Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Soul Food #136~

Hello..  :)

My favorite Soul Food~

Little boys by the beach~

We had a getaway to Florida..and 3 of the alphabet boys and their parents joined us for 1 week.
When our girls were growing up Sandcastles were castles with Princesses :)
These.. designed by Max and Oli..,grandad and Max's mom..designed to protect the beach!:)
I find little boy things so different..yet equally charming:)

We ate well..The very first time..I have eaten fish..cooked the same hour it is caught..So delicious.Caught by the boys..cooked by the boy:)
Not this particular one:)

The boys caught a few that magical day~

And even indulged in sparkly water challenges..

J'adore the diamonds on the ocean..and when 2 of my little gems :) are silhouetted by them..the whole scene is a blessing.

to be read..their:)

So cute. Every moment.

L M and O..

The Sea,Once it casts it's spell,holds one in it's net of wonder forever~ 

The Sunshine State..It really is~
Thank you Florida for being a meeting place of many nice people from various parts of the world~for your beaches and skies..your fish and birds..Thank you.For enabling family vacations..the memories..Thank you.


  1. What beautiful memories you have created for yourself and for your grandsons;
    they will cherish this forever. Your photos are a delight; it is very cold, we have snow on the ground. Florida sounds magical right now.
    Merci Montique d'avoir partager tes petits bonheurs; ils font du bien å mon coeur aujourd'hui.

  2. Pareillement Rita:)

    La neige..c'est joli aussi.. pour quelques mois:)

  3. Your photographs are beautiful! They made me feel as though I was standing beside you! Boys do see things differently, don't they...castles or forts...

    I find the beach rejuvenating, it sounds as though you do also.

  4. These photos are straight out of a magazine cover... Perfection... How much fun for you and your grandson. I see they are already expert sailors (my 12-year old would have been on that small boat too!) Lovely... and warm, literally and figuratively. Well done. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. The sailboat boys are not ours:) They were sailing a lot..2 very young boys masters:) But I liked their sail..and when I saw the photo I thought they could be the 2 oldest boys..But they are not:)

    Thank you..Fun quick pics with the point and shoot..

    I find the sea..quite spiritual..when they were with us lively..and smiley..youthful and sweet..! Alone..quite spiritual~
    A wonder.

  6. Stunning, stunning, stunning... all of your photos are stunning. I really love the one with "diamonds" in the water with the boys silhouettes.

  7. Stunning photos Monique. You've captured the sparkle of the water and your grandsons having fun so beautifully. Glad you had a nice vacation.

  8. Monique, sounds like you had a very well deserved, relaxing vacation with the loves of your life. Lovely photos. ~Ann

  9. Looks like a lovely vacation. I agree, boys are so different. After having 3 daughters, my grandson is a new kind of joy!

  10. Jolies, jolies, jolies, tes photos! J'adore!
    I loved seeing the children, the sea, les sablés, les Adirondcks..and so cute that little flas sketch..with love their laughs etc..comment c'est fait?
    Be safe on the road back..

  11. Monique, the joy of a family at the beach leaps off this post. What wonderful photos you have of these days ocean side. The alphabet boys will grow up with joyful memories of family time together. What a gift for your family! Thanks for sharing.........Sarah

  12. Lindsay, Bob and family are flying back from Florida today! They flew there the day after Thanksgiving and are returning today. We will see them a little later when we return their dog :)

    It is such a magical, beautiful place and it looks like you had gorgeous weather. I had to smile at Santa hiding in the palms.

    Wonderful photos of the alphabet boys having fun in the sand and water. They are old enough to enjoy so many activities now! I can't believe how big O has become. Such joys!

