Monday, August 28, 2017

Small towns..:)♥

I have said this so many times..I love this town.~

I do.

So maybe it's not Edgartown..or Gordes..or MV..
but I am in my place here and I love it..

Our Saturday..brocante....I call it that because it's not a flea market..look at everything..

tables and tables and tables of treasures.

I love her signs and hats and quilts..(first pic)..
I have a few signs..and have one I need to have made..

I gave her back one..the one we had in many years ago..
"Away From It All"~
I worked then..and the sign was so appropriate:)

The collections and treasures abound..

..if you go often and ye shall find.

I go early..9 AM..I have told you that..and only great perfect weather:)
I go alone..
I used to see a neighbour I liked so much..and then she passed..too young..too beautiful..too talented..

I see a vendor that must be British..his accent..his treasures..such a sad looking man..  he sets up one table w/ gorgeous English things..a window in his car is taped with that big scotch tape....he stays in his car smoking..until you ask a question..and stops smoking..and answers..still sitting:(:(
I sometimes worry about him..

and then you have the happiest sellers w/ lavender and linen..and preserves..and bio and organic and antiques and repros..popsickles..and art..a caning chair business..jadeite and milk glass and French treasures....and barns and gorgeous garden accoutrements..$$$$and LINEN.

and barnwood:)

Sometimes I spend nothing..sometimes $10.00 sometimes less..

I don't need the $$ objects of my desires anymore..
they will be sold in garage sales later;)

so I only buy fantastiques things..

I have Varage Sale now:) I can seek and find from home also..more on that later..

In the stitching basket,I am going to try a small blanket for me.. for here for upstairs the hearth room for this winter..
so I can stitch more!
I am using baby acrylic yarn and I should not;)It is so stretchy! Anyway..cela va suffire pou mon premier gros projet.

Painting wise may I recommend this Canadian store..


I bought my first purchase..and after length...because of my ability  vs cost.Outweighing...

You only live once..this is not a rehearsal:)
So I went for it..

I give this shop 5 stars.
I bought online.

Fantastic customer shipping..and Canadian funds.

I buy more art supplies than clothes.

That's my true story..

Signed up for a couple of art classes..this one seems challenging..apparently a novice can learn:)
Looking forward to it!
Armchair classroom.

Football season full swing..Oli scored a touchdown and won some medals..Noah won some medals too..swimming and football..

Lucas cannot play..because he plays high school now..

Max's team..unbeaten last struggling..

poor Max..he loves to win..he plays to win♥

The best shot I go that day was of someone I don't even know:(

So a lot of salads..a few pies.. et la vie continue..

Craft wise..I am committed to try and make myself that  soft blanket for winter months..hope I have enough wool seems I may need over 240 squares!

I thought it was way José~

Also..I love making little books..I started w/ my daughter's for her 40th 2015..

and then puttered along making different kinds different sizes..

you may remember I met Dorothy with the Disneyland Craft Room:)
I say that she is very nice and very gracious and honest as can be.
I am happy to have met her and will see her again.

Anyway..I went back to pick up a few more stamps..and a darling little book was on her counter..I asked her if she made it..and she said..yes..using this stamp..

See the stamp? stamp..and the outline is your book..w/ tuck in margins and all!

So stamp the color you want on the paper you want..embellish..and do add cardboard inside too on front and back..I loved making this one and look forward to making more..this one..I made w/ watercolor paper..

just FYI in case this would tempt you:)

and the blanket is a Youtube tutorial..
It seems I can do far better watching a video..
I am so visual..;)
Take care gardens are waning..QC is having a terrible tomato year.
My tomatoes are the prettiest I have ever grown..but our reckless summer has made them..stumped as to what to do..:)

Look how the Smurfs..ripen..the aubergine color and yellow..lead way to orange and red.
I do love these and trust me..the plants are GINORMOUS..even started and killed off indoors..they came back to life..and are unreal.
But we need heat.

I hope you are all good:)


  1. I would love looking around that sale. It looks like a good one. Believe it or not, I still buy things and I know I shouldn't. My living room looks like a tornado as I have boxes of old Christmas ornaments everywhere trying to price them to sell in my booth. It snowballed. Love the colors of you blanket. Boys look darling. I started watching Friday Night Lights since you talked about it and I don't even like sports. What a beautiful salad. Looks better than my spoon of peanut butter. Your life sounds charmed. We have had much cooler summer in memory.

