Thursday, September 20, 2018

Watercolor journal,tomatoes,inspiration,fall.

In case some of you are not on IG..I just want to recommend it again.
Lots to see..lots to love.

Products to learn about..
videos to watch..
all very interesting..
I was a member for a couple of yrs and never ever did anything..didn't even look until my daughters started showing me accounts..then I did start to participate.

And you don't even have to.

I found out about fertilizers and paints and Zutter Bind It Alls..  
Found flower producers that knocked my socks off..
Artists galore.
Just FYI if you feel like seeing more:)

My tomatoes were late this year because I use the garlic growing space..and got impatient so planted some here and there ..and in between..
However ..they thrived..and these are the varieties I grew..

Medium Red..a small red tomato..larger than cherry.
Dancing With Smurfs..a deep aubergine almost black cherry tomato with orange have to wait until the bottoms turn orange.
Sunrise the look:) And taste..
White Currant..the size of a currant..and sweet.

Not sure I would grow the white currant again because the plant is big enough w/ tiny pearls though a space hoarder;)

The small beachy watercolor journal was made w/ the Zutter Bind It All..I do recommend this tool:)I was so fortunate to find a second ahnd almost new one.

I used St ~Armand paper for the cover and Strathmore Mixed Media for the inside pages.
 DS watercolors..except for Manganese Blue Hue  Daler-Rowney...bought in Provence last year.

Petit Gris Brush and a cheapo liner.

And my Whisky Painters case from Articulations,Toronto.

The watercolor was painted from inspiration from Lisa.
The idea of using the Bind It All from Teri.

That's what I mean re IG:)

Here's a pet peeve re IG..:)

On stories..which I do like..seeing and hearing the word OBSESSED.
Everyone is OBSESSED w/ something.
Come on.
Most overused word.LOL.

And I just love finding wee things in the garden upon closer inspection don't you? This little guy ..just sitting in a calendula blossom..a calendula blossom is no bigger than a quarter this one..look who was using it as a resting place.
I had time to water plants..clip stuff..come back w/ my camera and there he still was..still♥

Autumn..can you believe it?

Brambly Hedge Autum teacup set.

 Here's To Fall..

My son-in-law is the Elvis fan..but..this one..♥Me too.


  1. Dear Nana, like you I do really love Instagram.
    Those cherry tomatoes seem to be delicious.

  2. I thought the most overused word was "Amazing!" (actually, "Amazing!!!!") But obsessed is a good one. I don't have a tablet or phone and you can't do instagram from the computer or I'd be on it. I do visit sites though and you are right -- loads of wonderful things. I love your watercolor and the Zutter looks like a good tool to have.

    My tomatoes weren't that great but Rick's are coming in now. I've made several batches of tomato sauce to freeze for winter (or before!) and pesto from my basil. I might even pick up some market tomatoes to do a little more -- it's so tasty, I would be happy just eating that, no pasta with it at all! Your pretty cup and macarons make me smile. Sigh!

    1. I have not done a thing with my tomatoes except eat them..yes..amazing..awesome..yup..may I confess I hate yup☺️
      I get you re IG you can only see with a PC..a way I am obsessed!☺️☺️☺️

  3. Still no success with instagram😡. Love your watercolors. Is that calendula flower from one of the seed packets I sent you? My flashback calendula seed is coming along. I’m still hoping I’ll have flowersfor Halloween. Bon weekend!

    1. Every single calendula chez moi..from you!!!!
      I want to help you with IG!!!You too Bon weekend!!

  4. Okay. I am bound and determined to go on Instagram to look around. I'm slow as I just looked at Pinterest a month ago. I hear so much about Instagram. Seems like most bloggers do it. I have just refused to do more than blog. I'm not a face booker either. Those Smurf tomatoes look good. I grow a Cherokee purple tomato that gets large. Very flavorful. Oh, autumn looks good from your view. Enjoy!

    1. I am not a facebooker at all..never post never comment.
      IG is different..the artists and gardeners you could follow!Truly I signed up yrs ago..never used it..last year I started peeking at my daughters accounts..and then I thought..well get your own.I remember having an issue because my account was old..where was my password..and just started all over again.Create an account..and start with search..or ener an account you know and like and will find like minded and or different souls..
      I just found an incredible Italian cooking account..translate comes in handy for that one:)My girls are on it..some of their friends..companies I see new ideas ..I am here to also mention that some make a good business out of it.
      That is not and will never be what I aspire to.
      Just love the creativity!
      I follow parents and cute owners..stylists..gardeners ..collectors!
      I think in a post I will add links to some faves.Not all as I follow 1000.Gulp😂Do it!!🙂🙂👍🏻

    2. 1000? It really must be good. Can't wait now.

