Friday, May 19, 2017

Adrenaline overload~May~LOOONG.

Years and years ago..more precisely... here ...I mentioned a childhood friend of mine..I have mentioned her a couple of times..

I have not seen her in over 52 yrs (to our et Jacques..) and have not kept in touch..I was 10-11..

Out of the blue I received an email from the Netherlands  a few weeks ago..from a "Gwen"...
..her husband had read  a blog..  mentioning a Dutch childhood friend etc..and he wondered if it was me..and it was:)

so all these yrs later..we have exchanged a few emails and have caught up on things..

How about that?
My husband was astounded:)
Finds it cute cute cute:)
me too:)

My favorite place is back in action..OUR BROCANTE..

I had a specific thing in mind..knowing it is early and we have had a ROTTEN May..  I had to think of regulars..
this earlier Spring..  the spoon ring I have worn for over 45 yrs..snapped in two..worn to the baby spoon:( I never take my rings off..I do everything w/ them..when's not me..  for yrs and yrs we have  had a the brocante and I have always admired everything..but my first the spoon ring..and I had one..
I knew that that was my mission saturday.
Boom..Sat. morning..LAST..Sat morning..a spoon ring was back on my right ring finger♥ 

So many things to admire at our brocante..

even though flooding was happening across the street ..water areas..this place was glowing..w/ sun and happy vendors..

I caught the eye..of the mink /vintage seller..

I asked her if I could take a pic..I told her if she said no I would understand because I hate having my pic taken.. Love what my small directional arrow in my watercolor says..:

Le jardinage est une méditation   à ciel ouvert~
Gardening is open air meditation~

it continues as follows....

un secret révélé  à qui le mérite~
a secret disclosed to one deserving of it~
~Ghyslaine Schoeller

This week..Jacques and I had Littles duty..Caroline and Frédérick were on a cruise..10 days..

we got Sunday aft until Friday aft..

Some of the LOOP friends dropped by while we were there..

Katie..the only girl..brought her Instax over one day..and I succumbed.
I am certain her CHARM had a lot to do with it..:)

we have a short getaway in mind..and I thought that I would like to add a few Polaroids to my journal..

I loved my Polaroid in the 70's..see our eldest above on a swing set Jacques built her♥

The week was dotted w/ muffins and cookies and fruits and busy..

and our first dinners outside..

and my gardening outside..the fairies are happy..

the weather has been Wizard of Oz ish..w/ winds to blow a home away and witches appearing..w/ yellow brick roads..and Toto..:)

I have lots of Little pics..but lots of the Littles are not mine so I won't post..

home now..

brocante tomorrow..

it has already been 1 week..

My special treat..just for me the mail..

was Carol's ..MY Paris Mail~
Floral Paris Boutiques..

is that my cup of tea or what?

A beautiful Thé Marie-Antoinette  business card ..and a few others..were in the special Air Mail♥

I am not sleeping..thinking about the gardens and planting..and waterings and STUPD tomato plants I NURTURED..are dying because their STUPID over nurturing care giver burned their roots w/ Monty's Joy Juice..SOB..

That's another story~

Have a great week,!!

Oh..and a dear friend/enabler..received a Sennelier order for me and then sent it to me♥

The first thing I did was a color code card w/ examples:)

Thank you dear enabler♥~


  1. I saw on IG that C&F were off on holiday. What a wonderful time! And how incredible that you have reconnected with Gwen! This amazing world we live in today. Happy for you two. You will have much joy ahead as you reconnect about the past 50 years. You already know I love Carol's work too. ;-)
    Happy Weekend, my friend. Enjoy the brocante! I hope to visit one of my favorite shops in nearby Georgetown on Sunday. My sister is in town visiting her daughters.

