Sunday, March 25, 2018


My little ragamuffins

My little misfit.

I don't think a grandad can ask for anything more with his grandchildren:) And children~

Pre-Easter is Jacques' birthday...  every year:) he wants it to be every second year..but it can't be!:)

Our daughter had us all over..I love that so much.
When we are all together.
Nothing beats that for me.

Frédérick made that HUGE half a poster:) Amassed the facts..and the boys and Caroline signed..I loved the little notes..Noah had his own card w/ his family and painted an egg:)

I volunteered dessert and made Tricia's No Bake Bailey's Cheesecake~
Thanks Tricia..for the inspiration at the right moment:)
You can find her recipe on her beautiful blog..right here..
I think there was one small piece left and Jacques said if he would have listened to himself he would have eaten it.I had my bite..and it's good.
Chocoltae creamy lovers me it tasted a bit like the middle of a Lindt:)

I made my first canelés in the copper..oh lala..look at my ragamuffins....little waistlines.Not supposed to have those;)
Will try again..
Noah and Mylène and Jacques liked them regardless♥

I have been looking at needlepoint tea cozies..and out of the blue a Varage Sale idea came to me..

I saw a needlepoint pic..stretched..done..all for $5.00..

a fab you tube video on how to make them..and I thought I was set.
Turns out my needlepoint was so vintage once I removed it from the frame..the stitches were so dry and old..they started tearing.

It's not lined..I did the best I could..and it's going to stay like that..but not usable nor practical.

Our dining room is a toughie for me.And I made it for there..

It's dark mahogany was my grandfathers..table ,chairs and hutches..  for his chambers..he was a judge.

I have had it all my life and will never part with it..and I hope to heavens it stays in our dad would be over 100..and the set was not purchased new..have no idea how old my grandfather would be..I never knew a grandparent in my lifetime.

I am so fond of it..but it's a different room for me compared to paler and lighter..

Even Easter is subdued:)

I am so happy w/ the linen square I brought home from Provence..that seems to have MC embroidered on all 4 sides.
I felt it was meant to be.
Chateuneuf du Pape was at our wedding..and Dom Pérignon is as old:)
Made the bunny years ago..cups and tray mom's..old reading glasses..and 2 sweet recent gifts..:)

Darling little spoon..I find it so charming..Sarah has such taste..if you have never popped by..Easster is a good time w/ all her precious collections:)

A lovely sifter/strainer flat spoon has been added..I was spoiled on my birthday in February Garden/Foodie friends I have had for years.
Thank you Terry:)

We had that no bake tomato sauce again..w/ basil and sun-dried tomatoes,capers,oil, probably think that's all we eat:)

The look -like vintage Easter molds were bought on sep.occasions at Michael's w/ the coupons.
I thought they were so cute..
On a shoestring budget.
I wonder what was on my grandfather's table maybe 100 yrs ago at Easter time.
Surely something lovely~Something Downton Abby-ish.
Did I ever mention..that once..very comfortable and quite illustrious..they did not have much at the end.
My grandmother was paralyzed and all their dollars went to the care of her well being.
That's the story I heard.
How I wish I could hear all the stories..all the real stories..
No one to tell me.
Pay attention ..:) 
I wish I had known that one day I would have loved to know just about everything;)
I am starting a few Easter things and will share..the keepers..

Oh..I did make some cookies..:)

W/ Susan's cutter!

Thank you again Susan:)And Happy Birthday TODAY!
Having warmer weather the next few days..should thaw a bit of snow:)For muddy Easter egg hunt paths labyrith like in;)


  1. Oh the cookies, the moulds, the needlepoint and the best, the cards from the littles. Is Jacques careful? Ha. Such sweet love he's getting from the boys. I would love that cake. Creamy, chocolate and berries on top... The canelles look very good and I would have eaten those too. And how funny was the past and present times. Better days I believe. Tell Jacques happy day and how lucky a man he is (blessed).

    1. He is:)Stable..steadfast and careful:)
      I think he is pretty blessed too:)
      I saw your post today..I feel as a Canadian I should not voice my opinion..but I have one:)
      Good for you for speaking your mind Donna:)

  2. Happy belated birthday for Jacques, lovely all the cards and the sweet things, always all beautiful. Still Im not in Easter mood but I want to make something, maybe tomorrow, We made today with Esperanza a Salad Crepes tarta, she cook amazing too, we filling with only salads I have tomake some day to the blogs, oops Im a little disperse Im sorry . Send you hugs and love xoxo

    1. I am always disperse☺️😘Esperanza..I just love that name Gloria!!

    2. me too !! but she likes more we call her "Espe" lol

  3. Goodness! I love those food pictures :)

  4. What a glorious birthday celebration. The cheesecake appeals to my sweet tooth, Lindt are one of my favourites. I would sit talking with my mother and mother-in-law, they had such lovely stories to tell. I only knew one grandparent but she was quite old and didn't communicate with myself or my cousins.

