Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday Magazines~A new recipe and a small reminder~

I think I am down to 0 magazine subscriptions..even Ricardo I let go this year..but at Walmart.at the cash here in QC you can get 3 magazines for $10.00 .. impulse buying..it's Christmas..I did it..

I honestly find that there are so many ads and little content in magazines  compared to viewing beautiful blogs online..that I have lost interest in magazines and that's too bad..cooking magazines..

It may be temporary:)

Ricardo's styling is impeccable,,the cover alone pleased me..the pics are always fantastic in his magazines..he's up up and away this QC treasure..  so much going on for him.. a beautiful line of EVERYTHING.. restos..shops..

Inside was a fun recipe..very similar to one I have made for years..but in the shape of crescent moons..I love the balls..they look like snowballs:)And less sweet than my go to one that has more icing sugar in them.

The recipe is very easy..
Just make sure you roast your pecans..it just enhances the flavor so much.

La Recette~ Sablés aux Pacanes.

 2 cups of roasted pecans  finely chopped in the processor.
1/2 cup softened unsalted butter(I always use salted)
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
1 tbsp amaretto liqueur..I used almond extract/emulsion.I forgot we had amaretto.
1 1/4 cup unbleached all purpose flour

 1 cup icing sugar

Pre-heat oven to 375F
Prep 2 baking sheets w/ parchment
Combine butter and sugar..add egg and amaretto..combine until homogenous..add pecans and flour w/ wooden spoon or delicately w/ the mixer.
You can use a small cookie scoop..to form balls.. of 1 inch..roll gently and place on sheet pans
Bake for ap 12 minutes or until they start to turn a light gold..
Let cool completely..Place icing sugar in bowl..coat..dust off..coat again.
C'est tout..
Will keep 2 weeks in a hermetically sealed container room temp.

After school treat.. clementines were featured too..lol just so you don't think all I feed them are sweets..I am so happy my Littles..now big..have parents who love them and care for them so much.

So I am sure 99% of you have seen the video of the young boy that was bullied at school..his mom posted the heartfelt video..
I can't tell you what it does to me and probably 100% of you.

I was bullied from the age of 11- 15 ..4 long grueling years..not at school..in my neighbourhood..  everyone was quite cute and English and slim..

I was not cute..only my parents found me cute..I was heavy..  no one at school noticed and Gwen told me she didn't either..but ohmygod there were a few nasties out there..and I was French..lol as if that was bad..now there are francophiles everywhere.

I bawled my eyes out..and the hurt and pain it caused my mother is what still gets to me..it hurt her to see them make fun of me:(
Shame on you.

I have told many of you this..
but just in case someone new is reading..  please tell your kids not to bully..maybe that's why I adored Wonder..

I will be seeing the movie Saturday..

You have to know what it's like to be made fun of..to know what it feels like.
Stand up and don't let bullying happen to anyone..if you have to..go tell the people to stop..go higher or nearer if you have to.
I would act immediately f I heard or saw someone bully anyone.

One day I heard someone had been unkind to one of my Littles on the bus.About a haircut of all things..
I used to think she was cute and charming.And so well-mannered..
Not anymore;)
What a phony baloney kid.Hypocrite..the true meaning of the word.

So things changed for me..and I lost weight and the phone started ringing.Susan..said to me:"you don't want to be a fat teenager all your life"..LOL  no  I can't BE a teenager all my life....anyway she helped by saying that..and we have talked about this time together .And all is good.

Life has ups and downs..

but to have such downs so young..is really sad.
It does build character..it does teach empathy..makes you love the underdog..and teaches you to never bully.
But there must be gentler ways to learn:)

OMGee I am getting off my bandwagon now.

Have fun baking..
And prepping or whatever you are doing..

The snow is falling..the roads are a mess..I addressed my last Christmas card..it will be the last one mailed..others are gone.

I'll never stop.While my hands still work..I won't stop;)

PS..Seems like a few of you like the mittens as much as I do..I found the tutorial..here..made them last year..


