Thursday, March 30, 2017

Orange Blueberry Muffins~Oreo Brownie Cheesecake~Seed Packets.

And the recipe can be found..

HERE:) is long gone..wonder why?

I printed it up in 2008:)

Can you tell I am going through things?

OY..mama mia.

Any way they are really good..Miami Herald~

Grated zest and juice of 1 medium orange
3/4 cup buttermilk
2 eggs
3 tbsps honey
1 stick of  unsalted butter melted and cooled
1/3 cup granulated sugar
2 cups AP flour
2 1/2 tsps baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup blueberries

decorating sugar for topping if desired..

Center a rack in the oven and heat t0 400F
Butter and  or spray molds..
pour OJ into a large measuring cup and pour in enough buttermilk to make 1 cup.
Whisk in eggs..butter and honey.
In a large bowl  rub the sugar and orange zest together with your fingertips until the sugar is moist and the fragrance of orange is strong (I love this part!)..Whisk in flour..BP..BS and salt..
pour the liquid ingredients over the dry..and w/ whisk or rubber spatula  gently and quickly blend..The batter will be lumpy and bubbly..Fold in blueberries..

Divide batter amongst muffin cups..

Bake for 22-25 minutesIf you want to add sanding sugar..add after 10 mins of baking..

Transfer the pan to a rack when baked and let cool 5 minutes..

Jacques had a lovely ..birthdays:)

They tend to last a few days..  which is nice I find..  

there is the day we go out for lunch..

there is his real birthday..

and the birthday..

we all get together.♥

It was at Caroline and Frédérick's:)

I have mentioned for 16 yrs at least what a chef he is:)

You should have seen the plated platters♥

And look how cool he is.. 6 ft my brother was..

he loves watches..

now bracelets..for causes..

he wakes his boys up ..calmly and gently..

he walks them to the bus stop..EVERY single morning..

he coaches football..

takes them  to track..

serves up  Frangelico on ice..

makes his own beer.


Offers to trial run me on the train to Mtl..

The list goes on and on..:)

Did I mention that apart from his immediate family of 5..he adores his mom and siblings?

I have another son-in-law with qualities that are so different..but admirable..tag he is next:)

Everyone was there..the table was beautiful..the sweet
his beautiful family..loves him..and that makes me very happy.

The cake was liked..

Hahaha  this one was saved from their 2005 Holiday Issue..LCBO..

if you make it..DO make the cinnamon fudge sauce..that's what sends it over the birthday cake top.

I found the brownie layer could have been less dense..I have a super brownie recipe..may use that next time..however..w/ the thick warm probably need substance..and I should have pushed the cheesecake part further really can't you add the cheesecake filling on top of the baked brownie..there is a parchment collar all around the springform pan to hold the filing above and inside the when you make..if you do..push the filling was fine everywhere else..just not on the outer ridge..when cutting was beautiful.

here you go..:)

Painted small seed packets..

If you want some I think you can print some up from here..tny tiny one and 2 less tiny:)

Just know that they are imperfect..the ruler slipped in a few places..etc..

We were out Jacques' birthday week and did errands here and Asian market I love.. an Art store I love..a pristine bulk store ..we picked up things here and there..

At the art store.I won't get into the impulse item..  but I will say I bought 3 watercolors..
Sennelier Raw Sienna..because I am INLOVE  w/ all Sennelier..ALL.
I have only 1 tube of Sennelier..must correct that..all my good tubes are DS.

I did buy 2 Van Gogh's..I have a few of those from YRS  gone by..their sale had the VGs..I bought Azo Yellow  Deep and ..
Permanent Red Deep..No regrets..

I never paint on 6x 12..I am not at allc comfortable with large...or landscapes I usually paint a few things on these pages of my Strathmore book..but yesterday I bought the annual daffodils for La Société Du Cancer..and Shari..had shown us a tutorial..when I came popped into my mind..go see..I have 2 of her Craftsy classes..that are excellent..this was a demo..
I tried once..10 minutes max..I will try again and may enjoy this:)♥
Find her demo here.
I am excited to have my garden grow and try different free hand free bouquets.

For super cute Peter Rabbit Seed Packets....don't forget these I shared a few years back from Strangers and Pilgrims..♥

  By the way..this is the Wave Hoop the boys and I use..

