Monday, July 27, 2020

As July nears the end..

July is almost toast..
it has been.
Dry and hot.

Farmers are struggling..

Gardens are seems there is always something to complain about right?

My biggest complaint in July ..? Japanese Beetles..they come right after the rose chafers.
It's a wonder I garden.

Every day I squish handfuls of those disgusting things.
To salvage my flowers.

To walk about the gardens that make me exercise..make me practice gratitude for nature..make me appreciate miracles.
And now sometimes I get to see the cutest garden helpers.

Oli helped me for chores and he will come again tomorrow..
Max came and helped with the hedge..

It's one on one time..

My fave people.

One ay Noah was coming and so was Oli..  Oli had popped by a bit earlier..

this is the note he slipped his work at home mom as she was on a conference call:)

So I made amazing's the deal though that crunchy little topping is best DAY OF.
I got rave reviews here and from my neighbours.

You can find this GREAT GREAT recipe here.

 100 bulbs harvest this year..All clean..cured ..ready to do..bugs don't go near's just so rewarding!!

If you have herbs..gather into bouquets garnis..dry and store in a Mason jar..pop into soups and stews all yr long♥
I used Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme..of course;)

Cute as buttons and fun to have on hand..
These require NO work.
And I am still loving learning ..w/ Chris Petri.You tube..Save your cans to make floral arrangements.

What a Covid Summer.
What a year.

On top of all this let's think of those who need medical attention on top of all this..
Let's just..
And how many are waiting to see a doctor?

And then we have this hero in our midst.
You may remember Laurent~Duvernay~Tardif
He played for Kansas City and they won the super bowl when all was well..
He's also a doctor.
He is opting out of this coming season and foregoing a 2.7 million salary to help here as a doctor.
There are angels in our midst.

I think he's one of them.
Take care.
I wish you well.....

PS I have watched a few Netflix series..and here are some..

Derek..not for fact I found it too crude and stopped..and returned and well I really liked it.

Atypical..  lovely..

Love On The Spectrum.. genuine and good.

I already told you about AfterLife.

The thing about Ricky Gervais is that I never thought I liked him
Well..I do.


  1. So inspiring to read of this hero! You have compassion for so many, all while being grateful for the haven and life that are yours...You've been painting! Glad those guys are coming by, such joy!

    1. Isn't he something:) Brought tears to my eyes..lovely family..they have a bakery♥Yes the boys all 4 are a joy..:)

  2. Your beautiful photos always make me feel better!

  3. What would the world be without heroes. All the fighting going on & there are people who just get up every day & quietly go on doing good. Thankfully. most people are just doing the right thing....going to work, taking care of their families, ect. It doesn't feel that way because those who cause trouble are in our face but the heroes keep the world together.

    1. You are so right! our face:)Love that:)Get out of my face;)
      Even here on a dozen past posts..

      spammers..what is up with that?
      Mean spirited.

  4. What a sweet story about the dr/FB player.

    I tried the Ricky Gervais show. I couldn't get through the first episode. Not familiar with the others.

    I enjoyed these photos and stories. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Did you try Afterlife👌Thank you!
      Love on the spectrum is so interesting.

  5. Dearest Monique,
    Yes, we are more than halfway through 2020! It is going very fast and it is a strange year in many ways.
    Good that your grands can come over for helping a bit in the garden, is also a good learning curve for them.
    We have had plenty of rain this week, things look very lush, love it that way. Farmers will be happy.
    But there's another hot month to come...
    Indeed a sincere person who's not only after the $$$$$$ but shows to care about true issues!

    1. What a role inspiring .
      Our forays into the US have come to such a staggering halt..what an unimaginable year.
      We had lovely lovely rain today..heavy at times.I sat on the porch listening and watching and felt grateful for the trees and vegetables and fruits and flowers🙏
      Have a good week!