    1. Have fun !I hope we see photos🙂It must be so nice to have a sister.
      It was great exchanging of the past.I had coffee with my brother this week while the boys were at school..he remembered her also.
      I can't wait to pick Cand F up and hear about their trip..wifi has not been readily available to them..I think little Oli will be over the moon to see his mommy.❤️

  2. Oooooh! J'adore les brocantes!!! J'aimerais bien visiter la tienne, Monique. À quel endroit êtes-vous situés? Et ces p'tits muffins là, ils ont l'air bon pas à peu près! :)

    1. Sent you a PM..Sonia..cet endroit est magique..une belle journée ensoleillée..le bonheur!

    2. Merci Monique! I'll be sure to check it out. Looks like loads of fun... and tons of great finds!

  3. So that is why things have been quiet from your end. How lucky Caroline and Frederick are to have a Nana and Grandpa to help them out. I hope they enjoyed their trip. That is wonderful that you connected with your childhood friend. Their must have been tons of catching up to do. I was in my basement, clearing out a room that will be redone. Too bad you are so far away, I think you would find items to take home from our house. Happy to hear you have a ring back on your finger. Is it totally new or was the spoon person able to fix your original one? What a bummer about the tomatoe seedlings. All that pampering and gone. Hope you have more seed, they might germinate and catch up now that the weather is warmer. Enjoy your brocante trip this weekend.

    1. I do have more seed..I should take sad!

      Nicotina PLANTS went in yesterday:) Lavendula..I am running out of space!The seeded calendulas went in..always shell shocked of course..and our winds..OMG they were bad..

      Mamie took over yesterday until tomrrow..and then my other daughters has them for a sleepover until Monday when C and F are back.
      Oli misses her most I think..
      I think it's harder on the baby..
      Caroline cried yesterday she misses them so much..

      10 day trip..I have always felt 1 week is enough..unless you are going to Europe for 1 month or so..
      Paris 10 days would be great if we had not had our misadventure..
      still zinged lol..

      I am happy they have been LOVING their trip..

      3 kids is a lot.:)

      We were 10 when she there are not thousands of memories..just cute 10 yr old memory ones:)

      My baby spoon ring was worn thin..irreparable..for certain..this one is chunkier and I am fine w/ that.:)Not vintage..but it works..:)
      You are redoing a room?
      That's fun..:)
      Have my seeds out..more planting today after the brocante.:)
      Have a great weekend!

  4. I too caught up with a childhood friend over the last few years. It is wonderful to have someone with whom you can share childhood memories. I also just found my college room mate after 50 years! We are having fun communicating. Hope to meet up this summer. Sounds like you have been very busy Monique. Hope your weather calms down.

    1. It was fun to get the email!..s!

      Now the college room mate..will be filled w/ way more memories! Have fun!

      Today was sunny..chilly..and warmed up..and everything looks like a dream come true.:)

  5. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. photos, Monique! And, how wonderful to reconnect with a childhood friend through blogging. Amazing! I know you had a BUSY, WONDERFUL week with your Littles! And, yea, for finding another spoon ring! blessings ~ tanna

    1. It has been busy but I have been UP to's gardening time..and loving nature time..and I am so very grateful ..I CAN be busy.
      Thank you Tanna:)

  6. Such a wonderful, lucky happenstance that Gwen's husband read your blog and that you were reconnected after all these years. Love the photos of your brocante. The antique high chair and fur seller ♥ I have some old ones in a closet taking up space. Wish I knew what to do with them. We are having such a COLD, windy and rainy few days I actually took my wee tomato plants back indoors! I'm sure you and Jacques are ready for a restful few days now after your fun but busy days with the boys. Caramelle's head look like a flower in your garden - LOL. Love the beautiful, mossy home your fairies have found, the Paris Boutiques and the paint set has found a very good home too :-)

    1. When we moved here..certain old trees had to was a vacant lot on a very very old old street..the owner of it..lived across the street..and they had kept it for the view.
      we were very actually buy it and build here and live here..someone had bought it the day it was listed..they lived up the street around the corner..I was a real estate agent and an agent in my office saw the private for sale and told me.
      We bought it the same day..the lot:)I am sure you know why.

      So this old tree..the moss covered stump is at the back of my peony bed..and was begging for fairies..

      The girls..thrill me in the gardens:) They are getting to know me.. and if they stray too far..I go get them..they hunker down..bring their wings in..and let me take them..♥
      I love having them. paint... my dear enabler..rain in the forecast.

