Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Tony and Ruth

Waterlogue app.

She sells sea shells

Sennelier and Secret Paris

Gone fishin'

View for 2

Stormy clouds...no storm..

Kayak love

Turtle walk


This is not a true to form December 1rst post..
but it is a gift to us this getaway..even though we drive 3 days..and 27 hours to get to our destination..it's a gift.
(Same distance coming back..add on  for weather conditions in hours..)
So make believe..this is a postcard...s..from me to you.


I still love them..I've mentioned that..
I sent Noah..a SHARK one;)
and..he said..:"but where's my shark's tooth?:)"
Littles do not forget one thing.

I decided to make a postcard..out of the Secret Paris girl I made..and send it off..

Strathmore makes great little Watercolor Postcards..

I love painting while I am away..

I sketch on the beach..following the books or what I see..

I used Waterlogue to try and imitate....and Retrica just to take Ipad pics..actually with all 3 apps..you use your Ipad..

so the only ones I actually painted above..are.. the girl postcard..for Nancy..the Polaroid girl from that ♥ book...the 2 people on the chairs..trying to copy Waterlogue ..and the French pastries from SP..
not so crazy about Daniel Smith's masking fluid   gadget and nibs..I would rather use a toothpick or small brush..look how uneven the Parisian girl's stripes are~

Not crazy either about the waterbrushes I mentioned  at one point..the piston operated ones..the pistons work perfectly,however the bristles fall off by the hundreds.

The Lovely Day..Cymera..and my Nexus..the one thing I hate  about my Nexus 7 is the front facing camera..IMPOSSIBLE to take good pics.

Then when we came in..I would sit and paint ..:)

We are as quiet away as we are at home~
And not much baking goes on..just a whole lot of reading and painting...and sea gazing.

That is..
until LMO arrived..
then we are not wallflowers:)

I love Florida..the beach people...there's just something so familiar..yet still exotic to me.
You can see your feet.. and fish swimming around you..some days the water is azure blue..
Hibiscus and jasmine ,plumbago and bougainvillea bloom their heads off..~
Friendly faces..home away from home comforts.
Wonderful people..that become beachbuddies for life.
From all over the world.
Fishing and "snurkeling":)..kayaking..yes even nana and grandad..walking ..noodling..reading..turtle watching..Scrabble playing..NAMASTE:) A seven letter starter word..dolphin sighting ..manatee sightings..
Book recommendations..parasol recommendations..quotes you want to remember..stories too..
a new watercolor palette from nice people..a Panettone to crown an Italian dinner..(our garlic purveyors:) )
Everyone so kind and sweet re our Littles.
Always grateful for my beach♥

Home for the holidays~:)
The kitchen is where I will be.

Did you read about the BEST Christmas story today?


  1. Well, I wondered when we were going to see that beach vacation. It all sounded and looked wonderful. The littles will always remember your times at the beach. Sounds like the perfect time. So glad you enjoyed it. Love your last pic. And I did hear about that Christmas story. Can't imagine how one would do that, but it's wonderful.

    1. I canot even begin to explain the shock of returning to a foggy black and white world..wow.
      Love home..my town..but on a misty bleak day..you cannot help but miss all those hues of blue~

  2. Welcome Home!
    That last picture sums it all up...
    Your paintings are gorgeous...as always...
    The picture with your 3 and the Turtle is priceless!
    So happy that you had a great time...and that you are safe and sound...
    Our long drive will be here before you know it!
    Relax...enjoy your kitchen!
    Linda :o)

    1. those 2 chairs are similiar to where we sit!!

    2. I have no idea how you do it at that time of year..nust be great once you are there..
      On clear days ..which we had 90% of the time..you can see FOREVER..
      Geesh it's grey here..
      Hello..are you there Florida? I miss you.

  3. Oh, how heavenly to be by the Florida sea! I envy you, but take joy in your beautiful photographs and watercolors (I like that Waterlogue, btw) Love the sandy path to the water, reminds me of my home by the bay on the Cape - and the ever present seagulls. Happy December, lucky you!

    1. You had a sea oats path?
      Oh my ..give me a small beachfront cottage w/ a sand path..and forget the mansions.
      Just to borrow:)
      Amazing the million dollar homes that stay empty ..only to receive their owners for certain times..

  4. M. Your vacation looks like pure bliss. That beach! Love your watercolors. The boys must have loved seeing the turtle at the beach!

    1. The boys are so active..non stop..swim..play ball..play pétanque..kayak..snorkel..
      it was wonderful to hear the neigbors be approving of their energy instead of complaining about happy noises..
      beach people..I tell ya..