Have a nice weekend..~

Easter is in the air~

For today..BUT..
winter is coming again John Snow.


  1. Oh beauty, that is Monique. I've never seen more beautiful muffins and the birthday cake must have thrilled the family. How lucky are your family members to have you. Your talents shine in everything you touch. And, now you tell us about the perfect son-in-law. How blessed are you? It all looks so cheery and beautiful. Jacques must have been tickled too. Makes me so happy for you and your family. Seed packets? Love those and never thought of painting them.

    1. We lucked out:) I remember the first time I met him..he was shy..and tall ..and it just fit so easily..he's a nice guy that people instantly like..he is kind and warm..thos kids are not lacking in the love dept that is for sure..they always leave us with :love you!"..I know they will grow up..but something's gonna stick:)
      It's in their natures now.

      I am not the prize in this family dear Donna:)

      He was tickled..I think you should be many years devoted to his family..he should be:)

      You would make COOL seed packets:)

  2. There is just so darned much to love here, I don't know where to begin! A glorious tribute to Jacques (I love birthdays that stretch out for days and days!). Those muffin cups are just adorable! And I love all your painting. The seed packets are so pretty and I really love your daffodils. I think you did amazing! I have a very hard time with painting water. But you get the mood just right! Oh, Peter Rabbit. Too many big happy sighs here!

    1. :) I am glad to have found an Easter lover like much cuteness involved..I do remember all my Catholic beliefs is a holy will always be to me..I don't go to church anymore..but it all stays inside us.

      but when the boys arrived..I got back into the cuteness of it are so ahead of the game for your new arrival:)

    2. I'm agreeing with you and Jeanie! So much prettiness and love and the pleasure of family, and the excitement of Easter and bunnies:)

  3. Replies
    1. They are so good:) Once you move.. new

  4. A very happy birthday indeed! Love those muffins - already getting ideas for adapting so thanks berry much. What a lovely family. You are blessed and talented is so many way. Love your painting of the daffodils. Ready for spring! Have a great weekend.

  5. What a wonderful birthday Jacques must have had. I love all of the personal touches. ♥ Fred really puts on a wonderful feast I can certainly tell he fills the room with love for his family. Bonjour, Fred! Those muffins look so delicious! Do you ever use frozen bluberries when you make them? I just bought a big bag of frozen organic blueberries at Costco that I use in my breakfast smoothies. Also found almond flour at Costco today! What a great buy compared to the grocery store prices. I'll have enough to last for a very long time now :) I think I'll try freezing most of it. I love daffodils and your painting! I hope winter stays away after they bloom. John Snow - LOL. I wish we still had HBO :)

    1. The typos :( Also forgot to mention the seed packets and Jacques birthday cake! Cute and delicious :) Now I will click on the links so I don't lose my comments :)

    2. I used FROZEN:)They worked..I did toss a bit of flour with them..;)

      The almond flour at where t buy it:)

      Supposed to snow tomorrow..I may try some different macarons:)
      Hope your cookie cutter lol gets there soon:)

      I chopped the clems in back of the garage today..snow next 2 days..oy.

  6. Jacques celebrated in style! So wonderful to have so much love! YUM! thank you for sharing and I love your daffodils! Still have tax mess scattered all over my work/paint space. Waiting to hear back from the CPA to see if I need to rummage through things one more time. THEN on to painting again! Ha! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Monique! blessings ~ tanna

    1. It's tax time here too..

      Doodlewash hosts a monthly painting inspiration..I am going to try April..just for would be ace at that:)

  7. HI Monique....
    Beautiful muffins and cake...and such a delightful celebration! Surrounded by love💕
    Your seed packets are so pretty...I hear ETSY calling your name.
    And....that handsome SIL... How lucky are you? And, your daughter too!
    Very cold..windy here...expecting freezing rain! Oy! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. We are getting 2 days..then that's it I hear..
      He is very handsome..I remember when Caroline started dating him..some agents in my office knew him and

      LOL..older women;)

      My sales days are over Linda:)♥

      Now is my time to just it:)

      Stay cozy!

  8. M, your paintings are more and more fabulous. I love them!Who made the poster for Jacques? So sweet. Looks like MIL adores SIL but then I knew that.

