Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bev's Roasted Chicken ~ And Marie's Apple Baked Donuts♥

It was cccold.

It wasn't my fave outdoor sports day.

I glean..from all of you..thank you.

I have always admitted I am not an inventor of recipes..and if I do..they are our year in year out recipes that I make from memory adding this and that..
So I glean..I visit blogs I love ..I am sure I still have many to discover..and sometimes..I guess I am in the mood for what they just made and I have to..too..
This was the case with Bevs' roasted way can I even attempt a cooked photo of it..unless we ate dinner at noon..but you can go visit Bev and see exactly how she made it..I even added the orange zest..and some juice..I am a big fan of fennel but it's so darn hard roasted was a perfect idea for me..
I had acorn squash and in reading Ina's was not I left it out because there was no more room in my little chicken Revol roaster and that's what I wanted to absolutely use..:)

And I want to make my stuffed acorn squash again.

My friend bought a yellow Revol in Europe,so so pretty!I love it!

I realize a sheet pan would roast better but I hardly use this lovely chicken.
I used 2 large pieces that are breasts w/ a bit of back I gather..
The house smells so darn good when meals like this are roasting..Thanks Bev!

I painted a is now scarp watercolor paper to test colors..yes that bad..but this one I kept..

The weather has been darn cold.
One day I had an appt.  and decided to do errands while in that vicinity..the commercial  area was built up in fields..
with the wind chill factor it was almost -15 F.
It literally knocks the breath out of you getting to and fro your car.
You open your car door and it takes super strength to not let it fly open into an adjacent parked car.

The next day..the sun was out and the wind had died down so we ventured out.. in our can see how very LITTLE snow is on our path in between evergreens..once you are in the open..there is much more snow..and I love the scent walking through the evergreens~
 Well  the wind WAS still there and my ears and face felt frozen and miserable.I was happy to come home.I think they were in Omaha in Planes Trains and Automobiles..that's what I felt like.

.. the baked donuts..
I took about 15 photos of those baked donuts..and they kept getting sparser and sparser:)
They are so good..
Our coffee machine stopped working all of a sudden..we filled it..added the fresh ground beans..light went on..then nothing..and it was the coffee morning..not the green tea morning..
so I used our RBC royal rewards points and ordered a new coffee machine..our girls have the single cup Nespressos w/ little cups..and they are a treat..but we stuck to conventional..I ordered the Cuisinart that grinds the beans..we have a Breville cappuccino maker but seldom use it..that was about 4 yrs ago w/ Royal Rewards..maybe 10;) Time flies..

The machine came Friday dinner Sat..after our green tea/ ginger /lemon /honey elixir..I left Jacques to the instructions..I was already flabbergasted it did not fit under the cabinet..where our other coffeemaker lived..he pointed to a very visible spot under the window..and said :"look we could put it there.."in my head I was him..I said :"never."Plants go Nancy Cucina..I don't want to stare at a huge coffeemaker:(..that's like a big TV..
Anyway..we reached a compromise..and it sits at an angle..beside the fridge so you can't see it:)
I don't do instructions..I would have plugged it in and filled it and pushed the "bouton"..
But Jacques is the I leave him to his talents...

Marie had posted these..

I mean c'mon what better way to christen a new coffee maker w/ a fresh cuppa?On a grey cold day w/ flurries..
So good..and of course it takes longer to read instructions..than make  apple baked donuts..
and Marie said serve I put them aside once baked..

and when the machine came together and made  the coffee..

I tell you 10 secs  or less in the micro..they were warm..tender..wonderful..Betcha can't eat just one..:)

And ..well.. see for yourselves..

I didn't have shortening..I used Becel..and instead of 110 grams I used 120..
I did use real butter for the after baking coating..I needed less..I brushed it on..
You can have 2 bites at least!
You all know how I feel about Marie's recipes.:)
I caved in last yr and ordered a silicone donut pan from Ebay..this is the only recipe that worked in it..I did use an apple corer to remove the my little center part on my mold seems too low..the donuts bake over..
all this to say I have tried baked donuts in it..they were awful.This is the first recipe that got me taste wise..but use the mini muffin tins..easier.

I loved the wedding on DA..but I never knew how much I missed Branson until his face lit up the whole screen.Joy.
Cora..yikes..not good..I know you apologized but geesh...
Perhaps Lady Mary will roll her eyes back less now..thank goodness she is being nice to Anna.

I agree w/ Mrs Hughes..

  She looked lovely!

