Saturday, February 27, 2016

L'omelette de Marie~

First you need eggs..preferably eggs that are in your family..

Just kidding..but our son-in-law had just given us some beautiful eggs from his girls..and Marie had just posted a recipe that looked so good..
I made it for lunch on that cold Valentine's Day we  had.
You can find Marie's recipe here..and below..

I had extra I used them also..and my garlic scape chives..geesh they freeze so well all chopped always have some on hand!

La Recette

Courtesy of Marie at The English Kitchen

Here's what I did because of the extra ings..

6 rashers of bacon
as many mushrooms as you want I had about 1.5 cups
salt and pepper
3 eggs
1/4 cup milk
garlic chives

some sharp cheddar cheese..

Start by partially cooking the bacon in  water.. Bring water to a boil in your omelet pan..and cook bacon..drain water..cook bacon longer until crisped up..
Remove from pan..cook sliced mushrooms until well done and burnished;)  Not boiled.:)Season them.
Remove..drain fat..add 1 tbsp of butter ..heat the same pan..
meanwhile you have whisked up your eggs w/ the milk...season..add garlic scape chives if you have..
Put the mix in the hot pan..and cook..lifting up around the omelet so that the omelet will cook,
When omelet is golden brown and done..lay the bacon on one side.. top with the cheese and the mushrooms.
Fold omelet over and serve.
One omelet is perfect for Jacques and I..I cut it in half.
I love a good omelet;)♥

It's been miserable here weather wise..winds..freezing rain..power outages..

I keep busy..

I am so grateful for busy and still grateful for winter..just not for power outages..

a vintage cigar box came in handy today..

Since I aquired this WN travel set..maybe 3 years ago..I have ..
disliked it a lot.
You rarely  hear me say that.
It was hard to open..every aspect was hard to open..and the water bottle?
Ripped the corner on the water bottle the first time I opened not even out of the proverbial gate and the bottle leaked.
So I have hated it .
Nothing worked well in my kit..
and seeing the bottle wrapped in Saran..bugs me.always.
So I put it aside..FOREVER.
It's the Field Box plus and I think I got a lemon.
Love lemons..;) just not in a paint kit..

and then I found the cigar box...  and put the WN kit in it..with brushes and papers ..and a little easel type thing to hold paper up..little cups for water..and eraser..a Micron..etc..

Just looking at it..makes me much happier. And I don't smoke.

I love things..that make other things seem so much better.
A cigar box can do that;)
It hides Saran Wrap well~:)

Windy Saturday night for a change here..;)


  1. That omelette looks and sounds beautiful!
    I found that mushrooms made my omelettes watery....hmmm...must just be me!
    Your art supplies are perfect in that cigar box....great re-purpose!
    Hope your lights are on this Saturday evening...
    Lazy beach day here warm on the cottage porch...
    Dinner at I spoiled or what?
    Bonne evening....
    Linda :o)

    1. A lovely spoiled..well deserved..soak up that ocean!
      Omelet was just right..not wet!

    2. I spy Spider-Man......♥️

    3. :)'s his dad's're good!

  2. Monique, we just received two dozen eggs from our friends who have 26 chickens on their ranch. They bring us fresh eggs every few weeks. We will need to make the omelet for Sunday brunch. ;-)
    Your new travel kit is perfect. I bought a water color travel kit many, many years ago. It was for a class I took while on vacation. Sadly, I've not kept up with painting. I should get it out and start playing. I wasn't very good, so didn't continue. I know practice makes a difference in all things. You are inspiring me! '-)

    1. I would love you to take out your kit..and I am certain you would create beautiful work..
      I know it.
      Don't you find gifted eggs are Limoges like?
      Philo is well!

  3. The omelette sounds wonderful. Love mushrooms, eggs and cheese. Many thanks for the recipe.
    The cigar box works great for all your painting accessories.
    Sorry to hear about the wind and bad weather, but hopefully it will be over soon. I won't tell you how wonderful our weather is. My iris's are starting to bloom.
    Have a terrific Sunday.

    1. won't tell me but you Iris are starting to bloom?
      I think that about sums it up:)
      I am fine with bad weather..really!

  4. The omelette looks wonderful and those eggs are beautiful. I didn't realize you could freeze the garlic scales. I'm growing some garlic so hopefully I remember that trick come scape time. Repurposed old boxes are great. Glad it did the trick for you. Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. You too!
      Yes..a farmer at the market gave me that tip..harvest the scapes..the long curlicues..and finely chop like chives..freeze.
      I like old stuff..and new stuff:)
      Brown fresh eggs...heaven..I even like opening my fridge door and seeing them..

    2. I'm with you, I once had fresh eggs in multiple colors and spent time arranging them in an old bark brown bowl and photographing them. They are prettier than any Easter eggs dyed with a kit. Oh and by the way I see my fav pitcher in your photo.

