Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soul Food #107~

Bloom Where You Are Planted~

I received a gift I really liked a while back.. a long while back...Edible Blossoms from Victorian Epicure and Hélène~..
I said to myself.."you must make your own" and I did..
I saved nasturtiums.. lavender,mint, zucchini blossoms, roses,so many edible blooms..

I dried them..just scatter them on a plate..put them in a dry place.. and then crush them and save them..I love edible blooms for my sweet butters.. to top off deserts..

You must be certain they are from a pesticide free garden..(mine is)..c'est la loi here..

I love looking at them fresh..and even drying up..I love crumbling them..and all their colors w/ my fingers and putting them in jars w/ home made labels.

Nature..Gotta love it..
Whip up butter w/ honey..a touch of icing sugar and these.
Un plaisir!

I have a lovely plateful of Russian Sage.. but my verdict is not out yet on it's..edibilty:)It's so pretty w/ the last rose petals..Any ideas if it is?

I miss my Calendulas..and need to find more seed ..any ideas on that also?
They just forgot to come back last year and this year..

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”
Thich Nhat Hanh quotes

I love this photo my daughter took of Noah.. who came for lunch today sporting a beautiful potted mum in his child's arms for me:) And Timbits for his grandad:) in one of our most spiritual and lovely places to head to for a walk in the woods and a visit to a Mindful Place~

Close to home..

Fall is definitely in the air now~
I wish it lasted 5 months..then 6 months Spring and Summer and 1 month winter:)

The edible blossoms are so easy to make..and look lovely topping little desserts also~

This was the most inviting chair I saw all week~

Apart from my son-in-law's tomato table for one chair~.
I wish you a MINDFUL week~


  1. This is all so lovely M.
    The comments
    The pictures.
    Such a treat.


  2. oh i love this idea, i wish i had planned ahead...

    your last shot is wonderful, i love that look, garden pleasures~

  3. I adore your idea for seasons, Monique! When I lived in Michigan, fall was always my favorite time of year. And I still always try to visit in the fall.

    Your edible blooms are lovely. I remember making nasturtium butter for my mother years ago. She loved those gorgeous little flowers.

  4. Beautiful post. I love edible flowers though I've never tasted them.

  5. What a wonderful idea, Monique. I have several friends who would love a little bottle of dried summer flowers under their Christmas tree. I'm writing a note to myself to plant special things next summer just for these little gifts.

  6. Hi Monique,
    A lovely container and tag you have chosen to display your beautiful edible blossoms. Have a great week!

  7. Oh how wonderful! I never thought to DRY them!!! Dugh! I wanted to say thank you for your kind words on the birth of my baby boy!
    Come on by, I am doing a give away to celebrate!
    Merci encore!
    Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl

  8. Such style...I learn so much from you each week!
    Have a good week and that quote is much needed by me....
    Shel x

  9. Just magic!

  10. You're always magic! Thanks and kisses

  11. Beautiful, magical and SO very you Monique. I LOVE using edible blossoms in my cooking and your jar looks SO pretty too......I have a mound of blossoms in a big wooded bowl, just cos' I love to look at them ~ maybe next time I should bottle them!
    LOVELY post!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  12. Monique, your edible blossoms sound fantastic. I always come away from your blog feeling a bit of magic in the air.

  13. Love your idea of making your own dried flower mix; a bit late for me. We were in Montreal for a family get together and the frost ma had come to visit. Good thing we had picked up our tomatoes and most of my herbs. Bonne Semaine.

  14. Good morning~

    I am glad you like the idea.. the easiest really:)

    Angela.. seeing your baby..and family? the pleasure is all ours!
    Rita..I hope you harvested a lot of herbs:)
    Thank you..

  15. A lovely post! Such a special idea for a gift or to have on your pantry shelf to treat diners in a special way. The photo of your precious grandson and the lovely spot in the woods is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


  16. oops...not sure why that came in triplicate!!

  17. I fixed it Shel:) I know..I know that lady in the cute apron..Just added her last week after 2 years:)

    Thanks Bonnie:)

  18. Shel..I deleted all instead of two:( Boohoo..

    I read..:)

  19. I must get out to the garden and pick some edibles to dry.I am happy to say our garden is all pesticide free also.
    I love your collage- a walk in the woods in autumn is one of my favorite things to do.


  20. loi=law I guess.
    All photos pretty...I'd love to wander into your woods!

  21. What a wonderful idea. That would be so nice to garnish with. I agree, one month winter, I really like the first snow or two, but that is enough for me. The other seasons are wonderful and change is wonderful.
    Always a delight to come!

  22. What a beautiful idea, Monique! I need to pick some of my favorites before they are lost to the first frost and keep some memories of summer.

    Love your flower delivery boy :)

    I don't know about the Russian Sage flowers but I'm sure you can find calendula seeds online from one of your favorite seed companies. I like Select Seeds. I'm glad you reminded me of calendula, I had forgotten about them.

  23. This is such a pretty post! Am feeling inspired now :)

  24. I hope you try them..and the butters make everything taste soo good..It's a treat..the honey..the blooms and the touch of icing sugar'

    Susan if I get my calendulas back in full form..I'll send you seeds:) remember when?

    Loi is law:) will fill huge mason jars w/ your glorious gardens:)

    Have a good night everyone~

  25. What a lovely cheerful post. Thank you for your kind words. How sad that your mum died so young. Barbara was young also.

  26. Your post makes me so happy, bring me to a peaceful place... :) THANK YOU!

  27. Wonderful soulfood as always Monique! I love these posts and I love that chair too!! I had to change the URL to Oak Cottage, so that could be why it isn't showing up on your blogroll now. The new one is:

    Hope this helps! xxoo

  28. Thanks Marie I think I'm back on track:)

  29. So lovely - really perfect soulfood! Always enjoy your beautiful pictures.

  30. I loved them when you first shared your gift, and yours are just as beautiful (and even more special ~ they are made by YOU!)

    I love all of the images... children grow up so quickly! It's all such lovely eye-candy. Thank you for sharing M. Love you! xo