Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 3..More Greyge and Les Champs~Elysées~

Day 3..a kind of turning point for us..an unkind..underdog kinda day.

We were all set to see what you are seeing here..and we did..but w/ delay..

l'Arche De Triomphe..Les Champs Elysées..l'Opéra Garnier and Les Galeries Lafayette..that area..and we did..but with..du retard..
as I mentioned before..the second day..the Sunday..we had bought our metro tickets etc..
the metro rides had gone well..we got to sit on every ride....it was calm and quiet..

Monday morning we got to Metro at around 9 ish..

SO MANY PEOPLE..  standing room only and we take our spot ..standing...I can't explain the rush of people into the metro..until the doors cannot close anymore..you are literally at rush hour..way beyond comfort zone close to the next face beside you..I had Jacques..and another man facing us..
let me mention that the metro jerks..and at that moment you better hang on..to everything.
Then the rush when they get off..and head in different directions for different ..sorties..

I am not unfamiliar w/ metros..I used it continuously during my first semester at McGill University..and in following years when we  went to hockey games..much easier to park and take the metro..

not 5 seconds off the metro..Jacques says:'Je me suis fait volé."

"I have been robbed.."

I knew who it was..but do you think you can see a shorter man than you in a crowd ..all rushing to work in several directions..that the newspaper you tried to push out of the way..his..is nowhere to be found?
That you are so incensed that he stole from your husband..you would run after him?
Desolately..we walked to the ticket office..and they said you must oppose ..
so we went back to our apartment and tried calling our bank..which was quite  the feat.

Finally we reached someone..and told them that our Carte Bleue (Visa)..+ our debit card..and cash  euros had been stolen..
If you can believe this ..2 debits had already taken place..of many euros.:(
not only that..the bank customer service man said :"and  did you charge 600 euros yesterday w/ your carte bleue?"(Remember we still had our card at that time..) We said no..:( :(
So the day before..someone ..who knows how..was able to charge many euros  to our account.While we still had our Visa with us.
The only purchase we made..? The metro tickets.

Thieves have very clever ways of thieving:(

My husband..like most travelers..kept money around his neck..but for that first morning he had kept the cards and money in his wallet in a deep Docker pant pocket with his hand in that pocket....one jerky movement..the metro..his other hand went up to grasp the bar..and there you have it.In a split second..someone who has been training to make pickpoteting his livelihood..exemplified..it can be mastered..Jacques NEVER felt a thing.
And that pocket is DEEP.

The point of my mentioning this..is that I don't want it to happen to you.

So.. we were in Paris.. w/ flooding..and drizzle.. and grey skies..and we had been robbed.

You don't sit in your room for the next 5 days..and feel invaded..you keep going..but  with a different vision.
It was our first time experiencing such a thing.

You're not wide eyed and open to all the beauty as before..
There's a reserve that sets in..un mépris:(
Not of Paris..of people:(This can happen anywhere.
In fact ..I got to Sennelier with my dear friend Nancy..(more later)..
and the lovely man who helped us..told us it had happened to him..just up the street..and he is from here..
had we experienced the rush of the metro the day before..everything that was stolen would have been in my quadrupled zippered cross body  purse,that is like a camera case.
Hard to describe.

The day before we left  Paris..I related my story to a very well traveled friend...one of the most well traveled people I have ever "known"..and she said the same thing had happened to them in another country..
..believe it or not..it was like a warm hug..saying :"I get it..it happened to us.."~

..and we have friends who were broken into (their car) at the Vatican.
The Vatican!I mean if God can see you being..off track..it must be there..:)
Don't ever think it can never happen to you.

And so I put  my big girl pants on ..and we continued the little itineraries..but that was a few hours shot.:(

And leaving us feeling like this.

L'Arche De Triomphe is stunning..I saw the one in NYC modeled after this one ..they are so regal in their presence..
let me tell you..that's where I knew I would have died on a vélib there.The traffic is monumental;)
That's when Di's words came back to me..Oh Mon..don't get on a bike:)

We continued on to Les Champs-Elysées..shoppers mecca.

