Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shortbread Cookies~ It's a Wrap now~Or just about,,

It is soo cccold here..How cold is it?  So cold it will get even colder in the next few days..and we are already below 0 F~
Tires need changing..snow needs blowing..pathways need shoveling..already..Weather reports assure us Christmas will be white..
So far so good except for the cold..

Shortbreads are a favorite..not too sweet..perfect w/ giving etc..and so easy to pretty up..
I mentioned the pan..:)

Great size for gift giving and a small indulgence for yourself..a nice square:)

I am not making the other different pan ones this year..
Sticking to these..
But I do like cutting out shortbread ..and I have included the recipe I used..They are Donella's shortbreads.. she gave me the recipe at least 20 yrs ago..and I will bring her some in her package..:)
Hope they are as good as her mind:)
I brought a Rudolph to Noah yesterday and God Bless The Child as they say..he bit the nose off first then the head..Ate it all..
Then told me he likes chocolate better if I can do that:)
When I told him I brought him a treat his answer was so grown that's a surprise Nana?
I knew you would♥

And I made some I have been making since 2008 because they are Walker Like to me..I like Walker's shortbread cookies..
These are not as sweet but they taste similar and look alike..
I forget where I found the recipe in 2008~
Hope I am forgiven~

Donellas' Shortbreads..(cut-outs)

3 cups flour
1 cup icing sugar
1 cup corn starch
1 lb butter
pinch of salt..
Sift first 3 ings together.. cream with butter..and salt..

Knead by hand ..
Roll out to desired thickness..
Cut out in your preferred shapes..

Bake 300 for 20 mins..


Walker Wannabes:)

2 cups of butter
1 cup packed brown sugar
4 1/2 cups all purpose flour


1 Preheat oven to 325 degrees F
2.Cream butter and brown sugar..
Add 3  to 3  3/4 cups of  flour..Mix Well.
3.Sprinkle board with the remaining flour..Knead for 5 mins  adding enough flour to make a soft dough..
Roll to 1/2 inch thickness..cut into 3x1 inch strips..Prick with fork and place on ungreased baking sheets..
Bake at 325 F for 20 -25 mins..

Thought I would sneak these in while some of you may be wanting to try something new..
I know I sure get influenced every day with new things I find on your blogs or on Pinterest ♥

WRapping is part of the fun..
You can do it prettily and very economically..This year Target was the winner for pretty $1. things..
I found their cute baker's twine w/ the gingerbread man too hard to resist.
I realize that all thsi fluff is a luxury..I realize not everyone can buy ingredeinets and make treats..etc..
I got up this morning.. with a complaint about the cold in my mind.. as my husband walked the boys to the morning bus♥..and thought..
what about the these temperatures?:(
So never think I take wrapping and baking and giving  for granted.
I know that for these things..I am a lucky one.

I made cookie press Wilton Cookie Press method..trees..I ahve had taht press for yrs.. 3 disks broke.. the contraption was awkward..:(
It's gone..
I will revert to my 30 yr old Mirro next time..
See..Love the pan..hate the press!
That Nordic Ware pan is quite flawless:)


  1. Fabulous shortbreads! They look perfect.



  2. I just LOVE shortbread cookies! I have to say they are my favorite.
    I will definitely need to give these a try. Never did because I thought they'd be too difficult to make!
    And YES with a cup of tea they are amazing!
    Stay toasty my friend .... **hugs** diane @ aug's blog

  3. Des shortbreads! Ils sont superbes!
    Mais les autres biscuits me mettent aussi l'eau à la bouche, leur forme est adorable d'ailleurs.

  4. I love shortbread cookies and all these look cute and delicious!!! xxxx

  5. I love shortbread cookies especially at Christmas and all these photos are beautiful, it looks like you have so much fun baking cookies :) That three tiered cooling rack is great too.

  6. It all looks perfect. I love Walker's - maybe too much. Won't be making Christmas cookies this year. Have to cut back somewhere. Leaving that to my daughter. Happiest holidays to you Monique and those precious babies.

  7. Fun, fun! I was making a list for Target and have gone back and added a few things! Thank you for doing the searching for me. I love the Nordi Ware pan...I am going to make some more of those and also give your Wannabe's a try.

  8. Beautiful cookies and gorgeous wrap! Fun time of the year: sweets, wrapping paper, boxes and christmas tree decorations-)



  9. This is a season where you shine! (of course, I'm sure you do in all seasons). What a treat treat treat, those cookies!! It's up to 19 degrees here, they scared us with threats of below zero. 19 is good with the right clothes...Yes, I often think how lucky & grateful I am to have a shelter & warmth...(warmth costs a lot these days...) Cheers! ~R

  10. I've seen your new shortbread pan on two blogs. Sooner or later I need to break down and make some shortbread cookies, although I'm not much of a baker. I feel for you with the freezing weather. It sounds like more than I could stand. I made my husband promise we would never be cold ever again in our entire lives, but a white Christmas would be awfully pretty. It's been a very long time.

  11. I love shortbread - have been baking lots of shortbread cookies myself lately, already, even though it's not a Christmas week yet. I knew I would see some wonderfully cutout cookies on your site around Christmas time, given the vast collection of cookie cutters you have, at least on pinterest. :) Beautiful, and uplifting photos, as always!

  12. I'm mostly baking my yearly gingerbread sculpture. Other than that, I have no plans to bake too many cookies this year. But I'd still like one of those triple-tiered cooling racks. Maybe I'll add that to my list of 'wants' this Christmas. Get your bake on, Monique - it will keep you and your entire house warm and sweet-smelling.

