Friday, November 13, 2020

~Not sure re Christmas..:(



It's not looking good news anywhere re Covid saving grace is that in the midst of all this and mental health issues family seems saved from issues..The teens are ok..the younger ones too..the adults are so busy..which is good..

I am so grateful for this because I know not everyone is so fortunate.

I enjoy being busy but not busy in my working days kind busy..I mean having hands that can still garden and craft and bake and cook..

I love learning.

Painting calms me..

During this year I painted a few cards that turned into Christmas cards.

I picked 2 of the above..scanned and had cards printed front and backside.

My images were too large and printed off the page..But They will do..

I find if ever there was a yr for sending cards this is it.

That tortellini soup is just out of my head..but it started with that tomato starter I made from Just Crumbs..It was so easy to get flavor going!Glad I have several bags in the freezer!

La Soupe au soo good! a type of Pumpkin..I picked this Potimarron at a veggie stand because of it's outstanding color..the woman said you must make Potimarron I did.

In case any of you have pumpkin left..I suggest you try..

You will need..

2 chopped onions

2 chopped leeks make sure they are cleaned:)

 4 small  peeled potatoes cubed

600 grams of cubed potimarron..

4 cloves of garlic..



maple syrup

salt and pepper

In a pot heat some oil and butter..1 tbsp each..add onion ,leeks..garlic..sauté..add potimarron cubes.. stir..

Cover w/ enough stock  so that all veggies will simmer and cook to fork tenderness..I covered my pot and kept a watchful eye.

When done..  use your hand blender and blend until beautifully smooth..add milk and table your liking..I add more 2 percent milk and then add cream to make it beautiful:)I add a generous splash of real maple make it over the top.

Check seasonings..always check seasonings..a bland bland.

Bland like the potimarron seeds I tried to home make..

Buying pumpkin seeds BB outing..

Thyme is a lovely addition.Sunflower seeds..etc..

You may be in more now that our most beautiful summer seems to have ended here in QC..

So ..Here are a few recommendations of shows I enjoyed..

The Queen's Gambit

Dirty John..  2 seasons. Betty was my fave.







The Morning Show

The Loudest Voice



The Stranger

The Sinner





Friday Night Lights

The Killing..but I cannot find that one anywhere..

me alone Emily in Paris;)

Some are recent some are old..

Just in case you need diversion..and if you have recommendations..yes please.

So do I bake? Or not bake?

I know almost 100% we can't do Christmas morn..all tightly knit around my table..

Will we do the eve if allowed in one of my daughter's larger spaces?

Will I bake my yearly special cake and bake cookies?

Maybe not I am creating a step back in time with this post and the next few.So many of my photos have been lost in space as we know..


  1. We have always been forced to be flexible over holidays. I had to give up hosting everything many years ago just to keep the peace & I have given it up in recent years because my daughter-in-law loves it so much. Sooooo.....I learned a long time ago to appreciate holidays for what they are & what joys are in it. I let go of my hopes for what I wanted to do long ago.

    We're thinking about do a bonfire for Thanksgiving. It will be cold but not super cold. It's getting dark early & we think our grandson especially would love it. So we'll be eating hotdogs, homemade chili, marshmallows & who know what else. And it won't be on Thanksgiving. We always take the off date.

    I am sending out a few Thanksgiving cards this year & lots of Christmas cards.

    1. Your menu sounds like FUN!My son-in-laws make fires and I love them..but who knows what will happen..
      I think we all make concessions for holidays..
      I have been fortunate ..that everything has worked out..for everyone.
      A few years ago it was very tiring:) We hosted the eve because Réveillon is big here in QC.. and the brunch system restore the eve..Santa put all the gifts out..cleaned up and got ready for brunch..then my daughters in laws did Christmas dinner:) WE were so tired:)
      A lot chnaged since then ..One of my daughters does the eve and it's beautiful..I do brunch and then that's it for us..they continue on ..
      My joys are seeing my family.Jacques and I never exchange gifts..I love giving:)So am grateful for family to give to..♥And I know it's not about gifts;)
      But I just like doing it.
      I bought a gift yesterday for a friend from a very talented potter here and I just can't wait to offer it to her:)
      My mom was a gifter..always thought of everyone but herself.
      Not a spoiled girl that maman.

  2. Both soups sound yummy. We are debating doing an outdoor Thanksgiving (living in Florida now), with my sisters.....

    1. That would be wonderful..we have been in Fl at TG..usually gorgeous..some set up on the beach..I loved that.

  3. I just finished a bowl of pumpkin soup with a hint of chipotle pepper flavour for my lunch. So delicious on a cool autumn day. We are beginning to re-think Christmas, too. We all have to act together to combat this virus.