      I know you know:)

  5. It looks heavenly and the littles are getting big! You soon will have to come up with a new name for them as they have grown so much in the short time I have been following your blog. The beach scenes are beautiful. Your art work is wonderful too. Such talent! Hope the trip home is pleasant. My December 1 was an annual wreath making event with the mother in laws. It is our 3rd year doing it.

    1. The weather..was the best yet I think for The Littles and you are right..they are growing up so fast..
      I even noticed a difference..in all of them..we bought puzzles for Oli..and they were of little inerest..he is 6 going on 8 because of his 2 older brothers..he is starting to play chess..and a Tokyo something game..the name escapes me..but I didn't understand it..
      The trip home is always LONG.. first day..doable..the second ..constant rain..downpours..accidents..on US 95..3rd day fog and mist..
      we are nuts..we even whispered the word :plane.

    2. The weather back must be tricky and a plane would make it easier but of course how could you ever have brought back all the imperial sugar? You might still be at the airport under investigation. Could you imagine if they confiscated it, you would be in tears. Of course if you baked up a batch of cookies they might change their mind!

  6. I can close my eyes and imagine you sketching, painting, or reading in one of those beach chairs. How nice to have a get away. I would love a little beach get away.

    1. It's like being in the tropics ..it's so rural in feeling for Florida..The Gulf looked like the Caribbean♥

  7. So pleased for you to have been able to get to the coast again for your beach holiday. Such lovely postcard paintings.and lots of family memories to save and reminisce about during the cold winter.

    1. Thank you Barbara..you know...I can see myself much older..remembering all The Littles on that beach.
      All of them were there in diapers at one point♥
      I will forever see their happy beach faces.

  8. Welcome back :-)
    I know the sand felt so good between your toes.
    A beach getaway renews us.
    Love your watercolors!
    Let the pretty baking photos begin.

  9. I have the impression that I come from the summer holidays ... This ocean is so blue... so good for the mind ! Nice day. Christine

    1. C'est un séjour "bleu et blanc":)
      J'anticipe maintenant la période des Fêtes..comme vous:)

  10. Thank you for the postcards--love them!


  11. Boy do I want to be THERE NOW !!!
    Lookd loverly...never thought I could like FL
    Who knew?

    1. I was never a huge fan of busy Fl beaches..until..I discovered the Gulf of Mexico..Caribbean..
      my friend Connie ..on the beach,from Chatham,Mass.,said it feels like the most rural part of FL you can find.
      I have been alone..many times on that stetch of beach.
      The colors..the colors are amazing.
      I am in a black and white movie now.

  12. You had such wonderful weather! Did you see schools of starfish? L&B said there were so many when they were there in early November, swimming near the shore. The the pics of the boys, the turtles, sand and water. I love all the shades of watery blue and green! The beach looks so secluded and lovely. What a blast the alphabet boys must have and you with them. I love that you take time to paint no matter where you are. Beautiful sketches. Welcome home, Monique! Let the festive season begin :)

    1. I am so happy to share another festive season with you:)
      Gratefully..we have stayed nanabuddies..gardenbuddies..blogbuddies..for yrs.
      My friend Connie found the starfish.I found 3 and gave them away because I had so many from Connie.

  13. reading and painting and sea gazing, it does not get much better than that. and your pictures are wonderful and capture the fun you had.
    Your painted girl and sweets are perfect, you are just so good
    can't wait to see what you have in store for the christmas season this year

    1. The girls is from that book I mentioned..Paris Secrets..I tried to draw her..and then paint her..you know what I find hardest?
      The hands!! I know I cannot paint a face yet..but I never thought hands would be so hard to draw:)
      Love that little book..thanks for your nice comments Jenni.

  14. Monique, I just love it when people who have been blessed with great talents and money due to those talents choose to give back to the world. The Zucherberg store just helps to boost my faith in humanity. What a gift.

    I love, LOVE all of your photographs. You took us on holiday with you! How wonderful and generous! I want to go to Florida one day. We have friends who fly over from the UK and spent every Winter there. They live in a community of other Seniors and have a great time. It's the dream life to me. Loving all of your paintings, even the waterlogue ones. Loving the boys. So sweet. How wonderful that you can holiday with family members. Glad you made it there and back safe and sound and am looking forward to seeing all of your Christmas "happenings" in the kitchen and without. I am wanting to make some Tortiere for Christmas. I will use Madame Benoit's recipe as it is the best. My sister also makes lovely ones. The crust makes them don't you think? Love and hugs and welcome back! xoxo

    1. The story ..Jacques is the one that read it first and said..what a young and very caring and generous philanthropist.
      I am in awe.
      Marie..where we stay in Fl..so mnay people are from the UK..and Germany..