  13. Florida..if you are lucky to find a quiet can be ethereal...:-)
    Susan..the weather has not been as good as previous years..inland yes..but we are by the sea..the winds have been strong....but some days idyllic..the waves give a wonderful dimension and sound but nothing quite beats the calm..then you spot the diamonds..the dolphins..and manatees:-)
    O will be tall like his daddy:-)
    You are the best doggie sitters:-) Apart from other numerous bests of:-)
    Sarah thank you again for telling me about Coastal Living being on the new stand:-) totally get's the same for Susan:-)
    Hope we see your little one soon:-)
    Thank you Ann..:-)
    I am happy to share my joy .
    These are my moments.
    Thank you.

  14. Awesome series M.

  15. I'm so glad you and your family had a wonderful time and had lovely weather. Our children all live in Florida and we visit each winter. Unfortunately is rained for most of our two week stay last year...but at least it was warm.

  16. the alphabet boys
    L M & O
    Love that!
    Looks to be a wonderful time had by all Monique
    Thebestplace to be right now.

  17. N stayed home this year..he will be going south for March break:-)
    Karen..I follow your little trips to Florida:-)
    Have a great day everyone~

  18. Oh so beautiful! The boys are getting so big! No babies anymore! I love little boys and their toys and imagination...
    I am so very happy you had such a nice trip...i love your little cookies!
    L xo

  19. Oh so beautiful! The boys are getting so big! No babies anymore! I love little boys and their toys and imagination...
    I am so very happy you had such a nice trip...i love your little cookies!
    L xo

  20. Lovely pictures and cute boys! A wonderful post that brings a smile to my lips...



  21. Absolute bliss!
    Love your photos.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful holiday with us.
    LOve those little love cookies.
    Your boys are geting so big!

  22. How wonderful that you are able to get away as a family like this Monique! I have enjoyed all of your pictures and words. You always make my heart smile! Love you! xxoo

  23. I always see the sparkles amid your gems, in all your photographs!

    I particularly enjoyed the boys' sandcastles with frogs and snakes. What else? :)

    Mon ami, I'm glad you had a good vacation.
    One of these days I'll try fishing in Fla. I've only fished MI. waters, but would love fishing for big fish next time I visit mom.

  24. You are so wonderful! What a fabulous getaway. That is definitely a new twist on sandcastles! Boys are definitely different than girls. I love them. Your little gadget that says what you love about them is adorable (the changing words one!)

    These are moments they will never forget! Sounds like a wonderful time.

  25. So beautiful, Monique. Your photos are so wonderful. Many of my favorite family memories have taken place at the beach. The children are so happy playing in the water and sand and the beach sun always feels so good.

  26. What a wonderful vacation for you all...such memories! Thank you for the glimpses of your sunny adventure!

  27. Thank you all for sharing it with me..
    Home..Will be getting ready for Christmas next week.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Thanks again-

  28. What a wonderful vacation you have. Your photos are beautiful and very warm and sunny-)

  29. What absolutely fabulous photos!! I want to just dive into each...

  30. What a fabulous, happy post, Monique. Looks like everyone had so much fun!

  31. Those pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Aww, thank you for such a beautiful Soul Food. We all need it, all the time...:)

  33. Oh! I can feel the sunshine! So nice your family got to gather in such and incredible place :) Memories to keep forever!

  34. We could sure use the sunshine and such an idyllic setting right now. It us good for the soul too.

  35. What a beautiful album! So touching and the light is so bright and warm/ Great moments.

  36. What a perfect vacation for you all! I am sue the boys enjoyed it. Would love to go back to Florida once again.....

  37. My dear,

    Thanks for stopping by. Speaking as a confirmed Gramma, this post brought tears to my eyes. Every photo, the words, all perfect. I could almost taste that tangy, salty, seaweed scent of the sea. The colors are amazing, and you ate a fish caught just minutes before!

    This really perked up my day.

    Thanks for your postings,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  38. Thank you all:)
    Happy Holidays..Happiness and Health to you all~

  39. You have captured Florida in all her glory. I too always think of the sunshine state as a place to meet friends and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stay.
    I am in FLA now, a tad too hot for me right now, missing the snow flurries of the north.
    Take care. Kelley

  40. Your photos, subjects and cooking are divine! Kindred spirits, we two.