Thursday, July 20, 2017


Endless Summer~

 Don't you love their name?
Dancing With Smurfs♥


Shasta Daisies,Hostas,Bluebells ,wild and invasive and tall,Geranium Rozanne  somewhere in there;),and sedums..the bleeding hearts and Irises are done..
this is where that small garden is.coming up to the front steps..

Susan's Strawberry~Rhubarb Pie~Delicious~

Frida and Alstromerias..They last so long! Thanks Caroline for the idea~

New addiction..orchids in bloom~

 Pretty Annabelle~

Iced Tea..Tea Forte method.

Goody Woody Cookies:) 5 star seller..♥

Lost in the giant Nicotinas..giants!!

Some sunshine..some humidity..some clouds..

The Earth Does Laugh In Flowers..

Our town is  dotted w/ so many flowers..

The ditch lillies line the streets.. along shore  road..up and down side streets..
the hostas are blooming like crazy..banner yr for Shasta Daisies,Hydrangeas and Astilbes..all water lovers I guess..more than drought:)

It's really just maintenance at this cutting down many Irises..the feverfews..adding chicken manure here and there;)

Painting and Stitching and Baking  in between..

Do try Susan's pie while rhubarb and strawberries are so fresh~
Jacques loved it.

I see all the errors of my ways but what a fun stitching project right here..
I will make again and again..watching her of course..I am visual for crochet..
I started a few Christmas ornaments from a new seller..:(
NOT at all like Alicia's..however they will be gifted..w/ a bit of discomfort..there is no way I could get them to look ok..

one for each recipient..

get ready to laugh:(

I loved the little ritual of making Tea Forte iced tea..and was thrilled to make some for Noah after swimming..I made some for his mom..and his auntie..Noah said ..:"It tastes like pee"..we heard tea and said it is supposed to..he  and so much for my little feminine ritual.Even my girls weren't enchanted..I think my enchantment meter is very low...I get enchanted easily.
I just love that photo Caro took of me..because in reality I can't stand to see photos of me that are posed for more reasons than one.
I love taking photographs..and am respectful of those who don't want their photo taken..I like spur of the moment when someone doesn't know..and then I show them..well apart from my girls and their friends that can smile so genuinely on demand and cannot take bad photos..
never send family and friends bad photos of themselves..never lol..
I even keep some from J and family if they are not flattering..why?

ok back to the pic.I love it.

Tried painting it and tried thrice..)

Bottom left Artist loft sketchbook..plain paper not watercolor..Van Gogh..watercolors~

Top left a journal I love..watercolor paper  Field 6x6..Daniel Smith watercolors~

bottom right a paper from Sennelier in Paris ♥ ILOVEDTHATSTORE...and the large Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor set I have~

then I tried

Stonhenge Aqua watercolor paper (love it)and Sennelier watercolors..

So far it's the third I prefer.

Have I mentioned I love the quietude of painting?:)
Zen..meditation..calm..all in one♥
AS far as paints go..I seem to find qualities in all..and in papers also..
for certain..I feel better w/ a watercolor paper though.
A little old nana playing w/ her paints  and cotton yarn and chickens;)
Gardening and baking in between..reading takes such a back seat in summer..
Today we have Lucas time and I am so looking forward to seeing our big boy♥
Take care..enjoy the coming weekend..


  1. Visiting your blog is like taking a walk through a beautiful garden. You are a gifted photographer and apparently an amazing gardener and baker! LOVE this post :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Tricia:) I am grateful for your nice comments..:) keeps me on my tippytoes..I only show what's doing well in the gardens:) I have some bloopers this yr for certain..:(

  2. "Enchanted easily," says it all dear Monique. You are blessed and those whom share their lives with you.

    1. LOL..perhaps you could tell them that;)
      So sweet Donna!

  3. All of your flowers are so beautiful. That pie looks yummy!

    1. You will SOON have your own garden again:)

  4. Me too, I'm addicted to orchids. Such a beautiful garden you can enjoy there!!!! And the crochet granny square? So beautiful!
    All your pics are great, great, just great!

  5. I need to make that gorgeous dishcloth! Pattern?
    You have definitely surpassed me Monique! It is beautiful!
    Your gardens are looking fresh and healthy..
    Vivian home tonight! She is coming in the am, as her Mom has to work...
    Have a great weekend...
    Love love love your photos...
    Linda :o)

    1. Thanks Linda..I was sure I had put the link:) LOL surpassed you? You should see how I hold my yarn..then you should see how I follow the VIDEO like I was watching a video of my Littles..:)

      Not in one million yrs have I surpassed or come near is the link:)

      I am going to start writing down what to do..

      Have a ball w/ your Disney Princess..she will have lots to say:)

      Have a great day!

