Monday, September 5, 2011

Soul Food #105~

Hydrangea Season~
Now is the time to cut and in QC..

Most of them..

They are just so pretty..the Annabelle's The Pee Gees,the Pink Diamonds,the Endless Summers..the Kyushus..The Nikkos..
I enjoy them all..

This year instead of putting them in baskets and vases to enjoy all winter..I crated them:)

I don't have a technique..I just cut them and stand them upright the container I want..and they just dry there..I usually let the arrangements dry in the garage..that way the little insects that can be hidden in the flowers, are long gone by the time I bring the arrangements in..I did recently read that ou can smash the stem.. but since I don't put mine in water..i don't know if this would make the process better.Still waiting for my Pink Diamonds to peak..peek:) Then the old arrangements will get replaced~
I just don't know where to put this one yet:)
The boys are getting older now and one of their thrills is not hiding behind a floor arrangement and making all the dry petals fall...:)


  1. So beautiful. I wonder if it is too late to do that with my Hydrangea.


  2. So pretty..and so envious..I wish I could grow them here.
    Shel xx

  3. Ann if they are have to wait until they are bluer than in my first pic:) I saw a post recently at Parisienne Farmgirl and found it uncanny my post was just waiting..she explains her way and it is nicely detailed.. as a bonus..if you go there now..You will see her BRAND new beautiful baby boy..:) So cute..
    Shel.. You grow so many beautiful things:) Sorry these don't wok in SA:( are blessed with so many other beauties~
    Have a great day everyone.

  4. thanks for tips.... have a great day....xoxoxo, Flavia

  5. The colors are just dreamy, but mine never hold...

  6. They are lovely, Monique. My sister, in northern Michigan has a garden full of them.
    (Made your rice krispie cheese crackers last week...everyone loved them.)

  7. Barbara I am happy you liked them..

    I am making those tomatoes soon.. w/ J's breadcrumbs..

    Next time w/ your cubes:)

  8. Gorgeous,
    Arlene K

  9. Someone once told me if you want your house to look southern, fill it with hydrangeas. So true. Glad to know they do well in QC also. I have some dried ones from several years ago and they still look beautiful.

  10. That's exactly how I dry mine. And, cutting them is on the agenda for tomorrow. My husband just returned from QC where he said he saw lots of hydrangea. He also had a marvelous time seeing some of that wonderful old city, having delicious food and enjoying the changing of the guard at The Citadel.


  11. I also just cut mine and place them in a dry vase. They always dry lovely. I have no young boys to blame for knocking the petals off, I do it myself somehow.

  12. Hydrangeas are beautiful fresh or dried. You have a wonderful assortment.

  13. Two weeks ago, I had all my hydrangeas cut back to half. They were just too huge, coming over the windows, etc. It was hard to do it, but I did it early as not to lose the blooms next year. I didn't save any to dry from them, but I have some at the cottage that I will do. I do it the same way. Sometimes I just put a small amount of water and let them dry that way.
    We wait for them every year don't we? So beautiful!
    The barn stars were from Christmas Tree and I painted them black
    Your cornbread looks wonderful. I tried a new recipe last week, and we didn't care for it at all!
    I hope you are well!

  14. Wonderful photos and I missed cutting mine to keep through winter this year, I was so busy and I lost the slot!
    Love this post Monique....

  15. Bonnie..I am glad your husband enjoyed himself:) Kathleen..You are the queen of hydrangeas:)

    I;ll look for the stars next time..It's been so long~

    Have a lovely day.

  16. Absolutely lovely hyrdangeas!! Love the highlights of color

  17. It's taking me so long to get caught up from our busy weekend!

    I envy your lovely blue hydrangeas. I've tried and tried and only get a small hint of blue on just one. Mine just want to be pink or green here. I know it's the soil. I love them anyway :)

  18. Susan..only Endless Summer gives me regular Blue True Blooms.. It does not grow tall.. 2 ft max..really..maybe a touch more..But I get the blues..Nikkos are beautiful..I have one but unreliable for me..could be the spot:)

  19. How I envy you your hydrangeas are a different color every year, in spite of the fact that I "treated" the soil beforehand...the nicest color I've ever had, was pure white. but I can't control or even predict it...I just wait in anticipation...and now look at your blues! Ours have already dried on the stem about a month ago...imagine our climates being so far apart?!