Thursday, November 23, 2017

~Bonnieux and Lacoste~A GREAT appetizer,and a fail:)

Before I dart forward to  Christmas mode..which I love.....

Let me take you to Bonnieux and give you a  glimpse of Lacoste..
.. and show you a great little lunch I had that could very well be a nice appetizer .. see below below....
which it will be ..for Christmas eve :)But larger for our family.I know Max will love the charcuterie part..

Pardon the pics..I just not competent at all..indoors..and point and shoot..Shoot!:(
It just was so darn delicious.Loved the spray bottles.The US and UK carry them on Amazon..
You need the charcuterie around and baguette little pails:)

I mean..look..scoop some of that pistou w/ the cheese and the crunch and spread on the best baguette you can find♥My mouth waters looking at these pics not for their quality but the sheer memory of the lunch..(déjeuner in France).Petit déjeuner is breakfast.

Enchanted w/ it in 2008..we returned..

In Roussillon..the girl that sold me my artists supplies..lived in Bonnieux..Bonnieux is one of those places..there are many though..where the views are outstanding.
While in this area..we also visited Ménerbes,Gordes,Roussillon  and Lacoste.

I love doors and views and stone and charm..

There is no getting around any of all that in was one of those drizzle days..we didn't have many but this was one of them..still the town held it's charm for us..

the park at the top..the homes..

the lunch I had..
Yes..I ate almost all that..

I's a baked Camembert..but first..a flour/egg wash/then bread crumbs..and pan crisped..then baked in the oven ..make sure you place it in a snug baking dish to oven just keeps everything perfect!..On top..un pistou..(pesto)..served w/ baguette slices..charcuteries..and salad.
I recreated it at home and I will be serving this Christmas eve.
Larger lol..
A nice change from all our usual baked cheeses..It was my first prepared in this manner.

Bonnieux is a medieval village and you climb here..up and up and up..

We visited Lacoste the very same day..

I loved my Keens for all the walking we did..

You need comfortable the streets of these medieval towns are uneven..some ..cobblestones..uphill down hill so you need some grip too..

In Venice Italy you will see gorgeous girls in Stiletto Cannes along the boardwalk too..but in these villages..
COMFORT footwear only.A must.

So if you are not too bored yet..we went to Lacoste the same day~

I had ordered a blue sky..   no one listened.

The thing about foggy..cloudy ,drizzle days in Provence..NO ONE..
We saw 24 villages/towns..most in sunshine..I didn't mind at all..

Lacoste to me is mystery:)
Perhaps the Marquis de Sade stories..and then Pierre Cardin..just an air of if every era still exists there!

I'll take you along to a few other towns..but after Christmas..I just feel I am overloading you with photos that may not mean a thing to you:)

At least they are not on my phone and I am  not showing you      one            by          one:)

I am going to put my Christmas stockings and hat on and get ready

 for a holiday we both love..

I'll share some recipes I hope.. and some ideas..

I have my Christmas desserts in my head..

I have  Isabelle Lambert's new cookbook to review:)

Surely a Christmas post where a book of cookies is involved!

Our tree will be up early December and come down quite a bit after New Year..too pretty to get rid of fairy lights too early ,especially with our Québec long winters..

and maybe.. am I kidding..not maybe..

I'll continue w/ our love affair w/ Provence~

I have to recommend another book..

WONDER  it's on my sidebar at the right..

If you have a child that can read..the book takes place around a grade 5 classroom..and is about that age..this is a must read  for the child..his school..his classroom..
A book for everyone.

My eyes swelled with tears a few times during the book ..and at the end..the tears fell.

It's about being parents..friends..teachers..and Star Wars:)

What a great Christmas gift..stocking stuffer.

I think this is a keeper book..
It's in French also. EPIC  fail for me..  were these..this week..LOL try sticking the skewer in without banging it on the counter..try spiralizing a potato by hand w/ a wannabe knife..FAIL.


  1. MOnique, I have so enjoyed all the photos and words to go along with this latest installment of your Provence holiday. Don't ever apologise for sharing them with us. I think I can speak for all your readers when I say I have enjoyed every one and will enjoy the rest as well. Your photos and words have taken me back to our own trip to the South of France and instilled in me a longing to go back. I know what you mean about wearing sensible footware!! When we went to St Emilion (and enjoyed their beautiful Canelle) we were very grateful for our sensible shoes. All uphill and cobbled streets and when I say uphill, I mean almost perpendicular. There was a railing provided for us all to cling to! You could never do it in heels lol ! Your lunch looks fabulous and I look forward to seeing your own interpretation of it over the holidays! YUM! I have your friend's book on my wish list. It doesn't matter if it is in French. I am quite competent with the written French language, and looks a fabulous book. So sad about your fail, but thank you for sharing. I have often looked at those recipes and wondered how they would turn out. Maybe better with a really sharp knife? Have a beautiful weekend, Christmas is a-coming! yay! It is the most BEAUTIFUL time of the year! Love and hugs and thanks for all that you share, xoxo

