Monday, December 2, 2013

Ebb Tide...long...

Love that is so romantic to me..I was very young when the Righteous Brothers made it so popular..and I was very unpopular..with the boys at that age..
I remember a few of the girls I was friendly with being about 2 years older than I was..and they were very popular with the boys..slimmer..prettier..older.. struck a chord that lasted with me..still now:-) Go take a little listen..~


Seems funny posting a summery little entry in December..when we have already had snow here..
But we had the opportunity to drive to Florida..(27hrs).. this year..and much to our great of our daughters..her husband and 3 boys came for a 1 week stay..
They too drove for all that time w/ an 8 yr old..6 and 4..Troopers!!I loved it.
Romance of a different nature..:-)
Our eldest daughter has come too with Noah..but she is a teacher and cannot get away..she loved it too:)

It was lovely..

It's so nice seeing the days through children's eyes..  their joy at everything is intoxicating.
They were in the water every day..even after they caught stingrays.. shark.. catfish..bluefish..
Some days the water was like the clear and calm and pristine..see through to your toes..
And a few others..

Quite rugged..a different kind of beauty.

The area where we stay.  ...up the beach further away... there has been work done on the public boardwalk..wonderful work..and many  benches..  in memory of..
This one caught my spirit..I have left out the name of the person..but what a lovely tribute..

Loving words as I do..these had to be shared~ The sea affects all of us in different ways..usually..deeply.

It is no surprise that sun sand and sea can elicit such joy in children..!:)


                                                               Our very own Mowgli~

 My Baywatch Boys~

The fun..nana is in trying to eat the bubbles after we have blown them~

One night..  Max got a new shirt and tie:) And wanted to be our waiter for the night..(best waiter ever).. he was so agreeable to having a photo shoot with me  :)

Be still my heart..
I am certain you do not want to see all 25 I took of him.. and he had jumped out of the shower w/out combing his hair..:)(I wish I could jump out of the shower and not comb my hair..:)..)..He is my fashionista grandson..the artist..He is 6..

                                                          Our lovely waiter~

Thank you Florida.. a lovely state..friendly people..
No kidding..the grocery stores nearest to us.. Publix..  the staff was extraordinarily nice.
Every shop..courteous..friendly..
Walking the beach to the right of us..where mansions of a sort sit along the shores..
I..walking along after a stormy day..looking quite like a hobbit..collecting shells and sea urchins..was asked by one of the owners of such a great hit the mother load today..would you like me to get you a bag?
How nice was that?
Thank you dear sir sitting on the shore of your beautiful home to ask a perfect stranger if she needed a bag for her treasures...
Friends we see ..from Massachusetts..Germany..Pennsylvania....Ontario...New Jersey..Cincinnata:) Wisconsin...
Michigan..Carmel...New York..Long Island..
Walks on the beach every morning..  were spirited with small talks with everyone we know and like and see:)
Everybody has a story..
Be kind..  as..

You never know what someone is going through:).

Beach people.. are pretty great people..Actually..very great people.A melting pot..

With our family..We found shells and shark's teeth.. A turtle walking the beach..heart stones.. Sea urchins...shared meals..walked the beach ..played Go Fish..(how appropriate..) swam..fished..did puzzles.. watched High School Musical twice..painted T Shirts..blew huge bubbles.. fired off torpedo balloons..walked the beach to the Tam Tam festival at night ..played Heads Up.. at night on the beach..painted..bought bait..ate the bluefish..made castles....sent off secret messages..combed each others hair...saw 2 weddings..  old friends....gorgeous dolphins.. met a photographer who paddle boarded with her beautiful family right in front of cute..the dolphins decided to play with them..what a show we witnessed..found a starfish..ready for QC.. as it was already..well you know..  and a bit I am.. some shells to measure flour and sugar thanks to Mary Pat..Discovered  a new cookbook thanks to Mary~Ann....A great new strain of garlic..thanks to M~A and D:)
Watched a Dolphin's Tale  (so good)..that Morgan Freeman..his voice..his presence..Ashley and Harry..the kids so cute..That one we saw after the children left so we will watch with them at home..
Found a sea sponge..followed the egrets and sandpipers..chased the several books and magazines..knit a small neckwarmer~

Tried painting..

