Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mocha Toffee Biscottis~

We've had about 7 inches of snow since last night..
It's as pretty as pretty can be..♥

The shoveling and snowblowing we could do without..

So I put some CDs on since this morning:)
My fave again this year..Rod Stewart 's Merry Christmas Baby ..

Along with old favorites like James Taylor..The Carpenters..Tony Bennett..André Hervieux..André Gagnon..
Michael Bublé..Josh name a few..
99.5 on the radio has some lovely music too..100.7..not so much this week:)

Feels so nice with snow falling..

Some coffee.. and biscottis:)  

In the last few weeks..
My holiday issues of Canadian Living and Chatelaine featured Biscotti recipes..
I know we have all made our share:)
But I wanted to play with a Snowflake plunger..Available on Ebay for under $3.00 for 3 sizes with free shipping from Malaysia..
I don't know why it seems important for me to tell you this..but I think it is because we sometimes feel things are epensive for food decorating..There are many venues..apart from high end stores like..well I won't name them..that would not be in keeping with the spirit of the season:)

Just want you to know Ebay is a great source of friendly vendors..and reasonable prices.
You can do what I do and search only the Buy Nows..I am terrible at auctions..:)

I am so impressed with the quality price 100% of the small items I have purchased..such as cookie cutters etc..

So ...I used the plunger for the snowflakes..w/ fondant..
And decided on Canadian Living's Biscotti~

You start with the Basic Recipe~

Basic Biscotti Dough~
La Recette
Courtesy of Canadian Living Magazine

Dec 2013

1/2 cup butter softened
1 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsps baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

In a large bowl beat butter with sugar until fluffy..beat in eggs one at a time.
Beat in Vanilla.Whisk together flour baking powder and salt..stir into butter mixture in 2 additions unti just combined..
My Notes: I used my KA stand mixer..

So that's the basic..and then they offered us variations..
I let Jacques chose  and he chose the Mocha Toffee..~

They say this recipe is SCREAMING to be dipped in a cup of coffee..
I agree..they are sublime.
We will serve these Christmas Morning..

Stir the instant espressointo the chocolate while it is still warm to impart the most flavor


1 batch of basic dough

1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1 cup toffee bits  3/4 now..the other 1/4 cup gets sprinkled on top

You will also  need 1 egg white mixed with a bit of water..

and 6 squares of semi sweet chocolate chopped
3/4 tsp instant espresso powder.

Stir the dough..chocolate chips and 3/4 c of the toffee bits and mix until combined

Divide into 2 logs and roll to about 12 inches..
Place 2 inches apart on parchment paper on rimless cookie sheet,,
Flatten slightly..**** I did not..they flatten on their own..
Brush each w/ egg white mixture..
Bake in a 325 degree pre heated oven for ap 35 mins..untillight golden and firm to the touch.
Let cool on pan on rack 10 mins..
Slice diagonally and place upright ..return to a 300 F oven for ap 35 mins until almost dry..
( I liked the idea of baking upright instead of flipping and baking twice.. and it works..
Transfer to rack..let cool completely..
In a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water melt chocolate stirring unstil smooth..whisk in espresso powder until dissolved..Let cool slightly..I didn't..
Dip one end of each biscotti in chocolate mixture  letting excess drip off..
Place on parchment lined baking sheet and sprinkle with remaining toffeee bits..  and a snowflake or 2:)Refrigerate until set..(no need here..air temp is fine..)

Make ahead..layer between waxed paper  in airtight up to 5 days (longer here)or freeze up to 2 weeks..


For a direct link to the rceipe..Just go here~


  1. Ces biscuits me semblent également délicieux!

  2. You find the best stuff Monique, I love what you did with the snowflake plunger. Oh how I'd love to sit and drink a cup of coffee, watch your snow falling and chat ........... oh, and eat a bunch of these delicious looking biscotti!

  3. I love biscottis and those look gergeous Monique and love yours pictures!!

  4. Love the star on top of the biscotti -- perfect for the season!

  5. As much as I've always wanted, I have yet to make biscotti's. I'm so jealous that you get to have one with your cup of coffee with the snow falling. We have yet to see any and in this part of VA, probably won't. I fret not though because Hubby and I will be headed to N. Michigan soon after Christmas. I'm going to stay with my sister for a month just to see how vicious (or not) the winters are up there and to see if I can handle it since it seems we may be moving there in the Spring. I'll keep you posted and any tips you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to eat my biscotti with my coffee as I look out at the snow :)

    1. In FL..we meet many people from Michigan:)

      It is I think Minnesota..Illinois..Michigan.. very similar to here..
      Geat your snow pants ready:)
      Enjoy your stay with your sister..I remember your trip with her!You will have fun:)

  6. Those really look like the bomb! I can not wait to make them!
    Hope you have recovered from shoveling!
    Bisous xo

    1. Recovered and waiting to hear more about your recipes:)

  7. I will have to try them. There is no song more beautiful than Josh Groban's Silent Night. Happy holidays to you and your babies.