    2. Ahh..and the frill Marie shared..

      But I needed a video..

      skip to the end:) for le frill..

    3. I will have a look...thanks!!
      Enjoy your week!

  6. Your gardens looks wonderful! My blue hydrangea has been beautiful this year too. It must be the rain as I have not done anything to deserve it. My endless summer has never performed well. Maybe it is the spot. Look at your crocheting! You sure have some along way. I bet you will be able to master more come winter. I wish I could paint but it is not my talent so I will enjoy yours. Our annual pig roast is coming up so I'll be a busy girl next week. Enjoy your time with Lucas and have a great weekend.

    1. Have fun at the roast..I remember last yr's and my emailing Fred the link to the roasters:)

      Meh..gardens are ok in some spots..others..not so much..

      :) Do I sound like a gardener?:)

    2. Yes you do but then I do too.

  7. What a delight to wake up to! All those flowers! And summer in the country, is there anything better?

    1. A joy to behold for sure:) Hope you are having a great summer Katrina:)

  8. Beautiful summer from me Ria..❤️

  9. what a beautiful post you are having such a productive summer, I am just in love with your garden and your crochet and paintings so wonderful you can see the joy in it and I really love the Astilbe, so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and you get to spend some of it in your garden.

    1. I find there are not enough hours in a day.I wondered while working how I wouldmanage one day w/out it?
      No all:)
      Thanks Jenni..I pictured a tree w/ all your houses on it:) They are so cute!

  10. I loved that picture of you with your chickens and your watercolor renditions are fabulous. That pie looks pretty fabulous also. Have a wonderful weekend Monique.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement:)You you are counting them till the trip:)

  11. I have those invasive Bluebells also. I keep trying to pull them out but they keep popping up here and there :(
    Chicken manure - LOL. You receive 2 kinds of rewards from your girls :)

    Would you believe I have the very same white orchid in the very same container? I received it for Mother's Day in 2016 and got it to rebloom this year but only one flower stalk. (So proud of myself - LOL).

    So glad you and Jacques enjoyed the pie! I hope I can get one more pie out of my rhubarb patch before I have to let it rest and recoup.

    Both your paintings and crochet turned out great! I loved watching the video of the British lady showing how to make the dish cloth. There are parts of each of your paintings that I love. I like you and the background the best in #1 ♥

    So humid here also! Not good for my tomatoes or my hair :)

    1. Yes the rewards are so many..and really so easy to take care visit a day..unless they rae walking the gardens:)I do believe you have the same orchid!
      Nancy gave me one for my just yesterday lost it's last bloom and I am reading up on the many the white one is filling should be proud it nurtured it's good :)
      Those tall bluebells become like a carpet:( I keep pulling them out tall..mine own darn fault..they were blooming in the schoolyard of my primary school when I went for a revisit 16 yrs asphalt.That should have told me everything.I brought some home..Miss Memories I am.

      I love the British/Australian crochet videos:) I have subscribed to 2 now:)

      Ma hair ma hair ma hair..:( Same here!!

  12. Sorry by the mistake. I love this almond tart and I know is from Susan. Looks divine. All yours pictures look awesome.
    Have a nice wekend Monioque!

  13. More beautiful photos! Sigh! And the water colors . . . just love seeing your work!
    Alstromerias are some of my favorites because they always last weeks, They never disappoint! And they fill a vase easily! Love the Frida pillow!
    The pie looks delicious, and the pretty crochet makes me smile. You know why! ;-)
    Happy Weekend ahead, my friend.

    1. I love seeing yours:)
      You are so correct..perfect vase fillers!!
      Bon weekend:)

  14. So many happy photos and makes to admire, Monique, what a lovely post. I love the flowers and watercolors and that daisy crochet square is fab.

    1. I have made it 3 times now..the last is te first time I got all twelve petals..:(

      Hard to squeeze them in..Oh I love crochet now:) Thank you!

  15. I don't see a photo of you but it is probably very discreet! I do, however, see your watercolors and am in love with all of them! You're right about the Zen of watercolor. When I get going, I don't drink, I don't eat, I am just in that zone of perfect concentration and tranquility and joy.

    The tea story is very funny and oh, the beauty of your garden and that tart! I could dive in and eat a big piece right now!

    1. Hi Jeanie:)I think it was a couple of posts ago..or the last love my Zen hobbies.
      Sometimes..I can look too around my neck carrying watercolor supplies and a granny square..

      The days fly by..Noah is a very funny boy☺️Have a good night!

