Sunday, November 17, 2019

Nocember~:)'s beginning to look like Christmas  is earlier and earlier these days..I mean..the me;)

We see it in Costco simultaneously w/ Halloween it seems..a bit too early for stores..not for personal preparations because ...if you like can't start in December:)

I made lots of felt ornaments this year..2 sets of 3 each I can only share after Christmas once the recipients have received them..
Some are tucked into envelopes ready to go..
That's a lesson I learned last year..if I send something to can be there in one week..if I send it in North America..say can take one I will mail all by Dec 5th this year.
Hopefully snail mail will be prompt and not procrastinate.

The red pick ups are felt ornaments I made thanks to Downeastthunderfarm.
I made some birds etc..
It's a great site for beginners..easy patterns..  you just need felt and floss and a needle and scissors..go see:)So many delightful just need to know a few basic stitches..and they can be found on Youtube..

I started  years ago by making Alicia Paulsen's patterns which are more detailed and intricate..
Below..the beginnings of the set of 3 for my daughters Christmas 2018 set.And a different bird as a gift for this yr w/ matching little watecolor tag.

I love felts on trees..nothing matches..nothing breaks..and they live happily with all different kinds of ornaments.I love hand made ones and bought ones!Urban Barn often has such dear ones!
And I know US stores carry them because I have received some as gifts♥

And  (not at the time) one of my daughter's sets that got thrown in the garbage Christmas morning a few yrs back..  image from Alicia's site.
That year I had made an extra set for me..I gave her mine..I added their names on the Christmas lights above the beds..I love to add all kinds of beads:) I had found tiny initial beads:)

I invite you to give a few ornaments a try:)
I've always loved embroidery..even embroidered J a jean shirt in the 70' much cowboy embroidery lol..
Must have been true love..he wore it:):)
Long gone..
The shirt:)

I keep certain books..books I books..cookbooks..sweet charming books..poetry books..
I'm glad I kept my Lifes Little Instruction Books.. Author..H.Jackson Brown..
I think I have can pick them up very reasonably many yrs later..:)

I've had mine for 20 yrs plus I think.

I re-read a few a little while ago and although some thoughts are no longer de ce jour..most still ring so true.

So I thought..

I' d like to leave a list for my girls..of my little thoughts as they hit me from time to time..
We don't want to hear much in our 40's..I can't remember having anyone to tell me things..I wish I had ..had someone..

Things we don't really know younger..but things I really know are true..:)And important..and maybe if they know these things were true for me..they might be true for them:)

The first thing would biggest..

1. Listen to your INTUITION..that voice only you can hear..and even if it's whispering..listen.
And abide by it.Don't even question it.

Everything that voice warned me about? She was right.
Had I listened..oh..had I listened.

I bet it rings true for many of you.

So I might just add these Nana's Words Of Insight;)
..This coming year.

I leave you w/ more felt:)♥And snow..we've had snow!

Courtesy of the web~


  1. I love your felt creations Monique. Like you I treasure all the ones I have made and gifted, but even more I treasure the ones which have been gifted to me! The thought that someone has taken time to put together something to give me with their own two hands and time means the world to me! Your trucks are cute! Oh how awful a thought to think that some got thrown away by accident! I would have cried. What I wouldn't give to have some of the things my mother made through the years. I wish . . . the busy time is coming up, probably faster than we hope! Happy Sunday! xoxo

    1. Happy Sunday to you!
      I didn’t cry👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Inside Iwas so disappointed but I was fine as soon as Ithought to give her mine.Mine are always the prototype though so never as nice..We check the wrapping papers now🎄

  2. Dearest Monique,
    We both will try this Christmas to use the ornaments, felt and cross stitched ones, done by Pieter's Mom and my adoptive Mom here in Georgia. They look cute and also are sentimental. What more do we need?
    Hate the very early commercial start of Christmas! It is a Christian feast and also a Family Feast; period.
    Wow, I'm seeing the end of the tunnel as I've almost sorted out the digitalized videos. Still need to check off a few to see if the Hi8 version (direct) is better than the larger video tape's version. Sometimes it's not and I can patch up pieces with the better images. Though that is work, using my Quick Time Player for trimming them etc. But the end result is worth it! So my Pieter has now a whole list by date and year on his iPad to view on YouTube (unlisted)... SO HAPPY!
    Still need to trim out certain sections for some relatives to give to them, will be treasures for sure as their babies have grown up already!
    Happy Sunday to you and hugs,

    1. What a wonderful wonderful thing you did Mariette💫✨🌟💕Lucky man and relatives.You must feel profoundly good🙏🏻

  3. Love, love the mitten garland.

    1. Thank you!
      I found the pattern here..


  4. I love your felt creations Monique. Your Ford truck assembly line is adorbs. I need to practice that blanket stitch before I start. LOL
    Yes, you could certainly write a little book "Nana's Words". I guess we "had to learn the hard way" :-)

    1. Nanas Words🌟👍I guess you hear that voice too!
      Debbie ai love how you embrace projects💫

  5. I love your felt ornaments, Monique, so pretty and colorful. Now wonder Christmas preparations begin earlier each year, the way time flies...

  6. I've been working on my first felt project this fall, a felt nativity for my grandson. I want to have it finished by Thanksgiving so I need to get to work on it! I'm making a fold up flannel board & he'll be able to arrange the pieces. I plan to keep it at my house to pull out & use in the future. He spends a lot of time with me.

    I love Downeasthunderfarm patterns. I've saved so many of them. I love the ornament idea & will need to start working on those earlier for next year.