My friend Susan at Savoring Time in the Kitchen..had her 3rd little grandson..his name is beautiful:"Bo"~
Bon Weekend~


  1. You know, I was just thinking of getting out my Revol chicken recently too! I found it at Christmas while looking for another serving dish. I guess it's the roasting time of year - LOL. It is so stinkin' cute ;) Tonight is store-bought rotisserie chicken for us! I hate when that happens to a coffee maker but it's happened to all of us. I can't justify the Nespresso either with all the waste of the packaging plus the effort of brewing 3-4 cups which is my norm in the morning. Glad you found a good compromise spot for it. The doughnuts sound wonderful too! The name alone has me sold. I loved how Downton ended this week too. My gosh, I couldn't believe Cora. Not like her at all! Mrs. Hughes did look lovely. Thank you so much for the baby wishes! Dear little Bo is such a good baby so far. I'll be posting more pics soon like a good Nana :)

    Thank you, Monique :) He is such a dear little bundle of joy!

    1. I want to hold him Susan:)
      It's funny how often we can think of a wee new Little ..knowing we will probably never meet him..but I remember our 4rth..Caroline's vividly!
      Still so sweet.I have been sleeping with a furry friend he lent me Monday:)
      Since Costco..I cannot tell you how FEW chickens we have roasted! Shameful but true..
      Enjoy nana:) Tchin!

  2. Mrs. Carson's dress and that JACKET!!! Oh my goodness! LOVE! I'm sure I was a flapper in another life. I ooh and ahh over family members' photos from the 20s and early 30s. Anyway, yes, she looked beautiful--and I loved Mr. Carson's laughter as he felt the rice being thrown at them as they l;eft the church. (Why am I almost crying now!!? Ah!) It was so sweet. I love him.

    Cora's scene--your reaction exactly. Such an uncomfortable moment.

    Your painting of the hair--the details--just lovely, Monique.

    I never thought I'd see Planes, Trains, and Automobiles on your blog. Ha ha! It's one of my favorites.

    Is your Evergreens-and-snow patch behind your home? What a treat. ♥

    1. You would be flabbergasted as to what I have watched on TV:)

      The end of Planes Trains and Automobiles made me cry!
      And yes..Mr and Mrs Carson brought tears to my eyes too!
      Cora Cora Cora..:(
      We all have our moments..I know;)
      But w/ those girls?

      Geesh she was less confrontational with her would be her bedroom.
      Yes..we ski and snowshoe out back.
      It is a saving grace this borrowed lanscape we have the joy of using.

    2. Yes, I'd love to have something that close nearby. I go "into the woods," but I walk two miles before I even reach the entrance to it.

      I wouldn't be shocked. I remember Jane from "Posy" (one of my favorite blogs []) mentioning watching "Breaking Bad," and ever since, nothing shocks me. ;) I love that show too, actually. :)

    3. I even watch a worse one:(
      I watched Breaking Bad too!
      I love beauty..nature is astoundingly beautiful..I know you know..:)

  3. I love the aroma of something wonderful cooking on a cold winter day. We're actually expecting a big storm tonight so I expect I'll be finding something yummy to cook tomorrow too. Maybe those donuts...

    1. Roast chicken and apple baked donuts sound perfect for a cold wintery day! We are suppose to get some ice and snow over the next 24 hours. I hope it is more snow and no ice! Love your chicken roaster! I was so happy to see Branson on DA! It was a great show this past week.

    2. Chris I heard about your too Penny..stay safe and warm girls!
      I was soooo happy too to see just added o much his appearance!
      Loved this past episode!

  4. Yay! You made it! I never heard of that kind of roaster, Revol? Doesn't matter, I want one now!! So how did you like the chicken? Wasn't it out of this world? I want to make another now, you're picture is making me hungry for it too :) It's been down right chilly here in MI but I love my warm cozy home. Are snow came down so gently yesterday, like you picture it would at Christmas time, my favorite kind of snow. My kids live in the path of Jonas the blizzard, I worry for them but I must trust God that he will take care of them and that they're old enough to know how to hunker down. I'm loving DA as well, and I can watch the episode again because PBS is on our Roku. I might just do that tonight. I just saw the cutest picture of a baby earlier today on FB and it made me want to reach out and hug the baby and smell the baby, ooooh, that baby smell :) My grandkids are now 3 & 5!! Growing too fast just like yours! Have a wonderful weekend yourself and thanks so much for the shoutout!! :) -Bev

    1. I loved it Bev..the juices..the fennel..yum!
      Babies are magnets to me too.
      I love your faith.Your Littles are adorable!

  5. Chicken roaster is beautiful. Again, you are a busy bee. Snowshoeing must be hard; you must have to make sure and not go too far so you'll be able to come back. It does sound fun. Never had the donuts but they sound so good.

