Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Tomatoes~Mini Quiches~

Our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen..I remember when we bought our 2 little plants this Spring..$0.99 each..a Cherry Tomato one and this one..they were so scrawny.. one tiny stem..and I had nowhere to put them..
I added them to Rose Cottage..the small garden there..and they grew..and grew.. the raccoons got the first batch..but I wisened up and corraled them.
So we are finally getting tomatoes:)A little love goes a long way~
I decided to make 4 tiny quiches for our weekend lunches..last weekend..

I used 3 eggs,some cream, a blend of cheeses,my real FRENCH, brought home in my suitcase ,Herbes De Provence,and our home grown tomatoes.
I like everything mini and these are no exception.
Phyllo dough is so much fun to work with and so melt in your mouth..
Anyways..these little treats work for us.. and the fact that it's our tomatoes..made me happy.

Phyllo dough makes everything look like it's just bloomed~It makes a star out of even the simplest ingredients~
These would be ideal made in bulk:) For a B&B..or where we stayed in Tourettes-Sur-Loup~

I had prepared this post before seeing Linda's..If you want to see another beautiful Tomato Tart recipe..Go visit Linda..Mouth watering..She has music with her meal too:)Go enjoy~

I so want to visit France again..I can almost taste it..
No..I can taste it.
I don't know if you can depict the wall ornaments..
But I regret not coming home..with one of them..:)
Next time!
A coming to Qc.


  1. Oh Monique,

    I've made these mini's too from the LCBO, they were delicious with a little salad on the side! When we were in Montreal I was so excited we bought zucchini flowers and deep fried them and some stuffed....hmm delicious! I tried a new recipe with beer in the mixture and they were so fluffy and light, a keeper. I brought home so many goodies from the market and Dante store too!

    August is in the air here too...not happy, life goes by too quickly as we get older, but your wouldn't know that?

    ~Ginette..have a nice weekend

  2. What absolutely delightful little quiches and I also LOVE small well as filo pastry which I use to lower the calories sometimes, as well as adding a crunch too!
    REALLY lovely photos Monique ~ a fabulous post!

  3. Good morning Ginette.I am so happy you enjoyed Dante..and bought Zucchini flowers.
    i was anxious to hear about your trip..Karen..I've been Googling cookbooks once again because of you~

  4. Mmmmmm!!! What's better than a quiche???? :) I love making them, but I've never tried those with tomatoes. Must make some, they are so easy to make even in pans, I don't really need to turn the oven on ;) (we're in the middle of a horrible heat wave). I meant to ask you-did you receive your watercolor album? Are you happy with it?
    Monica xo

  5. Monica..I bought a couple:)

    I bought one from Dick Blick.. that came w/ a little gold watercolor pen..really nice.and real watercolor paper:)
    I also bought one at an Art store with a friend.. just a black spiral one..
    I have one from a talented artist friend in France that I am saving for ..a trip..if ever I take one..
    Thank you for asking..
    My Moleskine one is advancing..

    It's fun..yet you always tend to remember what you have seen others paint:)

    My friend Susan(Savoring Time In The Kitchen) agrees with me that painting is a good friend.
    Thank you for your help and inspiration Monica..

    Heat wave here too.

  6. Oh, these look delectable..I'm drooling...and I just love that photo of the dining too.
    Really a great post.
    Have a happy weekend dear Monique.
    Shel xxxx

  7. What beautiful little quiches! And using your own tomatoes makes them doubly special!

  8. You are right about mini things!
    They taste better since they are cute :)
    I could live off of quiche. So good.

  9. Oh Monique, those little quiches are just adorable. I have never made a quiche with phyllo before. Now I will. I even have some in the freezer. Thank you again for sharing. I love all your recipes.


  10. Our local tomatoes (none in our garden--it's too small) are finally coming in and your tarts look like a beautifully delicious way to utilize some of them. It has been awhile since I worked with phyllo but I do find it easy to use and it makes everything look so tasty.


  11. Your photos are always inspiring! Not many things on this earth I like better than garden fresh tomatoes. What a treasure!


  12. I love these little mini quiches. I agree phyllo dough is somthing fun to work with. Thanks for sharing! I have a nice weekend.

  13. So far I only have ripe cherry tomatoes and one ripe San Marzano. I have a huge plant with lots and lots of green tomatoes outside our fence and I think the deer were eating them. I corralled that one :)

    Other than making your fresh tomato pasta sauce, I can't think of a better way to use my tomatoes than in these mini quiches. Another great idea!

  14. They are so cute, I still covet a pic I have of a large tart you made in phyllo.

    Face it, I have coveted every pic of yours...

  15. Jain..As I have coveted and saved yours for more than a decade:)
    Here's to lasting friendships:) made me so proud w/ your post..I am anxiously awaiting Blog2Print:) You will be the first to know:)

    You all make me smile out loud.
    Thank God for these pleasures:)

    I love how I learn from all of are the next dessert..:) Butter Yum..the next celebration dessert!
    Victor..You are a very smart chef:)Happy to have found you..

