Monday, August 22, 2011

Susan and Blog2Print~ Un Gros Merçi~And a footnote~

Blogging.. I never thought I would do it.. never thought I would do it for so long:)
I have enjoyed the camaraderie.. the exchanges..the learning..It's the best online school for so many things..I have learned so much through the Web and blogging.

I think I made friends:) I think I learned new crafts.. many many recipes.. photo tips..I never even knew what Sharpen meant(EJ) before the internet and web friends.

One of my first WEB Friends..was Susan..

She has a beautiful blog..Just click here.. Savoring Time In The Kitchen~
And you will see..

She hosted a give-away a little while ago..from Blog2Print..and I must say I have entered some.. but few compared to the ones I see...
Many are not available to Canada.. Many have so many entries..I see the glass half full..many ..well ..I cannot bring myself to step out of the woodwork to win:)I always feel I have enough..too much..enough.

But I have been and she has been a constant with when her contest was announced.. and available to Canada.. and I had heard how lovely these books were.I entered..All I had to do was leave a comment..I always do! With she..

How easy was my glass was lookin' half empty..Imagine my surprise..



I won~

Ta da..

The company was super to work with..

The quality of the book..the printing..the photos..EXCEPTIONAL!!!

I get books printed..Photo Books of my delicious grandsons..

and it's a feat..uploading every photo..high res..etc..
This was so easy..they grab your blog and print..
I use the lowest res for my blog..small sizes etc..
They printed up like HIGH res..and perfect!

There were 54 pages in my book and not one disappointed me.
The only difference I would triage the page..the one page..that is all recipe..:) My fault..
The recipe was long and only 1 photo that appeared on the left hand side.. which is normal..but what a long winded recipe:)

I loved the ones that had many photos..:) Because they made them so nice!

Really these books are keepsakes..If you have a it soon..I wish I had started from the beginning..I have been doing it so long..I had to pick and chose..
I wanted each grandson in the there are some Soul Foods:)

Not all recipes..

I am very happy to have this amongst my cookbooks :)
I can't believe it's me:)
Sounds funny..but it's true..
When you start.. you never think anything will look like who and what you admire..
In print..this's a miracle:)

Thanks so much Susan..and Blog2Print~
With Appreciation~

Part 2~My footnote..

I just want to add one thing..

Because this happened today.. I want it here today..

Jack Layton passed away today.
No one.. has inspired me more in the last year where optimism..and drive are concerned.
He wrote a letter to Canadians..just a few days before passing..
In my mind.. He Was and Is a great man.
God Bless Him.
I am not saying this to put a damper on a happy event..
Maybe.. some will Google and GREAT he was.And be inspired to continue to have courage.
He had 1 grandaughter..Beatrice..and always spoke of her:)
I loved that.

See here.. a nice man..


  1. I used blog2print to print pages from my blog and got the book back just last week! It is so cool -- and you're right -- it was so easy for this non-tech-y person! And the cost was so reasonable. And my blog posts aren't nearly as beautiful as yours, but the printing process seems to really elevate the quality of the pictures and all.

  2. Lovely gift, Monique. I'm happy to learn more about Blog2print. I will follow your lead. Thanks! ~ sarah

  3. I so need to do this! What a marvelous keepsake and your photos are all so lovely that your book is just fantastic! What a great idea to have all of the grandkid's photos in there. Did you get a copy for each of them? I need, need, need to do this, especially the one day I found my blog wiped out, I was sick about it. Fortunately it came back.

    I am glad you won. I love it when people I know win fabulous giveaways.

  4. Yes must! You could sell yours:)

    And Sarah..all your ME posts:)

    Diana..I bet it's great!

  5. Hi Monique,
    Your blog would certainly make a lovely book. So nice that you received this gift.
    My husband made one for me of some of my blog posts-kind of a thrill to see them in print in my own little book.
    Take care,

  6. Carolyn..How nice of your husband..
    You ARE Victoria Magazine plus plus:)

    Well done!

  7. What a wonderful thing to have won!!!

  8. Soo cool, Monique. Your pictures look even lovelier in print.

  9. Susan is such a fabulous blogger - glad you won her giveaway. Your book is stunning! I've thought of ordering from blog2print, but haven't had the nerve to do so. Now that I see yours, I might actually go for it.

    PS - I had no idea you were from Canada until today. Sorry for your loss.

  10. Your book looks beautiful! What luck to win it from our friend,Susan.
    Maybe I will get one for Cmas. Son is good to me, he would do it.
    I am writing this from the iPad he gave me, so I can only comment if I use anon. Don't know why!

  11. Congratulations on your win. What a beautiful keepsake.

    Monique, I've shed a few tears today. Canada lost a great man.


  12. You didn't tell me you posted about it... At the beach, so you must nudge me more~

    I am doing yours, I will cherish it, my new best book of the decade!

    I am sorry for the loss of the man you admired...

  13. So sorry to read of Jack Layton's passing. Wonderful man. Love your book. It's positively beautiful, just like you! xxoo

  14. Monique! I am so happy for you. ~ deserve it and your blog deserves to be a book...such beauty....enjoy

    x zurin

  15. Monique: We read about Jack Layton's passing and were very sorry to hear about it. He was our type of politician. I didn't realize that you were Canadian until this post. We enjoy visiting our "neighbor" as often as possible.

