Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hot and humid...then chilly and rainy..


Love my gloves:)♥


Am I ever happy garden wise..Seriously..am I lol.
Who nows..
Either too hot..in the last few days we had high 90's..too hot for May ..fried my tomato seedlings.This might be my last yr having started them indoors..
Too disappointing to have sorrowful demises.
Or too chilly now with a boatload of rain.
But this is my time of year to move about  flitting like a bee from plant to plant several times a day seeing what has happened..

Fastest sprouting seeds..dill.
Waiting on precious Cream Nasturtiums and French Marigolds....garlic chives.With bunnies eating my lettuce last yr..I did not sow.I would love a tall raised bed.
A very generous amount of rhubarb from my daughter led to Ricardo's Strawberry rhubarb pie and David Leibovitz's strawberry rhubarb jam.
That's a magnolia from her tree..
She has almost two acres of land..first owner was a master gardener.they built that home for themselves..subsequent owner ..not so much a gardener..so they are just discovering so many treasures on their land..some gardens will be put to rest..
others will be re-beautified.
You can't be a full time gardener with a very active family life and careers.
It's so private and lovely there.
I found a lovely account on IG and she makes Turmeric onions..I do too now:)Cafehailee..@cafehailee.
SO good..
On a personal note I had a lovely sleepover in the USA with my daughters..for mother's day..We had skipped the last two years because of..you know what.One of my all time fave outings.It's so much fun.They make me laugh so much.

Mask mandates..schools..stores..etc ..lifted..still wearing ours..
Govt offices..hospitals..elder care residences ..still obligatory masks.

Watching or watched..

The Staircase great acting

A Very British Scandal..Season 1 and 2

This Is Us .. so sad..

Stanley Tucci..Searching For Italy I LOVE this show,

Gaslit (yawn) Yay for Julia and the metamorphosis of Sean Penn..But for me this is not riveting.

Call The Midwife Season 11 was stellar as always.LOVE.

How many ways do I love these? Not tons of them here  but the ones I do have.. I love..
Grown from seed:)♥

Let's not forget the glorious flowering almond~


Until next time:)♥


  1. Most beautiful photos! Thank you. Happy day to you. xo, V.

  2. Such lovely glimpses of your garden (and the magnolia from your daughter's). I just received a clump of Solomon's Seal from my daughter who got it from her neighbour. I've planted it and hope it grows and flourishes. I'm disappointed with my tomato seedlings, too. They looked wonderful in the house, but it's been so cold since I put them outside, even covered up I'm not sure if they will grow. Sigh. I'm going to check out the turmeric onions right now!

    1. Prolific to the point of invasive but so pretty!! Me too so healthy and lovely in house..now wrecks:(:(:(

  3. I'm so glad to hear your garden is taking off. Too bad about the heat stress on your seedlings. So frustrating. Just like when my gardeners over do the cleanups in my beds and remove stuff. In the fall it was a new poppy and a beautiful lily. This spring, some seedlings from seeds I sowed. Grrrrrr!

    Your Lily of the Valley are stunning. I never think to pick mine until it's too late.

    1. Oh no:( No gardeners here yet..just me..my neighbour now has gardeners she had a hip op last yr and needed them..she's kept them:)She has lost her husband and he was always out there doing what she asked him to do..Sweet man..she must miss him terribly in the gardens this year.Luckily she has a million friends who sometimes even sleep over.

  4. Monique, your photos brighten my day--so lovely. Your flowers are gorgeous and how fortunate that your daughter and her family have found a home and gardens that have been loved and cared for! You are so right about the fact that young, busy families cannot do everything. I used to stay busy, full-time, just trying to keep up the property on our farm (and I didn't even come close to doing all that needed done, lol). Sorry about your tomato seedlings. Our weather has been upside down, too. I'm cutting way back on planting, but decided to try spinach in big pots. They looked great, at first, but now they're pitiful. Oh well. We try. Your rhubarb pie brought back memories of my mom. She loved it and she was the best crust maker I've ever known. Bless her. Glad you had the chance to get away to the states with your girls. Oh my, haven't we missed those special times? Hopefully, (maybe) life will someday feel normal again.

    1. Hi Pam..oh last owners did not upkeep the gardens..he planted many fruit trees but left with them.So now the gardens need a lot of TLC I suggested my daughter only tidy the ones close close close to the house..the rest..you would have to be retired to regroom them and have a real passion.It's a fabulous property and she can enjoy all the perennials etc..but to regroom..not with 3 active boys and careers..not yet..:)Transplanting is a shock to our plants and us lol..:(

  5. Your pie looks amazing. Your flowers are so pretty. I love Stanly Tucci, Searching for Italy too! Enjoy your gardening.

  6. Beautiful blooms, a lovely pie. So sad about your seedlings. Happy gardening.

  7. Lovely flowers. I am way behind. Haven’t even been to the garden center yet. Like you, the weather here has been up & down. Last week it was blazing hot & now it is raining & I have the heat on. I have been watching Escape to the country. People wanting to find a place in the English countryside. As much as I love France I do love England & their countryside is gorgeous. I watched BOOMERS an English comedy about 4 couple friends. Very cute. On Netflix I watched ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL which was suspenseful. I am waiting for the season finale of RIDLEY ROAD on PBS. My education was lacking in learning about fascism.

    1. Hi Ga..always love reading about what you are watching..The Cotswolds look wow to me..Boomers sounds fun!Never got into Ridley,never looked into it..we should..

  8. We're finally getting some very needed rain today - along with very chilly temps again. What a roller coaster ride this month has been, weather-wise. I wanted to inspect my LOVs today but now have to wait until tomorrow. Fingers crossed I haven't waited too long to look for them. Everything happens so fast when it's hot! They make me think of my mother too. Also, one of my girls' favorites. There is nothing better than a rhubarb pie, especially with strawberries. So, the rhubarb and the beautiful magnolia bloom came from C's new home? I started watching A Very British Scandal too. I don't know whether or not to blame her or feel sorry for her. Call the Midwife - wonderful as always.

    1. Did you watch the first season of A Very British Scandal too..Hugh Grant..
      I know between the two of them..hard to pick the worst one..but I am leaning towards him..Both despicable deserving of each other.She did do more for him than he did..I have a little bulge in one of my wee irises:). Will keep you posted!!!

    2. Yes, I did watch the one with Hugh Grant also! I agree about the 'him' in the story. He was a user. She gave more than she got - LOL. Oh, yay! I hope it's a flower. I sure sounds like it!

  9. Like your gloves…enjoy your Sunday Monique…..love from me and Leaf

  10. I'm finally making my rhubarb shortbread bars tomorrow. Love this time of the year.

  11. Hot here as well. 98 today. Too hot for May! I run errands and return home wilted. The impatiens I planted in the large urns are thriving and now spilling out. I hope they survive the heat. A friend gave me caladium bulbs. I need to plant them this weekend. Your garden is refreshing to me. I need to get some clean up done soon. The bluebonnets have now gone to seed, so I can clear out the dead stems. I always dislike this waiting period because it looks so messy. A must though if I want to have beautiful bluebonnets the following year.
    I need to send you an email. Need to catch you up.