It's a shopping street for mostly wealthy people I would say..or people who love to spend:)
I was looking at the store fronts etc..and hoping for a Monoprix;)

And I didn't buy a thing...because ..well  someone else had my liquid euros..and the sting was still so fresh..I had no desire to buy.
Plus.. I don't want one designer thing.
Oh..maybe the Moulinex Toaster we had in our apt.I can't find here.
So..I didn't even buy a thing at Monoprix..
We know we are out of luck w/ the cash ..but we are hoping the fraud w/ the card will be taken care of..I say card..because the debits need addressing..as soon as we told our Visa ..they stopped that 600 euro payment.

 Breathe in..breathe out.

what did we see after walking Rue Royale?
An angel and sunshine at last.

 I loved this building so much..look..♥ l'Opéra Garnier.

It must be something..
 to be there..


I have never been to Harrod's so I cannot compare..but Galeries Lafayette..are le top of what I have ever seen.

Oh look a Cath Kidston area..nope..didn't even buy a small momento..

On the same floor as Cath Kidston..I think..there was an area for an aquarelliste..she was not at her station..I loved seeing her things..

And all of a sudden..the day was almost done..and we headed home..
oh that day we had a lunch at Minim's..the mini version of Maxim's.We were so hungry..first place we saw really..
Can't compare it to anything ..have not eaten in enough Paris restos to know..and Jacques and I are really not difficult..we eat at home all the time..so if we eat in  a resto..it's because it's a must...and are grateful to have food in front of us.
I don't think they were expecting a full house as there seemed to be just one waiter and the bartender.
Huge croque-monsieur..we could not eat the whole thing..but I sure did drink my whole glass of white wine.

Do you know ..that in June..it is daylight in Paris until after 10PM?
Well it is:)
Bright!  It was bright bright at 10PM.
Here..9 ish..it starts getting dark,and 9.30 PITCH black.
4 more entries in my Paris posts..and then we were home.
I am grateful to Jacques for having done research..drawn walking maps..having a wonderful sense of direction..and enjoying a day he spent with one of our dear friends.:)

By the way..I just want to talk about clothes for 2 minutes..

What does one wear in Paris?
How many blog posts have you seen from bloggers about this?

Well for one thing..I knew I would not need anything new..except walking shoes..I had been in Europe for 1 month and had loved my Croc ballerinas..but they are garden shoes now..
So I bought Keen shoes that look a bit like ballerinas..black.
You need a bit of a heel..flats like Tom's not good for the heel..we walked 5-6 hours every day..anyway..w/ my feet..I need a bit of a rubber heel..and arch support.
And still I had Band Aids.On My Feet.

I left with black cropped pants.. they end at the top of the foot..a black Cole Haan raincoat that fits in a pouch..(a great Costco buy)..adjusted fit and high high neck:)and a black shirt.

In my suitcase..I had a white cotton long sleeved tee type top ..3 black ones..another pair of crop pants..beige with black polka dots...
Footless black tights and a just below the knee skirt floral black and white.

You get the picture:)
All black ..white and beige.
Everything had to fit in a carry on..and I was not leaving my straightening iron here nor my blow dryer..if we had not been in mist and grey..I would not have had to wash my hair..but I did once..because of the humid feeling:)
One pj..  
 travel art set..
stockingettes..or whatever they are called..and band aids...an umbrella.

I have dry hair and I wash it because I love the smell and feeling sparkley clean.

How did I feel in my clothes..? Totally blended right in..nothing said..Look at me.
Always safe with black..grey..etc..
You will see every kind of outfit there..

And there are so many tourists..in jeans and running shoes and sweatshirts.. (maybe they were not even all tourists)..that if you want to wear that..you can..it's not like you are being photographed for Vogue or want to be discovered:)
So blend in w/ basics..and black..or blend in tourist wise.
Be comfortable..

W/ the weather they were expecting..I needed the raincoat etc..not sure you would in July..
I didn't notice one particular fashion statement that stuck out..Except earphones and phones..and SELFIE sticks..
Selfie Sticks seem to be THE accessory.
The youth..I saw no tendency.
Everybody was different.
So don't panic..check the weather forecast and pack what you are most comfortable in.
Just make sure you leave your money and cards inside your clothes..so that someone would have to undress you to get to it..
plus it makes impulse shopping impossible.
You have to eat though..so do keep some in a safe place..outside your person.

PS..the day before we returned home..Max said at the dinner table w/ his family..:"Nana and grandad come home tomorrow"
Oli said:"No Max grandad is in jail".
Caroline had told the boys that some bad men stole our money..in Oli's little mind..the visual..incorporated Jacques in jail..because of the bad men.
Caroline explained..everything.