  7. It is always a happy day when I come here and you have posted! Your posts are like little treasures to me, a small gift that I open one photo at a time and then the words to devour. All your pictures and words are so beautiful. I love your thoughts and your heart and all that you share. The Paris picture, what a beautiful gift! Your own water colour, how beautiful! I love it. I have not peicked up my paints/markers/etc in several months now. I am waiting for my heart to once more find inspiration. It is sadly lacking. Glad that you were not flooded, but sad for those who were. Love your Brocante. What a treasure trove. I would spend a bomb I think! Or at least be tempted to. What a sweet lady she seems. Happy that you found an old friend. I know how I have felt when that has happened and the joy is palpable! Your sweet hen, being able to care for the boys, all just wonderful! HOpe you are having a lovely weekend! We are but very quiet! I have come to discover late in life that quiet is very good. Love and hugs, xoxo

    1. Your post today broke my heart..the 70's ..lots of good..lots of naive..sad to see that this happens and happens again.
      Not sad infuriating.
      I have no words except:"venom" associated to the culprits.

      Quiet is my middle name .
      It was not always such.

  8. Oh, I'd love to go shopping with you. I've thought of getting one of those cameras. They sell the old ones that have been refurbished at Barnes and Noble and the film. I looked at it for a long time, but didn't get it. Weather crazy here too; Ive been riding on tornadoes for the last few days. Yee haw. Love the story of the long lost friend. Wonderful.

    1. I need practice!
      Today turned out to be quite majestic♥

  9. Wow wow wow
    I Love the way you showed the Paris floral map! So pretty 😀
    Love yr quotes and aquarelle too. I didn't know you were Dutch. Lovely to find old friends isnt it!

    1. Copying and pasting changes font..:(
      Oh well you get it:)
      YOUR map is so pretty..did you read Sarah's post on IG..
      put a PARIS MAP in a frame on an easel!!And then you can highlight and alternate..genius!!

  10. 52 years!!!! that's amazing.. it really happy and exciting to unite with childhood friend.. :).. hugs..

  11. Dear Nana, such a great event to meet a friend 52 years after you have last been together!
    Happy Sunday for you!

  12. You manage to combine the sumptuous and the delicate to absolute perfection. Such joys of the garden, the easel, the Brocante, the kitchen, all combined with your unerring lens and eye for detail.

    Simply wonderful, this damp Spring morning.


  13. How wonderful to have found an old friend! Glad you were able to get another spoon ring too!!!!
    XO Kris

  14. That is so wonderful you re-connected with a childhood friend. Precious memories.

  15. Love that pic of cute amongst the Spring things!
    I'll bet you miss those Littles already 💞
    I need to see a pic of your " Spoon ring"....
    I have a Belt bracelet in silver...hahaha!
    Enjoy Monday...the sun will be back....we are home after 4 and 1/2 days at the cottage...glorious!
    Linda :o)

    1. We will see them today..we pick up the parents..honestly I had no time to miss endde Friday at 3..and I was in the garden every moment since then..I am like you and gardens!WEll it's Monday and raining here:(

      I think my body needs a to pick up a gardn bench with my great son-in-law and his shiny truck!.Thos white plastic Adirondack chairs don't hold a candle to my old beloved wood ones that dies last yr..the wind blows..and flat on thier backs..

      I think I have a 5 MM..


    2. We had the old wooden ones too! Rotted out :o(
      And...yes....the vinyl ones blow around at the cottage! 😂
      Not raining now...but darn cloudy...and...of course....that wind! 😬
      Enjoy your reunion! 🇨🇦
      Happy Victoria Day!

  16. So glad that you found a spoon ring to take the place of the other. Sounds like you had a very busy week. The muffins sure look good.

    Great post - have a wonderful week.

  17. I've not been able to come to blogs, mine or yours and I missed you...How magical your reconnection with your friend, through your blog! Your En jardinant, I love LOVE it! Et, oui, un jardin comme une méditation...
    Your life, is a rich and full time of méditation, je le crois...
    So what was in the Sennelier order??? Do tell!!

    1. Bonjour!

      Thank you for your kind words..I sure have been able to visit you:) Thank goodness!