  13. I want those cookies !!!! Ria...x !

  14. ~All you need is Love.....and Cookies! I'm sure especially with four boys.

  15. Que buenas y que bonitas. Felices Fiestas.

  16. I actually lose sleep thinking about what to bake..
    I am so grateful for this diversion..
    I would love to never feel cold Sam:-) ..but my family and our love of seasons anchor us here..
    Thank goodness for filled coats..leg warmers..and neck warmers..
    Sol...hope you share your creation..I still had some saved :-)
    Rita ..heat is very costly here too..sitting in front of a fire as I type...
    Too costly..

    Donna my youngest daughter has taken over Christmas eve:-)
    So grateful..only Christmas brunch here with everyone and gifts Santa left:-)
    Next year Jenni I am making some of your tags:-)
    Felix Navidad:-)

  17. It's frigid here too...a high of 22 degrees for tomorrow. Like you, I am thankful I have warmth and shelter. So many can't afford the heat in the winter. If I didn't already have a huge roll of the red and white baker's twine from Crate and Barrel, I would not have been able to pass up that cute packaging ;o) Love the cooling rack!

  18. I love those cookies. They are adorable. And where did you get that cooling rack. I have never seen a 3 tier rack.

    1. Hi Sarah..I bought it at Home Sense for under $10.00
      Amazon .ca has it for $20.00 ish..and$10 ish.. my older cooling racks..have been passed on..these are just so space saving..

  19. Beautiful goodies wrapped in perfection! I can just picture the joy in the faces of those who receive these gifts, Monique.
    Cold here too, but not the cold you endure. I'm grateful for the early cold for the holidays here in TX. Love to sit by the fire!

    1. I am sure you have many people on your list and that everyone feels touched by your offerings:) Sure of it.

  20. My daughter loves Walker's Shortbread and always has it on her Christmas list. I know she would love to find a tin of cookies under the tree on Christmas morning. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Monique. She like the chocolate chip variety of Walker's so I may add a handful of the little mini chips to the recipe.

  21. Another recipe that I have to try. Where did you find the cute packaging? My son loves Walker's Shortbread.

    1. Etats-Unis..
      Mais nous avons maintenant un Target ..:) au Québec..plusieurs..

      Ayant été absente le mois dernier ne sais pas si celui du QC a les mêmes produits..
      Ils sont tellement mignonnement emballés~
      Prix modiques..
      Tu serais enchantée!

    2. Je magasine souvent au Target aux USA et je trouve que notre Target, ici à Orléans, n'est pas fameux si je compare aux USA. Je vais chez Dollorama acheté des sacs de Noël pour mettre mes biscuits que je donne en cadeaux. Maintenant je dois absolument essayer cette recette :)

  22. I plan on doing some cookie baking this weekend - gingerbread, candy canes. Just the family favorites. It should be snowing here most of the day tomorrow so it will be a great diversion. So cold too. This is looking like a long winter!

    Trying not to make too much this year as the little boys will only eat so many and the rest of us don't need the extra calories :).

    I love your photos and the sparkle in the last one :)

    1. I heard you may get snow..we have a fire will take the snap out of the cold..
      I remember your faves:-) I made your gingerbread:-)
      J needs the calories..he fills a little cloche in the kitchen..and eats those 2 at a time..after dinner..till they are gone and replenishes:-)
      Susan..I have no idea how that sparkle happened.

  23. You inspire me Nana...always!
    Those shortbread all look amazing!
    Snow day today! May the baking begin!
    Bisous xo

  24. Shortbread cookies are the best! I love your photos...the packaging is so cute, Monique. I'm going to do some cookie baking this afternoon for the Garden Club party, don't need packages for that as I take them on a tray.
    Sorry about the cold's so warm here, I'd love to send some your way and get a little of your cold in return.

    1. I think it's the festival of boat lights Fl where we were..
      How different Fl and here..festival of fireplaces..
      Enjoy le garden club:-)

  25. I just made shortbread (with lavender and frankincense) this week. I really needed one of those presses to make my cookies look like that... it makes all the difference. Yours are absolutely perfect and the wrapping adorable. Very lucky friends you have to get such perfect cookie boxes!!

    1. Frankincense:)

      I never even knew one could find that..So YOU Deana..they sound beautiful..Have a nice weekend...

  26. The Snow Fairy made him sparkle Mon! You didn't know that did you....

  27. Those do look exactly like Walker's shortbread Monique. They have always been a favorite of mine too. I know those boys will be looking for the cookie tin every time they visit. Love your packaging. I think a pretty package makes people feel special and loved.

  28. Monique, what sweet and adorable wrappings! I cannot imagine anyone not welcoming such a thing! Again, you are such a master at presentation. I wish we lived closer so that you could bring some of these to me! (And I just know that you would. You are that wonderful type of person!)
    Love you mucho mucho!! xxoo

  29. Looks so delicious and beautiful Monique..just love shortbread. This year I have ordered cookies..will be moving, no time for Xmas, but I sure will make up for it next year and La Table de Nana will be the first place to visit to find perfect recipes!

  30. I ordered the shortbread pan and will try one of the recipes when it comes. About how many cookies does your first recipe yield Monique? It seems like it must be a large quantity with a lb. of butter! I never knew you could make cut out cookies with a shortbread recipe. Is icing sugar also known as confectioners sugar?