Monday, September 5, 2016


Labor day..  today..was stunning..another day in Paradise..
When I write that I think of our local notary who was Jacques' second cousin..Marcel Danis..he left us long ago now.. at too young an age..but I loved when my clients chose him for the closing on their new home..

at the end of every signing..Marcel would say with his radiant smile and absolutely twinkling eyes..:"Welcome to Paradise"~
And he meant it..

Well this summer has been paradise..

labor day was in the 90's in the sun..I stepped outside to water baskets..and paint the potting shed..loosely..and I say that loosely:)
It never looks loosely..and I had a palette I am not nuts about..I put it together before I discovered some of my very favorite colors..
oh well..

The dessert I made is so you ever make a very involved dessert and think..well that wasn't great..
I mean numerous steps..ingredients etc..all flash no substance.
This is just plain pretty and full of substance.

We both love these types of desserts.I do take a bite.
This is a Café Sucre Farine recipe from the inimitable duo of Chris and Scott in la cuisine..she masterminds the recipes..styles..and he photos..un beau match made in Blogheaven.

You can find Chris' post about this delish

See the Paris Stamp set?

I have Jody to thank for pointing me in it's direction:)
I found them a bit $$ dear..I have bought many stamps on special..or from a woman who seemd to not want to stamp first stamp goes back to when I was 10:)
I do love them..I can't say I make cards etc..I just like embellisihing cards and art and etc with them..and I like to look at my paints and brushes...and cookie cutters;)
Anyway they are worth it:)♥

It's the time of year when the light is harsher..all day..
everywhere you point a camera ..the shadows have changed..the light has changed..and the sound of September is in the air..
the grass is areas of more shade..
the crabapple branches droop with the weight of the apples..

the peony leaves get burnished..

every hydrangea..shows us they are so worth growing..

Annabelle..Kyushu..Endless Summer..Nikko Blue..PeeGee..Pink Diamond..Pinkiewinkie..

I have no idea what those perennials are..I got a small plant from a very old garden at a neighbor's house years ago..and now I have and there..tall spikes w/ red flowers will emerge..any clue?

See the little tufts below?

Foxglove..for next year I hope♥

I was melting painting this..and my paints were drying as fast as they could..yeah.. that's my excuse.
But w/ this I finished another journal.

September is like a new year.
Have a good one.

PS..Jacques said:"Don't lose that recipe"~


  1. Pretties from start to finish! ;-) Glad you too enjoyed a lovely Labor Day.
    Our day has been quiet and very nice with just the two of us reading and enjoying the day. This evening is so cool and breezy, it has me thinking we actually might be turning the corner into autumn. Fingers crossed that it is so!

    1. Our nights are cooler much better for what sleep I do get..oh to sleep like a baby again:)
      Ours was quiet too..I only aw the boys on Instagram today..

  2. Love your garden shed watercolor sketch... oh and the dear aprons.... I know you are enjoying these days! xo

    1. It is hard to be messy and loose for me..but I am yearning for lively!🎨Thank you for your are so nice.

  3. Oh, that raspberry tart, Monique, it looks gorgeous! Very tasty! Love the photos of the garden. It is a season of change again and the days are getting shorter and light is changing, making taking photos a bit harder once more. Sigh . . . just when I was getting used to it! Bah! It is still my favourite time of year. Love your aprons and that watercolour sketch of your potting shed is just lovely. You have so much talent my dear friend. You are truly blessed. Oh, love all your words. My visits here with you make me smile big time. Have a fabulous week! xoxo

    1. PS - I love Rubber stamps. I have lots. I buy them on a whim because I fall in love with them, but then I never use. I don't know why ... I guess I prefer to make my own art.

    2. The tart has your name on it..your oatmeal raspberry bars is one of J's most requested.When he ate these..he said it's like a fine pastry shop..I am very lucky to have a few recipes that taste that good:)None are mine.
      Are you enjoying this season of The GBBO?I miss it..
      Yes stamps are whim buys..we have Michale's here if I go I check the stamp aisles..and inevitably some are on for us..Marie check out Paul Wang on IG..AMAZING.And the blog Parka Blogs..he is great too and his reviews are so interesting.
      Yes even in the gardens..nothing photographs well at all:(

    3. Oh wow, I just did, what an amazing artist! I love his work! I am really enjoying GBBO! Only two episodes in. There are some real winners on it this year! xo

  4. Although I don't eat much dessert, I'm like you and enjoying making dessert. I'll keep this recipe handy.
    I have a collection of rubber stamps and used to stamp on a regular basis. I hope to get back to rubber stamping this winter, even if it is just in my journal.
    Love your aprons and watercolor sketch. Have a wonderful week. We are having 90 degree weather this week. Joe is back to school today :-(

    1. You must miss him after a summer..I love making them too..this one is very very nice:)
      I remember you stamped!
      I mostly adorn envelopes etc..I think they are so pretty to look's been the same summer for us both hasn't it?