That poor woman to the left:)
I painted Bravo cards..  and my 2 lipsticks..NYC..:)

and Apple Polish by Revlon.. last yr I was looking everywhere for daughter they probably discontinued it 10 yrs ago..
So EBAY..through her came through..
Anyone else wear Apple Polish on occasion? Or Revlon Red like my mom?:)
My perfume..  some views..some beach people..

Made a new dinner courtesy of Linda~
I was fortunate that my friend on the beach grows garlic and had given us a bulb..It was sooo good:)
The chicken is garlicky w/ parsley and lemon..

And I tried a new bread recipe..
And a new scone recipe..
The Chicken and the Scones are worth repeating..

Thec scones are from Katrina...

I have a few fave scone the pom ones..  But I would not hesitate to use this recipe with  poms:)

I took a few photos..but here is confession time..our kitchen in our rented hideaway..the counter is 2 x 3 rolling pin empty wine bottle..the fridge is miniature and the oven is off..and miniature..way off..and I have very little ingredients..

I do buy flour..sugar.. sour cream..baking powder etc..

so I figured I had what was half necessary to try Katrina's recipe:)  Missing?  Real OJ..I had the Pulp 

Tropicana in the fridge..oj rind..and cranberries.. we had no dried fruits.. but Raisin Bran cereal..LOL..

... in front of the sea..nothing material counts:)

So we scooped out a handful of the raisins and added..still imagine w/ real OJ..  real rind and cranberries..

I am sure you can see why there are no photos..
But do make Linda's Chicken and Katrina's scones..Both Keepers~

Thank you!

Smiling Oli~Divaish you see J and I:-) ? make me smile out loud..always..inside out.

Love that face..all of them..all 4 alphabet boys..

I am keeping all this inside me in reserve..for the long winter ahead~
I will remember every hibiscus..bougainvillea..etc..bouquet I picked every morning for our outdoor patio table..and so much more.

Thanksgiving day in Florida..

We were graced with such beauty..
I had to capture the sound~
We were treated to the music of the waves..and a near deserted beach~

Listen..Reminds me of Rod McKuen and The Sea~

I guess now I should concentrate on Christmas :)  Don't let my words fool you..I started preparations before we left:)some..

P.S..By some wrong press of a key..  because I uploaded a video to YOUTUBE..I am with Google +..(I don't want complicates everything..) Anyone know how I can just get back to how I was without the +..and yet still save all my pics in Picasa etc?


  1. Darling post Monique, those boys have totally stolen my heart, I can see why you love every minute with them, so precious!
    Oh, and I thought I was the only one in the world who was missing Revlon's Apple Polish, I wore it for years, never thought of Ebay....... our children are so smart.

  2. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Oh ! que ce billet est charmant !... Des photos incroyables. Tes petits-enfants sont magnifiques. Quelle belle allure romantique a ton petit-fils avec sa cravate et la fleur dans la poche ! sans compter ses yeux ravageurs ! Mille et une filles vont lui tomber dans les bras !!
    Ta petite-fille est une véritable starlette avec ses lunettes de soleil ! J'aime également le reflet dans les verres de ses lunettes.

    Je trouve également adorable les petits cailloux en forme de coeur... Dans ma dollhouse j'en ai quelques uns ramenés de différents pays.

    Je suis certaine que tous ces fantastiques souvenirs resteront précieusement dans la boîte à bons souvenirs de ton coeur.

    Je te fais de très gros bisous.

  3. Oh my goddess, this brings back so many happy memories of my childhood, and our weekend trips to the beach in Cuba. Although, I don't recall ever seeing a shark [screeeam]. I do remember my favorite b/w polka dot bathing suit, hair in pigtails, and building sandcastles with my brother.

    I know you will always cherish these moments with your entourage of adorable mini men, and undoubtedly, so will they.

  4. Merveilleux séjour que tu as vécu là avec tes petits enfants, beaucoup de bonheur partagé, c'est magnifique!
    Très joli post!
    Merci de ta visite et de tes gentils commentaires sur mes pages,
    Merci, bonne journée à toi! Cath.

