Saturday, December 7, 2013

All Is Calm..All Is Bright~

Santa came early while we were in Fl~..But it was only opened the day we made our tree here..
The giver knows I love words and chalkboard..I have even wrapped a few gifts for thsi yr..w/ chalkboard greetings..The pillow cover is from Pottery Barn..she told me..and the tag told me..
I am so happy I had fiberfill to stuff it..right away..
It looks lovely and sweet in the sunroom on the white love seat..just beyond our tree..and many yrs of ornaments on that tree from the sender..
Very very grateful~..

The first   baking I did for the holidays..

were these English Toffee me they are like a Skor bar kind of..or a Laura Secord specialty~
In FL..I bought the mold she used at Amazon .com..
I did not put whole almonds as she half I put sliced the others nothing just the toffee..

They are delicious and I have a special person in mind to receive some:)

You can find the recipe here..
It's her photo on Pinterest that caught my eye..
Mine turned out a little darker..
But ..delicious~

I am happy I added these to the Christmas baking♥
Tree is up..

And Santa's Typewriter is ready..

Happy Holiday Season~
Thanks for all the recipes and decorating ideas you all share~


  1. I love all of this holiday cheer so much, the santa and his typewriter is wonderful and all the ornaments are beautiful and the chalkboard pillow is great, such a fun look.
    Happy Holidays to you too Monique,

  2. I am crazy about the pillow covers from Pottery Barn. I use their catalogs as my decorating inspiration throughout the year. It's great to be able to change your look with changing the pillow covers. Your black one would be perfect for our white PB sofa. A real chalkboard is something I would enjoy, but haven't found one yet that looks French enough for me. So many look like a schoolhouse. I shall keep looking.

    Thank you for sharing your decorating and holiday cheer Monique. It is unseasonably warm here in south Florida and the poinsettias & wreaths look out of place with the bright bougainvillea blooming in the yard. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  3. Christmas is a quieter affair these days but it is still a pretty special the of year. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Monique, the pillow is adorable. I will look for that one. I'm amazed at the clever ideas in the market place. ;-)
    I suspect you are missing the warmth of FL, but happy to once again be in your home. I can close my eyes and imagine how your home must be at Christmas time ~ full of charming holiday touches and delicious smells. Merry, merry! ~ Sarah

  5. I too find the pillow so cute..and they are a great size.
    I do miss the warmth of is sunny thank goodnes.. because ever since we came's been grey..
    It is a dramatic change of all the blues in Fl..the skies..the sea.. the plumbago.. the trees laden with citrus..the bright bougainvilleas..

    I will look into them here online. the pillow covers..they are well made I find with an invisible zipper..truthfully I have few decorative pillows..and some I stitched not special one with my friend's mom's button on it..and a bedroom sham..another gift many years ago...are daughter had made me one w/ photos but it was on our bed and from making and unmaking the bed..the photos wore off quite a bit:) ...
    we now have one in QC.. a PB..Sam I rerember you telling me how you were great customers of theirs:)
    We put the tree up early because the season lasts such a short time..the days grow darker earlier..and the small white lights bring such peace I find..
    The little manger from when I was a child..
    Things that calm me..and make me wish.:)

  6. I love Christmas time Monique!! L ove the pillow! and this post is absolutely adorable!

  7. It's said that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". You should feel flattered because I had to have the snowflake shortbread mold and have already made the shortbread. I'll link back to you when I post. I'm about to make toffee! Love the pillow! My sister lives in Florida and keeps touting the warmth. It was 11 degrees this morning at 7 a.m.. I don't mind.


    1. I made your sour cream almod cake:) Thank you..

  8. Happy Ria...x !

  9. Oh my goodness, this whole posting is delicious. And thanks for the recipe.

    I too am a sucker for chalkboards and do have a few antique chalkboards in various places. Love them. Love your header!



  10. What a lovely glimpse of Christmas in your home Monique! How very beautiful. I bought those same ornament patterns last year and can you believe I still have not done them. I am such a slacker! Too much on the go I think. This year I may slow down. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I would love those caramel squares. On my list of things to do! Love you much! xxoo

    1. Marie..LOL.. slacker..? Ohh lala..everything you have done so far! Ad every day..
      I could't knit a sock monkey hat for my life.x

  11. Your pillow is so cute, Monique. Never have seen anything like it. Looks like you are all decorated so now you can sit back and enjoy the season and all it brings.

  12. I imagine Santa just LOVES coming to your house, so pretty & decorated!! I adore that felt ornament & the Santa letter in the typewriter!!! Is there a chalkboard greeting wrapping paper? It's a bit early, but Joyeux Noël!

    1. craft paper:)a bit "lugubre"..but with added tags..they were on the interet..they work.
      Your French is impeccable:)

    2. hee hee, je le souhaite! I wish my French was impeccable, but perhaps I wrote Joyeux Noël correctly? classes start again at the end of January...

  13. Ces petites bouchées semblent délicieuses!
    Je ne doutes pas de la beauté de votre sapin de Noël :)

  14. What a festive post, Monique. I love your little handmade felt ornament and wonderful homemade toffee. It's hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.

  15. De belles photos, la magie de Noël est là! très joli post!
    bonne soirée à toi! Cath.
    (Merci de tes visites et jolis commentaires sur mes pages)

  16. I do love toffee... haven't made it for far too long... what a lovely idea with the chocolate. I know you will have a beautiful and delicious holiday season.

  17. English toffee is one of my favorites! The only problem is I end up eating too much of it myself!

    The pillow looks beautiful there and I think it has found the perfect home :)

    You made the felt ornaments?? I am so impressed! Didn't realize.

    I just read Santa's letter and have had a smile on my face the whole post :)

  18. Susan:-) my girls both said..I love that pillow:-)
    M asked me if I made it :-)
    I have to confess..that was last years letter..the new one was typed yesterday..and read:-)
    Different words..I have to relate the yearly message to what has gone on during the year:-)
    I have no idea why but they that typewriter..
    I do make the ornaments:-)
    I am starting next years now:-) well in Jan..
    And just made 2 for next yr before we left..
    They are Alicia's patterns..I buy the PDF patterns online..
    Instant delivery:-)
    My wish is to learn to crochet comme toi:-)

  19. Very nice gift, I like it a lot. This toffee looks so yum, I will have to try the recipe.

  20. Beautiful gifts mon ami!
    I actually got my tree up early this year - no one was more surprised than me.
    Btw, the toffee looks like something that would make Santa happy, if I don't get to them first.

  21. Lovely decorations and gifts! That toffee looks incredibly tempting.



  22. The toffee is definitely worth making ladies..

    I hope you all have a pleasant time preparing for the holidays..each in our own ways..

  23. Happy Holiday season to you too, dear Monique! Your toffee could me a next Christmas cookie on my list-))) I am thinking to do 12 diff cookies this year-)) Crazy, I know!!!
    Hugs and have a perfect day today!

  24. Mon you have really put me in the spirit of the season...i love the pillow and gift tags...the toffee...everything! That typewriter is a classic! Love the Santa letter...everything looks magical!
    It is a danger to be around toffee for me...i love it so!
    Bisous xo

  25. Your blog is beautiful, soft and pretty. Your header almost looks like a Victorian's Daybook! I come from bonnie.

  26. I am, for sure, the worlds biggest sucker for English Toffee. These bars sound amazing. I almost never allow myself Skor bars but when I do, I always eat two. I think I would do the same with these wonderful looking bars.