    1. I bet St-Emilion was utterly beautilful..!
      That's the word! Perpendicular..and in a car too.. w/ manual transmission!
      I actually held onto the door handle.. on the edge of my breath.Jacques was amazing ruth be told and I know he was not always in his comfort zone w/ the inclines then 70 degree turns on streets suitable for 1 had no idea what was around the corner..and in the fog in Le Alpes..? Well I can't even say ..looking at the drops down..I cringed.
      I am sure her cookie book would be up your allée:)
      Her Citron book was translated..maybe they will do the same w/ this one..I enjoyed the video:)
      Have a great day!

      Do you have Trader Joe's in the UK..their cannelées are not terrible:) I think same owners as Aldi?

  2. I love those medieval towns! The narrow streets (with confortable shoes ...),the ancient buildings, the antique shops, and the delicious food. I enjoyed your pics very, very much. Thank you for sharing and inpiring me so deeply.

    1. Top fun! Although Jacques and I appreciate after day..hilltop towns and small villages are more us..but nothing can take aways from Le Louvre,d'Orsay..etc..the crowds were enough for us..just once..

  3. Such beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos, Monique. This must have been such an amazing adventure! And, the food... my mouth is watering, too! We will be starting our Christmas decorating this weekend. So many of our neighbors (and my daughter) are already in full Christmas decor! I still hold out to celebrate Thanksgiving before starting the Christmas decking of the halls. ;) It is hard for me to imagine your having any fail in the kitchen. Your food skills are wicked sharp! My Little Men will be rising soon, so I'm off to check in on as many of my blog peeps as I can. Wishing you a wonderful day, dear Monique! blessings ~ tanna
    ps I'll be looking forward to more of those photos! ;)

    1. I'll start Dec 2nd..:) I have noticed that with the arrival of blogs..Christmas decor starts so early! And my goodness it's over the top everywhere I look:) Makes you want to refrsh and renew a few things..but I still want to look at my..not yet adorable and vintage..but old;)
      I think only my crèche is true vintage..under Joseph the price is there..;) From a non-existent store..and $0.29 ..imagine..I saw my whole crèeche on VS which is an online garage sale associated w/ FB....albeit not w/ may wax Jesus..for $5.00..I thought..what?
      It's worth thousands in my heart of memories:)
      Enjoy those LM:)

  4. That would be different for Christmas meal Mon! We bought MN the book for Christmas gift...there is a Theme: pink bed sheets, book, P.J's etc. Di🐠🐚💦

    1. So perfect Di..:) Great gift ..beautiful girl..:) I did get to buy some Make up for G..I just wanted to buy something w/ pink;) No gift certificate! Adamo..knives..Di he is enchanted with cooking..etc..18 ..who knows..? In Science at JAC .. that is fun..what little girl would not love new sheets? And the feeling lasts and lasts! When does bébé numéro 5 arrive? I still see MN in her stroller going to the Sagra?:)

    2. Mid March...
      I feel down the stairs last Sunday...not a good thing. Healing slowly but can't wear shoes...OY
      PJ for MN hope to buy Pink.
      I will buy the boys sheets too....not pink
      Take care say hi to J!

    3. Oh no..Is that why you did not see Wonder?:(
      Take care.

  5. I so enjoy seeing the photos from your travels. The details in the architecture, the winding lanes and the stone work all speak to me. The charcuterie looks so delicious! 💕

    1. A little decadent:) but I rarely indulge in ALL that..and I did share:) You would love everything everything everything.I hope you had a wonderful TG:)

  6. Another wonderful tour of a beautiful country. You have a wonderful eye that captures these beautiful towns. You make me want to travel again - and eat baked cheese! I bet that is a fantastic appetizer. Have a lovely weekend Monique!

    1. So different from our usual baked cheeses! And that hint of pesto that seems to hit the spot;) I know you LOVE to suits you to a "T"..:) Get it?:)Hope your TG was fun!