  16. We have Astilbe growing in our hedge but I did not know what it was called! Your blooms are all very beautiful. I love LOVE your granny square! How very beautiful it is and I am curious about the felt ornaments you are making. I have been looking for patterns to no avail. I tried the pie but my berries and rhubarb were very watery so I ended up with not much substance to my filling. Not the pie recipes fault but more the fault of my fruit. Tasty though! I always love seeing your art. I think it's all beautiful. Oh how I miss iced tea! I used to love the .Peach flavoured one. With lots of ice. I hope you are having a great weekend. Oh my SB mug arrived today. It's HUGE, really big, but oh so pretty. I got the bluebird one. I love it! Xoxo

    1. OH you got one!!!!You must show us..I love the Blubird one..I love Isle of dreams too..isn't it lovely fine china?
      The felt ornaments..are like little gnome girls..because of their hats that are gnome like..I made them and don't like them:(At all..
      I love Alicia's patterns lol..
      The granny square is fun..I tried a similar different..ends up looking the same!Different technique..I get confused..have to watch the videos..
      Filipendula is similar to astilbe too..
      Too bad re the pie..just watched the GBBS..and want to make a roulade lol but I am in bed..see ya tomorrow!

  17. Beautiful photos - everything in the post is lovely. That pie sure looks wonderful.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  18. Love seeing these beautiful flowers in bloom. If we had more rain here, things would stay green longer. Iced tea is all about summer. I have been behind the scenes fixing blogs and of course helping my parents, so my posts are sparse.

    1. You are a great girl Linda! Always helping others:)

  19. What a beautiful and lovely post...
    Love from Titti

    1. Thank you Titti..I always love your different than here:) So beautiful.

  20. What a great post, Nana. Beautiful pictures. I love orchids and the almond pie!!!

  21. so, so beautiful pictures of nature... love the cute granny square..

  22. Beautiful painting Monique! Lovely flowers too!

  23. You had me stunned once again with that first gorgeous photo! You have an infinite number of photos and images in you! Yes, I love the quietude and meditation of painting and sketching. Sometimes when I'm out sketching with my group we get some chatty ones. I'm learning to have quietude and focus while listening to them with one ear...
    Wouldn't I love to go to Sennelier in Paris with you!!!!

    1. I loved that place:) I doubt Paris is in our just know when something suits you..we are the's beautiful..exceptional..but far too busy for this girl that loves the countryside :)
      That is a talent! To listen w/ one ear and be fully concentrated..I could see myself tuning out too:)But sometimes too curious lol!

  24. So pretty Monique, aren't the hydrangea amazing this year? The Japanese beetles have eaten my roses to near death. I didn't figure out what was going on soon enough. Not sure they will be saved, but sprayed and fingers crossed. Everything else looks so wonderful I can't complain. Love your watercolor sketches. They are wonderful!

    1. Japanese Beetles are new in my gardens..apparently an infestion in areas here for the first time ever..the chafers damage everything for one month and if I had the brawn left in me I would be pulling out magnets..:(

      Yes banner yr for the hydrangeas..yours are Woeld Book Record bountiful:)
      Thanks Gail..

  25. Monique, everything looks beautiful in your garden ♥I love visiting and seeing all your gorgeous photos of what you're working on. The baking, watercolor and having tea!~ Wish I was your neighbor. I love the alstromerias in that vase. I have one, thanks for the idea. I bought one of the GoodyWoody rolling pins. Do you have a special recipe so they won't stick? Hope you have a wonderful week! Hugs, Jody

    1. Yes ..she sent one but even the one I made w/ Susan's gift to me of the Nordic Ware..

      so this one..

      I have given loads of tips on must chill the dough..flour the surfaces..beneath and above well.only roll in one direction w/ can even flour the pin which I do depending on the if you are newer to this flour board dough and pin..once cut..refrigerate again..

      an IG er..Olla Porida..had difficulty the first time..the next a success she said she used my choco recipe..I have made a few but I think she used the one I linked to in this notes at te bottom

      Let me know:)

      Thank you for your nice comments as always..and I love seeing all your creativity..SO much creativity..

    2. Thanks Monique!! I'll try making them soon and let you know ♥

  26. Dearest Monique,
    You are so lovingly diverse in creating beauty all around you!
    Be it edible beauty or painted on or a good photo, flower arrangement...
    Enjoy the summer time for as long as it lasts.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. It is flying by..I don't know why..and I seem to want to make it last lonegr because the nice days are few this year compared to the wet grey days..thank goodness I can humor myself indo0rs..trying ..:)Thank you Marette..happy end of summer to you:)

  27. You are right-painting is so zen and relaxing. Those hydrangeas are just lovely. They are one of my favourite flowers. Your garden looks great. I would love a little bit of rain.

  28. Tes aquarelles sont de plus en plus jolies. Quel talent ! Ou plutôt quels talents ! C'est vrai que se promener dans ton univers est à chaque fois un enchantement, Monique ! Allez, je prends un verre de thé glacé et je continue ma balade ...

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