  1. Oh my, Grand dad in jail!!! What a funny sweet end to your post. I am so sorry about your loss. I read about card skimming on Carol's blog & immediately bought a "skim proof " wallet, but the skills of a professional pick pocket are tough to thwart. When I first moved to NYC in the 1980s I had my wallet picked from my purse on the subway. I feel your pain. So sorry it was on your wonderful vacation. Love the clothes tops! We would travel well together - me with my blue & white.carry on . You w/ your black, whit & gray ❤️

    1. Oh these are things we get over and they teach us a lesson..it's just no fun when it happens..you've planned a trip..and this does change a trip,in many ways..but certainly not anything we won't get over..we've decided we're not big city people..Rome was beautiful..yest Umbria and Tuscany pleased us more..in this case Provence is more for us...we live in the counry..we are use to peace and quiet..even though the first day was exhilirating and we were wide eyed..that definitely had an effect on us.
      My friend Nancy..can travel for one month w/ a packsack:)

  2. Monique we were vise versa but in Roma...we always think our story is worse but in different ways. Blunt like I am and you know that it's like being raped...but there is always sunshine at the end of the tunnel. You notice I didn't say light...but there is, you and J followed your dream and you did together! We are so very blessed...and I know both of you made the most of it...together we do survive!


    1. Not sure it was our dream..you know us..we're not dreamers:)

  3. I saw wallets lying everywhere in Rome, especially around the train station. We were told about a scam gypsies were doing in Paris and I fell for it anyway. I was toddling along behind my friends when a gypsy jumped off a bridge in front of me and showed me a gold ring just lying on the ground. He gave it to me and I said merci and started to walk off and he called after me and tried communicating with me. My sister saw what was happening and quickly rescued me saying NON. They almost always work in pairs. I am sad that happened to you. I went to those shops too and was surprised to see how expensive things were. My shopping was mainly for others with the exception of the brocante fairs. Sweet Oli. You must have had a good laugh at that one. Loved the pics and tour. Made me remember being there.

    1. They really are everywhere..we had been warned about the gypsies.They don't even look like gypsies..the beggars on the streets seemed more like gypsies..This happened evevery day..at first I would say no thank you..after our mishap..when one approcahed me..I firmly crossed my arms in the air and with a very firm tone and unpleasant face..I said :NO!
      Changes you.
      As you can imagine..we spent very little also.

  4. I have enjoyed your posts of the Paris trip. Jim and I have both been pick pocketed in a foreign countries. It happens so fast and seems almost inevitable these days. So sad that one has to worry about being robbed when on vacation. Sweet Oli and the other Littles must have been happy and relieved to see you back home. Your garden is so very beautiful as always!

    1. I think it happens more often than we even hear about:(
      Cheer and awe are put on a standstill..
      Oli at the moment is the sweetest:)I wonder how your beautiful boy is♥

  5. So sorry for your bad experience, but appreciate the warnings. We had to be on our toes all of the time in France and Italy. I remember the scam with the ring near the Seine and got very good at looking stern and shaking my head NO. My friend's Visa card was compromised in Italy. But as you and Jacques did, we learned to enjoy ourselves in spite of the threats. Love your photos and look forward to more of your Paris posts Monique.

    1. I just wrote about my firm face..it became so firm and not soft at all..I think I am still dealing w/ PTSD..;)
      Not funny..I know but it's the best way to describe it..Travel PTSD.

  6. How horrible! I have a cousin who worked on metro north in NY as a conductor. He said that so many conductors would put a rubber band around their money so it made it difficult for someone to get their money out of their back pocket when they went for a cup of coffee. I remember rush hours on the NY subway and you are packed like sardines in the can. My worst was getting pinched by some man, but that would not be much of problem these days! I'm glad you were able to forge ahead with your plans though. Love your photos. What wise tips on packing. I don't know if I could get away with ballerina type shoes and walk as much as you and Jacques did. Have a good weekend.