    1. I never liked football either and still don't unless my Littles and or Coach Taylor are involved:):)
      Isn't he just such a great husband on that show? I love him.:)
      I would have a ball looking through your teasures!!!

  2. Fun Read M. Love all the photos, as usual. I love taking pictures at flea markets like that. I don't want any of the stuff. I have way too much of my own. :)

    1. I love looking at everything too..the memories..the vendors..the colors..the could spend a day:)

  3. Oh, this special time on a Monday, starting a whole new week, to come to YOUR HOUSE and look my eyes full of your sumptuous treasures---your own creations, and your cooking, and all the fabulous finds right there at your door. Some of these I treat like the catalogs and magazines of my childhood---I "can choose" three from each great pile of wonderful goodies-for-sale---of course, the birdcage, and the little pink step-stool, but then will there be room for that exquisite golden fountain of a lamp on the other picture? Such decisions, with First Cup.

    Thank you for such rapturous photos to sink into, like a warm tub, like a cool forest, like a fairy cave full of delights.

    I think you must just hug yourself every morning, for this tremendous gift that you have.


    1. Rachel..I am hugging myself inside now because of your the car I was listening to the radio and the commentator was talking about Facebook and that it helps people to feel better..not just a "Like"..but a nice comment or a thoughtful suggestion..that it can actually make someone physically feel better.

      I am most certain the opposite is true one can ruin a day..etc..

      but I just want to say thank you Rachel.You write so well..and you have filled my thoughts w/ nice :)

  4. It makes life so much better if you're content where you've been planted. And it looks like you have lots of good, wonderful reasons to be content Monique. I love seeing all these pics! That Oli is so grown up and handsome!

    1. Don't they grow up so fast Chris
      Yours must have sprouted too!
      Thanks for everything YOU share:)

  5. You do have a wonderful town! Lucky you are :) I would be so tempted to buy at your brocante, such lovely things and what a flea market of tales...Some happy, some not. A reflection on life itself. Flag football just started for Mack and Dane. Wonderful pics! Your alphabet boys are getting so BIG. The Fancy Lassie class sounds fun - kudos to you! Also clapping hands on your blanket. A beautiful project! Tomatoes growing out of our ears here :) The boys love to pick them. Dane will say, "Nana, I think this one is ready!" It's just barely pink - LOL. Have a lovely week, My Dear!

    1. Our favorite name in the world:"nana"..
      I can hear Dane saying that..

      Susan..ours are just starting..and I bet they all ripen at once lol.
      You too..LOVELY WEEK..ere the weather has turned fantastic!
      All summer..not
      The girls are happy:)
      Lucas started high school this morning..will go see him at the bus this aft..

    2. "Nana" is music to my ears ♥ So glad to hear your weather is finally nice. Last three days here - not so much. Raining now. M & D start school this Friday. Lucas must feel so grown up :)

  6. I just want to pack my bags and head to that brocante right now! I loved those tomato-ey things -- was it a cookie jar? All that bright, happy color! And the toys. Oh, just looking is a plus -- I save the money for the things I really want. (And like you, I buy a LOT more art supplies than clothes!)

    Love the palette you picked from ARTiculation. That's a great site. And your wee book is so sweet. I wouldn't mind making one of those, too. Oh, I need way more hours in the day!

    Yes, you DO have a wonderful town! And a wonderful family, too!

    1. Thank you Jeanie..I loved reading your post about your recent visit to QC:)
      A little book would be so cute for you..and a medium book and a big book:)
      Have a Great day Jeanie.

  7. So many "things" catch my eye at your brocante! Dealers can be odd people for sure. We had a room off the main part of the basement this summer and bought some ikea chairs but I am going through my stuff to fill in. The other portion will be they toys so Katherine can play swords with her older cousin Frankie. He is so good with them! I am sure in a few years he will not be as willing. But who knows, boys seem to like to play swords at all ages! The blanket looks great Monique! Such pretty colors. You can always make it a lap quilt and continue on till it gets to be the perfect size. I am patiently waiting for my fall colored calendula to grow up and flower. How are yours doing?

    1. My calendula have been stellar..I must add a pic here..I will now..if I can:)A new room? Fun fun's funny we downsize as empty nesters and then the family becomes twice as big at least! And then it feels tight!:)Let me go find that pic!

    2. Done! The last pic:) I will grow some every yr!Still have seeds left and am harvesting some to see:)THANK YOU!

    3. Oh wow, yours look wonderful. That one had tiny flowers on mine so I ripped them out added some fresh soil and started over again. I hope they perform better this time around. Glad you are enjoying them.