  7. I love the doors, the stone, the stairways, Wow, that one stairway! Huff and puff :) Amazing views and photos, Monique. Never mind waiting...I could look at them over and over again. Too bad about the drizzle but having the place to yourself must have been wonderful. Oh, that lunch sounds wonderful! I hope you do a step-by-step...or email me :) I would take that to Lindsay and Bob's for an appetizer course on Christmas Day with Costco charcuterie and baguettes. I still have living basil. Took cuttings, rooted them and water and then planted in October. So far so good. Those potatoes look amazing! I want to try too :) Christmas decorating is starting here this weekend ♥

    1. I will start next weekend:)
      I will email you now..didn't want to bug you the day after but I see you're in go mode already!! Yes try the potatoes and show me they can be a success!:ucky you and the basil! Writing in 2 minutes.

  8. Beautiful pictures of Provence. We went to the movie "Wonder" with the Grandkids earlier this week. Cameron (6 years old) said "My eyes got wet 4 times". Mine welled over many times. It was an awesome movie, so I am sure the book was just as touching. Amazing acting and message.

    1. My eyes got wet:) Bless his heart how cute is that?
      I would love to go w/ my boys..I think I am going w/ Noah:) The other 3 are seeing it this w/e I think..not glad to hear the movie was good..That little boy..and Julia ..ofcourse Julia what's NOT to Love.That smile..that face..

  9. Bonnieux - what a beauty.
    On of my fav places.
    Lovely shots

  10. Oh, the charm of the French countryside! Thank you for this visual treat, Monique!

    1. Thank you for being interested:)♥:)I know you are a francophile:)
      many of us fun to share similar likes!

  11. I loved all the photos. Especially the blue shutters. Blue shutters get me every time.

    1. ME too Pam..must admit..had a pocket point and shoot and had to shoot fast as we were walking and walking time to get great pics.I say that because. I know what you do👍🏻💯

  12. I am intrigued by the spray vinegar. Tell me more :-)
    We love baked cheeses and pesto.
    Joe made a cheese board for Thanksgiving, and it was ooh la la. We did serve baked gouda that was a big hit.
    Love seeing these photos of your trip!

    1. has some's a spray balsamic..I am going to buy a sprayer and make my own since our Amazon doesn't carry it..I loved the crust on this..and so compact in the ramekin:)Perfecto!
      Joe..would love all his outings all over Provence and so would you.
      I know you will get to Paris first..but after?:)
      I love Gouda.
      Thanks Debbie!

  13. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. France is such a beautiful place to visit. So much to see and do. The old buildings do tell a story. I adore the architecture. The food is divine. One of my favorite trips is our barge trip thru Burgundy. The captain was a woman and a fantastic cook.
    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful Christmas.

    1. The trip sounds amazing w/ the captain cook:)I do enjoy Christmas.. hope it's a snow one:)

  14. Your photos mean a lot to me...I just love all those stones...and the blue shutters and doors...and the views...Hope your Thanksgiving was warm and lovely!

    1. I was thinking about you trying fast sketches and matter what my colors seemed so dull:( Will try again..of course:)Thank you.

  15. Hi Monique....
    Your photos are always a treat for the eyes....and that meal! Delish!!!!!
    I saw that video on IG for the potatoes....if you couldn't master it, I doubt any could!💓
    Yes....Christmas is just around the corner...think we'll drag our tree up this weekend too....I do love the lights!
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

    1. Hope to do it Sat/ makes the nights seem so much nicer!Have a great day!

  16. I've been saving this read for when I had time to sit and look closely at every single photo and read every word carefully! I know we're ready for Christmas and I can't wait to see what you do, but I, for one, could look at every single photo here every day and not tire of it!

    Your holiday appetizer will be wonderful for both remembering your trip and entrancing your family or guests. It looks delicious. And I loved those blue shutters and quiet streets. I can see why walking shoes are essential for this trip!

    So, let the holidays begin. I've started decorating -- a long process and I love every second!

    1. I am happy to have made your aquaintance this year!
      A nice person..full of life and joy:)Happy holidays!

    2. I feel the same about you! Very grateful and happy to have enjoyed your company this year as well!

  17. What a beautiful place, Monique, and the lunch looks delicious. It is better as a meal than a first course, IMO, because then you can eat more bread :-)

  18. Beautiful photos blue sky or not. Thank you for sharing your views. I love every one 😘❤️

  19. What gorgeous pictures of France. I too adore the doors, windows, balconies and rooflines! You captures so many gorgeous ones.
    Your lunch looks absolutely amazing with the cheese just oozing out! Sounds like a fabulous menu and a great memory!
    I too like to leave my tree up at least until my birthday which is two weeks after - it just makes me happy!

  20. We had lunch in the same place in Bonnieux with the open kitchen!
    I could eat her food everyday. Yum They were not serving baked camembert in Summer though...
    Thanks for the reminder.

  21. So, so beautiful Monique! I can already taste your xmas app :) xo

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