Monday, September 26, 2016

Roasted Beet Hummus~Kuretake and Koi~ hummus and had seen roasted beet hummus popping up in so many blogs I decided to make some because the color appealed to me..
It was just ok in my opinion..I roasted the beets w/ evoo and garlic and s and p..

I used my processor and put the drained..rinsed chickpeas(1 large can)..put 2 large cloves of home grown garlic and the roasted ones..some evoo..the juice f the roasted beets..1 beet..1/4 cup tahini..s and p..lemon juice..a touch of water..even added a nice mix of roasted pine nuts..sunflower seeds..oil..garlic chives..sesame seeds..and still I found it bland.
Served on mini warmed naans.

Oh well.

I did however polish off so many Tostitos and Tostito Cheese dip..
We went to one of our daughter's for dinner and I sat in front of them..and never stopped:)

Scrabble..etc..French dip crisp♥
Fall is in the air.
It's been cool the last 3 nights and the trees are proof of the cooler air..they are shedding their green color for the fantastic shades of autumn..
a little football on Sunday..I love when Max waves to us all:)
They had company the night before and Max..9 9.15 PM announced he had to go to bed because he had a game the next day.

So today I have two sets up..I painted the same teapot twice..and both could be vastly improved upon..the first I did on Arches paper with a travel set I have had for a long long friend had one too..I liked that the water brush came with it and it was my first I think..
The kit is available on Amazon ..I find they are fun to travel with but again..more chalky than I like..

However if you go peek here..on Instagram..I follow this girl and most of her paintings are done w/ this kit..they don't look chalky with her talent!Becky..aka Caobecky..
I really should use it more..
Again Parka Blogs has a review..

Even Walmart carries it..

Here is a set I do like..not the above ones I painted..but below.. Kuretake may remember those were my birthday gift this year..they were bought on Amazon..I don't find them chalky at all ,although more opaque..but vibrant!
Parka Blogs has a review..And it's fun to have all the colors right there..I used some paper I just love...the book is very big 10x14 and thick w/ a natural cover..the sheets are bright..white..lovely texture..deckled edges,this book was a gift..bought at Mtl Japanese paper shop and is from is different than my individual sheets that some of you may have tried..if you look on their site there is an area for pads etc..mine is there..:)underneath to the friend had the one bottom left..horizontal..for her landscapes.

So 5 stars to my lovely book and paper..and I do really like this green Kuretake set favorite brush is Raphael Petit Gris Pur 0/2 le "803"~
Paints to me are what my Prismacolors..Crayolas..etc were to me young.I loved getting new pencils.
You will find me more in art departments than clothes depts.
And maybe that's why I get such a crush on artists..
all kinds..

Again most of my brushes are very ordinary brushes except my 2 Raphaels and some Japanese brushes..but the rest are generic to the stores,have come w/ the kits..or are waterbrushes.. etc..I have not invested in fancy brushes...
but I have quite a few..
and paints I am a check out Parka Blogs when you can:)Because I am not an linking here..I have read and surprised me my thoughts were alike.

I think St-Armands maybe you could go take a peek at their's a phenomenal place.


  1. Your life is so good. Reminds of Norman Rockwell paintings. Hummus. Like it, but never make it. Beets would make it so much more healthy, but I'd rather eat the naan;) You do accumulate so many brushes; I still have some from 30 years ago. They are like a surgeon's instruments or the cook's tools. Most are useful for a certain stroke and really make a difference, i.e. the sable one stroke brushes. It's all good. I'm going to email you a website. You probably already know her work, but just in case I'll go look it up. Love her style.

    1. I forgot to tell you when I read your blog title, I thought she's eating koi?

    2. I look forward to it:)
      I love the naan the oven a few minutes w/ a spritz of water..
      I was roped in by the color:)
      Regular bought hummus just as good if not better..I even made Ottolenghis once..and the bought was better:)
      Or even just the canned chickpeas..tahini..evoo,,lemon juice..I like cumin too.
      I complicate things..
      Have a great day Donna.

    3. LOL I thought I should have put Kuretake:)

    4. Tried sumac? If you can beat Ottolenghi, I'm no expert. I read a recipe once that said the only way to make [perfect] hummus was to take off the skins before blending for the smoothest hummus. Can you imagine? You have a great day too. I'm packing up more things to head back to the city this week (as much as I can carry in my truck.) I don't think it will ever end.