  8. I'm sure the sellers look forward to your visits to the Brocante as much as you enjoy visiting them. It makes a big difference when you love where you live and that you are content. Your littles have really sprouted. Like overnight. All grown up and handsome! Have I told you lately how much I look forward to your blog posts and photos 💛💛.

    1. Debbie:) Thanks! Yes they sprout so will see..I can't wait for you to retire..:) To be w/ Joe after he retires..I have thought about that:)
      You are never w/out a friend at all times:)♥

  9. Monique, forgot to say that my Calendulas come back each year. They are the orange ones and so pretty for fall.

    1. I keep sprinkling seeds hoping mine do come..everything so so overgrown and stuffed..I have to make room for them to germinate..I will add zinnias next yr!:)

    2. I will have even more zinnias next year! Once Joe retires in June, he's digging up the 25 year old garden and I am making changes :-)

  10. you live in such a beautiful town I just love it when you share photos and I love your comment about buying more art supplies than clothes, so so true :)

    1. So many temptations in art supplies..always something to try..if you lived next door Jenni..we could trade for a day or two to see:)Because I know you love painting so much too.

  11. You are an amazing photographer Monique. Such a great eye - and handsome family :) Beautiful pie, gorgeous avocado rose and I could get lost in that market! I love everything about it - so many treasurers :)

    1. Isn't that funny? I am always HUMBLED seeing your pics Tricia..see I would say YOU are the amazing phtographer!

  12. What a delight to see and read today! You've inspired me to find a good yard/antique sale around here back in Minneapolis! Thank you for taking me along on your visit - and those boys fresh faced and growing like weeds. Our Isadora is in 6th grade already! Still settling after the latest move from St. Paul to Minneapolis - a good move & happy I made it. Still missing New England, but all in good timexxxxooo

    1. Oh Katrina..Minneapolis..I would love for you to post of your journey:) You have been such a trooper all the while missing New England.
      I hope you are well and happy.:)

  13. Monique your posts are always full of whimsy and beautiful photography. love your styling, whether it's food, flowers, sewing, etc. you have an eye for detail. Your littles are growing up fast. There is nothing like a small town that you love. Everything is good here, just busy with my parents and of course blogs.

    1. Your so lucky to have you Linda..and and all your fairyblogchildren:)
      You live in paradise!

  14. Ah...The magnetic draw of tiny paint boxes..hard to resist. I know too well.

  15. Dear Nana, I do really wonderstand your words. As well as you I love to live in a small city, althougt Oporto is a big one, but I have been lucky enought to choose a somewhat remote corner, almost country and there I feel in my private paradise.
    During my last road trip through Europe I found out a few flea markets where- I must admit - I loose my mind.
    I know as well as you that these little treasures will end up in a garage sale, latter, but, by the moment I enjoy them as much as I'm able to, as today is the only thing that really matters.

    I loved your post - pics are great and reading it was a real pleasure.

    Lots of hugs


    1. Nina.. Today is the only thing that matters♥
      You are right:)
      I will Google your town to know much more..:)
      Have a great rest of week Nina:)

  16. I can read your sweet posts over and over again...wish I could put my thoughts out there like you.
    Your photographs make me want to do better...cook better...crochet better!
    Your world is enchanting, and I love just to be able to visit every so often....
    Have a wonderful evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. Well I guess your posts speak volumes because I hang on all the words and pics! Miss V..the girls..the cottage..your gardens.. the pics..all lures:)
      And hello..who got me actually doing crochet?
      I had some and loved them..but you were my proverbial kick in the pants:)

    2. Those boys 💕💕💕
      I should be able to send you your Sweet Pea seeds next week...🌸

    3. :)🙂Do I plant next spring or now?The perennial ones right?

    4. I googled it...seems you can do either....yes, can probably start them indoors when you do your others in the late Winter...I am sure you will figure it out! 👍🏻

  17. Small town goodness. I love your brocante - so many treasures. You are right about buying more stuff. I actually need to have a booth of my own to get rid of some of my goodies. Your salad and pie look so good. Have a good weekend Monique. More football, I'm sure. The boys are so cute.

  18. Just now able to get back after completely losing track of time two mornings ago as I fell into the rabbit hole of looking at all the art classes on Jeanne Oliver's site! Oh, my! I'm thinking of trying one of the watercolor ones.