    1. Oh you made me laugh..we do become invisible at a certain age in a way don't we?
      Not to pickpockets..too bad.
      I saw his newspaper..I found him too close to us..I pushed on it to move it and he resisted..they don't look at you at all..I still remember him.
      They aren't cute shiny ballerinas..I bought some last yr in FL and find myself trying to break them in w/ ths huge winter Costco socks in the house..they are so tight..patent..they always fit fine in the store for 2 minutes in the sale area;)check out Keen's..thinking of them..the toe is round like a ballerina but 2 crossed straps..Jacques wore socks and running shoes..he has to..he never got a blister.
      That's what I mean..no need to worry about what you are wearing unless you plan on being in a movie:)

    2. Glad it gave you a laugh Monique. Yes too bad the pickpockets don't leave us alone. I have the same problem with shoes, they feel ok in the store but I get home and test them out on the wood floors and nine times out of ten they go back. Patent leather shoes are a no go too me. No give. Well glad you managed to make the trip a good one.

    3. :) Yet we loved our back patent shoes as children right? My mom would Vaseline them:)♥

  7. Dommage :(
    Sometimes bad thngs happen to good peep...
    Not spending a penny in Monoprix (excuse the expression)
    Oh dear...Bonjour Tristesse!

    1. :) Exactly.
      I know..c'est la vie....a surprise event..s

  8. I can't even imagine how you must have felt. The photo of the sad dog face says it all :) The same thing happens here in the states. A very good friend traveled for work, use his card to purchase something at an airport in another state and by the time he got home there had been purchases made. The card hadn't even been stolen! Just gone for a moment for an airport restaurant to be run through the register. There must be a way they can do a quick etching of the card number, write down the security code without being noticed. Very sad! I'm glad your bank was able to stop payment on the large purchase but I'm sad you didn't feel like buying more mementos of your trip. Galerie Lafayette looks so grand! I'm sure the prices were too :) The opera - oh my! Wonderful photos and tips, Monique. If ever...but I doubt it. I looked up your Keen shoes and they look cute but very supportive for walking as much as you did. I'm so happy the sun came out to shine a little happiness on you ♥

    1. I thought of John that day.I truly did..
      We're convinced the charge on the Visa was at the metro ticket booth..it's the only place it saw daylight..until the next day when it found it's way out of Jacques' pocket..I am telling you they are like David Copperfields of pickpocketing.
      We still have no news about the debits..we were using US cards though our Canadian bank..so we are not sure how that works.
      I would have written and told you..but for this trip..I think I need these installments..I can't keep repeating myself..it's like anything unpleasant..the more you talk about it the more it's in your mind..gotta get it over with in one sweep:)

    2. I totally understand! It's better to put bad memories in the back of your mind as quickly as possible :) If that would have happened to John...I hate to think of it. Not Mr. Patience!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS! What a horrible experience, Monique! Terrible people do terrible things,eh?
    When we were in the USA...one of the waiters/waitresses must have copied our American $ VISA...You know down there, they still take your card away to process...when we got home, VISA called Greg, and asked if we had been to VEGAS??? Hahaha! Someone went on a spending spree there...luckily we did not get stuck with the charges!
    Love the description of your wardrobe...sounds so classic and sheik...like you!! You are a very savvy traveller clothes wise...I have a terrible time limiting myself to certain things...geesh!!
    We desperately need rain here...shrivelling is happening...cannot imagine what is going on at the cottage!! But...we will be back there tomorrow ♥️
    Getting organized, and then off to pick up Vivian...I think this will be a pool day!! Greg and son and SIL are going to the Blue Jay game..
    Enjoy your day Monique...ahhh, those littles!
    Linda :o)

    1. I know.. I couldn't believe it..and I felt really bad for Jacques.
      This unnerved him as well as I..let's face it we're not forty..I swear though..I was fixed to get that guy..I even stayed a touch back when Jacques got off..swarming of people..would be so nice to catch someone....he probably had passed it on to someone else..

      You know I almost rgeretted having called Visa to tell them we were going away..

      Once in Fl..they called and asked us if we had charged something in Fl..and we had..but had not advised them.
      Jacques thinks there is something people can add to machines to swindle.
      What do we know..
      I think people should keep something disgusting in their pockets;)
      or a trap...snap..
      It worked my suitcase..since I have stopped working..my style has definitely become what my daughter thinks looks ok..or Costco has it:) Truly.Hmm..Winner's too.
      I don't care about designer names..I did when I was younger.I loved Ralph..I still do..would never pay that.
      Have fun with that dool:)
      And we have had rain all morning..at last.
      Thank God for Littles.