  1. Those treats sound wonderful! I am sorry you were bullied. Sending hugs!

    1. The litte boys video brought it all back..poor kid:(

  2. oh dear ! Bully is awful, years ago my daugther suffered it, and I suffere all the time, because she doesn't let her school, was a hard time, a really hard time and of course she hate her school. Thank's God she study ARt now (she is so good) and she love it but is really true we are signed by these things we lived.
    AT school someones upsept me because I have dark hair and inb this times some of others were blkonde or others anyway I never forget that, by many years I dont feel beauty. sigh. Is a terrible world sometimes.
    Hugs and love

    1. Your poor daughter and you! I am happy she found her ART.Moms suffer so much for their children.There is no one we love more..makes me cry just thinking about it:(
      I think you are a dark haired beauty♥Inside out Gloria.

    2. yes dear I think with my daugther was the most sad.
      Now she is lovely and is ok.
      looks at you always I think you are a beautiful lady.

  3. I am letting go of magazines too. Your lovely blog is one that is taking their place. I am just now reading Wonder. It is powerful. Children must be taught, at home and at school, about how hurtful bullying is. It must stop!


    1. It must and thank you !
      It just has to stop..that child..it's heartbreaking..I remeber crying so much.:(
      Wonder should be read by everyone:)x

  4. So sad such a lovely person like you was bullied Monique. Kids have such a hard time seeing through the outer shell. I guess we all do sometimes. A good lesson for young and old alike!

    1. C'est la vie...sadly.. just want everyone to be spared of this..I watch that video and cry..
      Hohoho..nostalgic today.

  5. Your cookies are lovely Monique and I am sure very tasty. I have been baking an almond crescent cookie also similar for years, but it is nice to try something new! Your felt mittens are lovely. I have seen the video of the bullied boy and it breaks your heart. I was bullied from the age of about 12 to 16 and it was horrendous. I have often been very grateful that there was no social media back then, because at least I could get away from it at home! Home was my escape. It did make me stronger and more compassionate but I think I would have been a compassionate person anyways without the experience. I am sorry about Noah on the bus. It was the same for my Douglas. Your heart breaks for them. Like you, I think there must be gentler ways to learn. Bless you my dear friend and your beautiful heart. Xoxo


    1. We were going through the same things at about the same age!I think I am not surprised..

      It wasn't Noah....I have 4..so it's one of the four;)

      Poor Douglas..

      I just wonder where it comes from?

      Of course I have seen adults be cruel..so maybe at home.

      I remember once at the office..lol no one knew I was there..and someone said something awful about someone I cared a lot about..I stood up from behind my cubicle..and said..:"!!!!!!! Come ON!!"
      I can't say the names;)She was shocked;)

      I had a little corner..heard a few things..lol.

      Trust me..adults can be super cruel as we know..

      Guilty I am I bet.. a funny thing happened last week..

      I went out on Sat or Sunday..it was the Santa parade..I live pretty much in town..so Main was blocked and I had to go..up..and around etc..any way you get it.. a detour...as the parade was just about to start..

      on my way home..on one of the detour streets..the barricade was gone..but there was a security guard..I knew the parade had passed..and living just down there..I felt pretty sure I could pass but wanted to ask the security person that was talking to another motorist..this is a SMALL town,,speed limit is SMALL and I was at a STOP sign..waiting to talk lol..the car in back of me threw up his arms..(The driver Grinch lol..)..I looked at him and said.. not a nice word..and my window was open..LOL I keep hoping the security guy didn't think it was aimed at him..sure enough..I was given access..LOL
      But I felt guilty!
      I hate impatience in drivers..puhhhhlease!
      Pet peeve LOL.
      Be courteous on the road.Or you might hear something;)

    2. DUH, read again and don't know where I got the idea it was Noah! No mention of any name! Sorry Monique! Good for you for standing up and shouting the odds! I bet they were a bit more careful after that! Adults can be very cruel and its almost worse because they know better or they should! haha, I cannot imagine you calling someone a not nice word, but we all do it. Me too! But not where anyone can hear me. ;-) God bless! xoxo

  6. Bulling is such awfull attitude!
    Neither me neither my children were ever bullied, thanks God.
    Your cookies seem to be so tasty! As a matter of fact, this afternoon I baked an almond cake which will be our dinner desert.