  5. That omelette looks like the perfect lunch. I love mushrooms in omelettes (and pizza :-)

    1. We do too..yet one of our gilrs cannot even look at a mushroom:)

  6. Your omelette looks lovely, such a different method than the French way, will have to try your way or should I say the recipe Courtesy of Marie at The English Kitchen. Fresh eggs make all the difference, I used to get mine from our daughter then the fox came and he stole one hen each day until only Mr Cock was left, so no more fresh eggs. How disappointing for you that the W.N. travel box was a disaster. Love the cigar box substitute. I have an old one I've kept when Mr France used to smoke cigars, I keep bits and pieces that I frequently use init, then they are always to hand. Hope your weather is improving. We had sunshine and blue sky on Friday after weeks of continual rain and guess what ? yes, it's been raining again since.

    1. Yes so different! My son in law's mom.. she starts hers on he stove top and finishes it in the oven..puffs up can watch many different programs..You tubes..on French omelets..even Jacques Pépin varies his style:)
      I like just folding it over..and I aso like the oven long as it looks good and tastes great.I don't like wet scrambled eggs..I need a set scramble..totally uncooth;)

      your gardens were coming along so we.. the rain must be enriching your earth:)

      I love cigar handy!

  7. You can never ever go wrong with a good omelet and yours looks perfect in every aspect. Congratulations on re purposing the cigar box. You've found a very good use for it that makes you happy - can't ask for more than that. Power outages are the worst. I grew up with ice storms happening at least every two years and that is probably the single greatest reason I don't like winter. Stay warm. Spring will be here before you know it and you'll be out in your garden.

    1. It is a very uncomfortabe feeling..I almost feel I turn into someone else:)!

  8. Même avant d'être végan je n'étais pas très omelette car je n'aime pas les oeufs et les digère mal... Dommage, pour un classique !
    Quel talent en peinture, vos peintures aquarelles sont si douces et délicates. Une véritable artiste !

  9. I too love things that make other things look better.
    I love that.
    Now let's talk about boiling bacon. Where have I been. I have always struggled with cooking bacon properly. Mine rarely crisps enough.
    Should I have known this all along?

    1. I think this is the 3rd time I have boiled bacon:)
      I like it..try it..
      So many things we do once and settle back.
      I rarely cook bacon..a few of our standard dishes call for bits cooked up..the only time we cook a lot of bacon is Christmas morning brunch..and Jacques makes it the day before..yes:) Bakes it in the oven..and we reheat it..It's Epicurious..Pecan Praline bacon..if we did not make it..our family would tell us about it;)

  10. I love a good omelette too! In fact, I was the omelette maker for our group breakfasts in California :) We always buy a big block of Jarlsberg at Costco for snacking with Stacy's on the golf course so I make Jarlsberg and chopped pimento-stuffed olive omelettes. We would love this one too. I've never started cooking bacon in water before! Does it become more crispy after the water bath? Usually, I bake it in the oven these days. We love bacon :) Fingers crossed I have some garlic scapes to harvest this year! I will remember your tip about chopping and freezing. 56F here today but very windy (cow skinning) LOL. Love your cigar box painting kit. Your found a beautiful replacement in that box.

    1. Snow blizzardy type day here:) too..we bake the bacon..except for certain dishes when the chopped bacon is ppart of the dish and I want that fat:) Carbonara/rapini..
      I have seen Stacy's..I'll buy next time..
      Costco and cheese:)
      they must have loved your omelets..
      cooking it lightly in water gets rid of a lot of fat..stays more supple I find..Cook's Illustrated recommends cooking it in water till the wtaer evaporates..I threw the water away..and ket cooking;)
      I like the box too:)

    2. It actually reached 62F today! J and I walked the golf course and it felt great in spite of the wind making my eyes teary. Snow predicted here Tuesday/Wednesday and temps dropping again. In like a Lion as they say :) Stacys baked pita chips are delicious! Bacon and eggs, a match made in Heaven :) Especially those special eggs ♥

    3. I will look at Costco..very bleak here today..snow ended early..tomorrow weather should be better..going to dinner and paint night with M and C..:)

  11. You are the mother of invention, Monique. Love the paint kit/easel. My oldest daughter loves omelets and could eat them everyday. I remember you saying you froze ginger. I just harvested the ginger I grew last summer and laid it out to dry. Should I chop it before freezing or freeze the pieces whole?

    1. I make chunks:) And put in a baggie..because to use use a microplane..every morning in our can see me w/ a microplane and a knob of grates perfectly!!
      How did the show go? The cigar box is appropriate:)

  12. Oh, that omelet looks delicious! Now pining for bacon (which you cook just like I do!) and mushroom omelet. I'm sorry your paint box was such a dud, but you have a cigar box! I'd forgotten about my love for cigar boxes - as a child they seemed to be everywhere, and the wood was so sweet smelling . I wonder what tonight will bring on Downton? I feel a little nervous about unexpected deaths, perhaps? Will they all be leaving? Oh, the suspense.

