Thursday, September 9, 2021

Requested recipe :)And of course chit chat~


The gardens are Septemberish yet not as rich as past fried..  Impatiens are still lovely so more next year..sedum never disappoints nor any type of hydrangea.. The leaves have not moved too much color and there you see a tree with some color but nothing really yet.

When you are working in your spot miracles..I know they like to eat parsley but isn't she pretty? I relocated her. 

I'm still painting Paris..Cannes..Provence..Antibes people and have but 5 blank sheets left in my third journal.

It's been fun attributing stories to them.

A few times I did giveaways and our friend Debbie won Mercedes with her son Charles-Antoine above.. I added little checks to match Debbies taste..before sending.She's a MC lover.You can tell right away by clicking on the link to her blog.A lovely group of friends collect the pieces..

Last yr I wasn't focused on Paris People and had fun painting different Provence things..:)

September in Provence is idyllic.I am extremely grateful we went when we did.

3 times..but twice for one month on our own.

I adored our pied-a -terre there.

If we could build a home for 2 in my small town here I would build this one.

Tip to toe front to back ..the land..  the interior..just heavenly.

More heavenly the first time:)

I'm waxing poetic..onto the real issue here:)

I found a Food blogger/radio personality who Tik Toks and Instagrams..

On Tik tok he was making this better than Starbucks..lemon loaf and he caught my attention..

with lemon yogurt being an ingredient:)

I like different.

Food La Bouffe

The recipe on his site differs a bit so I suggest you use the one I am posting..the Tik Tok one.

I have his permission:)

La Recette~

He used a whisk.I used my KA.

Pre heat oven at 350.

Prep your loaf pan accordingly.

I have IMHO the best loaf pan..A pullman from E Dehillerin in Paris..offered to me by Lee~Ann.Jon and Isobel many years ago♥.

I bake this loaf lid off of course.

3 eggs

1 cup of sugar

2 tbsps lemon rind

I rub my sugar with the lemon rind like Dorie Greenspan does..if you make your cake w/ a whisk you should do it too.I make my cake w/ my KA so I just mixed the rind with the sugar at the beginning to get that worked in.

1/2 cup neutral oil

 2 tsps Watkins lemon extract (I used a specialty Dr Oetker item)

but he swears by WATKINS so do it:)

1 cup LEMON yogurt.

 1 1/2  cups Cake and Pastry flour

 2 tsps baking powder.

Mix eggs with sugar(Rind already incorporated) yogurt,neutral oil,extract.

Sift flour and baking powder..


Pour in prepped pan..bake ap 50 mins..toothpick test it..

mix 3 tbsps lemon juice 1 cup sugar pour over cake..Refrigerate 1 hour.

Then I unmolded and found perfection;)

This croque-monsieur was a hit too! It's from  Tastesbetterfromscratch   and well worh it..crank up the Dijon;)

A treat..a little decadence once in a while is ok right? 

I hope you enjoy both recipes..
At this time of year..I look at my gardens and think..they all need an overhaul.
Goutweed prevails and that's a bad thing.

But we are crazies as gardeners..we always think..actually ..KNOW year will be better.
Hope never dies in the heart of a gardener..
So Bulbs are bought..tulips..not planted yet ..I had to painstakingly remove hostas..THAT my friends is a JOB.

I am saving seeds..


I planted these.. ♥The name alone♥

So life isn't what it was..and it's about to change again..

But what are the choices in life...

 As a young brilliant girl told me..

The only constant is change.

Take care..


  1. Oh yes, there really are so many miracles in our gardens if we just take a moment to look for them! I remember the first time I saw my parsley patch crawling with those striped caterpillars. My first inclination was to try to get rid of them, but then I got online and learned they become one of my favorite butterflies--black swallowtails. Those creatures are a miracle of nature! So beautiful. I just plant extra parsley now. Gotta feed our friends. Thank you for the delicious-looking recipes! I have a son-in-law who loves everything lemon, so I'm saving your cake recipe. And those irises--be still my heart! I can't get over the little touch of blue. Fabulous. Monique, thank you for brightening my day with this post. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Pam have a very lovely weekend.So nice to feed our family and friends such as those beauties.I have extra also..I’d love to spot a year here there was a swarm of butterflies hundreds It felt’s never happened again..hundreds at once.
      I’ve seen a few monarchs..but mainly just small white ones.Thank you…

  2. Love all of your garden pictures and of course your paintings. That lemon loaf looks so good!

  3. Some of the Provence photos I recall. I don't recall the car on the road with the charming lamp post. What beautiful memories!♥ Thank you so much for the lemon loaf recipe. This is a must try for me and I have a USA Pullman pan that I love which I'll use. The croque monsieur looks delicious as well. I've never had one so anxious to try. Yes, a little indulgence once in a while, such as BLATs with fresh garden tomatoes :) You will LOVE Serenity Prayer and what an apt name, right? I really need a new photo printer. My HP Envy just isn't making me happy any more. I don't need bells and whistles, just good photo prints. Are those hosta seeds? In all the years growing them I don't think I've ever seen the seeds! The deer are finding them a little too delicious to eat this year. One of my beds totally decimated, just empty stalks - LOL.

    1. Those are dill seeds🤗I can’t believe how gorgeous your gardens are with deer.The name of this iris thrills me.We gave up our color printer a few months ago and bought black and white lazer.
      If I need photos I have them printed in the village.My printer couldn’t come close.
      I hope you love the croque Monsieur…C’est Bon.
      The beautiful roads in Provence 💙I love EmilieJoly Johnson s feed on IG😮💫💫💫💫

    2. Dill seeds! ♥ I looked at her feed's gorgeous!

    3. That's Provence:)♥Yes Dill for you:)xx

  4. Your posts are always so beautiful with your lovely photos, and charming watercolor art. I am a sucker for a good lemon loaf, so I’ll be making this one. It looks so delicious!

    1. I hope you love it Pattie..we do..I am making another to use up the rest of the lemon yogurt.Thank you!!

  5. Ooh...I will have to try the lemon loaf recipe, it looks incredible. :) Glad you get good use of the pan! I like that gardeners are eternally hopeful...makes the world much nicer and more beautiful. xo

  6. I am so in love with lemon, I can't wait to try that lemon loaf. And I so adore your art. The Paris people and your Provence pieces. They're just perfection. I don't know what a KA is -- KitchenAide? That's my best guess! I love every bloom, every pic! (As usual.)

    1. Spot on! Kitchen’s always out on the counter here.
      Thank you Jeanie!

  7. Monique..... just wanted to wish you and your viewers a Happy Fall.... It's still in the eighties here, but looks like cooler weather next week. This is by far my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather, and colorful trees. All the great stick to your ribs foods, and great desserts, like your lemon cake. I try to not eat to many desserts, but they call my name. So I freeze some, and share others. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I so look forward to them. Maybe after covid goes away I will get up to your part of the woods for a vacation. My french is very rusty, but I'm sure I can get by. Bye for now....Sue in New York state Look forward to more posts and paintings

    1. What a nice comment..thank you so much Sue..Happy Fall to you also.:)I am good w/ desserts..I can have a bite to taste and pass:)My husband eats far less now so a dessert lasts a long time..
      But I love baking..Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Always so nice visiting your blog...all pictures and painting are so beautiful!
    Love from Titti