    1. :)
      Hmm..something seems askew now with the video...seems the story might have a few issues now.oh lala

  7. I love these cookies, the crescent shaped ones, because my mother made them every Christmas ♥ Pecan Crescents. I love the sound of amaretto in Ricardo's recipe. It is a lovely cover on his magazine! You should see the stack of magazines I have on my desk that I haven't even picked up. Social media has taken a lot of that away. Instead of magazines we are reading IG and blogs now :) I love your pretty white mittens! I remember wearing mittens attached to my coat with chains made from yarn that my mother made :)

    I can tell that your bullying still affects you :( It was the opposite for me. I was teased about being skinny. Not in a mean way though so I guess it never bothered me terribly. I wonder if the girl on the bus actually likes the alphabet boy who was teased about his haircut? Sometimes kids have an awkward way of showing their interest in each other. If it was mean spirited, then shame on her! I hope my boys are spared, pretty please, and that the schools make an effort to education on this very serious matter.

    1. I read educate :)I can read through typos because I make so many..aww..one day that girl may eat her words;)

      Nope she is ten feet taller and older..so I doubt it's a crush..

      Yes IG..ohmygoodness the talent..unbelievable..and I must say what a great business venue for many..

      It does affect me..today is 43 yrs since my mom passed away and seeing the bullying video and thinking of her..I thought..you kids could have been kinder..

      I have a sad story..listen up..

      my mom had hung my leotards on the clothesline..we wore leos w/ our tunics etc..

      well they stuffed them w/ paper to look huge..hung them back up and sang a terrible song:(


    2. That is terrible what they did :( I can't even imagine. I hope they now think back and realize what a cruel thing they did, especially now that there is so much more knowledge of the affects of bullying. So Sad!

    3. Another little anecdote lol because I have to get these out there..about 20 yrs ago..I was at a dinner w/ 4 of the "Gang"..and one said.."Remember how funny it was when we would all call you fat and laugh?"
      And she giggled her very back then popular laugh..because..she was ..coveted..

      and I said..Actually ..it was cruel..it was not funny.
      And no..

      Well the mood of the evening changed..

      must also add..

      Life changed dramatically..after those yrs..from 17 on..

      I did showroom modeling to pay for McGill..help pay..had a portfolio w/ Constance Brown agency at the time..but then..you know the rest..
      So..the story unfolded..

    4. I never knew that part! Certainly a turn about and no doubt who had the last laugh - or, at least a wonderful feeling of accomplishment :)

  8. I should make these cookies today- my husband would be so happy!
    Bullying- such a problem and so sad. I am so protective, as a parent and grandparent. There is a great deal of bad behavior out there. It makes it all the more important to show our littles how much they are loved.

  9. So sad when children are allowed to bully others. Nothing good about it. I worry about my grandchildren too - hope they never have to go through what you experienced. Beautiful cookies Monique :) Wish I could let go of my magazine obsession. I am practically building a wall around my desk.

    1. When I was a realtor..I did open houses on Sunday's,some days were so quiet..I loved my clients that had a ton of magazines.
      I just go through them so fast!
      I know..the grandchildren😢I would be fierce☺️

  10. Thanks Monique for the powerful video...I hadn't seen it before. My older/only sister was 'the bully on the block'. Very tall and strong. Kids were afraid of her and I had her 24/7. She still hasn't outgrown the habit. She was not happy when I moved thousands of miles away to Paris 😀🇳🇱
    Not happy at all. Thanks for sharing your story too!👏🏻👏🏻💋

    1. You poor kid..At least I didn't live w/ my bullies..Bet she might be a bit "envieuse" of your life;)I know my mom would have loved it.

  11. You turned me on to Ricardo :-) I have one of his cookbooks that I love.
    Like you, have not renewed any of my magazine subscriptions. But did subscribe to Magnolia. Love Chip and Joanna.
    Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing the video. We all know a bully, they never change.

    1. LOL I like that..we all know a bully:)
      Chip and Joanna I have just NOW discovered..on IG..and in Fl I saw their Christmas line at Target..cute cute cute..I must have been licing under a rock..love the name Magnolia.

