Saturday, August 13, 2011

Soul Food #102~

I've been making a few gift/bookmark tags.. because I found new seam binding par hasard~
I am enjoying trying to scrunch it up:)

I like adding glitter and pearls and embellishments..It's more a winter craft for me..But the binding was vintage and so I just had to..
The latest proved useful to mark the pages in this lovely book..

It was recommended By Lila..Have you been to Lila's beautiful blog..?
Have you read this book?

There were passages that made me cry..not sob..but the honesty or tenderness..or sorrow of the words.
It's a great book.I would have never picked it up if not for Lila.
Thank you Lila..

Books..should be loved almost from the get go..This book got me in the first chapter.
I am going to read Shangai Girls next..I know..I will like it..I have read 2 from this author..and was not disappointed..
I have started..and so good~
Thanks Jain~..


  1. I'll have to recommend these to Lindsay - she loves peaceful reading moments right now :) Lovely book marks! They are all works of art.

  2. so fancy nana, you never ever not have beautiful things and words surrounding you :)

  3. You did a beautiful job on the tags... I am to sore to make those so I have been ordering them like a mad woman off etsy... However, I am in love with them so much, I am not sure I can part with them come Christmas time.. lol

  4. So beautiful..and I am lucky enough to have seen them in person...I adore them!

  5. So very lovely. For me it would be easy to collect them!

  6. Adding this book to my wish list.

  7. you make such beautiful things

  8. I absolutely love them, they are so stylish and creative, as are you! I also love the muted colours of beige, cream and doe brown......
    Lovely post for Sunday!

  9. Love your tags, they are so very elegant. Gosh, that would be a wonderful way to use my seam binding!
    Thanks for the inspiration, dear Monique!
    Monica xo

  10. I just love your bookmarks, Monique.
    I'm so lucky to have the joy of them in my home <3
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Thank you! They are fun to make..Tracy I know what you mean..I bought some years ago..and alas a few I did not part with either:)
    Monica YOU are inspirational ! Yes your seam binding is perfect for these.
    Have a lovely day.
    I am so glad some of you have enjoyed these extremely humble offerings.

  12. PS Tracy..when I read..I thought of you..and what you go through..and I just want to say I am sorry.And if you would like a little set of tags..just let me know..They are not so fancy that you would not part with them:)

  13. Your bookmarks are beautiful. "Shanghai Girls" is on my table waiting to be read. I enjoyed "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" so much that I want to continue reading Lisa See's books.


  14. Your bookmarks are so lovely as is everything that you do. So much talent...thank you for sharing with us.

  15. so very pretty! you are so talented!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous. I haven't had time for much reading lately. Wait until school gets started again.

  17. These are so beautiful; can't buy anything with so many perfect details. Will get these books; have to get back to reading, seems there is too much going on this summer.

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  19. Love your bookmarks. Great way to use something beautiful like a tag from Laduree. I never want to part with those little remembrances.

  20. The title is great as is the cover art... sounds like a book to curl up with. Love your art... so beautiful those old ribbons and rick rack!

  21. Sarah..they are not real L tags..:) I have never been..never even tasted a REAL macaron..only the ones I have made!

    These are photoshopped tags..the ephemera and art are readily available on line..
    The Graphics Fairy has unbelievable ephemera for tags and share so graciously..

    You can also make your combining ephemera..(I really like doing that..) then you print on cardstock( I have them printed at Staples) then cut and embellish.Add crinkled seam binding or lace and treasures.
    So relaxing.I love stamping on top of them too..
    Thank you..

  22. The book tags are so very special with the sweet embelishments.
    I love that you said "books should be loved from the get go" - I so agree with this!
    Have a lovely week Monique xx

  23. Oh my, I do love those Laduree bookmarks. Just seeing that beautiful logo brings back many lovely memories with my daughter. You have a gift of turning ordinary things into little works of art. Beautiful post, Monique.

  24. Love your soul food as always Monique. Your tags are beautiful. I have Shanghai Girls on my bookshelf. I think I need to dust it off and read it! xxoo

  25. Cathy a trip would be great to remember:) Marie..I follow what you read..I think many of the same interests!
    Don't we all?:)

  26. Laduree tags! Genius!
    Why did't I think of that?
    So pretty ....

  27. What a wonderful idea!! I love the Laduree one.

  28. Nooschi:) I am so glad you said that!