Sunday, February 14, 2016


As I mentioned ,our youngest daughter's birthday is February 21rst..39 years old..
I still remember bringing her home from the hospital..a little heat lamp directed on her bare bottom in her crib at home..she had developed a bad rash and they suggested we not put a diaper on when we got home..but to keep her clean and was so easy as she slept on her tummy..(back then ..they did..)..w/her tiny feet tucked under her like a tiny little frog..
I remember those days so clearly..

we had two cribs..because Mylène  was only 18 months old..and one of my favorite French singers..Michel Delpech (sadly ,recently passed away..) had a song called..  Chez Nous.....I know for certain it was on my LP..but I can only find it by H spoke of home and that it smelled of soup and a baby did..our home had the most divine baby smelled cozy and wonderful to me.I was 23..and had had a pretty tough 2 yrs 19-20.. but 21 blessed us w/ our eldest daughter..and then 18 months later..another.
There was nowhere else I wanted to be..they were perfect and fun and cute..and I played house w/ them..I made clothes w/ velcro and some of our outfits matched.
I didn't miss university or work..I had all of a sudden no other aspirations than to just be there loving every minute of playing with my dolls:)♥
Now..I play with their dolls:)

So getting back to my post..we celebrated her birthday,yesterday, Valentine's weekend..
you saw the furry friends..the heart cookies..I made linzers..I adore linzers..
I froze one disk for future linzers..
This time I used an old Gourmet magazine recipe..

For her cake I used one of Heather's recipes..Heather has a BEAUTIFUL blog I LOVE..Curly Girl Kitchen..I find myself sometimes looking back to her posts from her early days..I have no clue how I found her..but I never miss a post..her wedding..she did everything herself..the cute things..ideas..her home..her husband..everything..her photography is just spot on perfect.
A cake is a lot for J and I..but for our's great..
I made her vanilla bean latte cake..
I froze my 3 layers and frosted it the day of the celebration.
It was probably - 40 outside w/ the wind chill factor.
The day before I had frosted the kids cupcakes imagining perfect rosettes as I know how..
Eeeeek..nothing was working..the buttercream..I kept adding stuff..oh lala.. nothing worked..
looked like spaguetti when I was done..
I could not figure out what I did wrong..Next morning..I frosted the cake.. I even reduced the butter etc..

as I went on..I knew why..the fireplace was making the great room so nice and warm..but the kitchen was too chilly for buttercream!!
Especially by  big bright windows.

EEK butter..would not stay supple.
All I can say is thank Goodness I had made chocolate words..had the cupcakes:) And had bought the banner.
I would have LOVED to make Heather proud..
I did learn an invaluable not attempt buttercream on Siberian days.

You can find the recipe for Heather's Vanilla Bean Latte Cake and her beautiful blog and gorgeous

The cute card my daughter made..she loves to make her cards now..she finds art she likes..this one is a reproduction of Liana Hee.
She coud easily just do them on her own.
She inherited my mother's talent and hair:)
We had Indian food and their home was beautifully decorated..look at her fireplace..she made all those..and big flowers like that hung over the dining to make people feel special.
The bookmark/hanging hearts with one of my fave sayings and the vintage Valentine were a special delivery from an overseas friend who bakes and cooks incredibly well;)

I love vintage valentine's,home made art......
tulips in February..and I enjoyed a movie this weekend called..Summer In February.A friend recommended it for the scenery..and right she was..and the ART....the easels..AJ's studio..then Florence's..and seeing Matthew....just a lovely Friday night movie..true,sad story.
Or a Valentine's Day movie.

Bon Dimanche!


  1. Like mother, like daughter. All looks beautiful and festive. I didn't realize your daughters were so close in age. I thought your cake turned out gorgeous. I guessed a caramel cake, but I bet the latte one was delicious. I have never heard of the movie and will try to find it on Netflix. I love tulips too and am watching daily for them to wake up.

    1. Our tulips are store bought:) Yours will be up months before ours!
      The not edge of your seat.:) It's melancholic and beautiful.
      The cake had a lot of makeup on:)
      Thanks Donna:)
      How was your party?

