Friday, September 20, 2013

Let's Bake~ The Lady's Apple Cake~

We really enjoy apple cakes~

And Tis' The  Sunday is the official beginning of Fall~

The first one I made..I was in my early twenties.. 2 baby girls.. and an outing..a home and garden tour I first.. the lunch was served at St Mary's church and the dessert  was  an apple  cake:)my first.also...

I tasted it..asked for the recipe.. and dubbed it.. :"Hudson Apple Cake " and it is still a fave in my files..and repertoire..will share:)Next time I make it..

Since blogging..I have made a few too:)  if you click on the will get to the cakes and recipes..

 ♥This a show stopper it is so pretty..
 ♥David Rocco and Isa.. inspired this delish..
 ♥Loved Dorie's~
 ♥Hélène's fabulous one..
 ♥A Finnish one:)

I made one of Ann T's too and cannot find it :(  in my blog..anyways..I just keep making them because we love them..
So.. lo and behold my friend Linda ..said :"Have you tried The Lady's Apple Cake?"
I said..:"no"..
So she sent me her recipe..from Patricia Wells..and she was right ..unlike all the others..different..
It's got a creamy thing going on in that stained glass..and it's good:)
The whole recipe and the inspiration of my making it..can be found here..
I love it when a friend emails you and recommends recipes..then sends links..or hand types something she thinks you will enjoy~
I didn't pick apples this year..
I drove to my country market/stall/greenhouse/indoor market and bought my apples)
It was a beautiful day for a drive.. and a sunny day for photos.
It's a charming little place that sells all annuals..perennials.. fruits ..vegetables..  home made food.. pumpkins..
It opens in May and closes in October with a big sign thanking their clients..for their support.
I thank them:)
I wish we could have it all year long~

Bought a few small pumpkins and gourds there  today~apples..onions....and browsed all the other goodies..some hyacinth bulbs for this March indoors:) I forgot the last 2 years..Hope I don't forget them in the fridge:)
The leaves are really starting to turn..
as soon as my baskets call it quits..(they are still thriving..)..Don't ever believe begonias are only for shade:)

I'll start making our home inviting for  Fall ..Halloween and the Alphabet boys:)

So easy..same thing year after year:)

They never's the same..

Like they never notice if we look tired.. or having a bad hair day...or worse..
they just love you the way you are~
Have a great weekend..
And bake an apple cake..any kind.. Perfect season~

Again..the recipe for this Lady's Apple at this ladys' place.. Linda's~



  1. What a beautiful post.
    That cake looks like it needs to be baked right here! Wes' favourite!
    Love your photos espscially the little hands and the scarecrow!
    Have a happy weekend

  2. That basket of yelloe "petunias" is spectacular!

  3. Such a beautiful sunny post Monique...your cake looks delicious, as do every single one of your beautiful apple cakes. Maybe you are the Apple Cake Lady now!
    The porch looks so inviting all welcoming.
    It always makes me happy to visit you...i am glad you enjoyed the cake. Patricia Wells got the recipe from the Lady who sells her apples at her market...therefore the name of the cake...The Apple Lady's Apple Cake...
    Bisous xo

  4. Btw...those little hands holding the apple just stole my heart...

  5. I love his little hands.. Oli's.. I love them all but he's the know what I mean..He was my hand model..No posing though I have to click quickly:)
    They are all so different these cakes.. you described it so well saying it was different~Almost custardy?'s a lovely addition to an apple cake repertoire:)

    1. So happy you both enjoyed it...this is Sam's all time favorite apple cake...he is allergic to raw apples so he loves apples baked in things...especially this cake.

  6. Beautiful cake. I love apple cakes. Can't wait to try this one. Will pick up apples from the farmer's market this weekend. Thanks Monique and Linda.


  7. This sounds delicious! I just pulled out an apple cake recipe to make. Love those little hands holding the apple.


  8. Gorgeous cake, gorgeous apples, gorgeous begonias, and gorgeous hands.

  9. Monique, I will make a salted caramel apple upside down cake, and I wish I had the wherewithall to make rosettes like Isa did on hers. Absolutely stunning. Sounds beautiful there. It was in the 90's yesterday, but last night, after more than a month, we had our first rain (1/2") and today, it will be in the 80's. Can't wait for some cooler weather to get in the mood for fall.

    1. I just saw Isa's this AM..I would like to make that too..
      You CAN.. I am sure you can..
      She's the author of Citron Donna:)
      I was really putting off fall..
      But it's out of my control.Love the seaon..just too short~

  10. what beautiful apples! I love them ! abd this Apple cake look amazing, I will make son:)

    1. They are daughter rceommended them Gloria..I have had one every day..sliced sliver at a time..delish!

  11. Monique, I need to go to the market , but will make this one. Just perfect for this rainy day we are finally having. ;-)
    Beautiful presentation and images as always........Sarah

    1. And we are blessed with an outrageously summery warm sunny day:)
      At leat you know your sun will come back:) And last way longer than mine!
      Felt like Indian Summer today~

  12. That is true love then they love you the way you are. I didn't realize how true that was until you mentioned it and I thought of my grandmother.

