Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thumpety thump thump..♥

Thumpety thump thump♥

Today..Tuesday.. was pretty in the AM..more gentle snow falling..and then..rain..made for a very grey.. dark..humid day here in my little town.

I was going to run..one errand and didn't and now I am hoping that this rain won't freeze up the streets as I must go out tomorrow and want to add my errand or two.

I drive a tiny car..not much road hugging..easy to park,but no 4 wheel drive etc..

I hear sirens ..it really is ugly ugly out there.

Nothing pretty except inside ...

Ornaments and art work from friends afar..

Pretty cards with puffy trees a la 1950's..vellum envelopes and Folk Art Santas on vintage book covers..fairy finger stitchery..and a sparkly garden trowel♥ A Christmas card with such a cute family on it..neighbours on the HILL as she calls us all..on the hill..

this girl..I met her when she was a peanut w/ her sister..

I eventually had the pleasure of working with her sister for a brief time..♥
This girl..on the Hill..  wrote for our local newspaper when she was a teen and more..I never missed reading her column..

I would read it out loud to Jacques...

as luck would have it..she's on the Hill w/ Katie..and one of my daughters is  on the Hill w/ 3 of my loves..and another sweetie..Vanessa is on the Hill:)

And they are all friends..

that's my Hill story as I am looking out thinking:"Please be safe everyone".
The wind has picked up too much and rain is pelting the windows:(

It's Wuthering Heights/Winter edition..

So.. I made..we.. made tourtières..this is a WHOLE afternoon thing when my daughter isn't there..made them Sunday afternoon..

with some pie dough left..

that's when we make Nun's Farts..pardon the expression but I swear to you..here in QC we call them ..Pets de Soeur~

All you do ..dough..lol..is roll out your dough into a nice rectangle..

onto this you can spread room temp butter and sprinkle everywhere w/ brown sugar..roll up..slice and bake in a 350 F Convection oven for ap 20 minutes..keep checking!

Or you can do what I do..roll out your dough..sprinkle brown sugar everywhere.. pat it in a bit.. roll up..slice..place on a baking sheet that has parchment ..dot each w/ butter and bake..same thing 350 F convection..20 mins ap..just check..you want the dough crisp and the sugar caramelized..some add cinnamon..I am a purist lol.

The last photo here is such a Coup De Coeur for me..

It's a collector's plate..
gleaned from my favorite..yes I said favorite..it goes back to me being young..artist.
Trisha Romance..watch the video:)♥♥
I have 3 plates..not worth a lot..

but a few limited edition prints..well framed hanging in our home.
I have visited Niagara-on-the-Lake..have seen her home..her studio..

We replicated one of her fireplaces here that I saw in a magazine in the 80's..I think..

I have made my girls PROMISE to keep the prints..

And I met her..

she had a gallery in Sarasota Square Mall Fl..so many years ago..and I did not ask for a photo:(

Never do that..she would have been happy to..

And honestly..I looked better 25 yrs ago.Much..It would have been a lovely souvenir..

Don't let moments escape you.
You'll never be younger than you are today.♥

I should be back..I have ugly cookies settling into their ugly icing.

Some things spell fiasco from the get go.

Hoping to camouflage..



  1. Sweet story about the Hill💓
    Love all your decor...I remember Trisha Romance...not lucky enough to have anything...
    All our snow is gone....just ugly brown now....hoping for a fresh coat for Christmas...
    Enjoy your evening...we had a VERY busy day....🌀🌀🌀
    Linda :o)

    1. There are those cute spirals again☺️I still love her..I was working when I bought my prints..A Mother's Arms..The Birthday..and Heart to Heart..❤️And 2 small framed prints too..but not numbered..I still love them.In retrospect perhaps I should have invested in a couple more..but you know what?I don't know where they will end up..my girls are not enamoured I don't think😢I hope you get fresh snow!Here too!!

    2. I was out for 3 1/2 hours!!!!!!!
      I answered you on IG about the spirals....🌀🌀🌀
      Hope you got all your errands done...

    3. I did! Although my tires slid a bit this AM not this aft!:)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful, cozy day to be inside with a fire and a friend and enjoy all your beautiful holiday cheer. Hope things clear up enough for you to get your stuff done!