  5. I can't believe the first day of autumn is tomorrow! I am so ready for dry and crisp...we are so waterlogged here. Your tea set is a perfect way to say hello to the season. Lovely watercolor summer scene to remember along with the taste of fresh tomatoes. I still have some ripening outdoors. I had to Google Zutter Binds it All :) Also Googled Can't Help Falling in Love and...did you know the melody was taken from a French love some called Plaisir d'Amour written in the 1700s? No wonder you love it :) I just listened to Placido sing it on YouTube. Not exactly the same but you can tell. Lots of obsessed people these days - LOL. Excellent capture of the Jimminy Cricket!

  6. I had no idea!
    Thank you for your research!
    Yes lol many obsessed!!What were our words?
    The Zutter is Le fun!!
    We had rain this AM and risk of thunderstorms later..
    Elsewhere it's about 100 and super dry.
    I could eat tomatoes till they popped out of my ears!
    Found a great new IG cooking site..we can brush up on our Italian'
    Tavolartegusta..close enough will send you a link!!!😘

    1. A few I remember were "So cool" "Super" "Awesome" Thank you for the IG site! I just followed her :) I'm ready for Italian. Made tomato sauce with some of my tomatoes yesterday to freeze for fall and winter ♥

    2. True!Amazing!Always ready for Italian here❤️Bon weekend ma belle!

  7. Wow That Zutter gizmo looks amazing! I dont love DS watercolors. They never dry!? I'll send you my bag of tubes :)) ye amazing!

    1. How interesting!Which ones do you love?That Zutter👍🏻Confession..I bought mine used in top shape.Kijiji.Lovely girl.

  8. I always love everything you post Monique. Your pictures always take my breath away. They are just beautiful. I love IG and I can thank you for that. You are the one who got me interested in it! I am always discovering something new. There are so many talented people on there. The only drawback for me is it is also filled with people that I find are far too "Self-Obsessed!" I try not to follow those ones and if I discover after following that they are all "ME ME MEEE!" I Unfollow pronto. I think we are raising a generation of people who are very self obsessed, I call it the Kardashian syndrome. lol Whatever happened to traditional values? Yes, I AM old fashioned! Your tomatoes all look gorgeous! I loved the photo you recently put on IG with all the tomatoes and the herbs, etc. It looked like a fabulous meal in the making. Happy Autumn dear friend! xoxo

    1. I agree Marie!!Self obsessed is the perfect word!
      You share everything you's fun!To me sharing is exciting lol!
      What's the fun of keeping ideas to yourself?
      Would much rather talk about it..let others try and share..we are here to learn from each other.
      So many are at home on their own out of desire or need.The Internet in some cases creates being. Loner but in some instances it is a gift of camaraderie and knowledge.
      I have unfollowed too..
      Thank you for always being so positive about others works!And sharing it all

  9. I'm still deciding about Instagram, but I haven't really given it much time, if I'm honest. Blogging is still my first love. I love your sugar cubes, do you make them yourself? I was thinking about making customized sugar cubes but it is one more thing I haven't done yet :-)

    1. Yes Amalia.Quite simple and so inexpensive.
      Years and years ago I bought some..Maybe 100 lol.
      This yr.I made some.I don't put sugar in my coffee ..hazelnut creamer lol..tea..sometimes Stevia..but even Jacques likes these cubes.Have fun with them if you do.A little craft day!

  10. I am O B S E S S E D with your stories and pictures! hahahahaha!!!
    Lovely post Monique...
    Happy fall to you...
    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you for making me lol..another overused word but ya did!
      Happy fall y'all😂😂

  11. Dearest Monique,
    As the daughter of a market gardener I love your first photo so much!
    Also the sugar cubes. Are they maple sugar or is it brown sugar?
    You will find always subjects to paint about or to make great photos.
    Big hugs and sunshine!

    1. My husbands dad was a grocery store owner..hard work!I bet your dad was intrepid!Market workers are diligent..organized and out there.I love to be appreciative .White cubes but they could be piped on any cube ..I have seen shapes also!Bon weekend!

  12. Haven't been here in so long and I so love looking at your beautiful world. And acorns? My favorite way of welcoming fall!

    1. How nice of you!!I have been remiss also..have catching up to do!,🙂

  13. Dreaming of your tomatoes...another favourite summer treat... :)

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  15. Fall, enfin! I bought new Daniel Smith tubes and have been creating pages of washes and wet mixes. They are so very lush and intense. I think it's like riding a new horse, I have to figure out how to work with them, tame their intensely wild colors. That IS a gorgeous tomato photo! (fun to say, Tomato Photo.)

    1. LOL:) Tomato photo:)
      Have fun w/ your new colors I always enjoy mine:)