Thursday, November 22, 2012

These Are A Few Of My favorite Things~

It's been a while~

French Inspired Tea Towels
My Old Flower Frogs
Nielsen Massey Vanilla Bean Paste
Sprinkle Bakes Cookbook..For ap $10.00 at much creativity in this book~
Fresh Scones in The Morning With Bonne Maman
Zinc French Christmas Tags
A Day At the Beach Candle..not  just for the label:)But mostly so~
The Last of My Neigbour's Fuschias..they look like...ballerinas..fairies :)
A Very Special Coffee Cup:-)
My Shark's Tooth Necklace..someone we have met found this big sharks tooth and offered it to me..a talisman of sorts:)a very nice gentleman..I made a necklace from it.
My Reading Chair,special pillows..and a special button:)
Staw  Hats~


  1. It has been a while and I love your list. I have never heard of this book and I was intrigued; This will make a wonderful gift for a special girl; she gives Wilton cake decorating classes; I think this will please her. Merci Monique.

  2. Rita..I think it is a perfect gift for such a girl..Sprinkle Bakes has her own blog..may be of interest to the same girl:-)

  3. ap $10.00+ $18.00-

  4. Monique, stopping by to say hi and to let you know that I picked up a copy of Coastal Living this afternoon. It features Jain's Sea Dreams dressed for Christmas. Lovely article. Let me know if you can't find it, and I'll mail you a copy of the magazine. ~ Sarah

  5. Monique I always love seeing a photo of your favorite things. You make all your things look so lovely. Seeing your flower frogs I must find mine for Christmas floral decorating( I've only just learnt that's what you call them.) I know them as 'floral pin holder.'

  6. These are always my most favourite posts of yours:)
    I love the floral frogs..what an unusual name ..
    Enjoy your weekend
    Love Shel

  7. What a pretty collection of lovelies Monique, especially the Parisian towel. I have a special bone china coffee cup with a dolphin on it that I adore. It's funny how much the little things can make one's life richer.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Always a bit more expensive in Canada; I know; we are used to this by now.

  9. Rita:)Pourquoi?:(Un non sens des fois!
    Sarah..Thank you so much..I am going to look this week..funnily enough I surfed for the current issue..and found it..but they don't show a lot on the net..Didn't see it..Thank you..On the lookout for certain.I remember when they shot it.. at the time the holidays seemed so far look!
    Those little parisiann tea towels were found at TJMAXX:)
    Happy weekend to you too:)

  10. I also love that cookbook and I have a soft spot for tea towels...



  11. Your turn for a photo cookbook Rosa:-)

  12. I enjoy your favorite things collages. It makes me think about how much pleasure is in the little things surrounding me.

  13. I love your favourite things Monique. You have such charm in how you present everything. I quite quite enjoy all that you do. Love and hugs, xxoo

  14. What a gorgeous blog! So glad I found it!

  15. You find beauty in everything, Monique, and you make everything beautiful :) I love that sunset!

  16. I love the glimpse into your world. What a nice post. Your site has changed a bit since I last visited. It looks good. I used one of the bookmarks/tags the other day and thought of you. My favorite one is still the La Duree one :)

  17. What a lovely list of favorite things, Monique. You have such a creative eye and find beauty in all things. You have me thinking about what I would choose. I love my flower frogs too.

  18. Beautiful. Love those tags, and the flower frogs... just divine!

  19. Aha..I see Joyeux noël là!! and those flower frogs that I love too..toutes belles, ces images..

  20. I love when people take the time out of their day to appreciate things around them and find beauty in simple things. By the way, Bonne Maman fruit preserves are my favorite! The sunset is surreal!

  21. Beautiful photography and very exclusive taste! I absolutely love your blog. Nice to meet you. I hope we will become friends. Found you via Picnic at Marina.

  22. I loce your favorite things, Monique. Such beauty in even the most simple things. Perfect. Going to look for Jain's article. So pleased Sarah mentioned it.

  23. Humm ! Que de bonnes et belles choses !
    J'aime particulièrement la confiture d'orange... Avant de partir chez ma fille j'en ai fait de nombreux pots... Et quel régal !
    Je te remercie pour ton gentil mot.

    Je ne suis pas très présente en ce moment, je reviendrai te visiter plus régulièrement dès mon retour à la maison, dans une dizaine de jours.

    Gros bisous à toi ma chère Nana.

  24. I always love your favorite things...always.
    Love the tea towels...i need to do a search!
    Bisous xo


  25. Nielsen Massey Vanilla Bean Paste is also one of my favorite things, and (surprise) I have a collection of flower frogs. But, I'll need to 'borrow' everything else in your wonderful collage.

  26. Your photography is always so lovely Monique...and your favorite things are a treat to look at and learn about! You lead such an interesting and artful life, have I ever thanked you for sharing it with us?! If not, then I say "Thank you" enchant and inspire an ordinary day. :)

  27. I lead a very quiet life:)
    I think I do these because I like making collages ..and give the spotlight to little incidentals..bunched up..they seem a bit more interesting..for a post.
    I love taking pictures..of anything.
    So thi little fun thing encourages me to see a bottle of vanilla differently:)
    The taste of course is sublime.
    Have a great Sunday.

  28. Such a great list, I get inspired for gifts.