  5. Hello Monique
    This is really all so beautiful....I keep going back to take all these pics and words of yours in....
    What a beautiful reminds me of the beach we go to so often...
    your boys are magnificent...such happy chappies!
    Your paintings are adorable...
    I listened to both pieces you have shared .I have a similar cd of those crashing waves for Eddie <3
    I can see you have had an awesome holiday.
    Take care

  6. What a wonderful week you have had with your family Monique! I have really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your beautifully handsome grandsons. Your paintings. Your words. Your thoughts. It's all so special. Love you to bits! Can't wait to see your Christmas posts! xxoo

  7. Oh my, the boys are getting so big. I love the photo of your lovely waiter with the flower on his tie ;o)

  8. What a fabulous vacation Monique and thank you for sharing your memories with us. I missed you while you were gone - I didn't realize this was your beach time. You have such a way with words and pictures that weave a web of happiness and magic. Your waiter is very handsome and looks like he enjoyed every moment. Love the heart shaped rocks - I've only found a few and mostly lost them along the way, but I do have a good size one that I use to hold cocktail napkins in place when it's windy. Blessings my friend. It's nice to have you back with us.

  9. Such a beautiful post, Monique. Love your photos of such a happy vacation...filled with fun, love and family. What could be better? So nice to read about the friendliness of Floridians...I have always found it so and I've lived here over 40 years!

  10. Oh, what a lovely post and photographs!It makes me want to MOVE to Florida - where my daughter & family are heading to in 2 weeks. And delighted you liked the scones, but they are the best with cranberries. What a perfect interlude for you all, and love love love the pictures of the boys!

  11. I must say this is one of your nicest blogs...Mon!

  12. Oh well, those of us in cold climes can only sigh and remember. Fabulous pictures as always. Even without children around, you have a young eye.

  13. Oh what a wonderful time you had, joyous, youthful, happy energy!!! Love seeing the photos & Bravo for you that you painted those sweet scenes!!! It opens up the heart & soul, doesn't it, to be in a sunny warm climate at this time of year? I'm lucky that I like the northern winters, but maybe someday...The boardwalk tribute is very nice...and yes, when I hear old songs from my youth, I remember how powerful my feelings were!

  14. A lovely post Monique, full of joy & happiness with your family. Great paintings.

  15. Un article bien nostalgique de l'été, mais Noël arrive avec les retrouvailles familiales ;)
    Oh, de la neige? Je sens que vos prochaines photos seront superbes!

  16. Monique what beautiful and nostalgic post just lovely and nice pictures!;)

  17. Such wonderful photos, I love the beach and I agree beach people are really great people, I think people just feel more like themselves when there at the ocean. I love all your little paintings too, so colorful. It looks like you had a great time, and now I can't wait to see what you have in store for Christmas :)

  18. That a lovely post :) I can tell how much you really love it there, Monique. What wonderful friendships and acquaintances you have made. And those boys! They are so handsome and they pose for you so happily. Mr. Mowgli, The Waiter and Mr. Hollywood Shades are all so darned cute.

    I listened to the sea :). It has been a long time for us since we've been next to the ocean in 2009.

    I didn't know Apple Polish but I love your painting of it :)

  19. I absolutely love everything about this post Monique from your experiences, the photos, the paintings and the video of the ocean. I almost feel like I was there with you and your wonderful family.

  20. What great memories! I have been following for several years now and those boys are getting so big!! Time needs to slow down.

  21. And.. when I tell people ..that in my quiet way..
    I have lovely friends..:)
    I think that's why I know I can share my images with you and you will know and understand..after knowing me for many years♥
    As I have known many of you..

    Chris:) you made me smile with the AP and our daughters..:)
    Arlene..Susan.(your handsome boys..look at us..only daughters..♥ and now grandsons♥..
    .Di..Sol..and knew me before Mowgli:) or just about then..
    Arlene..90% of the pics this yr..was with your Sony.. ..:)The movie too:) I sat at water's edge..and just pressed the symbol for record..I remember movies you have sent me:)
    Shel..I sometimes think of your boys :) men now.. and your sea:) when I am there..
    Rita..I love the seasons too..we came home to quite a bit of snow and very cccold weather.
    It was easier for us..the cold..a few yrs back..
    This year for the first time ever we have a snow blowing contract for the winter..Jacques has been doing it for 40 yrs with me..I said..take a it was nice to come home to the driveway being manageable..and..