    1. It is heavenly:)You are right..
      Music can help the holidays in so many ways.
      Peaceful..spiritual..nostalgic..A big part of Christmas to me.

  8. Irresistible! Those festive biscotti are perfect and must taste heavenly.



    1. I thought they would maybe have been better in black and white:)

  9. The first photo could sell many snowflakes for that company, cute, cute biscotti. When I need to ship treats, biscotti is my go to.

    1. You know what? That is a great idea! never thought of that!
      I could never eat one w/out dunking:)

  10. I agree with the others - you find the neatest stuff Monique. You have a good eye and must really be fun to shop with. Your biscotti with the chocolate tips and white snowflakes is tres magnifique.
    BTW, I love Rod Stewart and didn't realize he had a Christmas album. Have you heard the darling Italian singing trio of young men - Il Volo?

    1. On PBS :) Yes we have..Jacques thinks they are fantastic..he just said so as I just mentioned your post:)I have a CD with some young opera singers and the name escapes me right now..Xmas..
      The Merry Christmas Baby.. do get it:) do:) do:)...

  11. We almost never have a white Christmas here in the Pacific NW. I'm spending Christmas in Chicago this year and may at last enjoy one. I'm saving this recipe to try after the New Year. The fanciful little snowflakes really dress up your cookies. Beautiful photos, Monique.

  12. Exquisite tree decorations...better than store bought

  13. I agree.. watercolors w/ a ribbon..a whole tree that's how I see yours:)..Rabbits..macarons..chocolates..:)

  14. Perfect! Biscotti is the only thing I bake.

    1. And you said you couldn't bake:)
      If I took portraits like you do..I would have less time for baking also:)

  15. Oh, toffee! You've been reading my mind, Nana - must make asap - as soon as I have two working hands:)

    1. Hope that is sooner than later..poor you~

      Speedy Healing...

  16. What a perfect morning! Thanks for keeping me on your radar - we will have to catch up one of these days! I've missed you!

  17. This is such an elegant dessert, Monique! Toffee in a biscotti sounds just amazing! Happy Monday!

  18. Seems like we have a snow every day here-) I think we are going to have a very cold winter. And for this weather we need more biscotti's and more cookies-) I love your Christmas ornaments! Your house must be so sparkling now-))

    1. Yelena.. maybe 35-40 cms next Sunday..

      It's sparkling of snowflakes!! us..

      Keep warm!

  19. Biscotti, coffee, Christmas music and snow--perfect! I've never thought to shop ebay for food-related items. Thanks for the hint.


  20. The snowflakes are beautiful! I love biscotti and mocha and toffee sounds perfect right now. Snow yesterday here also but only and inch or two on top of what we already had. So cold here yestereday we couldn't take The Boys outside to play :(

    Coffee and biscotti and warm music sound delightful. We play a Christmas station on Pandora. I'm sure you know Michael Buble has a Christmas special tomorrow? I love his voice ever since you introduced him to me :) John does too!

  21. We have 10 inches of snow on the ground and it is snowing again. I would love to have one of your biscotti with a cup of tea before I head out to shovel snow. Love your gallery of photos…I can just imagine how beautifully your home is decorated.

  22. So elegant! I love a good biscotti, but it is years since I last made some. Will try your recipe.
    As always, your images are exquisite, Monique.

  23. Mmm delicious and so pretty. How wonderful you have snow. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Catherine x

  24. Your pictures are always so enchanting! I just ordered the snowflake plungers! Can't wait. I have never thought of ebay for purchases like this - how fun and I will try the BUY NOW method!
    I have been really sick for 10 days and on top of it hubby had emergency kidney stone surgery so we are trying to keep Christmas moving forward. Seems like that always happens now. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  25. Monique, what a beautiful presentation! You always make everything look so beautiful! I am always taken away by your photographs and all you post. I wish for you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas indeed! Joyeaux Noel et Bonne Annee!

  26. It's such a pleasure keeping i touch all year long through blog

    Blogging is a blessing:)
    During the reminisce about your blessings even more:)