    1. It's wonderful how things are so different now w/ grandparents:) I am so grateful they live close by..all of them! We dodn't see each other every day..but they're THERE:)♥

  5. LOVE all the cards for Jacques! Happy Belated Birthday! We celebrated birthdays Saturday as well. One of our dearest friends turned 77 along with Jacques. It was a good year. ;) I love that you have your grandfather's furniture and hold it dear. It is hard when it doesn't match your tastes. I'm sure it is beautiful! Sorry your needlepoint began to crumble; it still looks great. Family is the best. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Yes..literally was an experiment:) yes 1941 was a good year:)

  6. What a sweet, special birthday for your Jacques! He is obviously greatly loved!

    1. He is Chris.. he's so smitten too..head over heels for those children:)TY!

  7. Happy Birthday to Jacques! What a perfect celebration! Your cake looks wonderful but they always do. And your cookies are adorable. I’m in your daughter and grandson’s camp. I’m sure they tasted delicious. Can you believe I have bot made a cookie yet for Easter! That’s what I get for going away last week! Maybe on Wednesday I’ll make some bunnies for Lillian as she just loves her bunny snuggle toy. I did bring back some chocolates from New Orleans for them.

    1. I hope you write me a little note about Nola:) I bet it was fun fun fun and great food!!
      You will catch up this week:)You'll see:)

  8. Amazing birthday research!

    Amazing caneles!!

  9. Mmmmmmm.....delicious !! Ria x ❤️

  10. Dear Nana, your pictures are absolutely fabulous.
    Happy belated birthday to Jaques.
    Your caneles look perfect.

  11. I loved all the handmade birthday cards. Include my belated wishes to Jacques, I'm sure he loved his birthday celebrations.

    1. So sweet the words from children❤️Thanks Karen..he did love his day..his son-in-laws are so nice to us too☺️

  12. I had a huge smile on my face reading Jacques' cards. Mack and Dane each made one for me too. I remembered that Jacques' birthday was the day before mine. I can tell it was a fun one :) Lots of birthdays in our families right around Easter time. I get a second party in two weeks :) I hope second time is a charm for you with the caneles. Did they taste good, I hope? Such a beautiful piece of needlework. So sad it started to fall apart and it really sets the mood on your sterling tea set. I have an old Dom Pérignon bottle too. I think from our 10th anniversary! Sorry I'm a day late for my wishes here but your wishes worked. It was a happy birthday! ♥

    1. ps: LOVE the chicken cookies because of how beautifully you decorated them!

    2. I love the Littles cards..always..Such a great pic of you and the 2 ELDERS;)..They are ur greatest gifts these little ones..It is a pretty piece of will just sit there;) Have a great year dear Susan!!

  13. Hello!
    🎈to Jacques🎈
    Love the cards...treasures❣️
    I too wish I knew more about my grandparents...hopefully we are changing that for our grands.
    Enjoy your week...beautiful photography...have to force myself to do a post...hardly taking any pics...wish it was warmer...
    Linda :o)

    1. I can't believe you have to force' part of you..part of your nature!!
      It will happen one day..and you are so ahead of us!!
      Yes hopefully the Littles will remember many things of us:)♥I hope so:)

  14. Bonjour chère Nana,

    Que de belles cartes que celles que je viens de lire ! Un grand-père plus que comblé !
    J O Y E U X A N N I V E R S A I R E !!
    C'est vraiment très émouvant de lire ces mots d'enfants... Ils sont tellement précieux.

    Un superbe billet ❤️

    Gros bisous 🎀

  15. The cheesecake taste like the middle of a Lindt candy. Yum..I need to put that on my list to try soon Monique! Happy Birthday to your hubby.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  16. Those beautiful cards brought tears to my eyes - such a wonderful family! Happy birthday Jacques! And I'm so happy he liked the no-bake cheesecake. Your cake is beautiful! Thanks for giving it a try. And those ragamuffins, oh my they look good :)

    1. They were good..just not right..Cake's a keeper Tricia..did you find it's a bit Lindt?The creamy inside?:)The cards bring tears to my eyes too..we're that family that cries at the drop of tenderness:)

      Call The Midwife was back on last night..oh woe are my puffy eyes.;)

  17. Aww!! the cards.. they are precious!

  18. such heart warming cards. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration. I think you muffins are cute.
    darling cookies and that decadent cake. I have to try it! so glad you tried your lamb mold. I would love to see it. Easter falls on my birthday this year, so it will be a dual celebration.