    5. It will end..Will you sell the farm at one point?So much work..been there..done that..I can't stand the thought of our next move.

  2. At least you tried Monique! sure does look beautiful!
    Your paintings are always intriguing to me...such a talent you have!
    I agree with everything you say about painting...I have no such talents...
    Very dreary here today...home yesterday after 4 sleeps at the Lake!!
    Up to my eyeballs in laundry! hahaha!
    Enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)

    1. Tomorrow may be dreary here..sunny right must be hard to leave your spot on the water:)
      I love trying new things..maybe that's why I skim the surfaces;)

      we're all so different..
      you stitch beautifully..I have yet to make a granny square/etc..
      you're a great
      Sunflower grower!

    2. It was time to come home...but always sad to leave...we got a few projects that was good!
      I do not bake like are incredible!
      Mutual Admiration Society!! hahaha!
      Enjoy your evening...

    3. :) Watched a French special from France then a bit of the debate..

  3. It's too bad the beet hummus didn't get a 10 for flavor because it certainly gets a 10 for beauty! I, too, wondered what these new foods were in your title :) I actually made regular hummus for our last family swim on Saturday. So good with our roasted home-grown garlic! I always add a few dashes of Tabasco for a little kick. The guys like it that too. Love all the input on the kits and links. What painting fun you are having and it shows! Fall has arrived here. Chilly the next few days!!

    1. Here too!
      I thought it would be was certainly edible..I did add a splash of Sriracha..maybe not enough..leaves are falling already!
      It just flies by..

  4. Well your hummus is pretty as a picture, if that counts! I've tried hummus with beets too and wasn't really crazy about it

    1. :) We are suckers for pretty aren't we?
      Sometimes the prettiest things taste the worst and the unprettiest things can taste so cream of mushroom soup:)

  5. Well the beet hummus looks amazing and I love how you decorated it..reminds me of Frida's flowers..
    You are so talented with that paintbrush!
    Happy week.
    Shel x

    1. :) It was pretty but for me the Tostitos won out;)

  6. I have wondered about Beetroot Humous. Yours looks very pretty, but like you, I would want a real beetroot flavour there . . . I love beets. Oh your little man is growing up, taking his game seriously, and I love that he waves at you all. He will always remember your being there for him. I love when you write about your painting. I learn a LOT from you. I really do. I have a bazillion brushes, but the same old ones are like good friends and I use them always. Hope you have a wonderful week! Love and hugs! xoxo

    1. I'm glad you are finding the painting talk interesting..I know I love seeing what people I follow/love paint with..getting new ideas..
      like looking in someone's cooking things:)
      We do get to reach for the same the same measuring spoons etc:)
      Bonne journée Marie!

  7. Only you could make beet hummus look like art!
    I know how much you enjoy watching Max mom raced all over town watching all her grandchildren play ;o)
    Brrr, it was chilly yesterday morning. Have a good week. xo

    1. could too..imagine the color on a MC platter:)
      Xavier will have you hopping too..

      yesterday I wrote a letter to each Little about something they did special..each one of them this week.
      I love writing to them♥

  8. The hummus is presented beautifully, but sorry the flavor was light. Your grandson sounds so responsible and dedicated to his team :) How wonderful! As always, your paintings are delightful. Have a terrific week!

  9. So beautiful and artistic. Too bad it wsn't great. I won't be making any in the future...LOL
    I would prefer the chips as well...nachos or pico de gallo... I had another dinner party and served Mexican food with street corn dip...amazing! Love your pretty teacups....

    1. I love salty:) More than sweet..although I just made pretty good oatmeal choco chip cookies;)

  10. Replies
    1. Pretty mais bland:(
      I would kick it up a few notches next time:)

  11. Your hummus is a lovely color, even if it doesn't taste as fabulous as its magenta prettiness:) I always, always forget to buy tahini, which is too bad, because I love hummus. Plain is fine with me, though I made a cucumber one that was pretty good, tho had no tahini then, either:)
    I love that Max waves to you from the field!!! I would get little weepies if that ever happened to me.

