Friday, April 25, 2014

A Side.. a Main and a Little Baker~

Yikes..3 posts in one week..I know..too many..but just in case you are looking for new recipes this weekend..

Mini Rod Stewart  made some Angry Bird cookies...

He likes when I get cookie press/stamps from Ebay..
So do I..:)

On my part..I tried a  few new recipes I thought you might enjoy..

We have enjoyed  them both more than once since I  first made them..

Lemon-Parmesan Roasted Potatoes~

So so good~

Courtesy of Food Network Magazine

La Recette..adapted..

1 1/2 lbs baby Yukon Gold potatoes,halved
1 1/2 lbs baby red skinned potatoes halved
Kosher salt
4 cups cubed day old sourdough bread
(I simply used Panko)
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic grated
2 tsps finely grated lemon zest plus wedges for serving
freshly ground pepper
1/4 fresh chopped prsely
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

1.Preheat oven to 450F
Put the halved potatoes in a large pot of salted water.
Cook until just tender.
2.Here you would pulse the bread ..bla bla bla..just use panko... really...combine with olive oil..garlic..lemon zest.salt..a few grinds of pepper..toss the potatoes..
3.Arrange the potatoes cut side down(I make sure I coat them with the panko mix) Roast until golden and tender about 10 minutes..remove from oven ..sprinkle the potatoes with parm cheese and parsley..return to oven about 5 minutes.. serve with lemon wedges..(I love that part of adding extra lemon darn delicious)

Now.. I did not use small yukon golds..because I only had the baby red potatoes on hand..
and I adapted the recipe to make enough for Jacques and..I..the 2 serving dishes you see..
we had fish and roasted asparagus to go with..and I loved the potatoes the very best:)

Another thing that will definitely be made again and again here is this..
did I say again?

BBQ Chicken Pizza..

The recipe was found here..Such gorgeous pics there I had to make it the very day I found it:)

I cannot tell you how often I make it now:)There..I said it again..:)

  My small notes.. Halving the recipe is just makes 2 pizzas..2 delicious pizzas..and I ake the dough in my bread machine..
After a FULL day in the gardens..I love to make this pizza..Easy peasy delicioso!

Hope you try one of these..I am  potato lover..and a pizza lover..
They may not be your cup of tea but if they are do try them:)

There was another main that we loved..but we had that Saturday for dinner..gloomy Sat so a photo was out of the question..You will have to go to my source directly:)

The recipe was..this one..from...Julia
We rarely have creamy sauce dishes..
If ever..
But this struck a lovely note for me when I spotted it..
I only used 1 very large chicken breast for the two of us..I marinated it all day..and cooked it in the same pan I cooked the mushrooms in afterwards..
I tented the cooked chicken breast..and kept it warming in the oven with our plates..
When the pasta..sauce etc was ready..I sliced the chicken breast  with slices on..each of our beds of  pasta with sauce..
By the way I made the full sauce recipe and used 5 nests of Tagliatelle.I used 2 cups of Costco organic chicken broth..instead of the cubes..
We could have licked our plates.
Thank you Julia for all the great recipes and great great pics~~

Come rain ..or shine..

       Rain is in our forecast this weekend..but our gardens and grass are pumped and primped ready for the rains..:)                                                                    ♥



  1. Mini Rod Stewart - love it! the potatoes look divine..

  2. Cute photos. I think I will love these potatoes. Yum! I surely don`t mind if you post three times a week. ;-) Deb

  3. They look lovely & delicious! Lucky guy, lucky family, lucky us! Merci, et bon week-end! (It reached 60 degrees here today...)

    1. It's still very brisk here.. at least some of the chores have been done..
      Feels so good to not only be looking out windows!

  4. Mini Rod Stewart………cute! I love it when you post, so keep them coming. '-)
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Did you know, Monique, I am Nonna Donna. I will try the potatoes and they look wonderful and the pizza? Never thought of it, but want it now too. Olie's baby fingers helping - too cute. Now, I need a cookie. Walker's shortbread finger will have to do.

    1. Are you part Italian?:)
      Nonna Donna...sounds so Italian to me because of my friend..Nonna Diana..
      Love those Walker's.

  6. Yum, you like to eat the exact same things that i do... Trying the parm potatoes ASAP. Love your grand learning the "way of the cookie" from his Nana :)

  7. You can post anything anytime for me Monique, I love your baking sessions, especially when one of your little-uns is helping you.
    I needed cheering up ,not much appetite at the moment, too many pain killers, so the lovely lemony potatoes got my taste buds going. Maybe I'll get Mr France to use the kitchen aid to make a tasty pizza.

    1. Pain killers.aargh..
      I know we talk of turmeric and ginger ..etc..
      If only they worked.. have to..and you have to coat your tummy with good healthy food:)

  8. Never too many Monique!
    As soon as my kitchen is done I am planning on trying both recipes...yummy!
    I love the adorable back of Oli's of my favorite places for a little boy kiss!