  12. A good treat -- three for $10. ;) Monique, I am so sorry you experienced the cruelty of bullying. I fear for my grandchildren. It just seems some have lost all restraint... but, it has been going on for ages... this cruelty. I don't understand it. Just awful. Evil. One school just south of here has had two suicides in the past couple of years... bullying. I think a lot online/social media. So sad.
    On a better note, those lovely little balls of goodness look delicious! I hope you have a wonderful day, dear Monique. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    1. I think had we been part of Social Media..things would have been even uglier.
      I just read of 2 more suicides of very young girls..:(
      Has To Stop.
      Have a lovely dy..Meryl..I just saw her being interviewed and I thought..:"Meryl..you look just like Tanna"~

  13. I make a similar cookie every year, but think I will try this one. Love the Amaretto. You will love Wonder Monique. It has stayed with me in my heart. So sorry you were bullied. Not to get political, but we have a bully in the White House. I am feeling better this morning that Alabama rejected another bully. I'm hoping we can return to decency.

    1. I appreciate your candor very much.
      Said with such aplomb.
      Have an unbully day by the lake..must be bliss.

  14. When I was teaching at the Middle School, I saw and heard so many hurtful things. We had bullying initiatives in place, but the kids being bullied won't stand up. It takes the good students around them to step up and help stop it. Also, on magazines, I use the Texture app and read all my magazines on the iPad now! It's wonderful and I think Ricardo is one of them that they offer. I read (to just name a few) - Clean Eating, Food And Wine, Bon Appetite, Cooking Light, HGTV, Elle Decor, Country Gardens, People, Entertainment Weekly - and so much more!!

    1. Pam I remember when you taught🙂👏🏻I bet you were a great teacher.Yes I think kids standing up for kids is key.Followers in bullying ..I have no compassion..get a backbone..
      Thanks for the tip on a Texture..will look into it!

  15. I still remember your story Mon, but being a Nonna it hurts more when your grandchildren are being bullied! 💔
    I was bullied by a family member all my life, my lisping and being small chested...and to this day it still hurts.

    1. Well you don't lisp anymore ever🙂And now who's happy to be smaller chested?😊
      Not great larger when you are older.
      You will always look youthful🙂

  16. The recipe looks good Monique. My sister makes something similar. I’ll have to try yours. Sorry to hear how you got bullied when you were young. But what is amazing is years later the person thought it was still funny. That is someone you just don’t need in your life. Good for you to put her in her place by enlightening her that no it is not funny to be bullied.

    1. Absolutely..I knew right then and there..she had not changed one bit.Some relationships are much better left behind.Yes these are good..not as sweet as the others that have more icing sugar in them..this is the time of year when you want to bake everything pretty you see..but I can't..just J eats it apart from what I serve Christmas morn..my girls are Christmas bakers:)
      Have a nice day Terri:)

  17. A beautiful post and a good reminder. Yes, I think you and I may have shared that experience, though at least I was in a neighborhood school and didn't have nationality to add to the chunkiness.

    I love your mitten banner and I don't know this Ricardo magazine but next time I'm in Canada I'll have to check it out!

    Merriest -- I am so behind on your posts and comments and everything but I am savoring your wonderful photos!

    1. Stay busy and happy and healthy! The mittens..a pattern from Nancompany blog..here you go..


  18. I'm very sorry to know that you were bullied as a young kid.. loads of love and hugs for you..

    1. WE must all have something at one point I guess and more..c'est la vie..I wonder if a totally chramed life exists?:) Thank you Krishna!

  19. I have to say I feel the same about magazines and I used to purchase a lot of them! I don't buy them any more either.
    So sorry to hear about your bullying! We never know when it is happening and often our children don't tell us. I had a locker by a boy who was severely bullied. He could never afford the school yearbook and finally his senior year he saved up and got one. The boys on the track team with him took it and tore it apart. I never knew this but at our 35 year reunion he told us and my hubby said to a friend that his graphics design artist, who happens to be our niece could replicate one for him. I don't know how she did it, but she took mine and took out all the signatures and comments people had written and she recreated almost an exact copy of it. It was sent to my hometown where they had two parties where people came and signed it. He lives in California now and he and his wife went to dinner with a few other classmates also from California and they presented it to him. They videotaped him receiving it - it was movie worthy - to repair a little of the damage that had been done - what a miracle! I couldn't believe hubby thought he could have that done - and he did it!!! (All for someone he didn't even know - what an angel!)

    1. Yes he IS..what a heartwarming story..

      You two are pretty special you know.

  20. A lovely post and an important reminder. Bullies are everywhere. I am sorry you were bullied. I was bullied in Junior high and also my younger son was bullied. I don't take any crap anymore. I will always try to be a protector.

  21. I really like you post good blog,Thanks for your sharing.


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