Thursday, September 12, 2013

Delicious apps..Appetizers I mean:)

The gardens are burnishing as I type~ Not quite as much as  the Goddess of Oy above~ But it changes by the minute~
I have always loved her.. she even winters indoors.. She just reflects  so well how I feel at the very end ..when I am chopping down everything I grew..and bringing in everything I want to preserve!
She was a very special gift..

I will miss this summer we had..
the beautiful blooms..the green grass.. everyday a different a good way~

All the alphabet boys had a birthday and our oldest daughter too..38..8..6..5..4..all done~
There was a new deck to appreciate even more the outdoors~
The long days.. warmer days.. sunnier days~
New plantings..Like Pinkie Winkie:)
Picking fresh herbs..and cooking with too~
A new season will be upon us soon..
I thought in case you can still get cherries.. but grapes would work well too..

I would share this DELICIOUS..appetizer~

The N hostess napkins were a gift from my daughter..  N   for ...Nana:)  Instead of M..for Monique.. she knows Nana is my favorite name ever.~♥
You can find the original recipe  for these appetizers  here ..that I modified..
and the second one that gave me the balsamic pearls
Both are BEAUTIFUL and you will enjoy looking..the second site is in French..
The balsamic pearls I learned how to make from here..

Method.. recipe.. La Recette~

So what you do is have some nice crostini ready..
a baguette..or pieces of sourdough work well..or just the regular loaves I bake..but with Robin Hood Multi Grain flour~  In their best for bread line~
Paint it if you wish:) adorn w/ sage leaves.. or shape an escargot  ♥ as seen in France~pardon the gloomy through the vitrine photo of those:)
The first time I made this appetizer.. I used Ricotta cheese..the second time also..
the third  time... w/ the balsamic pearls..I used Caprice Des Dieux cheese..a soft cheese.We ♥ it~

Next time..and I know when I am making them.. will be with chè my family loves chèvre~
I would do Ricotta again.


 1 1/2 Cups Pitted cherries,halved..I usd only the red cherries I had..but a mix would be gorgeous..
1 Tbsp good aged Balsamic vinegar
1 Tsp superfine sugar
1 cup skim ricotta cheese
2-3 tsps honey
Kosher salt and pepper to taste

I added thyme and rosemary the first time:)
Only thyme the second time around.and the third time too~
After tasting the original recipe I just felt it needed an herb..
it heightens the cherry/balsamic taste..

For the balsamic pearls..  I made them because I knew I live too far away from epicurean areas to find balsamic pearls in one instant...unfortunately I like to make things the moment I am inspired to..:)

Stem, pit, and halve the cherries..let them marinate in the balsamic vinegar and sugar..( and herbs..)
Mix your ricotta with the honey..season with S and P to your liking..
Spread the ricotta mixture on your w/ the cherry mixture..(and sprigs:) )
And pearls~
Adjust the amount of cherries etc.. for the number of portions you are making.. even by is easy to know how many..sma efor cheese and crostinis..

I had dabbled in pearls.. I think of juice..of some sort a few yrs back..
So I knew what I was getting into..and I didn't have much to lose..
They are fun to make..

Just watch the video..
the amounts are listed..
I made the full 150 ml recipe.. but I will do half next time..
You will need Agar Agar..
It's a fun little experiment.. and so darn pretty:)
I would never hesitate to make again when a recipe can be enhanced with them.

Have a lovely weekend~


  1. Delicious! And I love the Goddess of Oy!


  2. What Lovely look all and I love this bread Monique!! I love these appetizers!!:)

  3. Sourdough is fabulous for bruschetta. Your cherries with the balsamic vinegar are beautiful appetizers Monique. We're always in the mood for goat cheese.

  4. I think the goat cheese mixed with the honey is what my girls will like best..that's the next time I am making these:) That's why I practiced the pearls:)

  5. Everything is lovely!!! We are clinging onto the last threads of summer but I always look forward to fall.

  6. Oh my goodness. What a great post. I love your food.

    Your photography is better than any magazine I have seen.