    1. Act together♥Key words..Chipotle pepper ..yes..since I discovered it I add it on so much!

  4. Really Monique Im not sure of nothing, that is true, we live difficult times not only about pandemia, The actual government here is terrible.
    And always lie about it. Im thinkingin Christmas here only we 4 the tiwns and gerar and me.
    I love Christmas but no by the gifts I love cook and bake you know,
    So I hope to begin some Christmas recipes and Esperanza say she maybe will make christmas cookies. (My mom always made with her) especiaññy I miss my mo for Christmas, she loved all about Christmas.
    oh well, yours pictures like always are amazing and lovely.
    Hugs !

    1. I wish gifts were not a thing here but I made them a thing from the get go..not huge..
      but my fault.
      I love Esperanza's name..and I wish you Peace.

  5. A sweet sweet post Monique. So many changes this year and well, you know. I am a mix of happy and sad here. Mostly grateful. I am sad whenever I think of things that I wish I could have brought with me. Years of beauiful gifs, cards, etc. all left. But I can't think of that because I would go crazy. (As if I am not already crazy enough!) You have always been a wonderful emissary of Christmas goodies. I enjoy all your photos present and past. Perhaps not so many treats this year, but we must be grateful for lives that have been blessedly untouched by what has touched so many others. I am grateful for that. Love all that you share dear friend. Love and hugs. xoxo

    1. You are in a good spot now.I know we miss things...I cannot imagine having to leave years behind due to the dishonesty of a person for lack of a better word.
      It is unfair.I feel you will be rewarded tenfold.Easy for me to say.But clearly seeing what your family is doing shows us all that you will be in loved hands.

  6. The soups look yummy and delicious. The weather has cooled and it is soup time. Your paintings are so pretty, glad you are using some for Christmas cards. Lucky people.
    We all want things to be back to normal again. I am so tired of the politics and the awful covid. I feel for so many people. I love seeing your Christmas baked goodies. So beautiful and festive. Happy weekend.

    1. Enjoy yours too..I see you are putting Covid time to great use!
      A refresh is always nice..Our cottontopper had shrunk over the yrs and I finally ordered a new one.I hate it.Your room will look so luxurious⭐️

  7. I love all of your soups! J requested chili today as it is CHILLY :) Still no lockdown here but wonder if it will be eminent. I'm glad our family is small. We haven't done holidays with extended family for years. Oy, Christmas. I think we're just doing gifts for the boys this year to make things simple, IF we can get together. Maybe just a wee something for the adults to keep things less stressful. I'm back in the jewelry photography business again this fall :) She comes and goes and now she's full speed ahead - LOL. I love your new line up of photos, especially seeing you there ♥

    1. Awww thank you I am not a selfie Queen for thanks!
      I thought of putting on a sleeveless very high collared puffer vest I have to hide the neck lol but it would have been clearly evident.
      I could eat chili regularly .Yesterday we had Shepherds Pie ( here it’s with beef)..and that hit the spot today will be a Ricky Ricardo☺️ dish a sheet pan marvel.Fun to be back in Le swing of things..She is lucky to have you⭐️

  8. Love your delicious soups, but you know for me, it is your art that truly delights. The cherished pieces you have sent me through the years are framed and on my desk. Little reminders of special friendships!!!
    It is always low key here for us. Just us two on Christmas Day. Traditionally we host Christmas Eve for M's twin brother and wife. This year we will likely not get together. We see them on occasion, distanced. It's so different. Not fun or festive!
    I hope it works for you to be with your girls and families.
    Thanks for this charming post!

    1. Thank you for coming over☺️Of course a card is reserved for you.
      I have a wool sweater on my manager knit for me 30 yrs ago..her art was with needles.
      It’s not the fashion at all this sweater but warm and full of memories of her.

  9. I know what you mean about the holidays not looking good. Here too, starting with Thanksgiving in 2 weeks. Not happening in my home or anywhere for my family. But I know plenty who still plan to gather with family that do not live under their roof. They just don't get it. The numbers are surging here. Scary how people either don't care or are oblivious to the danger. I worry for Randi in Tx who will go to a cousin's home. This cousin has not exhibited safe practice in the past so I am confused about why Randi agreed to go. There's still time to change her mind.

    Curious about what lens you use for the fairy on the pumpkin. I like the bokeh just behind it.

    1. Being a nurse you know the importance of all this..It's just getting worse not better.I am still filling stockings etc..but wonder if it will be outside in snow for like as long as we can stand it..
      We put up lights..more than usual..and I may just do the tree today.
      At times I am
      So the light was know when you are taking a pic and you can see that it's great?The way it was hitting the pumpkin.Obviously on A w/ my... let me go get my lens..wait..Olympus OM-D E M511 lens..12-40 pro.
      Have a good least you had a boat ride:):)

    2. One of my friends added an Olympus to her bag. I like how small the lens are.

    3. I have loved it but the wide angle I could have lived w/out.. a Pro..
      and the pancake stopped working:( That bugged me..$$$but LOVE the camera.

