Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Wedding~Scones~Ottolenghi's Lemon Loaf and Gardening.

My girls say..pardon Monique's ugly soaker hoses..until the garden fills's visible..she wants it out..she never uses it:)

The Wedding~

Well I loved everything about it..


Her simple dress..I can think of many a gaudy bride..

I loved her loose tendrils..

I appreciate  how it makes me content  inside ..when ..having met someone this week  at a store..the  person said:"She doesn't have grace"~ re the Princess of Sussex.

LOL.  Her reason..? "Because of torn jeans at Invictus."..and her hair...etc..

My  daughter wears some and IHAVEAPAIR.That is exactly what she said."She wore torn jeans.."

That same person that mentioned that to me this past week..was never  particularly kind to me.

She was rough and abrupt .And made some of my days miserable.

Long live loose tendrils and ripped jeans.
Long live the sermons..and the choir and Stand By Me.
Long live the Looks of Love..
Long live the MOTB and her daughter..
The Mulroney's twins:) The one missing teeth smiling so happily!!
I did not see I won't comment on some faces that could have smiled..

or teared up.
And let's talk about that archway of flowers:)♥

I won't point a finger at Harry marrying a divorcée.
I married a divorcé.
And was heartbroken when my church did not allow a wedding for me in my church.

I didn't know my husband when he was married..I met him 100 yrs later when I was 19..and he was already  divorced.
44 yrs later..we're still married..

And you would not believe my fairy tale wedding at the Justice of The Peace when he looked at my husband and said:"Better luck this time".
OMGEE the 70's.:(

Shame on you Mr Justice of the Peace.

Thank goodness my dear dad..did everything he could to make my humble backyard wedding reception..lovely.
The day was beautiful and bright..the lilacs were in bloom..
My family and very few friends were there..
A friend at the time made my very simple A-line eyelet cotton dress.
Thanks dad:)For my reception..the Steinberg's buffet..Mr.Blackburn who took photos.

I loved how happy they looked..did you see this video?
Who doesn't want to hear that.♥

Diana would be..and happy for Harry.

As my mom would have although she was not there..she had liked my husband a lot at the time.

That's what I will miss later..if we miss later..not seeing my their 30's..40's..happy with their lives and healthy..not wealthy..happy and healthy.

I did also enjoy the guest list and what they wore:)
The dresses ..the hats..

The gardens are coming..SO alive..but because things happen in stages in May..nothing is perfectly photogenic except snippets..

All my plantings are done..except if I find a new fuschia..mine seemes to have been DOP..:( A small one..and maybe some more nasturtiums to eat.

I made scones this week,a whole new way..not sure if the result is different..I had always read and made w/ very little handling..this method called for folding and folding and puff pastry..anyway..
they were good..

so if you want to try this way..
go here..I am always grateful to people who share~

I also made this little many lemon poppy seed loaf recipes can one have and keep?
But this one was from SWEET..I booked it out of the library..and Googled which recipes were keepers..this one came up..

 Ottolenghi's Lemon Loaf~

I baked mine at 325 Convection in one of my very fave pans EVER for about 40 minutes.I may have snuck it back in for 4 minutes at 320 the toothpick test.
I also added on fat tbsp of greek yogurt because my cream was not full fat..I only needed 2 lemons.
Mine did not sink one iota.

My pan is perfect for Mie De Pain..there is a cover that slides onto it..
It is from E Dehillerin,Paris,France..From my sweet young friend Lee-Ann..her husband Jon picked it out for me many many many yrs ago.It looks like new.It was made for this loaf LOL..:)

Perfect volume.

Garden Journal

All the planting done
Excited about petunias this year with a new fertilizer
Some crabapples doing better in our area ..some not as well.
Serviceberry and Flowering Almond almost done.
Jacques finished painting the fences..looks so clean.
Forget Me Nots in bloom..violas..lilacs about to happen..happening:)
Girls are happy to come to me.I keep snacks in my pockets.
So cute.Caramelle ..the definitely the one with should see me trying to catch her when she won't come in..Oh lala.
Although the tulips were not my fave colors..nice show offs lol.but like annuals here.
My dear foxgloves have acted like annuals also:( Gone girls gone.

Jack In The Pulpits coming up..such darlings in the fairy areas.