    I had my blog put into a book last year with blog2print and was very pleased. I'll do it again this year. I like that you put your home on the front. I think I'll follow that idea this year.


  16. It's nice to see some of you ahve done this already.
    I know it's a treat..and I know I won it..but It's worth it even to do on your own if it is affordable to you.
    I know we can't do everything at once.

    Yes..I am Canadian..all my life we have lived here..

    Ann I cried too.

    This man just touched us..didn't he?

    We enjoy visiting our Neighbour every chance we get also:)Wish it was more often!!

  17. Félicitations Monique! What a lovely gift/book. Your blog is one of my favourites and I am so happy I came back here this morning (now your usual posting day). My DIL is often asking me to see if i can rpring my blog as a keepsake for the grandchildren, but I am not there yet.
    Jack Layton was our Canadian treasure; Even though not of the same political party, I cried all morning; what a loss for this kind and gentle man with a million dollar smile. Very possible he would have changed our political scene.
    Great post.

  18. Bravo M...
    Such a treasure ...eternal.
    Have spent time here this morning catching up...loving every post.
    Seeing the boys grow...
    You grow.
    Hard for me to visit often these days...
    My life is changing...miracles...I'm breathing again...smiling and laughing outloud.
    Embrace your's a gift.
    Hugs, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. Kathy.. what sweet up north morning news:)
    Music to our ears to hear of Miracles..and Laughing Out Loud..

    Rita.. do get a book published:) You have the need the book:)

  20. Congratulations Monique. You are most deserving, as I think you have one of the nicest blogs on the Internet. You have been on my blogroll from the very beginning. I do hope my readers are finding and enjoying your blog as much as I do.

  21. Your book is beautiful, Monique. Isn't it amazing to see your posts in print. I had a book printed about a year ago and my family browses through it all the time. They passed it around the table just last week when we all were together for dinner. It's a wonderful keepsake and I hope to have my whole blog printed someday soon.

  22. I've been wanting to do my blog book forever! I'm off to have a look... thanks for sharing.
    As for the crayons:
    Monica xoxo

  23. What a GREAT gift and what a WONDERFUL book you have had printed, such a GREAT idea, I may have to look into that for my family!
    The first time my writing and recipes,as well as photos were printed in a magazine I write for in the UK I was OVER the MOON, as you must be too......the book looks amazing and it will make a poignant and special gift for anyone of your family and friends.

  24. Monica..I looked them up after I saw yours..what a heartfelt generous gift from your husband..You deserve them..You do!

    Karen yes do look into it.I think you would enjoy it..
    Cathy I remember your book and you showing us:) I had made a mental note..
    Karen..I thoroughly enjoy your blog also:)

    Have a nice afternoon..evening everyone.

  25. I knew it would be beautiful :)

    I did the same format to save space - next time I would do as you mentioned - the recipe on its own. Having part of my blog printed has made me think more carefully about what I put in a blog post now.

    I'm sorry about Jack Layton. I'm not knowledgeable regarding Canadian politics but he certainly had a kind face.

  26. but he certainly had a kind face..

    Like you:)

    Many thanks again Susan..I just thought of what you said..I should have left the chipmunk out:)

    You are so right!

  27. How exciting to see your blog in print! The book looks beautiful too.

  28. Wow! Your book looks amazing. Of course it has a lot to do with your phenomenal photos. You've inspired me to do one soon. You certainly are a winner Monique!

    PS - My giveaways are always open to all. I once sent a cookbook to a winner in Sweden.
    And thank you once again for reading and commenting at Mignardise.

  29. Hello, how did I miss this post...chaos here in Africa!!
    I sat down now and saw your beautiful gorgeous is that book!!! Always tempted to do one but living in South Africa, wondered whether it will reach me...(you know about snail mail!)but you have now SO inspired me.
    I'm sorry to hear of Jack..I will google him.
    Lots of love and blessings to you
    Shel xxxxxxxx

  30. Monique...your book is beautiful from the few pages I can see...and now I want to can I please buy a copy of your book
    from you? I will pay for the postage, everything! I would love to have your book on my shelf...I'm sure I'm not the only one!

  31. I have been away for a few days and I just now saw this post...
    You deserve this more than anyone!
    I am sorry for your loss...

  32.'s MY pleasure:) that daughter of yours ..when she makes an appearance:)
    I love it.

    Shel..You are very busy!Inquire with would enjoy having this at home:) It would be would have keepsakes of the words you have written about your family..friends..home etc..:)

    So sweet..It's your book that will be a bestseller.
    Linda..I looked at my posts and wonder if you know how many times I made something inspired by you?

    Thank you~

    It was a treat.

  33. That is one incredible book! It looks like you intended to write a book.
    Nice :)

  34. oh monique your book looks wonderful i will have to check out blog2print

  35. My daughter C saw my book and she is motivated to continue her personal blog about her 3 darling she can print it w/ Blog 2print:)
    Thanks everyone for your nice nice words.

  36. You are so funny Kate..
    You should have a book :)

    You day:)