  10. La Soupe au Potimarron Looks like a Paris tarte citron! Yum yum

  11. SOS What exactly is the Red dish cabinet thingie? Paper cutouts? OMG so cute

    1. It's a cookie tin and those are just embossed on the tin..I like it too..Funny re tarte au citron..

  12. Your post are a bright spot in my day, your artwork especially. I have a friend who is from Ontario. She is an exceptional photographer and she did a series of beautiful photos that reflected the nature in winter and indoor sprigs, candles, shiny ornaments, and cocoa in pottery cups. She printed twelve and I paid for them. The compliments after Christmas rolled in. Would you ever consider doing original works like this? Perhaps even bookmarks? Your talent is wonderful and lovely!

    Jane ❤️

    1. Oh Jane..If you would like one of my original cards I would love to send you just lost someone you of course..on IG if you DM me your address I would be happy to.Take care..what a year!

  13. Ah, the upcoming holidays. We do only have 3 active cases in our big health unit, but big urban areas are terrible. I’m doing a zoom class making Christmas cards this week, will be fun. I’ve also been doing an online course making friendship/motivational cards out of old playing cards. Very interesting, and keeps my mind and hands occupied.

  14. I love the idea of painting on different things..I don't know if you follow @mishwooderson..or marian on @missmustardseed..they did series of oils on index cards..LOVELY.
    Enjoy the zoom class..and take care.

  15. Your cards are so beautiful! I have ordered some (our photo cards) but want to paint some originals too. I'm almost done cleaning the guest room and office so then I can paint without guilt. Well, without not quite so much guilt! And seeing your things from Christmases past is inspiring. I've been trying to decide what to bake and make. I've decided I will continue to do what I always do and maybe leave surprise packages at my neighbors' doors or good friends, even if we won't see each other. We won't do family Christmas either. I'm getting used to it. Not liking it. But getting used to it. The soups sound delicious. It's good soup time. I've been experimenting with new recipes too. Yum. Your red and white Christmas cake is too beautiful for words!

    I'll be watching The Crown tonight. And we're really enjoying The Queen's Gambit. Í'm watching Death in Paradise (right now on my public tv station but on Britbox) and Delicious on Acorn is loads of fun, especially for a foodie! Broadchurch was a favorite too. So many on my watch lists!

    1. Yes And I Know This Much Is True was phenomenal..last night we watched Dark Waters..Dupont story..scary..I LOVE Mark Ruffalo!I am decorating Jeanie..did the tree yesterday ..a little window vignette today..The fairy lights are a welcome treat.We never got into the husband is not a great I will one day watch alone..Enjoy this best you and all of us can.

  16. If you liked Unorthodox, you will like Shtisel. The main female character in Unorthodox is in it. It is a series.
    Love your painted cards. Stunning! Also, love your vignettes.

    1. I started it! What great acting..I just loved Unorthodox so much..Just watched I Know This Much is True and that was stellar..Also Dark Waters last night.. shame on Dupont...THANK you:):)
      WE watched the Sophia Loren movie and for some reason..both of us did not love it.

  17. This Christmas'll be so different! For instance, my son who lives in GB'll not be able to come home and I miss him so much! Let's hope next year we'll get back our normality.

    1. There is great news re vaccines..and our PM..just said..MAYBE with 15 days quarantine for 3 families of 10 people total ..Xmas may happen ..but things change every day..every day...
      That means though..schools will have to clsoe and no one can I have no idea how he will make that work.I feel for you:(I feel for all of us!!

  18. We've spent all our major holidays this year in lockdown. I hope I'll never take our family gatherings for granted again, they are precious things. I hope you get to celebrate in safely and good health.

    1. I bet many see life differently now..:( But many still continue to defy rules.I see them on Fb and think less of they can be so immature I have no idea..wll into their 40's..:(Take care!

  19. you will bake...cause that is YOU...❤️
    love all your new pics in your sidebar...and yours is beautiful 🌟

    1. You saw it first:) I will I know I will..Hope you had a good time at Miss V's first communion♥

  20. Yes, I'm grateful too that my learning and my art and my pursuits can continue in spite of......But I think you will find a way to love the Christmas season, and to share your love and joy, as you always matter what...I've been away from blogger...posting soon...

    1. Hope all is well!
      I find I post less frequently..but I still enjoy it and the lovely people:)Winter is coming..started today w/ will be long..this is a getaway for me..

  21. Such beautiful cards Monique! You are so talented. I hope you are keeping well. xoxo

    1. We are well.. waiting on a vaccine..after you get yours;) Things are looking UP UP UP for you..Lovely to see Joe Biden and his chosen people on the news..Happy for YOU and yours:):)

  22. Yeah Christmas is on his way....yummie!! Ria 🍀🍀🍀

  23. First visit and your site is pretty. Re: Nicole Kidman. I doubt at her age she has had multiple procedures. Most likely some fillers and laser treatments as in her work there is so much pressure to look a certain way, sadly. However, whatever she has done is her choice and I am truly sick of women tearing down other women who make differing choices. Snide, judgmental remarks only make you seem mean spirited and petty. In that vein one might suggest that your dyed long hair on an aging face looks ridiculous. But why be so unkind? Clearly I will not be following you after all.