Thursday, September 5, 2013


Oh lala..first full day of school.. Tuesday Sept 3rd..

One thing I love... is being able to greet the boys and their mom at the bus stop when they get home..(sometimes..  as we try and not overdo it..) the lookout..
It was a rainy~ish day..on Tuesday..
But he was as happy as a clam.:)
Boys love rain and puddles~
I love boys now.
I have always loved little girls..but oh how I do love little boys now too♥
Their sense of style...:)
Wolverine.. was Thursday  Sept 5th when we took him out to lunch and he got to pick a birthday toy at Toys R Us~
He never hesitated..headed to the costumes and picked Wolverine.. He is fully dressed under that costume..:)

Greeting Max on his second full day of shool:)

The leaves are changing in the time of an inhale:(
It will be pretty and glorious and multicolor soon..
But all too fast..Monochrome.

My project this summer was unearthing all our flagstone pathways.. where the grass has grown OVER them.. we have a lot of pathway..we laid them all under F's tutelage ap 12 yrs ago~
Our other son-in -law helped us add a platform to our deck area so I had to make the stones follow to the platform..they weigh a many years ago..they never felt that I cheated on 2 and used cement steppers I made w/ words..
A Weed Is But An Unloved Flower~
The an is hidden somewhere..
On our street some properties have left the cubside/ more wild than manicured..
I love how they keep it all naturally groomed.
Like the old days..
It's an OLD street..
So it works~

In the kitchen I made Martha's Onion Bacon Jam..
Great topping for will have to bring to room temp or warm in the micro before slathering the burgers or Brie paninis with this.

Not for the calorie or fat weary.

But the Easy Minestrone from Chatelaine is.. for the calorie and fat weary..:)
I used the whole container of broth..and used chicken broth..I used a mixed medley of beans..
Keep your parmesan rinds..
I do and love the way they flavor soups..

I didn't have any small pasta tubes so used mini farfalle.
Added more basil..and some salt..taste broth was organic etc.. It was soup day that particular day..
So good with bread too:)

I love making 6 indidividual  breads if we are seeing family or having company..the trick to keeping an herb  in a non-burnt applying the herb to the bread w/ an egg wash..and then saturating the herb w/ a coating of flour prior to baking..then you simply dust the bread off after cooking and the herb..still looks like an herb~
Last but not least I Pinned a free download I found charming..
My daughter repinned..
and had it printed for us..
Love it on our  old dry sink in the kitchen~
You can find it here~
A nice dark frame would look great..I didn't have one on hand:)
Use what you have..

Which brings me to such a sweet song I discovered..

I loved it so much I went to Itunes to buy it..
It Makes you feel good. and listen...

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:)


  1. I love the umbrella and rain jacket!!!

    1. I wish I could dress like that:) Even the superhero!

  2. I love always your pics!! And I love the kids are sooo cute! and the bread look beautiful!!
    I love the autumn leaves, and I love autumn! anyway here is near the Spring because we were in Winter, but my favorites are fall and Winter:)
    But in summer the fruits are delicious and love to make jam and love swim : all seasons are amazing Thanks God!!xo

  3. Adorable picture that you captured on their 1st day of school. :) Bacon and onion jam? Sound tempting and super dangerous! I know I shouldn't but I might finished that jar in a sitting!

  4. My favorite season! The bacon jam is mind blowing :)

  5. It is pretty dangerous that jam..Martha still knows a good thing...warm it up:)

  6. You have too much fun with those boys, I can tell! They are so precious, we do have to enjoy every moment, don't we or they'll be grown before we can inhale ): right? It makes me want to savor, savor. savor and speaking of savoring, I do wish I had a slice of your bread with a slather of that jam, I don't even need a burger. :)

    1. I bought root beer today:-)
      I we do savor every moment you:-)

  7. Lovely photos! I remember the Spring and the Summer through your beautiful photos. Now, I can almost see the Fall coming. Can't wait to see all the autumn colors!

  8. A transitional time of the year... I love the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

    Lovely clicks and mouthwatering onion jam.



  9. We were behind a school bus the other day and it was heartwarming to watch a young boy get off of the bus and be greeted by a couple of dogs wagging their tales and his younger siblings, all anxious to have their playmates return home. What a warm, happy moment in childhood.

    Transitional is a great word to use for this time of the year. It looks like fall is almost upon you. Our nights and early mornings are starting to be chilly, but still warm and sunny days. Your minestrone soup looks so satisfying. Thanks for the reminder about the Parmesan cheese rinds. I'm sorry to say that sometimes when making soup I forget that they are in the freezer. :)

    1. Oh me too I forget Sam:) Often..
      It is heartwarming to see people waiting for kids getting off the bus..their dad walks them to the bus in the AM and their mom and whoever is there..mostly Oli are there to meet them.I love that too.

  10. The boys are adorable! What a treat to be able to be so close to meet them off the bus.
    Flagstone work is a lot of physical work but really rewarding and creative isn't it?

    1. I was done when you came? Yes of course I remember your cute cute kiddies in the round cutting garden..Avery:)Feels so long ago..sniff..

  11. (I pinned that cute umbrella to my brollie board!)