    It has been so hot here I was not aware the season is changing (except my basil is croaking), and then on my morning walk I heard the geese migrating and just for a second I thought what the heck and then I realized they are more aware than I am. :)


  7. Love the idea of savoury cerises..delicious

  8. What a delight, Nana! The Goddess of Oy I can relate to today: big storm all day yesterday, phones out but internet on, six inches of rain, thunderstorms and lightning strikes all day. Did it visit you as well?
    The pearls! Oh, I must try!
    Your posts ( and photographs) are such a delight, dear Nana!

  9. The Goddess of Oy....perfect name for her! Love her! The balsamic pearls...a work of art...those are beautiful appys...just lovely!
    Bisous xo

  10. the crusty bread...cherries with balsamic a great combination on honey flavored ricotta....lovely appetizer!

  11. I hope some of you do try the pearls..and then we can think of other pearls to make:)

  12. I've been at work in the garden all day, pulling out, moving things, readying the large urns for fall planting. Worked on the herb garden last week cleaning it out and getting ready to plant anew. So much to do when one has a garden. I think I need some of these sweet appys to refresh my energy level. '-)
    Happy Weekend!

    1. But how they do feed our souls..these gardens of ours..:)
      It's a good tired at the end of the long as my legs can carry me and my arms can lift and'll find me with some sort of garden I hope.

  13. I must make a mushroom forest one day... it made me smile as did the cherry bread... I LOVE cherries. I was absolutely bereft because I didn't have room in my freezer for more than 2 bags of sour cherries this year. They are a guilty pleasure. I will try this immediately.

    1. I can imagine your frreezer must have so many interestings things none of us would ever have:)
      Hope you enjoy..
      Feel free to dress it up any way..but I do think there is a little molecular gastronomist in you for sure.

  14. Your statue is gorgeous and this app surely looks delicious! Thanks for sharing and hope you are having a great weekend.

  15. Another beautiful post Monique. I love your review of your summer. It sounds like mine. So much goodness and joy to hold in my heart. You too . . . I love each season that passes and all that each one brings to the table. In summer I have enjoyed my cooler repasts, but am now looking forward to warming things, some comfort foods. Love, LOVE that appetizer. The idea of the Balsamic Pearls, now that is something my boss would have love, LOVED! Most impressive. But then again all that you do impresses me. Love you much! xxoo

  16. my tummy is grumbling just looking at that

  17. First of all, Happy Birthday wishes all around ~ what a celebration!!
    Your bread shots are gorgeous ~ and I love that idea for an appetizer, so unique ~ I'm imagining that delicious flavor combination. :)
    The little Balsamic Pearls! Oh, and I remember your Goddess of Oy ~ she always makes me smile.
    Lovely post Monique, as always! xoxo

  18. I love cherries in any type of food: desserts, appetizers, sauces for main course, etc. Your way of preparing them in a balsamic vinegar sounds so delicious!

  19. I know it's a good thing:-) ..when both my daughters tell me it caught their fancy..not in those words..but along those lines:-)

  20. What a great post and how wonderful of you to share!
    Anything that has balsamic vinegar in or on it is at the top of my list.

    ....the Goddess of Oy???? LOL That's great!

  21. Mon Nana, they call me the goddess of uh-oh - a title I'm determined to shed.

    You know, I've spent all summer eating my weight in sweet cherries, so there's no question I would enjoy your delicious appetizer with the marinated cherries. And the crusty breads, and pretty much anything that comes out of your kitchen!

  22. Beautiful loaves and mouthwatering tartine!

    Happy Monday.



  23. I've read about the pearls...they sound fun to make. Really must try them. Never have marinated black cherries in balsamic, but why not? Other fruits do well in balsamic. Great appetizer, Monique.

  24. Your bread looks just outstanding! What can be better then homemade bread? I found amazing bread cookbook, it has many interesting recipes. Book name is "HOW TO MAKE BREAD" by EMMANUEL HADJIANDREOU, I am definitely going to buy it. The winter upon us, the best season for baking.



  25. Yelena..that book...coveting now:-) Thanks for the tip.