  5. I have to try that tart! On a side note, when you make your jam do you use a true copper preserve pan or do you use an alternate pan, pot? I have a large enamel pot with lid and my big enameled cast iron pot along with a full set of stainless steel pots and pans.

    1. You do have to try the tart ..keeper..I halved the recipe made 2 small ones..they came in a set of 4..I don't have a 5 inch tart pan and none seem to be available..I had crust/topping left over a bit.
      but next time..Jacques said..oh just make the full one;)
      I have used many things with my jams..they often say non reactive..Don't use a too small pot will take even longer to get a good consitency.I use a large pot that is beige enamel looking outside..with a lid that has holes to drain was bought second I liked the draining lid..and's not too small and not too big..the inside is your enamel one coated?I rarely use my copper..I should:)All Clad is ideal..I used to use mine but they are either too big or too small.

      One thing that is the funnel for jam..etc.. etc..Walmart too now maybe..
      mine is plastic..wide mouth smaller base..firts perfectly on jars so wehn you ladle the mess..leave a small gap on will be surprised as it will seem like you left more room than you did..once cooled flip will be also surprised at the tight seal..then I refrigerate.

    2. Thanks Monique! I will have to make a large tart but I'm sure it will go. Jerry has Jacque's thinking, more is better!

  6. A summer in paradise - I agree with you. It is absolutely beautiful there. Love your painting and tart. Can't believe your aren't a sweets person. I used to make my own cookie cutters; with a pair of aviation snips and a sheet of copper, they are easy to make.

    1. I have seen home made cutters..have been tempted:)Show us:)
      I love to bake..and have bits of things like this..I am a salty person..put cheesies in front of me and I am a kids parties:)

      Good cheesies though;)
      I think I have just convinced myself..that I am not a sweet person.
      I mean a bars..these jammy things..shortbreads etc..
      I can't say I hate them..I can just walk away from them:)

  7. I hope I'm not leaving duplicate comments - this is the third time I'm trying, sorry. I'm so happy you enjoyed the tart! I wish we could sit together and sip tea and nibble raspberry tart. I have a feeling the company would be as delicious as the dessert. Thanks for your sweet words and the link!

    1. Oh it's so is absolutely un délice:)

      Wonder why re the comments? Does it happen often?

  8. What a nice story about Jacques' cousin :) All of your Pretties are indeed pretty~ I wish I knew what the name of that plant is because I have the same one in my shade garden. It likes to pop up all over the place :) I looked through my plant tags and Googled with no luck. Hopefully, some northern gardener will be able to tell us. 90s here also. Went to my physical therapy appointment today and the car read 95. HOT! It seems it always happens the first week of school. Poor kids on hot buses. Beautiful watercolor of your potting shed! Chris' dessert does look fantastic! When the weather cools :) Yesterday Iade the Ricardo refrigerator muffins that you shared with a while ago. Added chopped dates and dried cherries...delish!!

    1. Ys..dates and cherries would make them so good!

      I need to know what that plant is..hope your appt went well:) !
      hot here too sweltering..we did half the windows ..before noon..first floor..he does out I do in..

      then he helps w/ in because they take longer..;)

  9. Don't lose that recipe - how cute! Your jam filled tart looks delicious. Chris does a lovely job on everything she makes :) And you do too! Beautiful photos, painting and garden. Have a lovely week!

  10. VERY Pretty indeed your aquarelle!

  11. Your title says it all, Monique!
    And...I LOVE your aprons...♥️
    Have a great day...gonna be a scorcher!
    Linda :o) those pale green Hydrangeas! Limelight??

    1. The one above? Cone shaped?
      Pink Diamonds..they turn pink..I cut and bring in:)
      so we started washing the first level windows yesterday ..stopped t noon..and just finished them at 12.30..I do inside while J does but there are so few compared to the main..ouf..done.
      I love aprons:) Thank you:)

    2. It feels like 42 here! Had some pool time with Vivian...this is our last regular Wednesday with her...JK starts tomorrow :o( She is watching a show right now :o)
      This Hydrangea are gorgeous...I would bring them in too!
      Washing windows in this heat? What do you use to get them sparkly?