    1. The donuts are keepers!
      We never go too far..and it's all familiar round..I do prefer milder face and hands are extremely sensitive to cold..
      But you really have to try and get some fresh's more fun than a walk to me..and I feel lucky my legs work..I don't want them to think I take them for granted;)

  6. Monique you have the greatest collection of kitchen "stuff", I love your roaster. Oh my the donuts look delicious. We are trying to be good here and not bake too much, but these look yummy. Maybe Saturday when the snow is coming down I'll try to make them. This of course means a trip to home goods for a mini muffin pan. Downton was fantastic last week. And yes, it was fun to see Tom return. Have a great weekend!
    P.S if you are reading Susan, congratulations on the birth of your 3rd grandson.

    1. Terry you will love the donuts!
      If they cool..jut micro..just as good..they stayed delih 5 days here..I warmed up the last for Lucas..
      I checked the roaster..the price has gone up soo much..I think mine was originally from W-S and on sale..
      You too..hope you get a stress free beautiful snow day.

    2. The donuts were good. I saved some for tomorrow and froze the rest. I have to keep an eye out for the roaster when I get to homegoods. I haven't been there since before the holidays, they must think I have moved. I usually stopped in at least once a week because it is in same shopping center as the grocery store.

  7. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of our favourite films also. It's a mix of emotions. There are tender moments as well as truly funny ones. That chicken just went on my to try list. I am having company for supper tomorrow. I think I may make it then, although I don't have one of those roasters, I do have a good one that I love to use. Your painting. C'est merveilleux! I haven't had time yet to really play with my paints this year. Hoping soon! Downton, I was so happy when Branson turned up. It wasn't the same without him! However will we cope when it is truly finished for good. Sigh . . . Happy you enjoyed the little donut muffins. They are a real favourite around here. Two bites of gorgeousness! Love and hugs! Hope you aren't going to get that bad storm they are talking about! Stay safe and warm! xoxo

    1. For once the storm seems to be missing us..but it will be nasty for certain friends I have read:(
      Use a large cookiesheet or normal roasting pan..Bev shows a step by step..anyways you make delish roasted chicken dishes too..the fennel spoke through the screen to me..and Bev's pic by pic..that's a lotta work!
      I guess we all smiled at the same time when Branson showed up!

  8. Loved reading this post & also all the comments about Downton, how amusing the comments were. I feel just like you, I have never been able warm to Cora,
    We have seen the final series and then we had a Christmas 2 hr. special which tops them all, so lovely. I thought I'd tried every possible way to cook a chicken, I must look at the one you've just shared, although I don't have a pot like you , what is so different about this roaster, and does it make any difference to the finished result ? What a lovely sketch you have shown , what are the pencils you used ? I still haven't started Sharis Blaikopf online course, we had a localised mini tornado last week and have had a lot of damage which has given us a lot of clearing up to do. Thankfully we are both fine and
    only minor damage to our property. But the weather has been so cold and wet we have not had the urge to get out side. I think I'd rather have your snow.

    1. I have checked back on your blog..yesterday the last time I think and did not see a new I see why:( some trees fell in our neighbourhood also last week w/ violent you saw the tree and how close to the would have flattend the WHOLE fell perhaps 1 ft in front..
      I used watercolors..M Grahma..and added a few things w/ Prismacolor watercolor pencils..SometimesI like playing..ok always..

      so the roaster was a coveted item yrs ago amongst many of us..I was very fortunate that a friend found them on sale and bought me one..andwhen we met I came home w/ it..they were far more reasonable..not even close to the price Amazon now sells them at..the reviews al say the chicken roaster makes a moister chicken..I can't say I have noticed..but it's perfect for a smaller chicken..looks pretty oven to table..and does clean up SO easily..
      but look how Bev cooked it..I am sure it is perfect..:)
      So glad you were not hurt!
      I hope we get that special:)!!!

  9. Love all this post and love these little donuts!!! xoxoxo

    1. Gloria try know Marie's recipes:)Thanks!

  10. I love the "pot" and could be tempted to make chicken at least once a week!! Yes, welcome home Tom and Sybie!!


    1. It's true that cooking with things we enjoy makes it a pleasure..spoiled to have extras..I know many don't have very much or happy to have those 2 back..and he just oves her so much..Lady Mary is a bit colder with Littles..Edith and Branson..loving loving loving..
      If I was Lady Cora I would still be bawling over Sybil...I would love her back too..and Michael.:)

  11. I love seeing photos of food before it's been cooked, the chicken looks lovely :)

    1. I love seeing cooked deliciously golden can't happen here unless natural light is around,,never in winter at night..thanks Sue..I always wonder about showing uncooked meat etc..but Revol ..maybe camouflaged it well enough~

  12. I love walking into the house on a cold day and smiling something in the oven! Ina's roasted chicken is so delicious. Just had to replace the coffee pot in the fall. I did get a Nespresso. I have been enjoying it but I have yet to make espresso and use my little cups! Love the idea of baked donuts but sadly, I would eat them...still curbing the sugar...