Bon weekend~


  1. This lemon loaf looks so moist and fragrant! Thank you for your dear comments and the summery scent on your blog it's so pleasant :)

  2. Your garden is looking lovely. And that lemon loaf is making me hungry!

    1. Your French nspired gardens seem perfect to me now:) Things are finally coming up here:)Thank you.

  3. Dear Nana, me too, I loved the royal wedding! Hope they'll be very happy!
    Love those scones. Soon I intend to try them.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. So much..I still look on Instagram to see more glimpses into that beautiful wedding Nina:)♥

  4. I read your post while I was out of town! We were able to watch at the hotel. I was just engrossed - but The Frog Prince (haha) got bored after the first hour. Wow, those begonias and those scones - fit for royalty!

  5. Beautiful and delicious! I loved the wedding. Thought it was perfect. I joined three friends and we watched the whole affair that the friend had recorded. It is on my blog now.


  6. Everything looks just perfect! So happy that Spring finally made it to you! I loved the wedding up at 4:45 to watch. I have been craving a scone and well a lemon poundcake is one of my guilty pleasures! Bisous xoxo

  7. I'll try and go backward, but it will be in vain! Your garden looks beautiful and I just love your white bike. I thought the wedding was perfect. Just beautiful. I hope they are over the moon. She was gorgeous and he's cute too. She is classy; her mother did a wonderful job. I wanted to go the parties, but I guess they wouldn't show that here. I bet you were gorgeous in that eyelet dress. Lemon cake and scones - I've only had an apricot all day. When I'm ready to have dinner at 5pm, family members say are we a hundred years old here? Yes, I say.

    1. I'll post that wedding pic soon:) I think;)
      Gosh almost 45 yrs ago..yikes..aren't I 45?

      No..almost 100.
      I love that they are IN LOVE.
      So much fun I almost want HELLO magazine again;)
      I could eat at 5 every night.My happy hour for dinner..ain't gonna happen here;)
      Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  9. Don't get me started on what I loved about that wedding Monique! I could go on and on and on. Here we are almost a week later and I am still gushing over it. My mother and I must have spent half an hour talking about just the wedding, twice this week. Even she was happy about it. I wish this dear young couple who have both known sadness in their lives all the happiness in the world for all of their lives together. Yes Diana would have been so proud. No class??? What utter nonsense. To say something like that about another, shows you how "Lacking" in class the person who said it is!! Makes me laugh when people are so judgmental about others. Don't they realise that they really show themselves to be not very nice people? I would so love to see your wedding photos. I am sure quite lovely. My first wedding, I had the beautiful gown and all, but very much on the cheap because my parents did not have a lot of money. My second wedding, mumbled vows made in front of a Justice of the Peace in his living room, wearing a borrowed brown jumper and blouse because the movers had lost my clothes. Not a photo exists. My last wedding, a tastful blue two piece suit with lace trim in one of our chapels and then a sealing in white gown at the Temple later in the day. All were deeply meaningful to me at the time. I don't think anyone gets married thinking it will fail. Sadly sometimes they do. Not all loves last forever. I still love certain things about both my ex husbands and it makes my heart sad that it didn't go the extra mile, but I adore my now-husband and I am so happy that I found him. I saved the best for last! Your gardens, even in these early days of the season, are breathtakingly beautiful. Your "girls" so sweet. Fluffy butts. Your scones and cake, magnifique! Like all you do. I love my visits to you! Bon weekend! xoxo

    1. I love your honesty about everything..:)I remember the first wedding piscs of course the wonder I don't..:) I know a few that married 3 times and seem to have saved the best for last..I am so happy this happened to you:)
      Oh that wedding just so romantic..I adore romance..
      I am happy we got to see it:)
      Me too I am still looking at pics.
      I know what you mean..when people are so blatantly judgemental..I shy away..and never get close.Never.
      Of course mariages can fail and do..lives are longer now for one thing..;)
      If you envision the rest of your life to direct your movie with a happier ending:)
      Life is some cases.
      One of my girls just flew the having coffee..and one is out..the upper part must have not been locked properly and she flew out after laying her egg..only one is laying now we know who..the blonde..smaller easier to manage one..Bécassine.Caramelle goes attitude;)
      Have a great happy you met your one and true.

  10. Your garden looks amazing Monique. Both the scones and the lemon loaf make me want to bake. We have been getting too much rain lately. Hope the herbs and flowers make it through all of it.

    1. At first..after planting we had too much water basil looks weak and the fuschias..we have had sun recently thankfully..this w/e rain:( The cake is rather good:)Have a lovely weekend!