    Have a great weekend everyone~

  16. Simply gorgeous.
    And I have a pile of lush tomatos from the CSA just waiting for something like this!

  17. Looks delicious! I have tomatoes that are almost full grown, can't wait for it!

  18. I must try my hand at quiches....if they turn out as beautiful as yours Id be so happy :)

  19. Such a beautiful litte does look like a lovely little flower. I have just started picking our tomatoes. Such a long wait for something so delicious.

  20. Monique, I do so envy your tomato crop! They look so lovely. And you are so right, Filo pastry sheets do make everything look just so much more delicate and precise.

  21. Mmmm - I love that you create these small little dishes. Just perfect for two.

  22. Could your posts be any more beautiful?? I think not! Absolutely enchanting, and your tomato tarts are delightful. Linda mentioned to me she was going to make them (I saw them on her facebook the other day). I love the way they look.

    Your tomatoes are ripening ahead of ours, I've only picked 1 medium size, and a few yellow cherry tomatoes so far. Very slow to ripen here this year.

    Beautiful shot of your France (you will get back there, I just feel it.) xoxo

  23. Love using phyllo dough is like a taste of heaven and clouds.

    Love this, but more than anything I adore looking at the photos of your family. They are wonderful.

    Sending love from Maine,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. How is it that the French just seem to get everything right? I love their style.

  24. Hi Monique - I'm enjoying luscious vine ripened tomatoes too and I miss picking them out of my own garden. But those I buy at the farmer's market are almost as good. I've never thought to use phyllo dough for the crust. What a time saver and it works perfectly for your little mini's.

  25. Cathy..I've seen your beautiful market:) I am so glad I fixed my Blog roll:) you know your book is not available anymore here? has the activities of The Roots Shoots Bucketsand Boots..
    Thank you:)
    Mari..i trust your instincts and taste..and faith:)x
    Thanks everyone..Bon Dimanche~

  26. Hello dear,

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your sweet words about Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots.

    The Amazon soft-covered Roots is the identical book your friend has, but they changed the subtitle to include the fact that it has activities to do in the garden too. So you can get it. I would mail it to you, but we've had problems sending to Canada.

    Glad your children were one week Mainers. It gets under your skin quickly.

    LOVE visiting your postings. Love them.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  27. Alas, the heat/drought got to my two tomato plants - got a few green ones and then plants just gave it up and withered away. Will buy some tomatoes at farmer's market to make these.
    Monique, I bought a Cicada while in France and have it on the wall in side yard - a bright yellow one. Fell in love with them; we had to many singing in the trees this Summer that it was deafening.
    Beautiful post - Judy/Houston Tx

  28. Judy..I am so glad YOU have one..

    Sharon off to peek at Amazon again:)
    Thank you..I thought it was a different book..
    Sharon.. look at your site.. I have tried many times to access Buy's a broken link:)well for me..


  29. Monique! These are more like little works of culinary art than JUST tomato tarts! Gorgeous and I can just taste them. I visited Linda's site and love that she used gruyere cheese.. one of my very favorites!
    And your photography just make them all the more luscious looking! I agree, anything individual or mini I am all over!
    I spent ALL morning and part of the afternoon making a chocolate cream pie. No wonder I am not a baker!!!! These darling tarts would have given my so much more satisfaction to make and about 4 hours of extra time. I'm posting these ON THE MENU MONDAY next week~ please look for them with a link back to your post!
    BTW, I just got my 1.8 55 mm lens. And I took a photography class yesterday. I now know just a litte bit more about taking great images. YOu are my gold standard in picture taking... someday I hope to develop your eye!
    xo Yvonne

  30. Bonjour Monique - these little tarts are so sweet and the phyllo pastry gives them that rustic pique-nique appeal - I must make them for my French class this week - Delightful!

  31. Yvonne..I cannot even hold a candle to your energy.
    I am amazed that you like these:)
    I would love to keep up with you and can't:(

    I hope you LOVE that lens:)

    Dianne..I think of you and France..charming photos ...and A La Di Stasio:)

    Have a great night!

  32. Your tomatoes look so fresh and delicious and that tomato tart is gorgeous! Almost too good to eat :)

    Hope you had a great weekend Monique!

  33. Monique, I love your little quiches. As usual your photography keeps me in awe. You are so talented! I love France and would holiday there always if I could. It's one of my favourite places to go as well as Germany. I want to visit Italy next. We are enjoying out tomatoes at the moment as well. Isn't summer wonderful!!

  34. Marie..I hope you get to Italy.. you would love it!
    Your creativity and talent at everything leaves me in awe:)
    Have a great day everyone.

  35. Such fantastic pictures. We have had our first 3 tomatoes and one cucumber! I just love growing my own vegetables. I love the quiche on the plate with the starbursts! Always gorgeous.

  36. Oh what picture perfect works of art and oh so tasty I'm sure!