      I rarely meet people from QC..most are European ..one couple Torontonians..and then the US of course..Mass..Ohio..Michigan,,
      The Littles have all been.. every yr..I think ..this may be the last..with schooling etc..

      plus that drive..imagine.. 3 boys..and 27 hrs in a car:)
      I am looking forward to baking..:)
      I am enjoying your things already! Happy you have started posting Christmas.
      December is a very special month..
      I still see my mom in the living room..looking at her tree..no other lights..

    2. What a sweet memory Monique. We love our parents so much. I am grateful for every year mine are still with us, as I know all too well that it won't be long before they are not. xoxo

    3. You are fortunate..I am happy for you!

  15. I'm impressed! Your pictures and watercolors are absolutely stunning! I'm freezing in Paris, and your pictures make me jealous ^^

    1. You're so nice~
      A litle blue looking up and down to the right and left and towards the horizon..can melt my heart.
      Paris is overflowing with beauty..I have not witnessed it in person yet.
      It is great that we can see through others eyes.
      Take care.

  16. C'est de plus en plus joli, ce que tu peins, Monique !

    1. Bonjour!
      Hélène... je travaille en ce moment en étudiant 2 livres de Zoe de Las Cases..Paris Style.. la blonde..la p'tite Polaroid girl:)et..Parisian Street Style..
      2 livres..que je crois sincèrement que tu aimerais..ce sont des livres..pour colorier..mais moi je m'en sers comme exemple..

      Je tente de dessiner ses images..puis d'ajouter des aquarelles..

      Alors ..je n'ai pas vraiment de mérite encore..espérons qu'éventuellement..mes essais porteront fruit;)

  17. Incredibly beautiful, everyone needs this kind of break. I'm sure it makes the long winter so much more bearable!

  18. Just gorgeous! I wondered if you were there...as beautiful as last years


    1. We did go..I bought a new little compact Fragonard perfume..solid form:) To fit in my pretty make up bag:)

    2. It is so beautiful there.

  19. Bravo! Bonnes vacances!! What rich, vibrant images, so different from the foggy, wet gray that I see here in the North! Glad to see your watercolors!

    1. Same here..when we drove home..it looked quite sad..very foggy and gloomy..right now the sun is trying to show it's face and it makes a difference.

  20. My comment disappeared....LOL Truly a wonderful getaway. One never tires of the beach and beautiful surroundings. Love seeing the lovely photos and postcards. You are truly gifted as well Monique.

    1. Hi~
      Linda what sad news San Bernadino:(

      I hope it is not in your vicinity..tragic again!

  21. Looked the perfect vacation. It's probably the only time I would want to go to Florida, that is in the winter. Can't find me there ever in the summer, I don't do well in the heat & humidity. The littles are growing!!! What are you call them when they get taller than you? I so look forward to your holiday baking! :)

    1. I have no clue what I will call them..I know I always say darling..sweetie..mon chou..minoushka..mon amour..
      I know they will all be taller than me.
      Oh I could not do Florida in summer either..we took the girls to Disney when they were young..sooooo hot..soooo humid.
      Humidity.I find uncomfortable...
      Nov.is lovely....it. Was warm this yr..hottest water in years..83 when we arrived..went in many days..
      Hope all is well Bev..fantastic job on that door:)

  22. Monique, I could stay here all day just looking at your beautiful paintings and photos. So, so glad you are having a relaxing time on the beach. Nothing beats it does it.

    1. Nothing.And the people..so nice.
      You must be lovin'it..thought of you when we hit Virginia..:)

  23. Lovely photos and watercolors, Monique. Be grateful you aren't here now...the skies have opened up and it's pouring. We need it, but feel sorry for vacationers, and my daughter who's has a booth at the Miami art fair this week.

    1. Oh no..what a shame.. ad I agree for vacationers too..it is hit or miss..

      but blue skies prevail:)

  24. Your photos make me anxious to get back to Florida. We leave tomorrow; closing up the Lake Lure Cottage for the winter. You have captured the blue in your photos. Have a good weekend Monique.

  25. ~Blue suits you Mon...you captured the beauty! Di

  26. What a lovely post. Where in Florida do you go?

  27. So lovely, Monique. I can almost breath the fresh clean air.

  28. I know you enjoy your beach time with your family as I always enjoy reading about it and seeing your sweet watercolors. Perhaps some year we can drive across to the west coast to say "hello" to you and your family.

  29. I love all the photos and paintings in this blog. It looks like a very fun time. BTW: I emailed you sometime late November, perhaps you were on the road. No response Nor can I recall the content. Made me worry a bit. Oh well.