Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've had some time alone on my hands lately~
And I read a few~
Some French ones also..some inspirational ones..some meditative ones..
Some were old.. some were borrowed..some were blue..some were lent..some were bought~
Some appear here..some not..

Like Coventry~ By Helen Humphreys..I immediately passed it to my neighbor..and a neighbor had passed it to me....Some Carolyn Myss books~


and etc..

Medicine for the soul. ~Inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes
I must admit..some I forget quite soon after I have read them..and others stay with me..

I enjoyed many of them..It's hard for me to stay interested in a book I don't enjoy~ But I usually see it it's a MUST to finish what you start~:)
One above charmed me from page one. True To Form~ I don't know just appealed to me..every single page.
I read one of her books and it was a nice light read..the next time I went to the library I was in a rush..and went directly to her name and picked mostly all of hers..and True To Form just happened to be in that group..
So sweet~♥

I'd forgotten what great company a book can be..Yet was there a Nancy Drew I didn't read when I was young? How I loved the look of the covers and the feel of the pages..At a recent library sale..I saw a slew of Nancy Drews..all $0.50 each..I was so tempted to bring some home..but felt a young person would benefit more from them..and at that affordable.
They looked the same..
Books kept me company as a young girl..and I see they can still my let us say more advanced years~
I have come by to visit Jain and applaud all her time and effort she puts into Food For Thought~ She shares her love of books and inspires..but adding a very unique and fun dimension .
Some times travels are involved..just to make a post perfect..all the time..some research and work is involved.
I appreciate all the photos and all the reviews..and the recipes~
There is something for everyone.
I just wanted to pop by and say thanks Jain.. and hope to be posting again soon~


  1. Monique, welcome back! You've been missed. Glad that you've spending some enjoyable time reading. Your mention of Nancy Drew brought back so many memories for me...but my favourite was still Hitchcock's The Three Investigators - wonder if kids today still read them.

  2. I see you have been making very good use of your time, Monique. What a beautiful of books. 'Medicine for the Soul'...I like that ;) Books make a fast-paced world slow down for just a bit.

  3. Good morning, Monique,
    You've been missed, just want you to know, sweet soul. Ah, Nancy Drew is a friend of mine as well.

  4. So happy to see you are back.....I have to admit, I have really missed your posts. Although it gave me a chance to come back and read all of them and try some of the recipes......and every time I did, I loved it!!!
    Now I have lots of new ideas and books to read, thank you! Books are very important part of my life.....I read cook books like they are novels!
    Hope your summer was wonderful and you have had lots of relaxation and fun!!!
    Margaret B

  5. its so nice to see you sharing, and thank you for all your kind words about food for thought... you and i have a long history of shared books over the years, its fun to share private moments of the pages with others, it makes reading like a group sport when you can bake or cook, share a holiday or scenery, all just to convey an emotion or feeling from a book with our cameras and heart. thank you for stopping in at fft, you know it means the world to me :-)

  6. Reading allows us to escape to another place or time and truly provides medicine for the soul. I am happy that you have been able to escape!

  7. Monique, I was happy to see a post of yours pop up on my blog roll. Looks like you are spending your time with wonderful company. Books can truly be good friends. I also applaud Jain! FFT is a wonderful venue for each of us. ~ Sarah

  8. So lovely to see you here again, Monique. What a lovely collection of books to keep one entertained. I love the feel of a book, the magical world inside of them, and the way they sometimes can change an aspect of one's life. Funny, I just returned from the library when I sat down and saw your post. I lugged home a bunch of cookbooks, one of which I'm dying to read...It is called Hershey's 1934 Cookbook. I can't wait to try some of these old recipes. Looking forward to having you back in blogland, but in the meantime....ENJOY!

  9. Glad to have you back Monique. :) how wonderful to spend the time you had reading. It must have been so relaxing.

  10. Monique, I can't tell you how happy I am to see you posting again. I'm another of your fans that has really missed you, your writing, your recipes and your magnificent photos. Welcome back my friend.


  11. Nice to see you're post today Monique. Books my favourite thing really, oh except for Princess Elle. of course. Be well and happy hugs Kim

  12. A very nice surprise to see your post today. I haven't forgotten my favorite foodie.

  13. Good morning..Thank you for the greetings~I too loved cookbooks and have had to stay away this spring and summer.
    Hopefully as time goes on..all my old loved habits will come back~
    How I have cherished some of your personal notes and hope to one day make mention of the kindness.
    Have a great day.
    I've watched..and cheered and smiled..for many of you..and discovered new faces and stories too.
    Never let anyone underestimate the aquaintances you can make in cyberworld~♥

    Elle.. was a joyous.. joyous post~

  14. I have missed you. A big smile came to my face when I saw a new listing.

  15. Hello my sweet friend, it's SO good to see you back. You have been missed VERY much by all.

    Thank you for sharing the book ideas, and pointing out your favorite. xoxo~m

    P.S. Oh my, LOOK how big the boys are!!

  16. Cara Monique,
    Ben tornata! I see you had a fruitful coffee break. Batteries charged. The pile of books here in Umbria was up to the ceiling. We have had a blazing hot summer and books were shared among friends. Reading was the only daily afternoon activity possible.Looking forward to your autumn posts! Bacione, Ingrid

  17. It's so nice to be reading your beautiful blog again! I have read the Olive Season and enjoyed its beautiful descriptions, but you now have me intrigued to find a Nancy Drew and get stuck in :) Hope you are having a wonderful break X

  18. is so wonderful to see you back and posting. I think of you everyday and wonder how you are doing...I hope the summer has been sweet for you.
    Maybe in the fall we can all have some more time for reading and joining together with Jain again. I also love reading her posts and her gorgeous pics.
    Take care my friend!

  19. I missed all this.. my spirit has been elsewhere.Carpe Diem all of you dear blogging friends..Seize the day while it is there to be had~
    My husband is so anxious for me to start again.. he feels it will be the day the page turns~

  20. So lovely to have you posting again,
    you know that you have been dearly missed
    I can't imagine a life without books
    take care,be gentle with yourself.

  21. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving your very lovely comment and your well wishes. I really appreciated you taking time out to do so...

    Tracy @ It's an Average Life

  22. So happy you are back!!!
    I love this post. A good book is a treasure, a vacation, a classroom, an adventue, a love affair...
    I see that you have been taking advantage of your time away.
    Thank you for the nicest comments!!
    Wonderful to have you back!

  23. What a wonderful way to start my day! A post from you! X
    You have been missed in my home, Monique.
    Warm South African greetings.

  24. It sounds serious Monique with your illness, was it? This summer this is all I've heard from old and new friends....


  25. I'm so very happy to hear from you, Monique. I've missed you and your wonderful posts very much. I hope you are back with us on a regular basis very soon.

  26. A BIG Welcome back, Monique!! I've been on a break and missed your return! So great to "see" you again ♥♥

    Just the name, Nancy Drew, brings back so many memories. So thoughtful of you to leave them for a young reader.

    Again...welcome back!