  2. Que d'amour, tendresse et douceur dans ton article ~
    Bon film et régalez-vous bien.

    1. Merci Camille..j'espère que tu as eu une belle journée~

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Your pictures are stunning. Love the Birthday Cake, who would not love a home made cake. Now days people just don't bake or cook, all frozen or put them in the oven and finished.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. It's just the two of us..I have all the time in the world right now to do those things:)
      Thanks Mary!

  4. I'm sure no one noticed you'd had to redo you cake. and I'm also sure it was delicious. All those extra details when decorating for a party always make a difference, and all so lovely for a lovely day.
    Loved the pink tulips. Somehow I've managed to save one large pot of tulips , I'd thought they were all gone. I was ready to empty the pot of old potting mix and saw green shoots. Not sure what the flowers will be like, probably not as good as last year, as I've not even re-topped the compost or fed them.

    1. Barbara.I am wondering if any of mine will come back..very few have been acting like perennials:(
      To be truthful..I did not plant any new ones this past fall..
      I have been thinking about my seeds and garlic and spinach:)
      Your soil looks rich enough:)

  5. I just love reading your blog. It's something about your words and the way you write them. Loved the memory of the day you brought your birthday girl home.

    1. That was one of the 2 best days of my life:)
      I know you get it;)
      Laurie..thank you.

      I make so many typos..and did all my schooling in French until college..I often wonder..about my sentences..

      my an excellent my mom..he should write a book:)

  6. So pretty
    But i want to ask the cost
    I feel so bad about theCanadien dollar ;(

  7. I love your words - loving every minute playing with my dolls, now playing with their dolls. I can't think of any words that would describe you better. Happy birthday to your first doll. Looks like you had a dream weekend and a very happy Valentine's day.

    1. I love your words:)
      I am certain you..and your Meakin had a beautiful day..It's chilly there too I have read..hope you kept some pretty sweaters:)

  8. Love Linzer cookies and I love your cut out design in the cookie. How did you get the arrows to cut out, that is such fine detail. Sorry to hear about the cake but I bet it tasted yummy. Heather's cake looks pretty tall. I have old cake tins that are not very deep. Did use pans that are deeper than 1 1/2" (I think new pans are deeper). It is nice to get to "visit" and peak into your daughter's home too. I think she gets her art talent from you too Monique.

    1. It is fun to peek isn't it?
      I remember when they bought their home..I was a realtor at the time..we looked at many!
      Heather used 8' pans..mine were 9..and not deep..3 layers.

      There is cream cheese and coconut milk in the cake..

      it was frozen..the air was cool..bad circumstances for buttercream..
      Oh well!!:)
      I kept looking at Heather's thinking..this is not going well..

      we both tried this weekend right?

      Hope you had fun yesterday..I did make a Marie omelet that did turn out:)

    2. Geesh..forgot to talk about the cut's like that..there is one..just a w/ the arrows.Humbly..I admit to having a few sets of Linzer cutters.

    3. Thanks Monique for the feedback on the cake pans. Yes a weekend of not perfect kitchen projects here too. But you know Katherine loved the cupcakes that had the purple and pink. I bought the candy hearts too and she was jumping around the kitchen telling mommy Grammy bought me candy! Don't know why but I have become Grammy to her lately. Fun time dressing up her stuffed animal in her tule skirt and angel wings.

      I can image you have just a few Linzer cutters, so do I. We are bad...

    4. very bad;)

      I love Grammy.. I hope it sticks..:)

      I love when their faces show so much appreciation!
      Good Grammy;)

  9. Oh, I have added that film on my Amazon watch list Monique. It looks good! And it has Matthew in it. I was so sad when he died in DA. Sigh. Anyways, looks like you had a fabulous Valentines Celebration. And your daughter, she has clearly inherited her maman's talents! I bet they are both good cooks also, and excellent bakers! Oh, I would love your hair. I would. But if I did, it would be dyed pink. ;-) Ahh one day. I am glad that you were pleasantly surprised by my little attempts at a Valentines surprise. I had fun doing it anyways. Your cake is beautiful. It doesn't look like anything is wrong at all to me. Everything you do always looks exemplar. I am making a big Spag Bol sauce today and baking cake, etc. I have a lot of people coming to tea tomorrow and a lot of work to do otherwise, so preparations are being done today! Love and hugs! xo