  11. I loved watching the wedding, even John watched and didn't fall asleep when I replayed it that evening :) We both loved the cellist. Since John played the string bass in high school, he appreciates how talented the young man was. I wondered what Harry said to Meghan at the altar and know I know ♥ I love seeing your girls at home wandering about in your garden again and what joy having fresh eggs. Your lemon cake looks so good and I'm sure the happy couple would love it just as much as their wedding cake - I think I'd like it even better! Perfect for moi :) I am almost done in the garden. We had such bad weather last week it delayed so many chores. We are getting paid back with hot weather now but perfect for a family swim and sleepover holiday weekend. XXX

    1. Yes it's Memorial day weekend right? Enjoy every the weather will not be good..I bet your gardens look wonderful Susan! Bon Weekend!I didn't know John was a musician:)

    2. Not so much anymore, but as a result, Lauren also played the string bass all through high school and Lindsay was a very accomplished alto saxophone player :) John and I used to play duets when we were first married. He on his string bass and me on the piano. Bad Bad Leroy Brown - LOL!

  12. Another beautiful blog post! Your gardens look at lush, that lemon loaf looks delicious, and oh, that teapot!

  13. Loved everything about this post. You have such a gentle, comforting tone to your blog. I love visiting it. Angharad

  14. Lovely Ria x 💜

  15. When I come here, I know I have found my sweet space again -- the space where it is beautiful and delicious (you can almost smell it!) and filled with love. I felt the same about the wedding, every moment -- all that love. Torn jeans? Good grief -- who doesn't have torn jeans. Bet Diana would have worn torn jeans if they were in at the time. That says more about the woman who stated it than anyone else. She doesn't sound very nice.

    It's nice to see the girls back in the garden again, your glorious begonia bicycle and fabulous Downton pot. I'm watching it all over again -- I think Matthew might "walk" again next week. And Mrs. Bates just died. Trouble ahead! Biggest sigh. And I loved hearing about your wedding. I'm so glad you have been so happy -- you can just tell with every word and picture.

    And yes, that's what I'll miss, too. The weddings of the future, the baby great-grands, even Charlotte and George marrying someday. But I fully intend to live every second to the fullest till then.

    And by the way, I wouldn't have noticed the sprinklers if you didn't mention it!

    1. I should watch DA again♥
      I started Little Women..and although it's a quality quality quality show..I am not so smitten that I cannot wait for the next ..
      I am enjoying it:)
      Mr Bates♥
      I am trying to follow in your footsteps for fullest.
      You have a great circle of friends:) I love seeing what you do.
      Tomorrow I am going to a glass blowing class w/ one of my daughters and Noah:) I will watch and take pics..lunch first..Rain in the forecast..ho hum..!!Lol the hose;)

  16. I only saw snippets of the wedding but it was lovely as is she! I have ripped jeans too :) Can't wait to see your gardens unfold, always so beautiful!

    1. I am so partial to romance..and this wedding had it all over:)♥

  17. I loved everything about the wedding. Her dress, her hair, her make up, her smile, his smile. I also enjoyed hearing about yours!

    1. Such a great wedding! Theirs:) Thank you Pam..actually mne was a beautifl day too just like hers..and one JOTP that thought he was hysterically funny;)

  18. Mon bad...I can't remember if I responded 😳
    I went all over looking at your divine links. Love YOUR wedding story.
    A real fairy tale come true. Just 19 and married 44 years now!
    WOW Felicitations Monique 🥂 🍾 💋

  19. I never knew that about your wedding. Rude JOP. Such a thoughtless comment. I detest torn jeans. Sorry

    1. LOL..NEVER change..Rude and he found himself funny..torn jeans LOL..I tried them on in Fl..Caroline had a pair..J said oh you should the girls would get a kick out of the.Turns out I like them :) I wear them en famille:) And my girls have said :"I'd Pin your outfit mom"..LOL
      That's when I know they like it;)
      Never change;););)Happy long weekend to you.

  20. I don't know what I enjoyed more - your garden, your baking or your wise words. Amazing that a royal wedding can catch our imagination, wherever we are. We all grew up on fairy tales.

  21. First at all I really lo9ve Ottolenghi I have 3 books of him, one in my library and others in my kindle, love him.This cake looks fantastic but you are more moderate than me lol did you see I put a lot of poppy seeds in mine, haha,I have to buy poppy seeds again.The pictures are wonderful and love your Downton abbey tea cup!! beautiful.
    I love the wedding too ! (I bought a magazine too for read all, love this couple Monique!
    Send you hugs and love !!!!