  19. Happy Birthday Jacques! What a lovely celebration!

    1. Thank ou:) My daughter once told me she loves my blog because it is like a journal/diary..and sometimes she looks back:) This is one for that:)

  20. Dearest Monique,
    Wishing your Jacques a belated happy birthday and also a Happy Easter to come!
    Great dessert shared with loved ones.

  21. What a beautiful, loving family you have, Monique, it is beautiful to watch. Happy Easter, my friend.

    1. We seem to have lucked out in that dept.I am so grateful for them all♥
      Have a Happy Easter Amalia♥

  22. Happy birthday Jacques! I love birthdays in the spring. I think they are the best.
    I have my antique molds out too and plan to make some chocolate bunnies today in them. I loved the molded butter in them. I haven't done that before.
    Have a lovely Easter!

  23. Beautiful post, Monique! A big Happy Birthday to Jacques! Those grandchildren do bring a smile to my face, reading their words and how they express their love. So pure and truthful!

    Your muffins look delicious. It seems to me that I'm craving rich, gooey sweets lately. Aren't we supposed to want light and fresh desserts at this time of year? I was thinking of making an apple pie foe Easter dessert, and then I realized apples aren't even in season!! Well, it's white cupcakes and they will be sweet!

    Easter Blessings, my friend.


    1. Easter cupcakes are perfect.A white cupcake now will always be Susan Branch Girlfriend cupcakes:) The book signing ones..KAF recipe..I have had 2 baking flops this week for Easter..not fun..A wonderful Easter to you..and everything great..following your op..:)

  24. Monique, I'm days late reading this darling post. It's been a crazy week! Happy Birthday to your Jacques! I know you will have a lovely celebration with your family this weekend. I look forward to seeing your table and the delicious goodies you are making. The little molds are so cute. Speaking of Michael's, I stopped in today to pick up some wraping paper for the gift to my little grand nieces. Couldn't believe they didn't have wrapping paper, just gift bags and celephane. But they did have the cuteset gingham dessert / salad plate among the Easter things all half off. I couldn't resist taking them home. They were gingham!!!
    Your "ragamuffins" look delicious. You are too critical! Anything from Nana's kitchen is wonderful! And the needlepoint tea cozy is total charm. What a great idea! I love repurposing needlework. The cozy looks regal!
    Happy Easter, dear friend!
    PS ~ thanks for the sweet mention.

    1. Thank YOU!
      Oh dear Sarah..table is hmble..little lunch sit down..boys the kitchen and there on sofas and chairs I thik..not sure if we are 12 or 10..humble..I assure you:)I live Home Sense..that type of store for wrapping pretty..big rolls!

      Happy Easter!!!

  25. Where do I begin, there is so much to love here Monique! It sounds as if Jacques had the perfect birthday. With family, all get-togethers are beautiful occasions. You are so blessed. The cards and letters from the boys are so sweet. Your cannelles don't look too bad, and I am sure you will get better with time. My French friend Corine makes beautiful Cannelles, and all sorts. She is from Bordeaux. (She and her husband are very colourful people. We love them. In their wedding photo they look like something from the three musketeers.) I remember having a Cannelle in St Emilion and it was like a taste of heaven! I wish, like you, I had taken more notes when my mother would talk about her family, now that I really want to know these things, most are gone and her mind is failing. I envy those who have scrapbooks and photo albums and an abundance of stories and information to share. Everything here today is so beautiful and elegant. That spoon in the salad, so beautiful! The salad is beautiful, and that cheesecake. Mmmm . . . Happy Easter to you and Jacques and the family! Joyeuses Pâques!! xoxo

    1. So many similarities:) Marie I started following an IGer..who has been so helpful..her canelés were gorgeous.. she is going to write her recipe and send me after Easter. She does use the beeswax and butter coating..I'll try:)They are bites of heaven..crunchy outside then not:)..Happy Easter:)

  26. I think you know I save your posts for when I want something that will really warm through through and through, inspire me, give me my fill of beautiful photos, wonderful ideas and loads of love and this post does it all. Jacques' birthday looks like it was a most magnificent occasion and with cards like that, I would be completely over the moon. I've never heard of cannelle so to me they look perfect. When you do them and get them "right" I hope you'll show before and after so I remember.

    Much love and joy and Happy Easter!