      The Sennelier set I bought is this one..
      it was on sale for a little while..
      :)not by a lot..but w/ our exchange rate it helped..
      I have a mini mini Sennelier set and enjoy the colors..I Knew I would like this one visit to Sennelier in Paris was such a HIGHLIGHT for me:)The box just brings back warm and pleasant memories:)

    2. Yes, I LOVED Sennelier in Paris...It would be one of the things that might get me to go back...
      I'll look into your sets, thank you. I bought on sale a small Daniel Smith sampler. The box alone is so cute. I've been reluctant to use them, like they're gold or something...must get over that...

    3. PS I think I have the same boots! New this year, I'll have to make a drawing of them...

  18. So busy you've been this last week. A new ring-an old friend-antiquing-and that rooster? Life looks good!

  19. Wouldn't it be so nice if you, Linda and I could make that Michael's visit and sit around doing crochet or knitting? And, maybe we could throw in some watercolor time, too!! I know I'd enjoy it! I look forward to seeing your creations! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Do you mean me Tanna???? Thanks!! I would love to learn how to paint........

  20. Dearest Monique,
    Wow, we all are doing this with childhood friends it looks like.
    Last year in September I visited my childhood friend Antoinette in The Netherlands, whom I had not seen for 57 years!
    But that special bond is still there; wish only we could see each other more often...
    Reconnecting is also possible thanks to social media, blogs included!
    Enjoy your summer and keep sharing with us.

    1. It's amazing how small the world really is..and amazing how at one moment everyone is living so differently..

      C'est la vie..

      Have a beautiful weekend Mariette..believe it or not you flashed across my mind yesterday..I have long hair..very long..and met an ex client who has reasonable chin length hair and it is salt and pepper..nothing prettier to me than natural grey..

      so I went to José hairdresser..and we discussed it..and I left w/ drakre streaks in between..I just cannot make up my mind.. not a big problem in this life..just a question in my mind:)

    2. Dearest Monique,
      One day you will be able to make up your mind and go natural grey. One blogger I follow did write several posts on this subject and she has been brave enough to do it:
      Sending you hugs,

  21. I love that you were able to reconnect with your childhood friend. How wonderful and amazing! I was wondering if the rain had stopped. Hope it is getting better everyday. 10 days with your grandchildren - what a blessing! I just spent a week traveling with my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter and it was glorious. Can't wait to share some photos of our adventure in Shanghai. Have a lovely week Monique.

    1. I cannot wait to see your pics! It was Sunday to Friday so really 5 nights..:)

      The reconnection was quick..just a few emails:)

  22. I saw on IG that C&F were off on vacation but I didn't realize it was a cruise. You'll have to let us know how they liked it. I have a question about the chickens..I guess they stay outdoors in the winter? We're heading to our camp for the weekend, and getting together with my sister and niece for a birthday celebration. Our weather has been up and down just like yours. The bunnies ate the petunias I planted in the ground...little stinkers.

    1. Bunnies are stinkers!..Cute ones..but still..

      So my girls will be true son-in-law keeps his through winter in a larger coop.. he will take them in Nov till April.♥
      Our other son-in-law has a large one too and keeps his over winter coop is small and he knew going out in blizzards would get to me..:)
      Have fun this w/e:) I remember the store there..did you buy your egg poacjies there? Remember when they were so novel?
      NOw we have drones lol.

    2. I will be going to that wonderful store this weekend to see what treasures they have. Those egg poachers were so novel. LOL

  23. Hello, my friend! I am catching up after a very hectic week and I am once again so in awe of all the beauty here (and the fun and the joy!) that I hardly know where to begin. I'd love to be at that brocante, the muffins are divine and I love your jardin watercolors. Aren't Carol's things good. I have to resubscribe and this time I am going to do the maps. I love them! And all her inserts!

    Life is good. I have an email from you (like I said -- it has been crazy!) and I am answering it as soon as I send this (which is 12:07 on Friday, May 26). I am doing it by hitting reply to your email so if you don't get it, we know we're all mixed up! And I will also reply to your comment on my blog post with the same address so we'll see what happens! Look for both by 1 p.m. onFriday (probably before!)

    Hugs and hopes for a happy weekend!

  24. How wonderful to have reconnected with a long lost childhood friend! - Your photos are always so beautiful and enchanting and calm and soothe me when I'm riled up by a busy day. Your watercolor is lovely and I love love Carol's work! How lucky you are to have received one!