    1. What a keepsake Jenny:)He will love that..and to have it at your home will make it even more special I think.
      Her patterns are such a gift to us all:)

  7. Thank you for your inspiration! Those felt ornaments are so sweet. Time to get out that needle and start sewing!

    1. Perfect for less than stellar weather days! Or even stellar ones..A little peace and quiet and FOCUS..are so great for the mind!I stitched in my twenties w/ never left me :)Well a few years here and there but we always come back to it:)

  8. Stitched with love and received the same way, I'm sure! Your creations are so special and all the detail you put into them with the beads, ribbons, etc. make them personally yours. I love the thought of not having to worry about them no breaking. Had an unbreakable ornament tree when the girls were little...Hallmark. We are getting a grand-dog while Lindsay, Bob and boys travel after Christmas and I have to worry about his big, wagging tail breaking my Santas now :) I'll have to figure out something to surround the tree. Love the snow globe girl and your words of wisdom ♥

    1. Oh nana a new doggie:)♥You are great pet sitters I remember your days of pet sitting your freinds beloved toy:)
      Thank you:)
      It's a nice day today;)

  9. So lovely your felt criations. I've never ever tryed this kind of craft. Maybe this year I'll try it. It looks to be easy, isn't it?

    1. With your fairy fingers..? 100%
      Blanket stitch is what binds the back and front and pieces together..the rest..running..straight..yes very easy!!:)

  10. Your felt ornaments are darling. I love that they will not
    I am presently visiting my mom.have a great week.

    1. I bet her home is looking fantabulous!!I know you are having a great time:)!

  11. Everything is adorb ❤️
    My inner voice tells me to "GET OUT" of boulangeries.
    Mostly I listen but a lot of times I do not 😳

    1. LOL I wish my intuations only warned me of boulangeries:) Me? I get intuations about everything..people..situations..etc..

  12. Oh, Wow!!! The felts!! The red trucks, Super Cute and Happy!! Did you design the composition using Susan's red truck pattern? Downeast Thunderfarm is not too far from me! I had pulled out my felting box a few days ago, am making up a cheer me up gift box for a younger friend. Inspirational quotes maybe I will add embroidery! Do you know the books, Felt Wee Folk by Salley Mavor, Heart felt by Teresa Searle, and Making Fairy Tale Scenes by Sybille Adolphi?

    I also am decorating a bunch of mini trees for folks at the hospital. All handmade thank you for inspiration...

    1. I used the exact red truch pattern from DownEastThunder site:) the Bird also..So gracious of her to share her talents!
      I did not know of these books and of course will look them up! As always..Thank you!

  13. I've never tried felting, done sewing, embroidery and knitting. Your last image is lovely :-)

  14. Oh Monique, your felt pieces are just beautiful. I love them all -- the simple and the more complicated. I know what you mean about felt ornaments on a tree. I love them too and have quite a few. They're so colorful and they always make me happy. And very child friendly too, if you have little tiny ones with no judgment! Love the mitten garland and your snowball cookies. Those are one of my favorites to make.

    I still haven't started decorating for Christmas, though I'm trying to sneak fall down before Thanksgiving, or most of it. But Thanksgiving is so late this year, I just might have to start. I have brought trees up to the guest room to lie in wait, but I'm not sure how long I can restrain myself!

    Oh, one thing -- can you let me know if you got my email reply. In fact, I'll send one to you right now that says test. I have a new system and am hoping I can now reply to you via email because I always love your comments! Just let me know if it comes. I'm going with the address I had from you quite awhile back! Thanks.

    1. No I didn't !
      This should work although Mariette's never came a a lady selling tire rims for J..
      Not sure what's up as everything seems to get to me..

      I had only done winter boughs and lights outside and with our horrendous winds they all blew down.Winter came so early to QC..
      Christmas is everywhere and soo soo pretty..some gawdy but mostly cute.
      I do love the Scandinavian simply beautiful way but I've got almost 1/2 a century in memory decorations to wipe the slate clean;)

  15. I'll try again with the gmail. If you get it, let me know. There's something about my MSU mail and I thought it might be OK otherwise. UGH!

    I put some lights out yesterday because all our snow melted and it wasn't too cold. Going to the greens market this weekend and will add some boughs when I'm back. Sorry about your awful wind. It's funny you mention the Scandi -- I see photos of it and I love it. But I would have to have an entirely new house and give up all those decorations that mean so much to me if I did! I love this post with the beautiful Christmas. I might do a little more (in not-so-public rooms) today!

    1. Nothing..which suprises in the past I have received the and then all was well..lately no..
      Oh me too Have too many years of cherished memories to start over.Bad enough having tossed my Google albums:( Creature of habit here:)

  16. LOVE the title!!
    Your stitchery always amazes me...I meant to do some this year...but,uh...things got in the way...
    I too believe in "Intuition"...always matter what others say...
    Crappy weather here for weeks...ugh...need to do some festive decorating...I'll get Vivian to help...:o)
    I too should start a few cards...seems I am behind in EVERYTHING...
    Oh Scarlett O"Hara says..."La tee dah"...hahaha!!
    Cheers mon ami...
    Linda :o)

    1. You have been focused on such important things and accomplished everything perfectly:)Kudos ma belle..kudos kudos kudos!!I think having Miss V as c0-decorator sounds like an A-1 plan♥

  17. You crafty gal you! So cool the things you can do!
    I just caught up on your last few blogs and read how you lost years of entries. I feel your sadness. Not quite the same scale but I came home from a trip in September and reformated my memory card and have not been able to recover the images. So I know a little how it feels.

    1. Yes that feeling😟I too here lost some images because card needed to be formatted so I did it😑It pained me.Turns out my card is’s for your old Sony.Still using her.Oh A losing 5 yrs of posts really troubled me😟😟😟

    2. A sadness you have to move past.

  18. Always so beautiful.... xo Your daughters are extra lucky. :)