    1. You do soo much..I am making yet another shepherd's pie ..second one since 2016..and I am going to do my potatoes like yours..going back to your post..
      the whole community at your church must be overjoyed at having to cook and bake for people I find:)
      funny I was in a pharmacy..and thought..and looked at the temp pink dyes for you..I think they have something that comes out shortly after:)
      LOved my treats.Thank you:)

    2. I will have to look for temp pink dye, when my hair gets a bit longer. Watch for it! Cana't wait to see your pie! xo

  10. I will look into the movie - thanks for the recommendation. What a lovely memory about your daughter. It's funny the things that stick with us. Our baby is having another baby in June, a girl. We are very excited to meet her but I still miss my baby girl too. Our son is also having a baby in a few weeks - another girl. Two granddaughters in just a few months. We are blessed! Have a lovely week - it's snowing here today - up to 10 inches. Rain tomorrow. Such a funny year!

    1. I know..2 girls ..I should be typing in green:) Littles have such tender hearts..they all have a pink side..inside:)
      Tender tender..Kisses,hugs..charm..
      it's just the dresses we all miss..and nope..they won't wear them..:)
      But when they get dressed up..what cuties.. 2 had ties..and all had dress shirts..beautiful boys!
      I hope you share the girls:)

  11. Oh, those linzar tarts! My mouth is watering!
    Such beautiful memories of your daughter and a special time in your life.
    Life is good.

    1. Linzers are pretty special..a treat..:) Thank you Susan!

  12. Beautiful I remember where I found you!
    On Curly Girls blog! I used to comment all the time, and loved your comments!
    I always tell people where I found
    Have a wonderful evening and week....
    Linda :o)

    1. Some it has been so long..we had met at Gardenbuddies..and Gardenweb before that..:)
      It's really been such a wonderful experience..I know you feel the same way!
      How talented is that Heather?

    2. Can't say that I recall buddies and gardenweb?
      No memory of those......are you sure?
      Yes....Heather is very talented!

    3. No..not many years and I are recent;)

  13. Lovely St Valentin ! Belle journée à toi. Christine

  14. Your daughter. Aren't you happy she is so like you? And that movie. Must see!

    1. So funny..each daughter has some of my husband and some of me..split down the middle:)
      You are an may like the movie!

  15. Such a fun and pretty cake. I adore the colors. Heather is very talented, just like you. The pink tulips are so lovely. I feel like Spring.

    1. I have never baked a cake as perfect as Heather's:)
      You always look and feel like Spring:)

  16. I've arrived here from Barbara Lilian's - being a Francophile and seeing the name of your blog, I couldn't resist coming over for a look and I'm so glad I did!
    I just feel as though I've curled up with a lovely book and read the first chapter and already know this will become one of my favourites!

    My daughter lives in France and I travel there every year to spend summer days with my three granddaughters - the loves of my life!

    What a beautiful post full of warmth and fun. I'm sure your cake tasted delicious regardless.
    The memories of your baby - oh the memories of came flooding back for me too - my baby was born in June 1977 so they are the same age 39.
    Awe that baby smell is adorable and I love having a newborn in my arms and sniffing the folds in the neck where that special smell lingers!

  17. Me again, sorry my iPad went awol.!
    I'm off to read your next post - love your writing Monique and following you now.

  18. It must have been a wonderful celebration~ I love that M is so creative too! I've never been good at cake or cookie decorating so your cake looks wonderful to me :) I'd love to see the movie just to see 'Matthew' again! Haven't caught up with the last two episodes of DA yet. Lots of catching up to do and we will see our sweet little Bo on Thursday. The memories you spoke of are still fresh in my mind also. The little curled up legs under their tiny little bottoms ♥ and putting them down on their tummies. No bald spots on the back of the head for our babies :)

    1. But the sides ..LOL made me laugh:)

      DA chemistry for me..this time around w/ Lady M and her new race car driver.
      And Mr Carson..oy.
      And poor Mr Barrow..and Daisy..come on..w /Mrs Patmore;)
      And Cora..wah wah wah//
      I am so bad!!

    2. So funny :) I asked John last night which recording we should watch first - Downton? He said I'll probably fall asleep - it's just not as interesting as it used to be. So true. We watched Blue Bloods instead :)