  6. Ohhhh that Coneflower...and Bumble Bee...🐝
    That Little with the huge smile...😃
    Those muffins with the crispy topping...🍥
    Those herbs so neatly tied...🍃
    Those nasty bugs...😱
    And....that handsome hero...🙏
    You have captured every single emotion in this post Monique...thank you...😊
    Enjoy your day...
    Linda :o)

    1. Thinking of you..just sent an email:)We like the same things..Littles and blooms and heroes:)WE all need a hero right?Those bugs are DISSSSSSSSGUSTING:(
      It's so hot already here..I know this winter I'll be missing it..

      YOu too have a nice day:)

  7. So glad to hear what's happening there. Glad all is well, except the bugs in your garden. I loved Afterlife. RG humor is right up my alley. I binge watch every evening then go to bed at 9 and edit till I fall asleep. Since I rarely cook anymore, I'd like to stuff myself with your muffins. I have canned a little this summer but am finished. I can't remember the last thing I cooked. I make the biggest messes. Oh yes, I fried a green tomato and never again. My house smelled for two days and what a greasy mess I made. One more month of summer and we'll see what's next. Seems the schools are not going to open this fall. My grands have been home since March and they really need to get back on schedule.

    1. Hi has been so long..What a year 2020..for everyone and everything..except JBezos I don't fry here..ever we have a lovely fryer a gift many yrs ago but stopped frying many yrs ago..
      Time's change..diets..habits..everything really right?
      Take care!

  8. I see you are baking up a storm again. The food looks wonderful. Love your garden shots. Such a sweet note from your grand. Sorry about the bugs and pests. It is frustrating.

    1. I guess it's in my blood:) I d like having something fresh to eat..we don't eat out even before Covid..don't do take it's either this or nothing;);)
      If I lived alone i could live on corn alone right now..and yellow beans and tomatoes:)

  9. So many wonderful things to make me smile. I love the new sidebar photos of the boys 'Now and Then' 💙. You have really been hit hard this year by the JB bugs! I don't have any roses blooming right now so haven't seen too many yet. Sad to say, I will probably never plant another rose because of them! Love your flowers, herbs, garlic,and those muffins.m I have yet to make them but they're on my list! Such a touching story about the football player/doctor! A truely selfless man 😇. I hate to see July end. I can already tell the days are getting shorter. 😒

    1. The light has changed..everything feels different again and I am thinking will we be with this pandemic till 2021.I know I wont plant another rose bush..but they like everything and its seems our huge invasive vine HUGE where I curse.. it's mitoyen and really on my neighbours property on their tennis court fence but grows here..anyway they swarm in there:(They like borage..I have them on zinnia leaves..clematis they swarmed..Oh it's asuch a losing battle.
      Oh well..

      What a yr.

  10. Your little guys always make me smile. They clearly love their Nana. I subscribed to the bakery website after seeing your gorgeous muffins. Not exactly what my hips and bum need but I think the blueberries are healthy!! I save many Mason and jelly jars for my coneflower and daisy blooms. I also like tomato cans--always so colorful and straight from Italy!

    Hot summer here as well. Japanese beetles scare the heck out of me. I've heard you can only get rid of them by picking them off the plant by hand. 🤢

    Love from me...


    1. Hi Jane..I kill them by hand.. murder them.
      A lovely girl on IG told me about a type of trap unlike next foray into the US ..if ever there is one I will bring home a couple..
      Hope you are enjoying both homes..all littles..and life as we know it now♥

  11. Those herb bundles are now part of my decor :-) Joe noticed them this morning seconds after I hung them as he doesn't miss a trick. I made them as you instructed, and decided to hang them from my sconces in the living room to dry. I used a wooden skewer, and put three on each skewer.

    You've shared so many photos to make me smile. Those boys :-) Pretty soon I will have to call them guys. The muffins are on my list, but I just shared delicious zucchini bread so have to wait to share more goodies. Such a touching story about the football player/doctor. Another good human!

    1. I tightened my little will they dry you may have to tighten..the little ties..
      Debbie..I can have J walk into a room and say do you notice anything?


      End of story.

      I love how you run with new ideas..because I have met my little younger match:)

      Hope you got some MC treasures with the online barn sale:)
      I love hanging herbs..peppers..garlic..
      I bought a big garlic bulb at a farm yesterday to add to my fall plantings.♥
      I asked Max..what would you football or be a hesitation..Play then quickly added because I'm not a doctor;)
      They light up my little life.