    1. A..I love your comments:) Caro made the poster..:)

  9. All yours pictures amazing and love yours muffins , I love too Easter so much like Christmas , is lovely and funny!

    1. It is a sweet sweet holiday..I rememeber all the Easters of my youth watching the Biblical movies..they are ingrained in me:)

  10. Oh Monique, your photos are outstanding. The cake sounds wonderful and thank you for the recipe for the muffins.

    Did a little Easter decorating and will finish up tomorrow as my son and girl friend are stopping by on Sunday to take me to dinner. They are on their way to Costa Rico for a fun week.

    Happy Birthday to the Birthday fellow. WOW what a great dad.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. I will go peek to see if you have shared your decorations:)
      Have fun w/ your son and his GF:)

  11. Your watercolor daffs and hydranga !!!

  12. What a special celebration for Jacques! Such a keen insightful description of your son-in-law as well. I love the seed packets and your sense of style!

    1. You would love Fred:) I just know it:)

      And..well..yes..he would love you:)

  13. Monique, your muffins are gorgeous! Love, LOVE the papers! So very pretty! Your son in law sounds positively lovely. I think that a parent's greatest joy comes in knowing that their children have made sound choices in marital partners, and that they make each other happy. You and J have set a great example for your family I know. And you probably learned from your own parents. What a blessing! My own parents, love them dearly, but were not very well suited, and not very happily married. Oddly enough they are the best of friends which has been a blessing to us children as we do not feel the need for divided loyalities, and are free to love and spend time with each of them equally. It makes for much nicer holidays also! Your J looks like he has had a splendid birthday. Love, LOVE days long celebrations! What a wonderful way to to do it! Your cake looks magnificent! And that sauce, it sounds positively gorgeous. I am dreaming, lol I have prunes steeping in tea and marmalade at the moment. They smell heavenly. Tomorrow's breakfast with some yoghurt I think! I love your art and your seed packets. What a delight! Oh this whole post is a delight. No surprise there! Happy weekend! xoxo

    1. Wrote you a long reply..and pouf..gone:(

      Every family is so different..

      I do know a few things..

      this is love to me ..

      Caring..devotion..kindness..loyalty..and a some humour:)

      You sound so up and happy!

      I love that.

  14. You have such a lovely family! I love drawn-out celebrations. Your seed packets are darling. How did you attach it here? You are such a techie! I am looking forward to getting the paints out this weekend... xoxo

    1. I did it w/ Google Drive.. go there.. and then I can help:) I think..:) That's the only way I could figure it out..flaws and all..theye are there for you..hope to get better at all this:)

      Have you tried Schmincke paints? Watercolors?
      I have so many..paints..and yet am tempted by 2 of their travel sets:(

      Bon weekend:)

  15. Your muffins look wonderful. And your muffin holders scream spring, so pretty. I made blueberry lemon friands this week, very similar but yours have more orange flavor I am sure. I had expected to see Jacques coconut cake. This looks good too. You always do such nice decorating of your cakes. Last, what a nice tribute to your son in law. It's nice to have good son in laws for the girls. He sounds very specia as I'm sure your other son in law must be. Sowing seed today. I sowed some marigoldsearlier in the week and they are germinating already! Time to get the calendula sown today. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. My craft room/nursery/wine fermenting/ironing hooping room is actually screaming Tomatoes and Terry:)

      I sowed The Strawberry Blondes and Flashbacks..and Nicotinas..just 3 days ago..and the calendulas have poked up:)

      Yesterday..I sewed a burlap bag for you..and printed up a Garden ephemera..Iron on my last post for you..and my Iron ons..must have caught a cold..I tried 3 times:( All in the garbage..:(
      I wanted to send one to you for your seeds..will try and figure out what went wrong..

      it's snowing here. yep..

      lots.. yep...

      I must's darn nice doing a greenhouse run quite a few times a day down there♥
      Yes both SILs are so nice with us..

      Have a good one Terry.

    2. Isn't it nice to see little seedlings germinating, especially if you are still getting snow. What a sweet gesture to make a seed bag. Yours is so pretty. It would be much nicer than my plastic box that hold mine.