    To a clear path to the door thanks to our great neighbour/ in the fridge..mail..plants all watered..♥ soon as I go out and get sour cream.. and oranges..I am making them again..guess what?They may be on the menu Christmas Morning.

    Sam..I thought of you there and your new place..and driving through Virginia:) Well highway VA.. too while in Fl I thought of you!

    Lucky ducks!!
    Merçi les filles.. je dois me remettre les pieds sur terre.. d'içi quelques jours et me concentrer ..joyeusement..sur le Fêtes!

    Thank you for the nice words..I love when you share your families.. art etc..:)
    And just about everything else.
    Like Dorothy said though..
    There's No Place Like Home~

  22. Oh! Wonderful!! What beautiful boys. The whole trip sounds perfect. But 27 hours?! Bless you both! But it was so worth it, right. :)

    "The sea affects all of us in different ways..usually..deeply." I always wonder about that--about why that is. Our family vacations when I was a kid were always to Maryland, and yes--The sea and shore just become a part of you--so special. I always want to write about it, but I have yet to find the right words.

    What sweet memories to warm you through the winter. I love that you all got to share this time together, Monique. :)

  23. Wow, you are so lucky-) It's the best thing to travel somewhere warm in a Winter time. Usually we go in February, when we tired of cold weather. Your post is beautiful and sunny-)) Lovely day to you dear Monique!

  24. Such beautiful boys! Precious memories you will have forever.

  25. Oh, such a beautiful heartfelt post. I'm so happy you had your family there to share in this joy and beauty. Such amazing photos, handsome boys, fun times…………Ebb Tide………fond memories of that song as well. '-)
    Thanks for sharing, Monique. I love the quote you chose to share………..Sarah

  26. A beautiful seaside place! Cute boys.



  27. The boys are adorable!!! Who needs photos of food when we can look at their sweet faces and antics!

  28. Delicious boys...could eat them right up!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful!
    I am glad you liked the "Jacques Chicken"!
    Those scones look great! Everything is lovely...just like you!
    Bisous xo

  29. Thank you:-)
    It's so funny whenever I have a post with the alphabet boys..I look at it more than once just to love their faces:-)
    I love the quote too dear.
    You made me laugh Pam..
    I think I am just nuts about my grandsons:-)

  30. Beautiful post and beautiful photography, Monique! Thanksgiving in Florida, sunny beaches, warm, perfect weather - what a great getaway you've had! It was totally worth driving 27 hours! Now, I can't wait to see your Christmas cookies - you have so many wonderful cookie cutters - I hope to see them in action here on your blog! :)

  31. Wonderful post, Monique. The beach is our favorite place and I love going there with my family. It is good therapy for all of us. The Oregon coast is so rugged compared to Florida's. The water is always too cold to swim in and we treasure nice warm days during the summer. It is always peaceful and nurturing no matter what the weather. Love the photos of your boys...oh my, they are growing up so fast.

    1. Growing up sooo fast..Hope they'll always have room in their busy lives for us:)
      They have kind little I am thinking so..
      They seem to be in tune with others feelings..

      I ahve loved your beach photos through the years and your favorite place to stay:)

  32. Monique, I have been watching and enjoying you and your kind ways since way back in the day on GardenWeb. Quietly watching, for the most part. These words are so soulfully YOU. It made me cry with joy to see your heart. You always touch me in the softest ways and make my life better. -Robin (rob333 over there)

  33. Robin.. I don't know what made me come see my boys again frolicking on the beach..could be the snow accumulating outside and Rod Stewart singing Silver Bells..
    Thank you so much..please let me know if you have a blog..? I could come see you..and do some catching up.
    Warm wishes for the holidays to you.
    So nice.Thank you.

  34. Now that my Christmas party is behind me and my house guests are gone, I've enjoyed catching up on all your posts. I so enjoy seeing the photos of your grandsons…they are all so handsome. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Florida. We will be heading down to see our grandchildren in Florida in February.

    1. Enjoy Karen..I look forward to your posts about your trip there..:-)