    1. I sent you a cookie recipe this morning..your boys ..all 3 should love..:)
      It's going to be a gorgeous new kitchen!
      I saw very nice light fixtures at Ikea:)

  9. I want to try all of three of these recipes. They all look so cute. I love cookie stamps! They are so fun! Your little Rod Stewart is so cute! Joni

  10. What an adorable mimi Rod. Every time we are in Palm Beach, I keep hoping to run into him, but so far no luck. I would happily settle for the mini version. I am in love with your potatoes. Potatoes are my weakness and with the crunch and lemon they must have tasted fabulous. Love how you garnished your pizzas with greens. Very sophisticated. And wow, that cup was made with you in mind. It must bring much pleasure to you when you use it.

    1. We have quite a few of the bigger versions CDs.I find he's been timeless..ageless..
      His voice is immediately recognizable and unique..
      Yes I think those potatoes have your name on them..the garlic adds a lot too:)
      The cup was a gift a couple of yrs ago and yes even when not in use..seeing it in the cupboard:)

  11. You have been busy in the kitchen this week, Monique. I don't think I can resist trying that scrumptious pasta dish...or the pizza...or potatoes.

  12. Ma chère Nana bonjour,

    Tu es comme tous ces petits oiseaux en ce moment qui font leur nid inlassablement... Tu n'arrêtes pas et pour le plaisir de tous...
    Je me régale en regardant tes superbes photos et lorsque je lis les recettes qui les accompagnent, je salive !!
    Je te fais de gros gros bisous. Prends soin de toi ! ❤︎❦

  13. All three recipes sound like keepers, Monique! Can't wait to try them all. It will be chilly and very rainy here also the next week and I'll have lots of time to play in the kitchen ;)

    Your mini baker is adorable! I love our little rock stars :)

    1. I do too..

      used to be in love w/ princesses..funny how we adapt so well and so quickly..who knew that little boys could be so ..adorable:)

      Same weather here too..

  14. I am ALWAYS happy to find your post in my mailbox, never too many!
    Those potatoes look so delicious and I adore that combination for a lot of things. It makes me hungry right now.
    And of course, what can I say, but that your photos is as much of a delight as everything else!

  15. Que rico me gustan las papas con cáscara y queso, me encanta el cortador de galletas también,abrazos

  16. What lovely and cute baker ! And love the pictures have a nice weekend:)

  17. The Lemon-Parmesan Potatoes sound delicious! They would certainly be a hit at my house. Love your mug!! I think it is so cool that you take time to bake with mini Rod are certainly creating wonderful memories!

    1. But will they remember?:)I remember 0 before age 10..maybe a few small things..

      I do it for me..
      It is so lovely to look at beautiful little faces..smiles..and hands:)

      We had the potatoes again last night!

  18. So much gorgeous, tempting food here! The potatoes sound like a dish I could make again and again, but the pizza is calling my name too. I need a set of those cookie cutters so I can make them with my grandson- he'd love them!

    1. Ebay.. so reasonable!! Oli loves Ebay I think:)

  19. Oh YUM YUM UM
    Why don't I have a proper oven or even an improper oven?
    More important thn the tiny matchbox kitchen!!

    1. Hmmm..I have a proper oven because I am not in Paris..seeing all the BEAUTIFUL sights you see!!
      You do inspire me to bake and cook ..:)And paint..and go to Paris.

  20. I'm a sucker for cookies!!! COOKIES!!!!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

    1. I will be posting a recipe..that even I..the no dessert eater could not resist..

      Blueberry..chocolate oatmeal..browned butter..

      Well a link to where I found it..I think you could fall in love.

  21. Ton petit pâtissier a un bien joli tee-shirt ... et je te pique bien vite la recette de ces pommes de terre ... La pizza et les pâtes en sauce crémeuse à l'ail et aux champignons sont bien tentantes aussi ...

  22. All are enticing but the potatoes are calling my name…simple but they must be delicious.

  23. Cute cookies, mouthwatering potatoes and gorgeous pizza. Now I'm hungry!!!



  24. Oh, your little Rod Stewart makes me smile. SO cute. Like the cookies. Baking cookies with grandkids, so special. Found out yesterday my son and his wife lost their baby. I had not even announced yet it was coming. Please keep them in your happy thoughts. So sad. Fabulous looking potatoes and even nicer pizza. So much in the way of goodies here today. Love you. xxoo

    1. I have since very sad indeed Marie.x
      Hugs to you,

  25. what a great post. Are you Canadian? I remember Bouclair. Ca c'est ou un Quebec. Les filles est tres belle. Merci beacoup pour ton mots. Je suis cinquante est la mort de mon mere est plus difficile. Bon journée.

    1. I am..Canadian...
      I totally understand your grief,
      Take care.

  26. Monique, thank you for your very sweet words about my recipe and photos! So glad you tried the recipe and enjoyed it. Wow, what a compliment - it made my day!