    LOVED the football photos and the pie! Salad looked delicious, too! Your tiny books!!! Heavenly! I know your daughter treasured the one for her birthday. Beautiful, beautiful photos, as always. Your brocante... the Foo Dog in the middle of the last photo from there... I have a mate to it. I used to have a pair that Evan gave me for one of our anniversaries. One was broken in our move from our old home (my bull in the china shop... sigh...). Love him to pieces though. ;) Thank you for all the goodness, Monique! Oh, and I'm lovin' your blanket. Excellent! blessings ~ tanna

  19. I signed up for the Fancy Lassies..The Danielle Donaldson classes..Creative Girl must be so much fun..Fancy Lassies was offered at a sale price ..half off..that made it more realistic for me..our exchange rate is so bad..I just thought it would be the perfect moment.Our winter is long!I will stitc..paint and sip tea and coffee!I had heard Foo Dog before but had to Google to make sure and then look again!Your pun☺️I met someone who knits beautifully!I thought of you!

  20. Dearest Monique,
    Well talking about loving small towns, on August 29 it was 34 years ago that we arrived from The Netherlands in the heart of Georgia. We have about 40,000 people and we LOVE it.
    You summed up lots of fun things that attract people.
    As for the football season, we're illiterate in that since both our girls, the adopted-and the foster daughter didn't grow up here so we came from soccer land and got lost. And stayed lost...
    Sending you hugs,

    1. What a change for you all those years ago:)
      I knew nothing about FB either..and in fact I remember mentioning to our daughters that I had met a restorative yoga..that had a pain management device attached to him..he had been a football player..and had said to us..if I can give you one word of advice..stay away from I told my girls this YEARS ago.. and then they all played football;)
      My brother was a footballer.

      it is something they enjoy a lot..

      keeps everyone busy..even the parents..
      we are 5,000 here.. adjoining towns are larger..a little nest here:)
      Bon weekend!

  21. What a LOVELY post with beautiful pictures! The Brocane, wow :) I see many Titti-must-have-things...
    Have a great friday and take care.
    Love from Titti

  22. Your radishes are gorgeous Monique, but everything you show us is always gorgeous to me, even your stunted tomatoes. Love the colours. I am like you with the lap blanket I am making. I think I will never finish it, but the colours keep me going. My whole life I wanted to live in a small town. We did for a little while when I was about 13 for two years. I wanted a Leave it to Beaver/Mayfield, Andy Griffith/Mayberry kind of a life. Brenchley was a very small English village and picture perfect, but I never got to see or do much there because I was always work, work, working and only saw the inside of the Manor. But I won't complain because the Manor was quite beautiful. They have Car Boot Sales here. I have never been to one. They are always on Sundays and I am always in church. I do like the town Market however, but no sweet finds there, just stuff like you might get in any shop. Your boys are growing up so quickly. They will soon be capturing hearts of the girls in town if they haven't already! (and I am sure they have) Your salad and pie look magnifique!! I am so late in visiting this week. Way behind on everything. Hope you have a beautiful weekend. The Chester Races are on here! Town will be buzzing! xoxo

    1. The boot sales..I have heard of..sound like fun..Sundays..are quiet here..the market and Bunker sale are is pretty much Mayberry;) Except some tell me gossip reigns lol.Every town people say have to be in the gossip group I guess;)
      Have a beautiful weekend Marie..glad you are back on track w/ the new router!

  23. I love small towns too :)
    I live in one . And yes always you can find tresures !
    and love when my daugther arrives sometimes and say : look these onions and these garlics aren't beautiful ? and these strawberries are to eat ( she looks me) not for desserts. ok :) :)
    lovely post and the boys are really handsome.

    1. It is rare that my daughters notice my flowers or vegetables:)

      We are different:)

      One of my son-in-laws keeps a veggie other SIL cooks like a chef.
      I think both son in laws apprecaite nature more than my daughters LOL

      Although one daughter had great success with her annuals..much more than I did..
      We are just different:)
      That's why I know there will be a HUGE garage sale when I am gone;(
      I adore them.

  24. Thank you for this wonderful love letter :)! And when I see the vintage market .... I'm getting tremendous jealous :)
    Happy days and all my best

  25. Oh, this special time on a Monday, starting a whole new week, to come to YOUR HOUSE and look my eyes full of your sumptuous treasures---your own creations, and your cooking, and all the fabulous finds right there at your door. Some of these I treat like the catalogs and magazines of my childhood---I "can choose" three from each great pile of wonderful goodies-for-sale---of course, the birdcage, and the little pink step-stool, but then will there be room for that exquisite golden fountain of a lamp on the other picture? Such decisions, with First Cup.


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