Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come in~

It's been a long while~ just come for a quick re-aquaintance visit..and hopefully we can catch up on a few things.. when time permits~I'll visit and visit again.
Today..We'll talk of fairies and gardens and cakes~

You just have to pass through the gate..and walk into the garden~

Then follow me into the see a little cake I made for my eldest daughter's 35th Birthday.I didn't do a party this year..first time ever I think..but she came for lunch.. with Noah..and this was her little cake~

I first saw Zurin's and fell in love w/it..Zurin is a talented cake decorator..which I am not.. go see her cake if you have not's a joy to look at~ but I did want to try my hand at one..and I had seen the little face molds here..

And tried..

Thank goodness these shots aren't Macro is all I can say~

Because Oh lala..the details are far from perfect..I may order some larger face molds and see if I can handle those better..These little flexible molds are so easy to use and the seller..? I recommend her~:)Pleasant..helpful etc..and so talented too!

I keep confidences of the ♥..

But resources?Are meant to be shared..Enjoy the 2 links I have added~
They were treats for me to discover,now it's your turn.
A clematis to discover if you pictured here..Betty Corning~ The hardiest most floriferous and long blooming clematis I have here~ My first one was sent to me by a great gardener and Clematis Expert from Ontario..she arrived all bundled up..a wee thing ..and grew and grew and grew~ She is my favorite here.. ~


  1. Welcome home my French Fairy girl!!!!!
    I just happened to peek in this morning on my way out to W/Watchers.
    My heart skipped a beat when I saw that you had posted.
    Your garden gate with the gorgeous clematis, breathtaking.
    Your birthday Love for your daughter is stunning and I'm sure would be with Macro also!

    Your boys continue to capture my heart...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. I was so delighted to stroll in your garden. Your fairy cake is devine, her pastel colors are dreamy, and I'm sure your daughter was thrilled to bits. Thanks for placing the link to Zurin's post, as I just now enjoyed my visit there. Question...what did you name your sweet fairy? Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

  3. so pretty here again :-) you are not going to belive the timing, go to your netbook, i just bot a book this morn before i came here, its perfect for you, go look~

  4. It's nice to see you back -- what a petty pretty cake and what a grand cake for a special birthday! Love the garden pictures as well1

  5. Oh, how I've missed your wonderful posts, Monique. Your camera artistry and creativity in the kitchen are pure pleasure to see. I'm sure your daughter was thrilled with her beautiful birthday cake.

  6. Monique, I am trying hard to get my white clematis to grow...any tips? Yours looks so magical!! Love the garden!
    The cake is so sweet, I will check out her blog!
    So happy to have you back, I really missed you!
    Margaret B

  7. So lovely to see another post from you! Your photographs are breathtaking and so is the cake.
    So talented.

  8. This post was such a charming story to read. I think your cake looks fabulous!

  9. So wonderful to pop in here for a quick hello....and as beautiful a post as ever!
    Miss you..

  10. Too PRECIOUS for words! HB to your sweet M. How could you bear to cut that cake... it is a work of art!

    So good to see you dipping your toe in the water again, mon ami. ((hugs)) I hope it is a sign of things to come. xoxo

    PS. We have a place for another clematis; I think you know which one it will be. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I've so missed your gorgeous photos. Thanks for coming back and sharing them again. What an adorable cake!

  12. Monique, it's so nice to see you back posting. Your garden is enchanting! I'm going to try clematis again. I noticed that one I planted several years ago decided to reappear this past spring. I had totally forgotten about it. Your Betty corning is lovely.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. Her cake is oh so sweet! ~ Sarah

  13. Monique, these are very pretty and well done! I can only envy as I know I do not possess the deftness required for detailed crafting like these...

  14. Glad to see you back! I love the clematis on the gate and the cake too,of course!


  15. I have to say that you are a very good posologie of medicine.♥
    It is wonderful to have you visit again.
    I am anxious to be in the "swing "of things.

    Many many thank yous.
    The book was Celia and the Fairies..It hit the spot today and I am in search of a magic flute~

  16. Oh we have had a terrible week and I'm just catching up- what a joy to find you back! Lovely as always
    xoxo Pattie

  17. Beautiful garden photos... so glad to see you are back sharing them with us!@@

  18. beautiful photos as always Monique. and happy birthdy to your daughter. The fairy is exquisite and I am much inspired by you Monique. Tq :)Glad to have you back.

  19. YOur images are just magical... Thanks for taking me to the fairy garden!!! ANd the cake looks delicious! Again, a fairytale!

  20. Ooh, lovely Monique! Thank you so for sharing it with us here today. Your photos are amazingly beautiful.

    So good hearing from you!

  21. Monique, you bring a smile to my face. I have really missed your lovely whimsical touch.


  22. I am thrilled beyond words to see you back and posting dear Monique!
    This is a gorgeous post! Happy birthday to your daughter! The cake and the tiny fairy are perfect!
    I have been looking for a new Clematis, one of mine pooped out this summer...thanks so much for the tip!

  23. Monique I've missed you so much!! So happy to see you posting again. Love the cake - too pretty to eat. I'm gathering ideas for Sara's 2nd b-day party but I think I'll stick with cupcakes. Maybe in 30 years I'll master a cake like yours :) Give lots of hugs to my future son-in-law :) Keep posting your pretty pics - it brings so much joy.

  24. Monique,
    I so enjoyed the stroll into your beautiful garden. I've missed you and glad to see you're back. I agree with Yvonne - your images are truly magical.
    A bientot,

  25. Welcome back!! Lovely story and don't underestimate yourself ... your cake is amazing. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  26. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden; my clematis are going crazy this year and I'm really enjoying them. The Fairy cake is a work of art...and I'm sure your Daughter felt very special.
    Glad to see you're posting were missed!

  27. well even without the macro the little fairy looks delightful. What a mama you are to make such a beautiful little cake. Such a lovely garden so pretty we are just coming into Spring it begins on 1st September here in Australia so I look forward to the new blossoms. Welcome back my dear

  28. Love having you back Monique!
    And I enjoyed my walk in your garden. Such a delight.

    Zurin's cake is so sweet! I wish I were talented enough to decorate like that.

  29. Mais quel merveilleux plaisir que de te retrouver ... ;o)

  30. Fairies and cakes - what a lovely reacquaintance visit :) Betty was beautiful here again this year and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest. She just needs lots of space! I see she has decided to cover your garden gate so graciously.

    What a beautiful birthday cake and happy belated birthday to M!

    I see some adorable new photos :-)))

  31. My husband was anxious for me to be in touch again.
    Thanks for making the tentative re-entry so heartwarming.
    Evi I have started making the ring bearer's pillow:)~
    Mille et une fois ..Merçi~
    Margaret ..which white clematis do you have ..? Then perhaps I can help:)

  32. Magical as always, and Happy Birthday to your daughter! Your cake looks just perfect to me.

  33. The cake was just as yummy as it is pretty :)
    I missed your blog Mom - so glad that it's back xoxo