Monday, September 12, 2011

Soul Food #106

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

Even better..being brothers and superheroes~
Lucas changed into Darth Vader shortly thereafter.

It must be great to be met coming off your school bus to walk home by your mom and a Ninja Turtle~
Then spending part of the afternoon in a world of make believe..
I love the lives our 4 grandsons have.
It warms my heart so much~
I don't think anything makes me happier~

All for one and one for all
My brother and my friend
What fun we have
The time we share
Brothers 'til the end.
~Author Unknown


  1. So adorable! It makes your heart leap to see. Lucky you had your camera with you to capture it. Those moments are priceless. Thank you for sharing, Sally xx

  2. one of my favorite shots... and i know how much joy they bring you~

  3. Love this; my 2 last boys are only 14 months apart and they have always been extremely close. When they get together again, I can still see them walking to the school but hand in hand; thanks for your lovely words and bring back these memories.

  4. This picture and the one on the tire brought tears.....thanks Mon! These are my favorites too, call me sentimental or being a mom.


  5. It seems such a short time ago that our boys were super heroes--together keeping our little world safe!!
    Four grandsons must be a great joy. I can't wait!!


  6. So very sweet, Monique. The sibling bond is so special. How lucky your little g-sons are. Love that cute little turtle.

  7. I wonder if Mack will have a little brother :) What a sweet, sweet photo. You are so lucky they live so close to you. I have an adorable photo of Lindsay getting a Ninja Turtle's autograph in DisneyWorld years ago ♥

  8. I love that picture. Seems just like yesterday that you were blessed with your first grandson. Can't believe he is already going to school.


  9. I'm still smiling, Monique. How adorable is that??
    Grandkids are the greatest!!

  10. And I'm so glad you liked the scalloped tomatoes! I like the sound of your modifications too. Just can't have enough bacon for me!

  11. Que c'est mignon..adorable! T'as de la comprend ton bonheur

  12. You're all so nice to leave such sweet comments..
    it's great to see that so many blog friends last through the years:)

    Enough to watch your life go by.. moment by big moment.
    Some of these friendships just begin..and others are like treasured antiques:)

    I like taking the boys photos..Jacques and I look at them..I send them to their moms..they send me theirs..we're picture takers my girls and I..

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

    Susan I cannot wait to know:) I am excited for you..

    I think I am sentimental too..I'm just saying:)

  13. A precious moment captured in time, wonderful Monique!

  14. Adorable boys and such special lovely to see how they are growing into such handsome young men.
    Shel xx

  15. Vous avez l'air d'être une jolie famille. Tu dois y être pour quelque-chose, non ? Tu peux être fière ! ;o)

  16. Such lovely thoughts. You have been blessed, indeed!

  17. You captured such a cute moment. Absolutely love the ninja turtle costume. I can see a little painting in the future.

  18. Karen..Great idea:) Thank you..soon..



  19. There's just something about being brothers that is so different from being sisters. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I can see it in my husband's brothers even as adults.

  20. Hi! Thanks so much for commenting on my Hello Kitty Macarons so I could find your fabulous blog! I love this picture. Your children are so darling. Newest follower here :)


  21. I get to relive the sweet little boyhood through you!
    I miss those delicious back of the neck kisses that are oh so sweet!
    I miss my little boys...

  22. Oh Linda..I know..that this year is especially poignant for you..

    When our children leave the nest for school's always hard.
    Thinking of you~

  23. That is food for my soul too! What fun and magic! I love how you captured it too. I enjoy seeing your grandchildren through your eyes. I need to do a better job of capturing my grandchildren in photos.

  24. Jacqueline..your shots just keep getting better and better..I have always loved your grandchildren's pics..:)
    And I can't wait to make your twists.

  25. Sweet, sweet Brother bonding - I hope their love and friendship lasts their entire lives.

    I made the Scalloped Tomatoes tonight for dinner - OMG - delicious. Thanks to you and Barbara for the recipe.

    Judy - Houston, Tx

  26. I have three brothers and three sons!
    It has been quite educational watching them all grow up...not a trick they can pull that i'm not already on top of ;)

  27. Do they want another kiddie?
    I am available for adoption :)
    bag is packed.

  28. would love living with them.