    How fun to try a Patricia Wells' recipe. She seems to always nail it for me. Happy fall Monique.

    1. I have made very little of her recipes..
      I am grateful for the little and big inspirations..
      I would love to make your soup soon Sam~
      Fall it really is..
      I just didn't want to believe..:(

  13. Monique, you have many beautiful things in your kitchen, I admire you taste. I got some apples from the farm also, will bake something sweet on a weekend. Have a sweet evening dear-))



    1. Yelena..YOU have many beautiful things:)
      Love them all..
      You too happy weekend..

  14. What a good looking apple holder you have! I just picked up ones off the ground from our tree yesterday and made my first apple juice! It was fantastic and then a little bit of applesauce. The cake is a show stopper and sounds so yummy. You have a wonderful weekend too!

  15. This time of year is so much picking, baking, cool breezes and the crunching as we step on fallen leaves. It was fun to take a look at all of the different apple cakes that you have made....always beautiful!

  16. The leaves are really starting to turn here as well Monique. I think it is a beautiful time of year, but I hate to see our garden dying down. Now begins the hard work of cleaning it all up before Winter arrives. Yesterday was hedge trimming. That cake looks fabulously delicious, but then again, everything you cook does! I love all of the pictures. You set it all up so beautifully with your camera's eye. Such a gentle spirit of all things you share with us. Love your alphabet boys and I can well imagine how much they love your Halloween decor. I say every year I will decorate for Halloween, but then I don't. I wonder if this year will be different? Probably not!
    Love and hugs to you. Have a fabulous weekend! xxoo

    1. I will be watching to see:)
      But I do think you have so much on the can wait until next year:) begins the hard work..Spring is also..but full of anticipation..this anticipation is different..and more work..
      Sometimes I wonder .. should everything we grow all summer actually be cut down?..

      Here we do that..chop our perennials.. rake the leaves.. blow the leaves..
      A blank palette again~
      Here's to our ..impnending winter~
      The white bliss of it all:)

  17. I loved Dorie's and Helene's too, Monique. Never have made Patricia Wells' cake though. Will look at the recipe later. Like the idea of a "creamy thing" going on. :) The one you made pictured here is pretty classy.
    Fun front porch! So difficult to get in the fall mode when the temps are still in the high 80's!

  18. I'm having to cut way down on my sugars but your apple treat looks so inviting, especially since it's fall time (or almost). I love your posts and your pictures and your stories. You're so great at it! Enjoy those little ones :)

    1. Jacques is the sugar eater:)..and soon w/ winter my photos and contributions will be less..
      I guess I am soaking it in..while the sun shines:)
      Thank nice..

  19. I have lot's of apples that I have picked and should try this cake. Yum!

  20. Love this beautiful apple cake. :) have the most adorable decoration. Very cheerful and inviting .

  21. Patricia Wells is great and so is this cake! Delicious!

  22. Oh yum, I'll add Patricia Wells recipe to my collection.

  23. P.S. I adore the little bowl with the crown :-)

    1. It is South African..
      I love the whimsy of it too..apart from it's artistic qualities:)

  24. Les desserts aux pommes sont toujours associés à des souvenirs :)
    Simples mais toujours délicieux également.

  25. Delightful! From A to Z.
    We like the Apple Lady's cake too, but I don't think anyone has presented/photographed it in a prettier way than you have.
    My favorite? Those precious hands, cradling that luscious apple! xo

  26. Darling post Monique! I love markets like that one you have, so inspirational! Your apple looks just wonderful and yes I love it when friends share amazing recipes, especially apple recipes, I'm such a sucker for anything apple. :) Love your Fall fun too!

  27. I wish I had those hands in front of me 24/7:)

  28. It is time to start picking apples in our orchard and you have so many delicious recipes. So many decisions but I have so many apples so I think I can try them all. :)

  29. I want to come to your orchard:-)
    It's so beautiful there:-)
    You must love this time of year.

  30. Those are some of the most beautiful apples I have seen! The cake sounds like a wonderful way to welcome our autumn. I love your measuring spoons -- so cute. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. One of my daughters gave them to me :) They know me..well..
      I can only imagine how these apples would look trough your lens:)

  31. Que buenísima esta tarta, tiene una pinta deliciosa.

  32. Crisp apples, crisp photos...I love that the same decorations come out for the season, that is beautiful Tradition!

  33. Gorgeous apple photography and wonderful cake! I love this time of the year.