  3. Nun's Farts!! LOL! I know they are delicious! LOL! Yes, a good day to stay inside and I'm sure your "fiasco" turned out beautifully! Have a wonderful day, Monique! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Hahaha! Such an adorable name. Stay safe out there and happy baking Monique! I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year! Send some snow our way - but not ice :)

    1. Yikes you shoud see our forecast..Dr Zhivago..at least until the new year! I should have kept my '70's Julie Christie hat;)

      We will be having a lot of fires..
      Happy Everything to you and yours~

  5. I love all of your Christmas Past and Christmas Present. Who knows what Christmas Yet To Come will bring :) Lovely, precious sentiments and memories. Nun Farts -
    LOL. Great idea! Love The Hill, Tricia Romance, all of your treasures ♥ The sweet plate. When John and I were first married, we started a collection of Rosenthal dated Christmas plates. They are in the attic somewhere - I need to find out where :) Too much up there! Can't wait to see your cookie canvases ♥

    1. I thought of you today:)
      Which is not unusual:)
      I have to learn to flood..I dipped and dripped icing.
      I cannot wait to make your hanging hearts for next yr..I think a chickie on the Hill or 2 may receive some..:)
      Yes go ook for those Risenthals..what a trip down memory lane that would be..ad we would all love to see..:) I have some el cheapo Christmas sets of dishes downstairs in the cold room..must be 80's early..now mismatched..I never use them because we are too many now..(not complaining)..so I use my clear el cheapos;)Or white...


  6. haha Monique, you will never believe today I made some Mince Pies and with the leftover scraps . . . Pets de Soeur. My father called them Nun's Farts and titilated us to my mother's humiliation with the name. As Children you can imagine how much we chuckled over them! I always make with my leftover dough at Christmas, and I am not a purist, I add cinnamon, lol. I bought the meat today to make my tortiere. I cannot wait to smell them baking and then enjoy them. Love yours. They look so nice with the letters. Love all your Christmas Decor. We are having a day like you today, dismal and rainy and not very nice or Christmassy! A great day to put on the Christmas music and bake! Love your Trisha Romance plate. Very nostalgic. Love all that you share! I am loving these canoodling busy homebody last days before the big day. I am right in my glory. Love and hugs. xoxo PS - I am looking forward to seeing your cookies too!

    1. The cookies..LOL..LOL..LOL..LOL..enough said.:)

      So we both made pets de soeur:) You are Canadian ..eh?


      I do love these days..my winter..is filled withthem..Marie the cold knocks the wind out of you here..
      and you have way cuter Christmas cards in the UK..

      I bet we would enjoy going to little stores together..

    2. I am sure we would! But would our husbands survive it! haha Todd would be so afraid of what I might spend, lol. You and J must come here some year. What fun that would be! xoxo

  7. Lovely Christmas baking, dearest Nana!
    Feliz Natal!

    1. Feliz Natal..yes..I keep using my very limited 10 spanish words..;)
      Not right..

  8. Beautiful Christmas baking!

    Linda from Beauty And Tips

  9. Belle belle belle! Très belle Monique
    J'adore ça❤️❤️

    1. Ces mots....ce mot ..j'adore..isn't it such a wonderful word:)?
      I just saw the cutest macarons on IG..BEARS:)

  10. Don't you dare try to tell me you have ugly cookies in ugly icing because I won't believe a word of what you say! No one I know would spell out Tortiere on their beautiful crust or make those very tasty sounding nun's farts and come up with ugly cookies. So there!

    Thanks for the Tricia Romance link. I get to Niagara often enough that I should check it out. That plate you showed is so beautiful. That's my style of art and so evocative of the season.

    And yes, be careful out there. They are talking about freezing rain tonight which always freaks me out. Home is the best place to be -- cozy, comfy, pretty.

    A side note -- I'm having a 10th blog anniversary drawing which closes on Christmas. There are links to the sign-up post from whichever post you land on! Do enter!

    Merry Week!

    1. I did go see you..and I wrote something here and hohoho an elf stole it..?":{}_)(

      The post is as you as it can be:)
      Candor..humor..so genuine.

      Again happy I found you this year..keepin'it real you do..