    2. I buy most (all) of my clothes at Winners or Marshall's!
      So easy to take things back!
      Vivian and I are pruney! In the pool for an hour and 20 minutes! Hahaha!
      No rain here......:o/

    3. Try Costco too:);)
      I miss not having a pool for the Littles:)

  10. Yikes! Glad you are both ok and still had a good trip.... hope the cards get all sorted out! xo

    1. Oh Lee~Ann..you should have seen us..
      it does get better ..but we are both happy to be over that.

  11. Décidément on ne peut se lasser de Paris... C'est une ville magnifique. Bises

    1. C'est une ville absolument magnifique..Le monde le sait..Le monde entier:)

  12. I love the way the young process....Granddad in jail...so cute. I am so sorry to hear of your incident. It certainly does take the lilt from one's step. I am happy that you were able to have everything addressed....but still, you continued on and enjoyed the remained of your time. Love your pictures...so many familiar sites. I do not know how I managed to miss that multi-story mall!

    1. There is so much to see..one cannot see everything:)
      I had things on my list we never got to..
      Kate that store is out of this world.
      Large groups of tourists in the purse dept..etc..swarms actually.
      I saw several bags of GL..white w/ black writing..

      since I didn't buy anything..I looked;)

  13. What fabulous photos you took, all looking so professional. Oh Monique, what an awful experience for you. I'm so glad you didn't let it spoil the rest of your holiday, I hate the metro,I don't think I could have taken the metro again having experienced that. I am paranoid in crowds Mr France takes charge, when we had to stand, he managed to get his back to lean on something and jam me into him. I loved the sensible outfits, you chose. I used to think when travelling with just a carry on ,it would be impossible to have enough changes of outfits to suit all occasions , but over the past few years of travelling to Denmark via Paris I'm quite good at it now, & even come back with one top not having been worn. Looking forward to seeing some watercolour paintings you have done during your visit. Enjoy your time with those wonderful boys of yours.

    1. Hi barbara..I can't say the event didn't stay with us..I see it can happen anywhere..every city has it's pros..;(
      I bet you are very content in your paradise..that's us..very happy in the country..I think in some way..I may have talked abut Paris a lot..and Jacques was influenced..:(
      I have lived in the country for over 40 of my 62 yrs..I don't even get into Mtl a lot unless we are seeing doctors and we make a detour for the market or Nancy..maybe I thought..what am I missing?
      Who the heck knows.

      It is GORGEOUS..we just have country souls.
      I know that now.
      I came back w/ a top I didn't wear too..a striped white and navy!!:) You made me smile.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that Jaques was robbed. Grateful that you both were safe. You took some great pictures! We are gearing up to watch Le Tour de France in a couple of weeks. The last day being on Les Champs-Elysees.

    1. Laurie..Jacques is a huge Tour de France fan..it's always on:)I love watching bits too..the scenery..etc..
      There was a blogger we all liked so much ..Diane,she was a flight attendant..and one year she showed us the finish line on her beautiful blog..you would have loved it..
      I know..that's the important part..safe..

  15. Monique, you already know how sad I am about your experience, but reading it again here leaves me with a pit in my stomach again. It makes me angry that this man not only stole your money and your credit cards, but he stole your time, your enthusiasm, your joy of this wonderful trip. I love seeing the places your lens captured. All bring back my own sweet memories of times in Paris. Merci!

    1. Thank you Sarah..I know you understand:)It's done..the next posts will show you the lovelier days.

  16. Oh dear, I am so sad and angry that this happened to you, but it is the same everywhere in Europe and in the larger cities in the UK. Even in the smaller cities. Even in our beautiful Chester you need to be aware. So many criminals about wanting to take what isn't theirs to take. I hope all of your transactions on your cards are dealt with to your benefit, and so sorry about the cash. On the plus side, your photographs are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! You are such a talented photographer! Except for your bad luck, I have enjoyed every steop in your journey. I hate the subway/metro/underground system. It's hot and sticky, humid and far too stogged with people in a rush. I will take above ground every time. Love and hugs. xoxo

    1. PS - I meant to say also it is still light at 10 PM here as well. And perfectly light out before 5 am!

    2. You have days that are about an hour longer with daylight..maybe even more..it seemed that way..no news yet on the debits:(
      Seems to be taking long..anyway..next posts will be brighter..
      thanks for feeling sorry for me..us:) Sometimes we need that;)
      It is such a shame..that it seems to happen so often..