    1. We can't even find what time it is one here..there's a marathon..all day DA..on PBS we will check in at 8..can't miss the last epi..
      Funny you mention the smell..the lady that sold it to her 70's..she told.. said I opened the box and it still smells like wood:)
      She told me she had had a rescue dog that she loved for 15 yrs and worried that maybe it had doggie smell:) It does not..and she told me..and she showed me his box..he left her this Kan..all fresh..she has his picture and his box w/ his ashes in her living room..I could tell she would have loved to chat..and I would have too..but Jacques in the car waiting..
      I feel for older people:(

      That live on their own..they want to chat:)
      Anyways we hugged;)

    2. Seems like the finale is next week...

  13. I have the exact same WN paint set that you do! And I love them (didn't know they came as part of a complete set of tools). Those paints last forever -- and you know that I paint almost every day. Well, I have run out of the greens, but other than that -- I think the orange and red will last a lifetime.

    Happy to hear you have your power back. I've lived without power (6 days, after Super Storm Sandy hit Long Island) and it is miserable. And it's funny how muscle memory makes you keep hitting light switches that you know perfectly well don't work.

    1. Well Vivian if you love I will learn to:)

      Only the brush came with it..I just hate there's a hole in the bottle..oh well..and the compartments seem to need WD 40..sometimes you just get a a set that is off..I kept it..never retutrned it..because part of me still liked it;)
      Like my Grumbachers..I bought that because of paint circle was missing..kept it..
      Yes..Sandy..I remember..and yes..light conditioned our brains are..

  14. Replies
    1. It's so good !And easy..and packed just right..she's good that Marie;)

  15. I've always envied Martha Stewart's lovely eggs! Alas, I don't know anyone with chickens!!


    1. I was so tempted to have a small coop..our son-in-law..Alain..offered to build us's the winter that would get to me..going out every day to feed and water them..I wish I had the will..
      chickens are adorable..and you get eggs all winter!

  16. Beautiful omelet! We love to have an omelet for dinner with a little salad often...but I must admit that I like mine with no color on it and still wet inside. M likes his a bit more dry and does not mind color. I love your cigar box...I love boxes holding beloved things in general!
    What a joy to have freshly laid eggs...I can just imagine how wonderful they must taste!
    Bisous xo

    1. I am so not surprised you like them like that..Jacques would too I think..he scrambles his loose..mine look like vermiculite insulation;)
      Linda..I am sure I would love yours..You are such and excellent cook:)

  17. Your omelet looks wonderful. We love them for whenever. Boiled bacon, never heard of doing it. The cigar box is so adorable. I saw some decorated at a craft show last year. Nothing like fresh eggs.

    1. I bet yours are beautiful:) Sitting at one of your pretty tablesettings..what more could one want?:)In that moment?:)

  18. Nice to make omelette with eggs from the family. I could eat an omelette every day! Especially during the season when I get my veggie box each week :-)

    1. I'd love to be part of something like inspiring!

  19. Your omelette looks scrumptious. Your painting projects always inspire me.

  20. That paint box looks a killer. When I see extras like that blue clamp thing I run the other way...not functional and takes away from mixing space. You can always remove the pans and add to another box, even one of those mint tin boxes..called Altoons or something. I do that all the time, switching pans.
    Going out to get some mushrooms now!!

    1. Altoids...peep enamel the inside white

    2. I have a little Altoids..great idea..this kit has loads of mixing's the bottle that leaks for me:(
      Everyone loves it..I will learn to.I think I am a sucker for paints your new's the one you did!:)

  21. What a grand repurposing of a cigar box! Love, LOVE it, and especially the easel tip. Great one! I spy Spider Man helping with the eggs, so cute. Love that you use "family" eggs. Nothing like fresh eggs from well known hens. I think we are going to have eggs for tea tonight, I am so not feeling like cooking at the moment. Happy that you enjoyed the omelet! Simple things. They bring the most joy. Love and hugs! xoxo

    1. PS - Love the addition of mushrooms, and yes burnished not stemed. :-)

    2. I am surprised you took the time to commenet so graciously w/ the way you feel..Take care and thanks for al the great recipes..all the time..going to put my make up on now;)

  22. I love how a few eggs can become a wonderful meal. Mushrooms are always a bonus! Your omelette looks fabulous and with fresh eggs, I'm sure it was a delicious dinner!

  23. We have the wind now with a little weather on the way tomorrow night. Spring has not yet arrived but I am hoping this little brisk snow event will be winter's last hurrah! I can't get enough mushrooms these days - lovely!