    3. Have to figure out what went wrong:(

  16. Another question Monique, how many muffins does the recipe make?

    1. I made half the made 6 of these small muffins:)

  17. Yummy cake.. I would love to have it..

  18. What a lovely post and lovely son-in law. He sounds like a gem. I love the Peter Rabbit plates. Beatrix Potter was the best. We had these plates as children. I would love eating my cereal down to the painting, even if it was always the same scene. I cannot wait to see your garden. Enjoy your day. Bonne fete Jacques.

  19. My Dad told me Ottawa has had the coldest March in 80 years. I was going to return with him when he left in early March-I am so glad work was too chaotic. I would have been miserable in -20 degree weather. We have had 90's and low 70's this month. I love the mild spring weather.

    1. I will too:) LOL..

      Soon he will have tulips in Ottawa..soon:)

  20. Yay, spring has sprung!! Love the birthday cake :)

    1. Not here yet..we got an April Fool's surprise..SNOW..Once Aril comes..I am ready for sunshine lolliops and rainbows everywhere!

  21. Such a lovely post, dear Nana.
    Delicious birthday cake and muffins. I've just saved the receipt. Thank you for sharing, dear.

  22. I'm not sure which I like better the look of those muffins or those beautiful muffin papers!
    Sounds like a wonderful birthday for Jaques with a very special family!

  23. Hello Nana and hello from this new season, Spring!
    Your new cooking beauties and so in-season! <3
    I love your blueberries muffins ~
    See you and have a nice weekend

    1. Un superbe printemps por toi belle Camille.

  24. Happy Spring and yes, Easter is in the air! Such lovely muffins and pretty little cups too. A lovely birthday celebration for Jacques. Snow on April Fool's day...goodness. Enjoy the weekend. I certainly will. It's my birthday today and I shall be with my family tonight.

  25. Oh, is this post ever full of joy! I love the way you describe your SIL. The birthday celebrations at your home are truly special, as a birthday should be. Funny, with just the two of us, a birthday celebration is usually quiet with perhaps a lunch out. Used to be we would make a big deal about dinner out on birthdays. Now, we'd rather be out and about during the day and home at night. AGE!
    Love the sweet seed packages. I'm heading over to the links. '-)
    Happy April!

    1. Happy happy April to you too:)
      We never ever go out to dinner:) Unless it is at one of our daughter's homes:)Lunch is our thing too:)

      Bon Dimanche Sarah!

  26. I gave it a lot of thought - I think I'll pick the muffin :-)

  27. Lovely post! SILs are special. Mine is such an amazing person and father. I'm proud that he is part of our family. Your muffins sound very nice with the orange juice...I have never mixed blueberries and orange...will have to try them.

    1. They add so much to a family:)I like admiring them for the qualities they have too:)

  28. Hello, Monique! It's so nice to meet you via Marie (And Then We All Had Tea) with whom I'm co-hosting the Springtime Mail Exchange! Would you like to exchange a card with me? If you care to, you can stop by my place, where I have an email link in my profile info. :) I've been enjoying browsing your lovely blog, seeing all that make, bake and do... and your sweet family. I look forward to stopping by again. Happy Days to you & yours! :)

    1. I would enjoy that Tracy:) Will pop by..:)

  29. Yummy post Monique! Please send our birthday wishes to Jacques! :)

  30. The muffins look heavenly, Monique, and I love the paper they are wrapped in. Spring delights, for sure!
    A wonderful son - because you are a wonderful mother. xo

  31. What a wonderful Son-in-law. Love the muffins and the cake. Love your daffodil painting too. Always happy to be here. Happy Spring Monique.

    1. Thank you Penny:) Just saw had fun with Penny:)

  32. OOOOoooo and oh là là to all of it!! Family time and Son in Law, the Art Store (I want to know what the impulse buy was?!!!) The daffodils, luscious! You are having so much fun! Here, still so cold and gray...Seed packets, lovely...

    1. A glass top art table..:) And I am really enjoying it!:)

  33. Happy spring and a belated happy birthday to Jacques, his birthday cake sounds delicious…although I wouldn't have expected anything less from you and your baking. Aren't you so lucky to have such a sweet son-in-law, he sounds like a wonderful member of your family.

  34. I really like you post good blog,Thanks for your sharing.