    We're not quite transitional here yet, Monique...usually don't get cooler weather until November or December, but fall does bring a change in the plant world if you look closely enough.
    It was my grandson's first day in the first grade...he Facetimed me. Is missing a front tooth. Wish he lived closer. Facetime and Skype do in a pinch though. Isn't the internet wonderful?
    And my granddaughter's last year in college! I feel old.
    Love onion jam...really must make a batch!

    1. You are so not old!
      Max was first day grade one..They are all so precious these children..I love kids..
      Fun..interesting.. no malice yet..
      I know Fl in is probably one of my favorite months..We have been at Christmas also.. of course went to the beach.
      It's a lovely's got those gorgeous beaches and sunsets:)and blue skies..when we don't:)
      Internet is a wonderful wonderful thing indeed.

  12. Yammie bacon and onion jam !!!! that sound great !!!!..lovely weekend love from me...x !

  13. What a wonderful transitional time where you live. I do wish I could be around my grandchildren each day. I had daughters for thirteen years when I had my son. What a surprise. I wasn't even sure I liked little boys, until Parker came into my life. He is the sparkle in my eyes. He's married now, but he'll always be my little boy. I loved the song.

  14. Such adorable boys! We have two sons and what fun it has been raising them. I grew up in a family of all girls but had no trouble figuring little boys out--I think!


  15. Beautiful, cute, adorable, delicious, darling and wise ~ all in one post!
    Yes, do what you love. <3 xo
    P.S. gmta, I just made some bacon jam a couple of days ago. Perfect for fall nibbles.

  16. I love the feel of Autumn in all your photos, it's my favorite time of year. Your grandsons are adorable and the bread looks so good! I'm going to listen to the song now...

  17. Oh, I just love Wolverine!!!! My oldest grandson went to his first day of school and I asked him how it was and he said, "AWESOME!!!!"
    The onion jam looks wonderful. I do love the change in seasons but it is always sad to have the summer end. Your images are wonderful.

  18. It is so nice to come home from a long day in the see such heartwarming visits..
    I am very happy I blog and get to visit you all also:)
    Have a great weekend...

  19. What a wonderful collection of photos, and they do indeed say "transition." All the food looks beautiful, but the soup is particularly eye catching.

  20. What a lovely bunch of photos. They certainly illustrate the transition of summer to autumn perfectly. I enjoyed each one. The jam. The apples. The soup. The school bus . . . brothers, but most especially the Wolverine! That made me smile big time. How very wonderful. You are blessed. Love you much. xxoo

  21. Thank you and have a lovely weekend..~
    There is no denying all 4 young boys have added a wonderful dimension to our lives..
    They came at the right time:)For their parents I am sure..but so much so for Jacques and I..
    I never expected this:)But I often fall alseep seeing their faces..and wake seeing their faces in my mind's eye.

  22. Un article qui sent bon le début d'Automne...
    Plein de tradition et de chaleur.
    Très bon weekend à vous.

  23. Your post made me smile. :) I love the costume and the umbrella and boots...boys are so much fun. I'm not really ready for fall but our weather in Maine has turned cool and the leaves have the slightest yellow ting to them.

  24. Oh, such cute little guys! I love a guy with who knows what he wants. '-)
    Happy fall, Monique. No signs here as yet.

  25. Such a great fall post. The pictures are so crisp. Love the kitchen saying, and the bacon and onion jam sounds wonderful. My children always wanted to take a bus when they lived to close to the school, and when we moved and they qualified for the bus they didn't want to take it. Such cute boys. Just sent my big boy on a 2 year mission to Peru -- oh, how I miss my boy. Joni

  26. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Un petit clin d'oeil, maintenant que je suis rentrée et que petit à petit je refais surface !... Je suis contente d'ouvrir la page de ta dernière publication... Juste pour la rentrée, comme les enfants !
    J'adore le confit d'oignons rouges au vinaigre Balsamique sur des toasts grillés avec un petit rosé bien frais.
    je te fais de gros bisous

  27. So full of love I can feel it tugging at my heart!
    Do what you love? That is it baby! That is the key....
    I think you really should get a matching Wolverine chic would that be Nana?
    Bisous xo

  28. I love that upbeat saying:'That is it baby!"~♥
    Where would I put my locks Linda?:)

    1. In a ponytail or a bun of course!
      I forgot to tell you I love the song very much too!
      I was dancing around the kitchen, cleaning up and listening to it....a feel good song for sure!
      Bisous xo

  29. thanks for sharing those pictures.

  30. Monique, it just seems like yesterday that you posted the coming of spring. Now the leaves are changing. I've started to notice the changes here on the west coast. If only summer was longer.


  31. Welcome Autumn! My kids start the school also and now I will have a little more time to create my masterpieces-)) Love your post and every detail in it. Thank you dear Monique for sharing these beautiful moments with us.

  32. My favorite time of the year! Except the part where Man-pants goes back to school. Bittersweet.
    Please hug all your little super heroes.

    1. I do..I still remember Man Pants Of course!! So handsome..and your daughter so beautiful..
      Like Momma.

  33. I made the minestrone soup today for lunch, and it was a big hit. Thanks for letting us know about it being a winner. xo