Friday, November 2, 2012


Two of our grandsons had chocolate bars to sell for their school..Instead of going door to door..our daughter set up a table at the corner of her street..with the boys so they could sell them there:)

It was so cute..2 young  neighbors helped too.. a beautiful young girl..(take my word:) )  and her equally cute brother..I think the kids had fun..and the mom is to be commended.. all afternoon:)!

Even with a grandad across the street..

Let's just say he bought a few:)
8 to be exact..and I had bought from a neighbor:)  Oy a small town..

Anyways Jacques' wonderfulness at being a very special grandad that buys 8 chocolate bars paid off..I made him cookies..
some w/ the dark chocolate and some with milk chocolate that both my daughter and I prefer..
I was looking for a recipe..that made the shape of a hockey puck..I have tons of chocolate chip cookie recipes..but none that look like hockey pucks..Les Moulins Lafayette..a bakery I like..sells their cookies in that shape..they form them in logs..cut and bake and they stay exactly that shape..That's what I wanted..
I Googled recipes of cookies that you refrigerate in a log and slice and bake..and when I read the directions..that said cut 3/4 of an inch thick..I don't know why but I thought these would be them..

These cookies spread..I was disappointed..until I had a bite..see the bite?

These are so good..Jacques loved them..
So a mishap ended up actually giving me a new terrific chocolate chip cookie recipe..
I ♥ vanilla bean paste and put that in..

So Good..

They are a David Lebovitz recipe..
Not terribly photogenic for me..but so good!

Not sure about reprinting one of his recipes..but I did find it here and it says it had permission..So in lieu of doing a wrong can find the recipe here..
Mine spread a lot more but in this case it was not a bad thing:)

So..instead of me trying every new chocolate chip cookie recipe I can find..does anyone have a recipe that the cookie would look like a hockey puck?:)
I would love to find one..


  1. Monique, what a fab idea of your daughter to do that with the chocolate bars. I wish I had thought of that when my kids were growing up. They did pick strawberries one time when we were on the Island visiting the inlaws and they set up a table at the end of my FIL's drive to sell the berries. They sold all of them in a few hours to the neighbors, and some of the baskets even got sold twice! xxoo

  2. PS - About the cookies. You want a shortbread type of cookie dough. One without any leavening in such as soda or baking powder. Then you can roll it out about 1/2 inch thick and cut into rounds. That is what I would do. Find a reliable recipe for a chocolate shortbread cookie.

  3. What a great granddad! I have no suggestions about the cookies, I would probably just try a bunch of recipes until I found the right one :)

  4. After reading this, I have come to the conclusion that I am probably the only French woman who does not bake! :-) I wish I could help you, but... Bon weekend! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. are spot on..I do have I was going to post in the future..I can adapt it.Or I could just look through your site:-) See I would have never thought that..have to rethink.Thank you.
    Look at how she marketed them also:-)
    Veronique(no accents on my small Nexus..)you share so many is fun for me to experience that.I would have never found a square umbrella:-) Not that I found know what I mean.Just read a sweet book..storyline in Seattle..Blackberry Winter..
    Pam..I cannot wait to one day see your beautiful little will do the same..

  6. Ma chère Nana, j'ai manqué plusieurs de tes publications... Ces derniers temps je rencontre parfois des soucis avec Blogger qui ne me permet pas d'ouvrir mes listes de lecture ! GGrrr!...
    Enfin ce soir le plaisir est encore plus grand en lisant l'ensemble de tes billets.
    Et terminer sur une note très sucrée que celui de tes cookies me plaît beaucoup. Je pense que j'aurais fait comme "Jacques"! j'aurais acheté toutes les barres de chocolat! Votre fille a eu vraiment une très bonne idée, plutôt que de faire du porte à porte!

    Maintenant que je viens d'admirer les photos de tes cookies, j'en veux!...
    Gros bisous

  7. What a great idea, and you know that the kids had much more fun that way. The cookies sound delicious..I do love David's recipes.

  8. Brilliant idea, & that's what makes grand-dads so special, & Nanas even more special for making the choc-chip cookies. copied the recipe so that's on the list of things to do for next week when my 2 petit fils come to stay with us. Only I'll have to reduce the sugar as one of the boys is diabetic. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Jacques makes the ideal grandfather. And you the ideal grandmom Monique. I remember selling things for school projects and it's funny, I can remember every neighbor who bought something. A great time in a youngsters life.

  10. That cookies!!!!...... What a sweet choclate from

  11. I remember many sales for L & L during school :) Wonderful days which will come back again one day very soon with our boys. Those chocolate bars look wonderful! I would have bought some with that high cocoa content :) I am a dark chocolate girl!

  12. :-)
    We relive all our own children's moments:-) sais que tu aimes le chocolat:-)
    Ria thank you for Pinning such great things..
    Sam..I remember things like that too:-)
    Enjoy the kiddies Barbara:-)

  13. I can just picture the children selling their candy bars on the corner. What a sweet story, Monique. And granddad was their best customer! I looked back through my cc cookie recipes and they all spread.

  14. Thanks Cathy..:) When I GET the one..I will post..they're so pretty at that bakery..Hockey pucks do not sound pretty..but in foor ..they can be:)
    Bon Weekend!

  15. But of course J is a great Granddad..and you the great Gramma for baking rewarding him with cookies. Your cookies may not be as you planned, but they look divine.I am not a baker, but I can see myself contributing by putting these away one after the other..

  16. Oh M...
    I do like the shortbread idea...
    that should work.
    I showed Steven your last few postes...he smiled and pronounced you an "over achiever"...a compliment, your in good company.
    It's just what makes us happy...the process of creating.
    Keep it up inspiration.
    xo, Kathy

  17. Sometimes mistakes bring our tastiest results! Sweet granddad!
    My daughter finally got electricity this morning, but no heat as yet. It's steam, so may take a while.

  18. Good for her Barabara:)We were once 13 days without winter..I can totally relate ..:(

  19. Ooh I've been away tooo long.
    How cute to set a table in the street.
    I love your photos...
    if you want another recipe...I've used the Ina Garten choc chip is delectable.
    Hope you are well, Monique...

  20. What a great idea of setting up a table to sell the candy bars instead of going door to door. You are a clever lady to use some of the candy in the cookies. Wish I had a recipe for you but my cookies spread as well.

  21. Good idea to use the chocolate in cookies. They look delicious..........Sarah

  22. Such a wonderful little story make the ordinary events so special.
    Those cookies look mouth watering...I can almost feel the chunks of chocolate melting on my tongue as I gaze at the image! :) You are so clever to think up such a kind yet practical way to use up eight bars of chocolate! I suppose the real treat for all was in creating the memory of the day. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  23. They look so pretty...i made the same cookies and mine also spread...i thought they needed salt as well. I never use salted butter.
    The World Peace cookies from Dorie do not spread...but they are all chocolate...hmmmmmmm....perhaps an experiment?
    Bisous xo

  24. Sometimes you just can't beat a good chocolate chip cookie! I love the story behind them as well, makes them even more special.

  25. You are right World pace:) They are good too:)

  26. Those cookies look wonderful and ever so tempting! Mistakes are not always bad...