. I had to laugh that the tools get lost in the bed, I thought I was the only one who did that. And I commend you for remembering where that package was so you now are enjoying all those new gardening tools. I thought of my daughter Gerarda who hates the phone too, she is on the phone all day for work so she never wants to talk at the end of the day. You probably hate it from your real estate days when you were always on call. I text with her and Beth (ever since Katherine was born phone calls are not as easy for her either). Not too much fall colors here yet. We saw The Intern with Robert De niro yesterday, an excellent movie. You and Jacques would enjoy it. Jerry took the day off and we had a retirement day (3 months away). We went to the movies at 2 pm, shopped at bed bath and beyond went out for a bite. He can't wait till retirement days are here for good. Enjoy your weekend too.

    1. Terry..I never thought I would love being retired..never even thought of it..and then..well I had to.
      It is beatific:)
      To be in bed on a chilly morning ..awake ..thinking..I can just stay HOME today..has become one of my daily gratitudes..
      It's a gift..glad I have so many hobbies though.
      You are so right about me and the phone..
      I love Robert De Niro..Jacques just said the movie looks good!I only do matinees:)
      Getting me out at night is impossible..probably because of all the nights I did work..
      Sounds great and thanks for the tip.
      Just like the liver;)

  15. Clearly we are two peas in a pod! So happy to meet another phone-wary friend. The printed word is so much nicer, I think - and more reliable. And when I moved I found odds and ends I was saving - forever, I guess:) Loving that roasted beet and quinoa!

    1. I am not surrised that we are alike Katrina..
      I do forever ..a lot too;)

  16. Beautiful post. Roasted beets are the best? We often forget about them until we go out to dinner and have a roasted beets salad with goat cheese. Yumm! Beautiful photos as always Monique. You have a gift. Yes, the sweetest things in life can be the small things we treasure so much. Very sweet about Max.... Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I hope your weekend is nice and peaceful compared to the last while..

      you deserve it!

  17. You know Henri Salvador?! Wonderful music, I have a "station" named for him on my Pandora listening list! I am adding your other suggestions to my music "to do" list, thank you! You must accept authorship of that song ;)

  18. Oh I love Henri does Jacques..
    Jardin d'hiver.. ♥ is the ONE that hooked me from the get go.

    Hmm Pandora..I need to see if they have reconsidered here:)

  19. Love the way you write :) I'm a big fan of Nat King Cole as well, his voice is so soothing. I would believe too that you wrote "You Are My Sunshine" :) I've only had pickled beets which my hubby and I enjoy whenever we have fish. You make these beets look pretty but I don't know if I would like them just plain, I must come over some time to have a taste of yours ;) Have a great weekend yourself -Bev

  20. Hi Bev..I think you would love roasted beets..just put in foil..drizzle with olive oil..add a clove or two of garlic..salt..pepper..wrap up..and roast in a hot oven until fork least 425 the oven for me..and the large ones took well over 1 hr..they take a while..unwrap..peel..let candy but much much better.I am not a candy fan..except. Smarties;)
    Hope you had a nice summer in your new home.

  21. Wonderful post, Monique. Thank you for starting my day off on such a happy note.

    1. I hope every day finds you better and better and better!

  22. Your blog is so refreshing to read M.
    That's all I have to say. :)

    1. And that's what I like about you:)

      Went to the orchard today w/ Sony:) And that's all I have to say;)
      You know what I mean:)

    2. And I am looking to get a Sony mirrorless. Mainly to cut the weight of the gear I travel with. Too heavy for me now. Jusy say'n.I just have to decide full frame for a crap load of money or the a6000 for a whole lot less.

  23. That beet salad sounds so good. Truly I hate email, and would rather phone someone. But I'm not very good at that either. After having had a teenage daughter and seeing how texting causes so many misunderstandings-well-even though email is convenient I'd still rather talk to someone! And I'm an awful typist!I love that you opened up an old gift. They say if you buy something you like that the other person will too. I guess it worked!

    1. I am a TERRIBLE typist too..My kids are..40 and 38..there was no texting ..we never even had video games..
      they played and played outside.. watched the reg. tv shows kids watched back then..
      but we were in the country..I can't even remember when we ot our first computer and DOS:)
      We're all different..and I love that.
      How else would we get to know different things?:)

  24. I did a post...last Fall...October 9th...about the Autumn Leaves...LOVE that sing!
    Those beets look so delicious...My Mom always cooked beets....
    What a lovely thing for Max to say...we also sing that song to Miss V♥️
    What a glorious 4 days at the cottage...loved it!
    Have a great week Monique!
    Linda :o)

    1. What a weekend! It's such a natural song that one:) I have to go back and read many more of you back posts:) I did many..but there's more;)

  25. Love roasted beets, garlic and quinoa.
    Will Google the musicians you shared.
    My mail arrived :-)

  26. Love beets and combining with quinoa is so smart. The colors really are amazing!

    1. They really are quite well as delicious:)

  27. I've been looking for the golden beet but we don't have that yet, just the old fashioned red. But I think I will try your salad anyway, it sounds a most delicious lunch (for me, a whole meal as well). And I will try some of the music your recommended, I already love Stacey Kent.

  28. Garlic planting? How exciting! Your pictures are always so pretty