Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pain De Mie~

Pain de mie
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Pain de mie is a type of sliced, packaged bread. "Pain" in French means "bread" or "loaf of bread" and "mie" means "crumb" in the culinary sense (not to be confused with bread crumb). In English pain de mie is most identical to pullman loaf or regular sandwich bread. This bread has sugar in it, which makes it sweeter than most French breads, and even with the sugar pain de mie is still not as sweet as most American breads. This bread is usually used for making sandwiches or for toasting. It can be baked in a sealed pan, which prevents crust from forming. If not baked in a sealed pan, the crust can be cut off (as done in factories before packaging). Pain de mie is sold in rounded or rectangular shapes.

I sometimes enjoy making small little loaves of bread.. they are ideal for tea sandwiches..fancy sandwiches etc..

I have a special mold from Paris.. a gift..I mentioned it before..
I discovered a new recipe..I must admit it mneeded tweaking..It's a different one and I could tell in the bread machine an adjustment in flour was needed..more:) You can just tell..

However I did want to share these molds.. and put a bit too much and get little treasures that pop out the seams:)

Just take them off and reserve.. when you take the lid of the pain De Mie are left with a lovely small perfectly shaped loaf.

You can also make Pain De Mie in shapes.. I am lucky enough to have a few of these and they were well used at showers etc..

They make cute cute sandwiches.

I used a recipe in a new little French recipe book I bought..but the flour was at least 75 grams off..

La Recette~

180 ml tepid water
30 ml tepid milk
350 g of flour T55 or T65
1/2 tsp yeast
1 tsp salt
20 gr melted butter
20 gr sugar

Place all ings as directions for your bread machine..dough cycle..remove and put in pan..
When you see the blade kneading the dough in the machine it should pull apart from the sides as it forms a very soft dough.. when I followed their was wet and sat at the bottom like a pudding..I added flour as I wrote above as it kneaded..until I got the dough I wanted:) I wonder if it's because I used regular bread flour..

It's a lovely covered baking loaf to own.
I got lucky..

The Echinops and Echinaceas are in full blooom right now and the bees are buzzing..It's dry ..but earthy.


  1. I love those little shapes that "popped" out of the sides!
    Looks like a lovely loaf and your photos make me dizzy with delight!

    Such perfection...
    Shel x

  2. And I'm first to comment today...yah!!

  3. love those fancy moulds :) wouldnt they make such pretty sandwiches! you extra dough foto is so charming :))

  4. I love your petite molds in the various shapes Monique. I haven't seen a Pain de mie pan in years.

  5. What an adorable little loaf and cute 'extra' surprise. I haven't tried my pullman loaf pan yet...soon, when it's cooler to bake here. I will keep your recipe and tips :)

  6. I have never heard of this kind of bread, but I'd be on those little extra surprises like nobody's business. They look crunchy and delish! Cook's treat perhaps? xxoo

  7. Although I love my crusty baguettes, I love pain de mie for sandwiches and yours looks very authentic, just like I can buy in the boulangerie here in France!
    Lovely photos too.....
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  8. What a gorgeous little mold for perfect sandwich bread - lovely, and your photos are a delight

  9. can get the shaped loaves on EBAY..:)

    Thanks have a great day..
    Shel.. like that saying..I would love to keep it..Dizzy with delight:)

  10. I love the doughy escapee! :)

    And the perfectly-square loaf of bread would make wonderful French Toast.
    (Btw, I have the cute little molds, but had forgotten all about them, so I'm saving your recipe, and dusting off the molds. Messy bird coop).

    Have a delicious weekend, mon ami!

  11. Sol..I think of you so often:)

    You too OIABM:)

  12. I love those shaped pans, how cute!

  13. The little shaped breads would be wonderful to use when having a party.

  14. if you just had any idea how much I loveeee bread!...but can not even eat it as I'm gluten intolerant!... how bad is that!
    but as I said before,in a virtual world I can eat with my imagination and it wont hurt me! hahaha
    Delicious post!

  15. Thank you..i may be one day early w/ my soul food as Lila may be gone~
    I think I will do it now~

  16. Such an interesting post - thank you for sharing these pretty breads! They look adorable and delicious :)

  17. Gorgeous! I have wanted one of those molds forever...maybe now I will buy one!

  18. That's what those pans with lids are for. I saw them on Golda's Kitchen today. Great bread.

  19. I have been looking at this recette for the past couple of years and still cannot find the pans. I will now recruit "my belle-filles" to keep an eye out for me. Yours came out fantastic.

  20. It bothers me so much when ingredient amounts are off. Every cookbook should test every recipe before printing. Don't you agree?

  21. I would think the flour measurement was off because French flour and American all-purpose are so different. Different grind, different wheat blend, different gluten content. Try a blend of cake flour and all-purpose, which may yield better results.