    1. We are with his mom so I am sure it is directed towards her but. Feel like it's for us too.
      The boys just make our days..I know you fully understand:)
      Pretty color..yes..onto leek soup and squash dishes since we were at the market..
      Going to bed..long day:)

  12. It is surprising that something that has so many good ingredients could turn out bland but it sometimes happens. At least it was pretty as are your paintings.

  13. Your talent as an artist continues to amaze me. How wonderful to have a hobby that you love. Your hummus looks like a painting...

    1. You are so nice Sam..painting is therapy:)

  14. Wow, that is the most gorgeous humous I've ever seen!!!! It's like Hummous dressed up for a party! I loved your descriptions of the watercolor sets. Someone in our sketch group told us we HAVE to het the Koi set. How do those paints compare to tube colors? You've inspried me, I MUST do a little post on this subject too.

    Le français va bien et je l'adore, mais il me prend beaucoup de temps!!! I love the way your describe spending your time in such a seasonal way...

    1. The Koi are a bit chalky..but if you click on the link..some people do amazing work with that caobecky..I don't think you have to join Instagram to be able to see her work..
      It's a dandy set for travel w/ the brush..pack and go:)
      I still need water w/ a waterbrush to rinse the colors..
      if yu lived next door I would let you try and see:)
      The Kuretake..I love all the colors:)
      As it stands my supplies will outlive me Rita.:)
      I am doing Sennelier..WN..M Graham and then my Daniel Smiths:)
      Just fun to give our sentiments concerning them.would love for you to do too!
      In fact the Japanese accordion book I am talking of too:) Beacsue of toi!

  15. I am wondering if you prefer one of your teapot paintings over the other. I love both. And I'm wondering why you thing they need improving...It's always interesting to hear the inside story of art process!

    1. I like neither:(
      I did do one w/ Sennelier and I like that one a bit better:)But I don't think it had to do with the paints:)
      Even though I love Sennelier..
      Sometimes something works better a painting..the teapot is quirky:)
      I find it so interesting also..I just hope I am not boring everyone with my humble take on the items..:)

  16. Your watercolors are just beautiful, Monique. Have you taken lessons or are you self-taught? It looks like you're a natural talent.

    1. Boy are you ever nice:)
      I took a drawing/painting class in Sandy's basement maybe 20 yrs ago..maybe 22..she still teaches ballet to children..we were a small group and would meet once a week..and she would ask us to draw something..I loved that class..not long though..I was very busy at work then and had to miss some times..and I took one class 20 years ago with a nice his basement also.
      I don't find I have a natural talent.
      I just enjoy it so much.
      But I want to tell you that your words are such an encouragement to keep trying.Thank you Susan.

  17. Oh, MOnique, I love it when you paint and even more when you describe which paints and papers and brushes you like best. Your descriptions are excellent and I might just have to get some of those last green-box ones for the box if nothing else! Like I need more paint! But we do, don't we? You art makes me smile!

    1. The green box is special..I like the paints too;)
      You love to paint and you are talented.I say go for them:)
      Feels so special to set up and play.Thanks Jeanie..I love seeing what others like and use too.

  18. First of all, am smiling because I saw Mary Berry's Bakewell tart last night on an GBBO episode and was tempted to make it. Yours looks divine, Monique! Was going to try Mary's frosted top though. Really, I'm trying to slow down my blogging instead of finding new things to make!
    Sorry the beet hummus didn't reach sure looks pretty.
    Love your paintings...but I always tell you that!

    1. I don't mind that you tell me❤️
      In fact it is like we know each other more!
      Barbara don't you find Mary exceptional?
      I wish I would have known about her years ago.
      I have so much catching up to do..
      I love almond and jam together..a sliver:)

  19. Hi Monique, sorry about your hummus. That happens to me too. Anyway your paintings are so beautiful, love the colors, everything. Have you thought about designing your own cards, maybe encouragement, birthdays or get well? Anyway, take care.

    1. I do send cards I make to friends sometimes..It is really with encouragement that I have started sharing more here .I was not very thrilled with it but it felt so good:)
      Now it seems I am less shy.talking about the paints helps:)
      Thank you Cheri.

  20. The hummus looks beautiful! :) I always love your paintings... xo

    1. You are so sweet.Always have been always will be❤️

  21. In love with the photo of the hummus ♥
    Hugs, Jody

  22. I do believe that I would favor the Tostitos and Cheese Dip....I love hummus but with beets....??? I will opt for the cheese dip!