Friday, September 2, 2011

La Magie De Fifi~ Romantic Prairie Style~

Welcome to my home..:)
Amazon recently delivered my latest and very anticipated order~

Romantic Prairie Style~

I had put this book in my Wish List..only to find it had disappeared..all sold..and I could only get used:( If at that..

Lo and behold still had I ordered it from there.

I am so happy to have this book.
Do you know Fifi? I have mentioned her several times on my little blog~

I met her once you know..
My husband and I were invited to her charming home..while we were vacationing in Florida one year.She didn't even know us..
I had commented on her beautiful blog(I was in awe..ahh).. and she had responded..and so it went..
We had tea ..sitting on her white couches.. we met the kitties.. toured her home..gardens..and at that time the barn that was not remodeled but filled with goodies:)My eyes were like saucers.Taking in all the feminine shabby chic.. the real one..

You know when you meet someone and they leave a mark? A nice one? A gentle one?
A genuine one?
That was one of those days.

So you can imagine that I am thrilled to have her book here with the exquisite photos.. the lovely words..

I thought I would tell you about it in case you didn't know it existed..It's a treasure~
I don't own many many many books.. Of the Decorating Nature..I don't own many coffee table books..
I have been a bit frugal in the regard to buying decorating books..
But this one was a must have.

Even the beginning got to me.. She writes a beautiful acknowledgement ..

Forgive the slight blur..but the pages were opened and I had no one at the time to hold the book open..
I for one..cannot hold an object steadily with one hand while focusing and taking a photo with the other..especially w/ a heavier DSLR:)

Talking about lovely and white ..and DSLRs..I do covet that white Canon lens:)
A covetous moment.

But I am must be the amazingly beautiful photos in the book that made me covet:)

And at the end another acknowledgement that touched me..

How nice is that?

I'll post one photo of inside the book..I don't really know the protocol..I'll slip this one in..but really the book is page after page of gorgeous photos..

If you are looking for a beautiful book.. as a gift or for yourself..I can honestly recommend this one~

To go along with this post..

I took some white photos and have added a texture of my urn out back for you to use~

Here it is..

You can turn an ordinary Pink Diamond Hydrangea(not yet turned pink) into an old world photo by juxtaposing my urn texture on a photo..and adjusting the opacity of the layers and changing the your liking in Photoshop..I like the effect and think it goes well with Fifi's genre:)
You can see the difference in the collage below..of the before and after hydrangea~

The before is in the collage..

Here is the after~

Feel free to use my texture without any acknowledgement.
Jut enjoy it.

Have a great weekend everyone~


  1. Monique,
    This is a fabulous book... and to think, by our very own Fifi! What a lovely tribute to Fifi and her new book. I'm off to to look for it!
    Blessing, dear one!

  2. What a FABULOUS and indeed MAGICAL book! I must think about owning that too....maybe out it on my Christmas list as I love books like that, so poignant and full of lovely ideas.....a great post!

  3. what a lovely tribute with your own as always gorgeous pics~

  4. You know, although Photoshop is wicked expensive (I am biting the bullet and getting 5 this month), it is amazing what you can do. The new one has a few features that look INSANELY COOL!

    I use the clouds trick to make photos look old sometimes... but I love the real texture idea... kudos, Monique! PS Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I can imagine you would be an intrepid re-creator too!

  5. It's on my wish list too!! Hope to buy it soon!
    Monica xo

  6. I love the first pic of the hydrangea with the screen door in the background!
    The book looks beautiful and I will have to check it out.
    I have yet to learn how to do layers on my pics but I love the look of yours.When I am forced indoors by the weather I must learn how to do them.
    Thank you for all your kind words and you mentioned not seeing our pond before-it is only a few weeks old and was made by ducks unlimited and we are very happy to have. It will take a year or two to settle in I think.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. Beautiful book. I need to add a copy to my shelves.
    Happy Weekend!

  8. I love your urn texture. I guess I can't avoid photoshop forever... I'm going to have to break down and get it at some point.

  9. I've not met Fifi or seen her beautiful book. I'm about to rectify that! I'd certainly like to be popping into that tub filled with bubbles and a good book at hand!!


  10. Thanks :) You would all enjoy this book..
    Carolyn..when you are in the mood for Photoshop..I will be happy to help you with layers.I am no pro:)

    But I'll be happy to share what I know..

    Just say the word.

    I should Google and see the new Photoshop techniques:)

    I am going to pour over the book and try and do things on my tables..that's my worst:(
    You know like the dining room table when not in use..the kitchen island..counters..
    :)I need Fifi.

  11. Monique..I'm back from our long Summer Holidays..and I missed your magic posts...happy to be here again..thanks for this post and have a wonderful weekend you too, hugs and blessings, Flavia

  12. Oh you genius! I haven't learned Photoshop...that is really cool.
    Her book, I've heard of and haven't looked into it...I know I'd love HER and IT!

  13. I'm so glad you found a copy of the book - especially after meeting Fifi! I can just imagine you loving the romantic prairie style. So pretty!

    And what a beautiful texture from your urn! It's lovely, M.

  14. Definately on my Christmas wish list too! And your urn is stunning.
    Have a blessed Sunday, Monique
    Shel x

  15. What a nice way to start a Sunday morning; I went to visit Fifi and wa\s really impressed with her sense of decorating and writing. Thank you for bringing her to us. Hsve to look for this book, now.

  16. What a lovely visit! That would be something I would enjoy also. Great texture picture.

  17. Hope you're having a great weekend and thanks for sharing this book! It looks fabulous, and a style i like too. You always have a way of romanticizing things...I love that. Your beautiful words combined with the gorgeous photos.

  18. So beautiful Monique!
    We are trying to dry out and get sorted out after the hurricane here...I am on a borrowed laptop and do not even have access to my computer or pics at the moment...visiting you really made my day today.
    I really need to get photoshop and try learning to use it this year...that should be a goal for this fall!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  19. This looks like a lovely book. Great purchase! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Ahh Romanticizing:) that IS FIFI:)

    I wish she and I would have "met" on the net 10 yrs ago when we built our home:)
    I may have asked her for romantic pointers~
    Thanks everyone..
    If there is anything I can do to be of help with Photoshop let me know.
    I am a newbie.. be warned:)
    Linda..I thought all was ok? I hope you didn't have any damage..
    Have a really nice end of Labor Day weekend everyone.

  21. I also like this fabulous book from Fifi.

    Bey, Sylvia

  22. How wonderful to have been able to spend time with Fifi. What a lovely book, photos and sentiments. I feel the same way about my blogging friends. Your photos are always so lovely. Wish you lived close by and you could give me lessons on photoshop. Your photo is fabulous.

  23. Bonjour Monique
    Fifi was one of the first blogs that took my breath away. It all started from there...
    I was visiting Rita as she was telling us about Jean Talon market. I live in Plantagenet, Ont. only 1 1/2 hrs from Montreal. I've seen your pretty blog many times and your name floating around in blog land, but I must ask you? Are you from Montreal? If so it would be so nice to meet you one day. I have a BFF in Mtl. She is a share holder at the Bistro L'Aromate in the St. Martin hotel off Metcalf.
    My question is about the indoor markets? Which one is your FAVOURITE? Assuming that you live in Mtl. of-course, lol.
    This was a soft place to land today, thank you.