    1. I love little espresso cups:) So cute..everything mini..

      a bite or two..that's all you need..Marie often has friends over..missionaries..she can share..I hear you loud and clear!

  13. Lovely Winter recipes for a chilly day. Lots of rain here....Ina's roasted chicken is the best. Your baking dish, quite charming. Apple donuts or muffins would be wonderful to enjoy right now with a delicious cup of coffee. Thank goodness for handy husbands who can figure out things. My husband is also an engineer. Enjoying the weekend.

    1. Smart cookies they are..but look at you!
      Smart too..:)

  14. Mrs. Hughes did look lovely! And your donuts look lovely and I am cold - we are having a blizzard (we are 50 miles from Washington DC) with 24 inches of snow on the way? We will be shoveling for a while! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. We heard that is where the storm will be toughest..stay cozy Tricia..and safe!

  15. I'm mad for those donuts! So wish there were some in my kitchen right now. Chilly here too...but at least we don't have to deal with snow. Feel sorry for my daughter in NYC.
    Haven't caught up with Downton....can't wait!

    1. Oh darn..i should wait even longer to give my peanut gallery comments!!:)
      Oh they are good those bitefuls Barbara..enjoy your state:)

  16. Mrs Hughes is my favorite character. She has such dignity and common sense and charm. And I love her voice.

  17. I am glad Tom is back,too!
    The wedding was really nice...
    That chicken cooker is fabulous! So fancy...
    Love you are so good!
    Today is a pulled pork...bought at Costco...kind of nervous about this one!
    Supposed to roast for 3 1/2 hours!
    Beautiful sunny day here...
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Linda :o)

    1. Here too..I washed my floors..the sun makes them gleam:)I think the pulled pork will be fabulous..Jacque's going to BBQ some burgers..had lasagna roll ups last night..good..I'll share the recipe..
      listening to a beautiful Playlist..cozy beautiful day!!
      You too know the sea is calling for you!:)

    2. I forgot to say....
      Planes and trains and automobiles is my VERY favourite movie♥️
      I cry every time!
      We had burgers last night!

  18. A usual Monique, FAB photos and that chicken looks sublime too! Have a wonderful weekend, sending happy wishes from SW France! Karen

  19. I always use Thomas Keller's whole roast chicken recipe. Perfect every time. It just uses lots of salt on the skin and high heat. Your donuts look so homey good. I have been Jonesing for them lately but hate the deep fried part (just indulged with falafel -- you CAN'T make them without frying them). We aren't that cold but boy are we snowy. I love it.

  20. J'ai passé mon dimanche devant la fin de Downton Abbey ... j'avais attendu la fin des fêtes pour tout regarder, presque en une fois, et je dois dire que je suis triste aussi, maintenant que c'est fini. Comme toi, j'ai adoré le personnage de Branson. Adorable, c'est le mot ... Quant à Mary, quelle peste ! Comme quoi la misère morale peut faire devenir méchant ... Bon, il va falloir passer à autre chose, maintenant ... :-) Allez, je prends un petit beignet et je continue ...

    1. Trop vrai! J'imagine qu'elle te fait penser ...a quelqu'un;) ( a accent grave)..
      J'aime énormément Call The Midwife aussi...

  21. What a lovely post. Roasted chicken is perfect on a snowy day. Cora is a bit annoying this season. Every time she talks it is as if she is whining.

    1. That's what I see now too Esme!I hope Lord Grantham is ok.. Jacques tapes or PVR's the show so we watch it later in the week..I have no clue what went on last night yet;)

  22. Thar chicken looks sooo yummy.
    I will def try it.
    I can't imagine the cold you're experiencing
    I wished you'd come to Paris!! Lots of good chickens here, but no downdon yet :((

    1. Who know what our future holds..I would definitely have what you had in that resto:)

  23. I remember the chicken roaster and use mine all the time (the one I got from Ann Thibault).
    Hope you are having a great week.

    1. I LOVE that one:) I remember..It rained here yesterday..different winter altogether!

  24. Monique, You've been busy as usually cooking and baking! Love all the pics! Thanks for sharing the recipes. Love your watercolor too!