    2. We can be sisters of the heart :-) Those little herb bundles will put a smile on a few friends faces when I gift a few. The farm where I get my veggies has oodles of herbs so I knew I needed to grab them and start preparing for soup and stew season. That is so cute what Max said. I know how much they light up your life. I'll tell Joe about your new garlic as he will be excited for you.

  12. If your pictures; photos and watercolors were in a book I'd buy it. You communicate such gentlemess. Japanese beetles Were my livelihood at age 5 and up. I assisted the head gardener, my dad and collected them nightly in a mason jar. A penny each. I dont recall what happened to them after being caught. Do you have fireflies? They were a wonder growing up...

    1. I wish I did have fireflies..perhaps I am not out at night:)
      I can't believe you did that at 5~~Wow..
      Thank you Carol:)

  13. I cannot believe we are already at the end of June Monique. How did that happen? This year has been a total washout. Your olive flutes look so delicious. I adore olive bread. That capture of the bee enjoying its feast is beautiful! Wow! Your wee garden helper. I say use them while they still think its fun! haha Kids don't think it is so much fun when they get older, but I think your grandsons just enjoy spending time with you and J, and I am not surprised, you are such charming people and easy to love. That note tugged on my heart strings. So much fun to have these small treasures of the heart. Your muffins look so delicious. I must try. Your garlic harvest, your little bouquets garnis, the paintings. So much beauty here. I agree, you need to do a book and I would buy, just to look. Those Japanese Beetles though. UGH! How utterly awful! Heartbreaking to say the least I am sure. How did we get to Thursday already this week? Time is whizzing by. They say not to wish your life away, but I don't know, 2020 has not been a great year for anyone! Love and hugs, xoxo

    1. An awful yr.. was reading yesterday about businesses:( I am circumventing the tragedies..we talk about them every day..but the businesses.
      I am sure the suicide rate has escalated..
      Lol you wrote June which brings me to my story I made relish for Fred Alain and JULY..and wrote JUNE on one of the tags..that sums up this year.
      Going to try your sheet pan beef and broccoli one day.I rarely eat beef..last night I had corn and string yellow beans J had beef with it not me.
      Yes we love being with the boys..For now they enjoy it.
      They are shocked because we pay them..they said.nono..nono..we said yes they are used to it now and so appreciative..and just happy to have spending money.J and I would rather hire them than strangers.
      :)I may have to rely on that great boy Eli this fall for a few things as he is a gardener..I can point him in the right direction and he just knows..but I suppose that if I dont show the boys..they won't know♥Darling darling boys..just DARLING.

  14. Your Oli is so dear and darling. Best helper ever, even if he did nothing more than just stand there! Love the bouquet garni idea and of course your paintings are exquisite, as usual. The muffin recipe looks fabulous -- and I may be coming to you for advice when September comes and garlic goes in. I've not done that before. Maybe I'll plant a lot at Rick's -- he has better space and dirt than I do.

    Time is flying by so fast. I hate that. But oh, I loved the story of your hero!

    As always, every photo makes me smile. Big. You should be in photo styling for some really impressive magazine! I'm sorry about the beetles. I have them too, on my hydrangea. I didn't realize what they were and then boom. I'm considering cutting off all the flowers and making a pretty bouquet rather than let the beetles have the last word with them.

    1. It's a good consideration:)
      Isn't the hero such a great one?♥
      We plant garlic late October..make sure you get a few bulbs from a local a market? and plant full sun..that's all they need and you will be so excited!
      Fruition Seeds has great tips on garlic:) I plant fall garlic..harvest summer..:)
      lots of articles everywhere

      However I have not taken any extra measures..I might add manure as I don't have chickens this yr:(

  15. I just truly love your blog and your writing . . . not to forget to also mention your photography and artwork! This post is so positive and full of gratitude for the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Thank you!

    1. Well you just brightened my morning and I thank you for that:)♥Bon dimanche!