    3. I use windex..Jacques uses a cocococti w. a spray hose..only the insides are oerfectly spotless;)
      Rained las night no power 4-10..

      Little Miss V in school:) She will love it.

    4. I get darn streaks with Windex! Do you use paper of fibre cloths? Even on my mirrors.....streaks!
      She looked so cute in her uniform...had a lump in my throat...♥️
      Still hot here...lightning and rain overnight...I am on the couch...iPad in hand... Need to shake this hideous cough....:o(

    5. Take care!
      The fiber cloth by Starfrit leaves like a tiny lint..newspaper works great but my fingers get paper towels and glass shine..I like the foam spray even better.Jacques make s a solution..and more high ladders for the same time he sprays the porches etc..

      years ago..a friend gave me this.. outside J uses variables..

      1 cup ivory liquid soap
      1/2 cup vinegar
      1/4 cup ammonia
      in 1 gallon of water..
      You use 1/4 cup of this mix in a litre of water.

    6. Thanks so much!
      Have a great weekend...

  12. Your Labor Day sounds a lot like mine -- some lovely food, some "work" painting (I was painting window trim on the cottage), some "art" painting (I am wild about your cheerful house -- how it makes me smile), some very hot weather and noticing the changing light. I've a post prepped up about the late summer changes to go in a week or so (because I'm trying to finish the Vineyard first.) The warm weather made for good swimming at the lake, though!

    I have that stamp set -- they are my favorites!

    1. They are so nice:) I read a comment that was negative..there was be no pleasing that stamper:)
      Today it's raining..we had no power from 4 PM till 10.30 last night..

      so my clean windows are being a tad splashed on today.
      The land needs it..
      So I painted again ..good girl..swimming in the lake..:)
      I hope you paint a little MV scene..not the resto;)

  13. I missed the tart recipe on Chris's blog, and I know all her recipes are wonderful. My family love this kind of dessert and I look forward to making it for them the next time they are over. Your garden is still beautiful. This time of years mine looks like a dried up paper bags.

    1. made me it is pretty..we had rain..Jacques mowed..I primped and trimmed..what happens to me in Sept..I lose interest:(because everything is near done apart from hydrangeas..some roses..and russian eyed Susans..
      that is why we went away that month of September..almost 10 yrs ago..I said I could never leave my gardens before Sept..imagine;)
      The tart is sublime..Debbie at mountain Breaths has made it twice now:)

  14. I'm so happy to drop in and be filled with visions of such pretties! Your posts are always fascinating and lovely! I wish I knew the name of that too! I'd love to have a piece of that delicious looking tart, think I can smell it's beautiful aroma from here! You are so talented Nana!
    Happy weekend,

  15. So, your written description of your observations of what is happening in September is like a lovely little painting and a poem...I love the combination of drawing and writing in journals...and, I LOVE the sweet sweet rendering of the shed, oh là là, look at that sky!! Deserts, I don't eat them nor make them, but yours are little masterpieces.
    Here, in the 80's today which for me is not paradise. Happy Holiday! (will write soon...)

  16. PS I like your friend's salutation: Welcome to Paradise, what a nice personal touch. When I first came to Maine, several old timers welcomed me "To God's country."

    1. Such welcoming words they were..have a lovely weekend Rita..our heat wave is supposed to break tomorrow!

  17. Bonjour chère Nana,

    Nous sommes toujours au Paradis lorsqu'on pénètre dans ton univers !

    J'adore ta petite aquarelle...
    Plein de bisous

  18. Definitely making that tart! Love all your happy photos and I, too, love September. Everyone thinks Florida doesn't have seasons, but we do. We look at the trees and flowers and just know. Of course, our heat doesn't break much until November, but already it's dropped from the mid 90's to high 80's.
    Have a lovely weekend, Monique!

    1. I have seen seasons there..we have been in Nov..Christmas,March and August..shows you how much we do love it..
      You will like this dessert ..rarely is one of her recipes not top:)
      Hope you are recuperating very very very well..!

  19. Tres jolie, tres belle , so beautiful Monique :) <3 <3

    1. Merci Gloria..le crédit est à Chris vraiment😉

  20. Nous n'oublierons pas non plus cette recette, alors ! ;-) Ni celle de l'apple pie au cheddar, et encore moins celle des muffins PB&J. Je viens d'ailleurs de prendre mon café du matin avec un PB&J sandwich ... Tu m'as fait envie ... ;-)

    1. :) J'aime bien moi aussi.. des saveurs d'enfance nous quittent rarement:)