    3. Sadly Monique, this person had probably been following you around and watching you, as you were tourists, and was just waiting for a chance to rob you. My father was mugged in Paris 60 years ago!

    4. I wonder..?
      Anyway..we're back in the country..maybe one day adventure will find us again..
      Just when you were born?..

  17. Monique, what an unfortunate thing to happen to you on vacation. Especially in Paris. I hope you're doing better now.
    I really enjoyed all your beautiful photos. I'm off to read more of your other posts.
    Hugs, Jody

    1. It's over and done..:( Next Paris post..brighter:)

  18. So sorry you two experienced that problem. I know there re many people trained in pick pocketing. It is amazing that people don't even feel it. It has happened to many people, so no need to beat yourself up. Love seeing your travel photos. Such a beautiful place to visit. We went there the same year, I had chemo..I had very short hair and everyone kept saying I looked french. The stores are lovely to check out, but can be quite expensive.

    1. I "met" you when you were in the midst of things..you were and continue to be an inspiration..always.And you know as well as I do..that yes this was the pits after waiting almost 10 yrs to go back to have this happen..but it's over..nothing nothing compares to health.I bet your hair looked adorable short too.

  19. Oh my, I've been catching up on your posts but I wasn't expecting this one. While rain and flooding is certainly not good, you were able to work around it. Paris is beautiful even when it is grey although not good for photography. I'm very sorry about the thievery but unfortunately the city is getting known for that. You really have to be careful however no matter where you travel nowadays…on the lookout for anything that doesn't seem quite right. There is also a scam going on in Paris where someone stops you to ask if the diamond ring they just found is yours…when you say no, they ask if you would like to buy it cheap as they have no use for it. We were warned about that by our hotel. Loved the photos today. The sun does make everything prettier, especially in the most beautiful city in the world.

    1. We were warned of that AND the pickpocketing..that's how good they are at their craft.It was a great lesson..to not trust;(
      I think Paris looks twice as good in the sun..perhaps i there had only been 1 day of gloom..I wonder when the mots opportune time to go is..Our daughter honeymooned in Paris 10 yrs ago..they loved it..but she had to buy warmer clothes..it was cold and never any sun..

  20. I know we have already discussed this terrible incident...but I send you a big hug.
    Bisous xoxoxo

  21. Oh dear, I feel so sad about it...It is unfair that good and generous people get preyed upon...Your resilient attitude is inspiring. And through the dampened mood, you saw and shared the beauty. Monoprix and Les Galleries & material opulence, not my thing in Paris...On my last trip, I never entered the Metro because of my alleries to perfumes...I would not have liked the crowds either. And yes, I have more than one friend to whom things like this have happened, not all in Paris. We live in a mixed world, don't we? But you exemplify the caring and goodness...I'm glad you are safely back home and that you all were not hurt.

    You know, I have a feeling I will never return to Paris...

    1. Jacques definitely has that feeling..and I doubt I would go without him.
      But ,this is for all big cities..we were watching a lot of news coverage re the Brexit..and then a movie last night..we know London is not for us anymore.
      Country..give me countrysides with charm..no woods:)No camping..:)No roughing it.
      Almost every day onthe metro something happened..
      a man came in w/ a smurf hat and blue shirt and a rolled up mattess..and put it on the floor and lied down..not an old man..twice men took the floorw/ speeches in a loud voice ..s asking for money..and they walk through your cab..people look down..I was frightened.

  22. Oh no! Who wants the bother of dealing with theft. And on top of that, in another country. I'm so sorry that happened to you. But I am enjoying your commentary and photos.

  23. Well, you certainly found an amazing way to make a heartbreaking post divinely beautiful with your photos and wonderful commentary. I loved it all -- except the part about the pickpocketing which is so very sad. Enough problem for the incident anywhere, much less while traveling abroad. I'm so sorry. But it sounds as though you made the best you could of a bad situation and I so admire that.
    Such a delight to discover your blog just as you were venturing to France. (And thanks for visiting Marmelade Gypsy, too!)

  24. I have come back to read this post a few times (and gaze on all your stunning, gorgeous photographs) and my heart sank for you and Jacques. Such an upsetting thing to have happen on this very special trip. UGH. I am so sorry it happened, but have heard from friends (years ago) the same thing happening to them. Such a shame . Delighted to read your fashion advice - it sounds perfect! I heave a sigh of relief that I know what to do to dress up for a city but still be comfortable. Thank you!