      I tend to cover up..like camouflaging cookies..which I did..I am only photographing the front lol..and the broken reindeers Jacques is eating..
      Just polished all my mom's silver..sparkly bright for her:)
      I should not wait till the 21rst..and I forgot some so I pushed the pieces in back..(Godie One Shoe here)..
      Tchin..!Well not now..later;)

  11. Haha! I agree with Jeanie, you don't do anything ugly! Sounds terribly cold there. We had our first snow last night - just a skiff, but the ski resorts will take anything they can get! I am sure they got more than we did!
    How can you stay so tiny with all of the wonderful baking and eating you do? You are amazing.

    1. You know what?
      I think I camouglage cookies and things..nothing is perfect..Jacques does everything calmly..methodically..and well..usually 1 thing at a time only.
      I like to do 5 things at a time so nothing is spot on.
      Everything I do..make ..is Jack Of All Trades..I promise you.:) So true..
      as far as slim..it seems something is developing here like a muffin top..I found old pics this morning looking for Bedfor Falls sign..and I found a few of me.. no muffin top..the only thing bigger..? My hair back then;)

      Oh and I camo my face..make up.

      So really..nothing fantabulous here.
      Maybe I just want to sit at your table for an hour..:)
      lol instead of camouflaging and looking through old pics.
      Merry Christmas:)And all the very best in the New Year:)

  12. Our weather today was frightful.
    I look forward to your special tourtières every Christmas :-)
    Thank you for you sweet comments on my grandson Xavier. Your Lucas :-)
    Merry Christmas and the best of health and peace to you and J in the New Year.

    1. It has been snowing all day..not sunny of course but quiet and still..well this aft lol..we had the boys for dinner and a sleepover.Sweet boys..some girls will be very lucky girls later in life❤️Oh yes..Xavier equals Lucas. In a way☺️

  13. Dear Monique, what a lovely Christmassy post. Did you make the green Santa card? It is so cute!
    Sorry I haven't visited for such a long time, it has been a rather crazy year. I did my first blog post for 2017 today!
    The weather is quite warm here for Christmas 27 degrees C. I should send the sun over to you, unless you prefer the snow!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.
    Love Rose x

    1. Wow 27c..here it is -7 and snowing🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨I just went to visit you:)

  14. merry xmas to you -- have a beautiful holiday with your lovely family!

    1. Hello Deana I hope you are well!Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year..thanks for popping by:)☺️🎄I appreciate it🌨🌨

  15. Merry Christmas Monique to you and all your lovely family!

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  17. Joyeux Noël, Monique. I hope you and your lovely family have a perfect Christmas. I know that it will certainly be a white one. Looking a your wonderful photos always warms my heart...especially when I see one of the lovely ornaments that you have made.

    1. The weather was perfect:) Lot of work for Jacques,but perfect ..snow the eve..snow the day..

  18. So very cozy...merry Christmas Monique! Xo

  19. Chère Momique,
    I know you were sort of not wanting comments, but I stopped by to say hello. I hope you got my little packet that I sent...Joyeux Noël! I love all your Christmas goodies, especially that last ice skating plate...

    Weather here too, changing each day. Yesterday you almost had to crawl instead of walk, due to the ice! Today it is sunny and mild, tomorrow they say a blizzard...

    1. I just didn't want anyone to feel..obligated..it gets so busy on the eve and the day..
      Hope you got my card:) Here..apparently we've not had a postman(End of street,communal boxes)since Dec 1rst and the supervisors have had to kick in..lots of very late mail..so maybe in between Christmas and New Year:) Thank you for thinking of me:) Mes meilleurs Voeux pour 2018 chère Rita.

  20. Un très joyeux noël à toi aussi! Merci pour tes gentils commentaires! Cela faisait un moment que je voulais passer sur ton blog :) J'espère que tu as passé de bonnes fêtes et au plaisir de relire tous les articles que j'ai manqué sur cette page :)

    1. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi vos billets ne me parviennent pas:( Pourtant ..2 fois que je m'abonne:)
      C'est en lisant vos doux mots pour Hélène de Cannes..que je me suis dit..bien pouquoi !?
      Je devrais m'abonner sous une autre adresse courriel ?Qui sait.Bonne Année!

  21. Hope you're enjoying this special time of year, Monique. Happy Holidays.

    1. Today is calm..full system restore..

      It's all in the feeling Christmas is..Have a wonderful New Year dear Amalia:)

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