    1. I love this couple too:) Yes I saw your lemon loaf..I never knew you should keep poppy seeds in the freezer..a couple of yrs ago I had some that had turned rancid..oh lala!

  22. I love her she is absolutely beautiful Im agree with Harry !!

  23. I enjoyed this post soooo much...such a lovely read Monique...💚
    Your gardens and “the girls” look in excellent shape...
    Loved your wedding story...white YOU....and so 70’s!
    Enjoy your week ahead..
    Linda:o) will def be around to see those lovely boys grow into happy healthy young men💕

  24. Your garden is looking so amazing already and 'the girls' xoxo :)
    I didn't watch the wedding (yet!) but the photos so special and WHAT about her jeans. Just stop!
    Re. your own nuptial: Shame on that Justice of the Peace! As you know, I was in the same position as you, marrying a divorcé.... We celebrate our 28th anniversary next week. xoxo

    1. We girls with loose morals..LOLOL.
      Oh my gosh I am so glad things have moved ahead..still not sure I could get married in my catholic church though..but now it does not matter to me.
      I go in my head:)Are we both June brides?:)

  25. Loved the video and how happy they are :-)
    I totally agree with Harry :-)
    I still remember where I was when I heard the news about Diana (getting ice cream at my camp). Loved her so much.
    Enjoyed your garden, your scones and wise words too. Some people would be better off saying nothing at all.

    1. true!!
      Just too sad re Diana..Loved that view of the newlyweds from above..someone said:" Diana 's view"♥How tender a thought.

  26. I am married 44 years and I was 26 years old, old by many of my friends opinions..but I did not care, none of those gals are currently married..My hubs and I married in North Las Vegas, Nevada USA many said it would never last..It has and happily, we are still happy and in love..I watched the whole shebang of Meghan and Harry it was so sweet and lovely..I don't understand people who did not become touched by the whole wedding..It was what they wanted and I truly believe Diana was shining from heaven in happiness upon their union..Who says love is not in the air and forever, I think it is..Life is a matter of perspective and love always wins your blog, it is beautifully written and you are magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I LOVE your comment:) We are married the same amount of time:)I was touched by the wedding:) I get you:)
      I don't get the Untouchables;)
      Thank you so much for your nice words..
      Here's to many more years:)♥

  27. Oh those scones and your hasta! All gorgeous including the lemon cake. What a rube Justice to say such a thing - glad it turned out great for you both. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Today..I would say something..:)
      Thanks too!

  28. Dearest Monique,
    Well, the most touching part of the wedding I found that Harry did gather a petit bouquet from his Mom's garden, her favorite flowers and that became the bridal bouquet! So meaningful.
    Sad if a wedding at one's Church is being denied?! Who are they to judge... But one day they too will meet their final judge and might have to pay for such a grief causing decision.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. I found the wedding a vision of good news..lacking these much turmoil..and sorrow..this was a breath of fresh air for me..I would not want to live in the cannot be easy..
      The confidence thes young people have is quite amazing.
      Yes..the bouquet:)♥
      Bonne journée:)

  29. Lovely post. The lemon cake and scones look so appetizing. Love your gardens and your sweet girls, (chickies). The wedding was so sweet. Young girls of today can indeed grow up and possibly marry a prince.

    1. They can..but I am happy that she is a person on her own..her mom was such a great example!!I met someone this week age..married 40 yrs ..(44 here) who said she told her daughter..just be able to look after yourself financially for the rest of your stand on your own two feet.I abide by that.
      Things can go wrong..even if you believe in fairy tales:)♥

  30. We watched the wedding in Quebec City, all with French commentary. Definitely a fairy tale for a modern era. Though I don't think I would choose a life that is so public and restricted. I think Harry is adorable. Glad you are keeping a garden journal, so rich.

    1. I would not want that life for anything.And age has only made me more adamant:)
      Never in a million years would I want a public life.

  31. I was traveling on the day of the wedding but I've watched & read a lot about it while away from home....just home today & am catching up on my favorite blogs. The bits I saw of the wedding & celebrations were beautiful. I wish them the happiest long life.

    Your garden list looks like poetry!

    1. Thanks Jenny!
      It has literally poured buckets all day here so my garden is reading sorrowful poetry..:) Great for the gardens.. but sooo much!Too much.Hope your travels were lovely~

  32. The wedding was amazing! Glad to hear that you still like the pan! :) xo